Hot Tuesday, 8-2-22

Yup, very hot today but I was determined to go to Osage, about 75 min from here, to get a quilt backing. I stopped at the farm store first to pick up chicken feed and off I went. About 45 minutes down the road I looked in the rider’s seat and realized the quilt top was still at home. Ugh. I went on and after several happy hours of shopping I left Debbie’s Quilt Shop and tried the consignment store on Main Street. I asked if there was another thrift store in town and they sent me to SOS just down the street.

This looks like fun!

Wow! What a thrift store! The prices were soooo reasonable and I had the best time looking around. Books were 5 for $1.00!

This was one of my favorite reference magazines and mine got ruined. This was $1.00.

This sweet baby picture is dated 1932 – I have several more like this grouped together upstairs. It was also $1.00.

This horse fabric is 60” wide and there’s 3 yards of it for $2.50. I don’t think it’s 100% cotton but I think I could use it for a back.

This was my most expensive purchase at $10.00. It measures 46” square and is hand pieced, not quilted. I will throw it on the longarm and the next time you see it, it will be on my table!

And this is Carrie at the checkout.

As I brought several items up to the counter she said to me, “Are you Mary?” Oh no, should I know this person? I answered yes, I was. But how did she know that. Oh, she used to shop at Country Threads and misses it. And she recognized me from all those years ago? She then said she also reads the blog so….. here you go! Meet Carrie!

I made the whole trip in Little Red, the convertible even if it was hot. I turned the AC on high and let my hair blow.

As I began writing this another reader named Julie from 2 hours away sent me a message asking if I was driving Red on Hwy. 9 between Forest City and Osage about noon today and she thought she met me. For cryin’ out loud!!! I have become notorious! So funny that she would write and ask that at the same time I was posting that very thing on the blog. I wish we had met and stopped together for a cold drink. I love coincidences like that.

So it’s been a really fun day – really hot, too, but fun. Here are the reader quilts.

My friend Gail was at a retreat and of course someone was making a Bullseye Quilt.
A reader’s pink July project.
And her August yellow project.

What a quilt show! Thank you, everybody – I so enjoyed it!

58 thoughts on “Hot Tuesday, 8-2-22

  1. Sandy

    Wow! Wonderful hydrangeas and quilts, very envious of the garden photos! Glad you had a good day out Mary, the quilt top was a steal! We are of for pre house inspection Tomorrow, so getting close to the big move, moving date 12th August. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  2. Kim from TN

    What a glorious day you had, and I love the Shop on State, such great prices. I always gp when I see my mom in Osage. She also donates to them, and their volunteers are super nice and friendly. Last time I was there I bought 2 really nice antique irons for 3 dollars each and one had the box and manual, a steal! Im so glad you found a few things to bring home and I look forward to seeing your new quilt all quilted

  3. Deb B

    Yep, hot in Japan too. This is as of noon today (Wed, 8/3).
    Actual: 96F
    Feels like: 109F

    Keep cool anyway you can.

  4. Shirley in Oregon

    Sometimes a gal just needs a day out. Glad you enjoyed yours.
    I am going to make a bullseye, maybe this winter.
    Love coincidences.
    I also love the dog, lending library. Made me smile.

  5. Jeanne Stenerson

    Loved all the photos today., especially the four block quilt by Linda G. The colors almost look like a reflection through a prism. Your color selection was great. And what a wonderful picture of your little red truck. You ARE notorious, Mary. What a coincidence that someone wrote in that she had met you on the road today. You may not remember all your customers from years ago, but we all remember you and Connie and your great shop. “Thanks for the Memories” as the song goes.
    “Hi” from Jeanne in Co..

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    What a wonderful post. Fun at the thrift shops and people who recognized you and Little Red. You are famous. Beautiful reader quilts and the flower projects, gorgeous. You covered so many subjects today. Such a cute stick exchange. My sister waited two hours in line to vote today. So glad I have voted by mail. I’m waiting on my quilt holders to snap a picture of my pink project and trying to decide between two yellow UFO’s for August. One is going to be pretty labor consuming and the other, another Jim Shore angel, not quite so. See how much time I have to devote to Dirty Dozen this month. Would love to get the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt top sewn together. Blocks are made but quite a bit left to finish up the top.

