Lawn Mowing Day, 8-5-22

Oh, it was a hot day to mow lawn and do all the trimming that I’ve ignored for about a month now. Last weekend Moe was here.

She’s such a gentle soul and Hazel loves her.

Guess who’s hiding in this hydrangea – it’s the gray and white Guinea!!! Rick saw her duck into this area and sure enough, she’s got eggs. Since the male Guinea is gone the eggs are probably not fertilized – only time will tell.

JB3 continues to be a gentle soul just wanting to hang out with us and a couple weeks ago I got a nice letter from a reader with a gift of money enclosed for his surgery and care. I almost cried! Not because I couldn’t afford to pay the vet bill but because someone besides me could see he needed help. Thank you!

See the dog rescue fabric he’s standing on? I asked if anyone had any in their stash and nobody did so I had to make do with 1/2 yard.

This is the rescue I work with. They are having a “live” fundraiser on Saturday, August 27 from 10-2 and this quilt will be given away at that time. Jordan’s Way, an organization that raises money for awareness of dogs in shelters will conduct the festivities. If you’ve ever wanted to support me and my interests, this would be a great time to call in and commit to a donation. All shelters need all of us to help and this is my shelter and I want to do whatever I can to help raise money for the dogs in their care.

Look at the back of this quilt – this is how I want all my quilts to look like on the back – ironed perfectly!!!

On a sad note today when I delivered the quilt I found out that two of my puppies were still at the shelter. I am upset that they havent been adopted and I want to adopt both of them. I will not be able to sleep tonight thinking about them. They haven’t been able to run around since they left here. That brings tears to my eyes.

Remember the baby picture I bought at the thrift store for $1.00? I put it with the others in a bedroom.

And this is more of the dog collection below the pictures.

I’ve had so much fun finding these treasures!

Say a little prayer that my two puppies get a home soon. Dear God, please let them find homes!

19 thoughts on “Lawn Mowing Day, 8-5-22

  1. Deb in Idaho

    My heart goes out to the puppies. I rescued my Bella a year ago,and she fill my heart with love. I pray they find their forever home. I love the quilt. It’s been to hot here to do much of anything. I can’t wait for fall. The garden is doing great except for my beans. Nothing yet, maybe too hot.

  2. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    My neighbor raises sweet corn, Kal is 80+, and the raccoons destroyed his first planting. He grows wonderful bicolor corn. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Hope the raccoons leave some for the rest of us.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – does Kal have a friend with a dog or two? Bring the dogs to the corn patch and have them walk through all of it. Sometimes that simple exercise is enough to keep the raccoons away. Tell him good luck!

  3. Kathy in western NY

    Oh that makes me so sad two puppies are still wanting a home to go to. Our dogs had vet appts today and there is a shelter in her building where they do rescues. Actually where I adopted my rescues from. I could hear so much barking so I think they are loaded with rescues. I love talking to my vet and she has 6 dogs, 7 cats, fostering a mom and kittens, Chickens, goats, and I thought she could be a mini Mary. So glad JB3 is loving being cared for by you. Your quilt is very nice and you made do with the small amount of fabric to make it look really sharp.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – I’m on a campaign to find homes for those fellas!

  4. Diane in Colorado

    Prayers for the puppies to find homes soon. Like children, puppies need space and time to play freely. Wish I was closer and could foster though with two already, I cannot adopt at the moment. My life is so enriched by the dogs in it!!!

    I love the pattern you used for the donation quilt. Is that a pattern likely to show up in your online store?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I think it’s already in the store – it’s called the Free Quilt. If you don’t see it there, I’ll be happy to mail it out for $5.00. I should send you pictures of my pumpkins coming on – sooooo many of them!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I apologize – the Free Quilt is not in the store but I’ll get it in there as well as mailing out paper patterns for $5. I know I sent out many of these patterns last winter – so don’t know why it’s not there. I’ll figure it out.

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you are so creative. The quilt really shows off 1/2 yard of fabric. All your collection grouped together is such fun. Mine would be a mess.
    It’s been hot here also. I can only mow one section per day. Front or back. Too hot to mow the whole yard on one day. We did have a front move through, the temp dropped 30 degrees in about 2 hours. Windy, but nice.
    The county fair starts this week, Sturgis motorcycle traffic starts this week, the Senior Olympics are this weekend. Summer is flying by. I’m working on 30 quilts for sick kids. Busy, busy, busy.

  6. Connie R.

    I’m praying that the puppies get a home soon. After being in your wonderful care on the farm, they must be so sad. Your quilt will be a great money maker for the shelter. I love your grouping of baby pictures. The colors are so soft and each comes with just the perfect simple frame. Hoping for rain here in NE Wisconsin. It seems to be going around us every week and the garden is suffering. It’s supposed to rain tonight so, keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Linda

    The fact that the puppies have been locked up and not able to run and play hurts my heart! That’s no place for any puppy or grown dog. More people need to rescue shelter animals rather than purchase expensive designer dogs, animals in shelters deserve as much love as any other baby. I pray they find furever homes within the next few days!

  8. Alice

    Love your donation quilt, Mary! I just finished 2 very simple quilts for my daughter’s 2 big dogs, both rescues. Will take pictures of the quilts to send you & before sending them to their new home in NC! Has been very hot here, but my patio tomatoes that were only supposed to be 2′ are well over 6′ & loaded with tomatoes!! Next week a friend & I will be vacationing at a friend’s lake house….and yes, I will be taking my travel sewing machine with a project or two. It’s supposed to rain most of the week. Taking a couple of good books as well!! Have a good weekend, it’s raining now in SW Ohio!

  9. Sharon Lowy

    I wish you would go get those two puppies and let someone else foster from now on. It will make your heart happier for sure. I could never foster because I would keep all of them.

  10. Sydney Silva

    that’s a GREAT portrait/picture of JB2. It would make a great jigsaw puzzle, as would a lot of your photographs. Love your blog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sydney – I also think some of my favorite photos would make great puzzles – know anybody in the puzzle business?

  11. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Your photography is wonderful! I have raised prayers for those pups; that they will find homes very, very soon. The fundraiser quilt for the shelter is fantastic; you made very good use of the 1/2 yard of fabric that you had, it is the perfect pattern to showcase that print. Well done! It’s been HOT here too, like everywhere else, I suppose. Dog Days.

  12. Susy Boyer

    Hi Mary, You did a great job with that quilt. Half a yard was all you needed. Perfect!
    Oh I hope your cute pups are adopted soon. Hugs, Susy

  13. Jackie in NY

    Oh Mary, I hope those two pups find a home soon. I would desperately love a dog but my husband is adamant that he’s not ready for one yet.

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