Attn Colton Fans!

Once again this “prewash” was not by invitation – Colton jumped into the dishwasher when my back was turned. Silly cat!

17 thoughts on “Attn Colton Fans!

  1. Sue Davis

    Boy, good thing you seen him or he would have come out later all poofy and heat dried. Yes he is a silly cat! Still wish my Darla cat would allow a friend to live with her. I ask her all the time if she would like a gray playmate and I get “The Look”.

  2. Launa

    There’s never a dull moment around when we have pets like Colton to brighten our lives with their antics.
    No fog here this morning, but weather referred to it as “haze”. Sun finally popped out about noon.
    Is that Fiesta ware to the left of the dishwasher? I use it occasionally.

  3. Rose Mikulski

    Had a brief heart attack, thought someone adopted Colton, glad he was only in the dishwasher, he’s such a cutie, hey what of dishwasher is that (ha ha-just joking)

  4. Diane

    Tooo funny. We love Colton b/ c he’s funny and a tuxedo kitty like Squeak, Emily’s twin. We have renamed her Ninja Kitty after the one in the comic strip, One Big Happy. She is still a pistol at 3 yrs!
    My childhood cat, Fluff went around a few times in the dryer ! She lived to be 22!!! 36 degrees in Central Ohio today, a heat wave.

  5. Mary Says Sew!

    This happens in my dishwasher, too. Emily, aka Princess Demon Kitten, and Harry, aka Demon Kitten 2.0, both get in the dishwasher. Usually, they just lick the silverware or sit on the open door, but I have found them in the dishwasher, just like Colton.

    Look before you wash!

  6. Carole

    If you found a (different) home for Colton, the Colton Fan Club would miss out on all his antics. He’s just trying to show you that there IS room for him … even if it’s only in the dishwasher. 🙂

  7. Donna Ondler

    Yes, if Colton left your home his fan club would be saddened. Perhaps he was trying to save you water and electricity by licking the dishes clean but it looks like you hadn’t loaded it yet or just emptied it.
    Keep us posted on Colton’s antics. We met him this past year and fell in love with him and couldn’t believe what a “purr” machine he is.

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