  7. patti leal

    great quilts, flowers, finds at the thrift store. i almost fell off my chair laughing at the dog library. leave a stick, take a stick. bet the dogs love it. i’m glad you had a great day today. patti in florida

  8. c

    Love your blog this evening with all your treasures from the thrift store and readers quilts.
    hot here in the valley. Did some rug hooking at a park by the river. fun day.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Virginia

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    What a fun post today. All the quilts are eye candy.
    I talked to my sister today. We laughed for almost 30 minutes. We needed more time to catch up.
    Her grandson, Chase, is doing very well. He has little mini strokes but, for the most part, they do no damage and he will start school full time this fall. He’s almost back to being a normal 11 year old.
    I went to jail today and taught the girls how to make 1/2 sq. triangles. Then how to turn them into 1/4 sq. triangles. They get so excited when I show them how to tell if it’s a quarter or half square triangle pattern and all they can do with them. We requested new rotary cutters and mats. But, in the meantime, we cut with scissors, mark sewing lines and cutting lines with a pencil. Do the best we can with what we have.

  10. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks for sharing your delightful day with us, Mary. The readers’ projects are wonderful; good job, everyone!
    It’s a hot week here; take care all. 🥰

  11. Nikki in Tx

    Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure, wish we’re there to go thrifting with you. Been hotter than hell here & no break in sight. 58 days with no rain. Finally getting things in semi-order, insurance claim paperwork seems less daunting, that or I am just used to the chaos. At least have some simultaneous of order back. Haven’t been able to do any quilting but looking forward to quilt retreat the end of August.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nikki – I think and wonder about your progress so often – how about some pictures?

  12. Katherine Gourley

    Hi Mary — totally enjoyed your musings today. I love thrifting, but the thrift shops in NE Illinois do not have those low prices. I always wonder why when things are donated by someone who no longer wants or needs them our thrift shops try to sell them for retail prices. You see so many things just sit in the same place because people do not want to pay the prices asked. One time I saw a glass bowl exactly the same as one I bought at the Dollar Tree and the shop was asking $3.00 for it. I just laughed. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL to see. One of these days, I will make my bullseye quilt. It is cut out but not started yet.

  13. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, what an absolutely lovely day you had! You’ve got me inspired to investigate some thrift shops! Love your “finds” — especially that horse fabric! You definitely are infamous and cannot go anywhere incognito! Hahaha. My dad was the same way – we could be on vacation thousands of miles from home and he would run into someone he knew. There are no strangers! I forgot to mention the other day — I too am annoyed with how some people text 😳😬 punctuation! (Or lack thereof) these weird abbreviations. Then there’s the young folks can’t even carry on a conversation, they’d rather just text! Ugh! Mary, hope you have another great day! By the way, did you manage to find backing for your quilt?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette – I did buy some backing that I want to piece together with another large piece I already have – it will be perfect!

  14. Sandra Goddard

    We all love you Mary that’s why we reco you instantly you are our dear friend. What a awesome quilt show today and the flowers wow. Thank you for your blog.

  15. Amy Kollasch

    The world is so big, yet so small too! My favorite place is Exceptional Treasures in Algona. Of course the only time I find something that is an amazing deal is when I am browsing to kill time and don’t have cash on me 🤣😂. Best deal to date was a neutral quilt top for $1 and do you think I had $1 on me? Nope. Not $1 cash. I can put items on hold, but I had absolutely no time to go get $1 and come back. I had nightmares for weeks about that stinker! Ha! I have it on my list to make a neutral quilt, because what I saw of it made me want one. I love the “dog library” picture. So cute.

    FYI, I rewrote the bird story from the point of view of my 5 year old son. I am no author, but it was an attempt. I included a picture of the day the birds were big enough and brave enough to finally make that jump and survive on their own. When we went back to check on them they had both left. I will print it for you and get it to you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy – yes, I also shop at Exceptional Treasures – I love the basement. Thanks for writing the bird story – you just never know about publishing.

  16. Vicki

    Such a great quilt show today! Thanks for sharing.

    I am glad you had yesterday as a “seek joy” day. So many times we all get so busy that we don’t take time for ourselves to seek joy, to savor the day. I am glad you had a day of joy. (What else is it when we find treasures we know exactly how we want to use!)

  17. Meredith in Cincinnati

    Loved the post today! That dog library is hilarious! Beautiful, summery quilts, wonderful bursts of flowers: summer! Wish we had thrift shops here that are such treasure troves. Fun! It’s too hot here,too. Only a few weeks until fall…

  18. Sandy D'Angelo

    I always love your posts. I quilt, work with rescue bassets, old ones only, and wish I could have chickens. Your blog touches my heart as did all those patterns I have had fun making. I have made at least eight of those bulls eyes.keep up the good work.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – 8 Bullseyes??? Wow! It I have to agree that they are addicting to make and you always end up with the start of the next one.

