August 1, 2022

Dirty Dozen number is 12 – TWELVE.

Color Challenge is yellow. YELLOW

Yellow and 12

Wouldn’t it be great if your Dirty Dozen project was yellow?

10 thoughts on “August 1, 2022

  1. DebMac

    LOL. I never really got numbers assigned to projects but the 3 cross stitch projects I worked on during July all had pink in them. The quilt I’m quilting has some yellow flowers in what is basically a purple quilt so will count that. Maybe #12 will be actually assigning numbers to projects. Where does the time go?

  2. Claire Vandenberg

    I love yellow but I never wear it. Last year I challenged myself to make a yellow jacket Out of a batik bundle. The yellows were soft and buttery as well as very bright. The result is great! 12 yellows shade to brown accented with the brightest one in a below knee length bargello with a shawl collar.

  3. Janet S

    It’s a great day to start a new book so here goes. The title is “Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog” by Lisa Scottoline. I just started it and am already in love with her wit and humor. 12 and yellow. I’ll see what I can do. Have a good day everyone.

  4. Sue in Oregon

    Yellow…It just so happens that I have an unfinished mainly yellow quilt top. Have to finish pink first.
    Forgot to say how pretty your pink is, Mary. I love how scrappy it is yet mainly pink.
    Today we will be shucking crab and freezing it. We went crabbing in the bay yesterday and got a good haul. It was so beautiful out there. I am stiff and sore today, though, from up and down to help with the pots and just from the motion of the boat for hours. Salmon fishing will be easier.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – lucky you – an unfinished yellow quilt top!! I actually have something started, too, but never liked it enough to put it in my Dirty Dozen. Gotta find it now. Fresh crab? There’s something we won’t see in Iowa! Haha!

  5. Sue in Oregon

    Me too, Lena. Our favorite is the Crab Quiche I found the recipe for years ago. Any kind of pie and my husband thinks he’s in Heaven.

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