  19. Bonnie Farris

    What a happy blog! I needed that today. We had to put down our 22 year old Himalayan cat, Bella yesterday. She was quite a lady and was queen of the house. Everyone loved her and was amazed she lived as long as she did. We have lots of fond memories and tales to tell about her so
    I’m choosing to think happy thoughts of her today. Thanks for cheering me up with your text and pictures! Loved the “Dog Library”!!

    1. Jan Hebert

      Oh Bonnie, so sorry about your beautiful kitty. Twenty two years! She had a wonderful life. ❤️

  20. Margie

    Your blog is always a welcome email! Your thriving day was amazing. We have one thrift shop that is reasonable and then goodwill. There prices have gone up so much and it is hard for me to believe they have to charge that much when everything is given free to them. I am currently searching for clothes for my mother in law. She is in a nursing home nd her “nice” clothes (bought new from kohls) come up missing. After I complained they let us go through their lost and found, but no luck. I have been trying to find her nice clothes at the thrift shop now. Haven’t had much luck. Just makes me sad that her clothes were probably thrown out. It isn’t just the money, but I picked them especially for her. Love all quilts and your adventures! The dog library is so fun! Stay cool.

  21. Carmen Montmarquet

    The reader quilts are amazing today! So glad you found a new thrift shop and a good one from what I can see, love when that happens! The dog library was so cute! So glad you enjoyed your day out!!!

  22. Kathy in western NY

    An outing always makes us happy to come back home and appreciate our adobes. We try to get out every couple of weeks and take a drive. An unexpected thrift store find is even more fun. Our books at Goodwill are priced .95 for paperbacks and $2 for a hard bound so I stock up too but I can’t read the smaller paperbacks print anymore. So I look for the larger paperbacks like Target sells. Then I take them to the many free lending libraries in our area so others can read them too. Always a win.
    Great quilt pictures from your readers and I have all day to sew here so looking forward to it after I slice a little filet of beef and fresh veges to marinate for fajitas later.

  23. Mareen

    Sounds like I would do Mary – leave and forget what I was taking – ugh – you did just what at this stage you should – put the top down and enjoy your day – you always find the good little things that make you smile – and a bargin for sure!

  24. Paula S.

    I enjoy reading about your adventures, Mary! What fun at the thrift shops and great finds. Yes, you are notorious! LOL. Especially driving around in Little Red.

  25. Sue H

    What a quilt show!!! Love all the staging for the beauties! Wish there were a few faces instead of fingertips though. Ha! You truly scored big at the thrift shops. Great day.

  26. Billie

    Wow – what a good day you had! All those good deals . I love a good thrift store too. Love reading about your days. Take care.

  27. Terri

    what fun day. I love it when you get out without a great plan but one happens anyway. Happy quilting Mary

  28. Kris in WI

    Once again, you made my day, Mary. Thanks to all the folks who sent pictures of their every-shade-imaginable pink quilts and DD’s. Vicki in Seattle is giving you a little competition with the camera work in her lovely garden! I said Ah-Ha when I found the little triangle of pink in the Rain quilt (we just had a 2-minute downpour here,too), Ooh-ed over the gorgeous pink roses, chuckled at your notorious adventures in Little Red (Hi, Carrie!), and laughed out loud at the Dog Library picture, and went to bed with a smile at 1am last night and it was all just as beautiful and fun this morning.

  29. Sue in Oregon

    What a fun day and a hot one, too! You made some great buys.
    Anita from MO….I made The Dress quilt too. I made mine with orange silk and sewed each piece down on the edges. It won the Challenge I made it for. I have been meaning to post it but just never have. I was excited to see yours. It’s lovely.
    Today’s Quilt and Flower Show is awesome.
    You make me want to go Thrifting or garage sale hunting.

    1. Anita

      Thanks Sue. It’s a shower gift for my future daughter-in-law. Would love to see yours!

  30. Diane in WI

    Glad you had such a nice day. I love the dog library. It’s thundering and raining here. Later it is to get hot and humid. We are finally getting closer to moving day. I haven’t done much sewing. Bennett, my year-old grandson keeps me busy. The quilts were lovely. Have a good day and stay cool.

  31. Lynn In Scottsdale

    Bonnie-So sorry about Bella. She was part of your family and will be missed.

    Nikki-Hang in there. I can’t imagine.

    Jo-Thanks for the update on Chase.

    Mary-Your blog is a treat. Thank you.

    Hot and sunny here. So grateful for a working air conditioner. Our niece’s went out, and they had to stay in a hotel.

  32. Wendy on Cape Cod

    Mary what a great story! You are only now learning that you are famous? I love it. If i were ever in Iowa and saw you tooling down the road in Red I would certainly honk my horn and give you a wave (and probably follow you to the nearest quilt shop too!) Thank you for all you do to keep us all connected in the quilting world.

  33. Susan K in Texas

    Great blog today! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left the quilt top behind when shopping for backing. Most time I’ve got a picture in my phone so can get pretty close to the color.
    Love the quilts and the flowers. And the doggie library.
    We’re currently driving up to Iowa to see my son and his family. We need to cool off! It’s cooler in Iowa and you’ve had the rain we’ve been needing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – they’ve had the rain that we still need in North Iowa. It is still much hotter in Southern Iowa than here but still cooler than TX I imagine.

  34. Joyce from NY

    Loved your post today Mary. I can picture you in Red just cruising around, good for you!! Hot & humid here for the next few days, weather man keeps telling us we are going to get rain, hope so soon!

  35. Betty Klosterman

    All the bloggers are going to recognize Lil Red. It isn’t everyday you see those cars.
    Nobody has mentioned it, but is the Thrift Store in Osage a school building. Do they use it for the store in the summer or has a new school been built or combined with other schools? It looks very clean and kept. Personally I avoid Thrift Stores, except for books. I don’t need to bring anything except fabric home….. Still busy sorting stuff to take to the store. I like it when something leaves home and doesn’t come back! A lot has made the trip, but I’m probably the only one who can tell. IF my fabric was gone, the house would be empty. I’m sewing as fast as I can? At least it is all paid for.
    The Sturgis Rally starts officialy Friday, but the bikers are already here. It will be noisy for awhile.
    Has anybody tried out the Creative rulers with the non-slip back?
    Stay cool. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Betty I love QS- quilters select rulers (Alex Anderson’s line) as they grip more than the creative grids one I use. I gradually buy another one when a local quilt store runs a sale and use them the most in 4 1/2” and 6” square size now. I have a couple 2 1/2” x 6 1/2” creative grids rulers from stores that I use for my scraps to grip those little pieces. I gave to the thrift store most of my other brands as too many lines that were harder for me to see. I say go for what you want as life is too short to not have the tools to enjoy!
      Oh and A co-worker of my husbands is coming tomorrow for a visit as he use to go to Sturgis but had a heart attack and feels his strength isn’t there anymore to do the long distance. He didn’t go last year either so maybe he’s ok remembering the past.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Thank you for your suggestion. I’ll have to look for Alex Anderson’s rulers.
        Betty in Rapid City

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – a new school was built several years ago so they use just one floor of the old school as the thrift store. It was just great! I have decided those named in my trust can sort thru everything – I’ll never know and I love shopping in thrift stores too much to stop now.

  36. Elizabeth Schrader

    Love all your photos today. Beautiful quilts . You got great buys at thrift store. I go to Estate Sales almost every weekend. Don’t need more “stuff” but always find a few bargains. The doggie picture is darling. I am working on another wedding quilt for early November . It has been in 100’s here in Dallas going on 3rd month now. So want to see a day in middle 80’s.

  37. Cathy D

    I absolutely love how Glenda Fletcher used a section of vintage railing as a quilt rack! One more item to look for while we’re out picking 😍

  38. Jackie in NY

    Wow! Some incredible quilts today! And those pictures if the quilts in the garden- A+. I wish we had decent thrift stores here in NY. Never any fabric or quilt tops. Blah. Have a great day Mary!

  39. Marian in MN

    Oh my, your blog is so filled with interesting stories. I love the coincidences! Isn’t life grand? Your finds are so fun! Quilts are great! Keep, keep in’ on, Mary.

  40. Sheila

    Mary, what a great blog. You and little Red certainly had a wonderful day. Such great deals. The quilt show was spectacular as always. That rose was beautiful.

    Hot and humid in the East, and the garden is flourishing. Cucumbers love this weather, which means it’s relish time.

    Love the blog.

    Sheila in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sheila – I only plant cukes when I need to make relish. I still have hot dog relish for another season but next year I’ll have to plant peppers, cukes and many onions. A big job ahead.

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