Back To Square One, 10-13-2020

I have to reacquaint myself with blog instructions again and hope it posts yet I wonder what I can do, with Kayla’s help, to avoid this disruption in the future! I never have a clue until I’ve written and uploaded all the pictures – then I see the dreaded flag on the bottom of the screen that says “post failed to upload” and it’s all gone – forever.

The puppies take up all my time – I had no idea what I was volunteering for last month when I agreed to bring Nala and her 8 puppies home with me. She looks so good now – and the puppies are all fat and healthy.

I’ve managed to work at the longarm some evenings and I’m piecing a red and pink quilt from our archives.

Kayla will be working at putting the Thanksgiving patterns in the store and before you know it, we’ll be posting Christmas patterns.

October 15, the drawing day for The Old Farmhouse kit is coming up this week. I will post the winner’s name here on the blog that day and the winner will have until midnight to contact me by email to give me her address. If I don’t hear from the first winner, we will draw another name the next day and so on and so forth until someone wins the kit.

Be sure to tune in on the 15th to see if you’re the winner. I hope you get this post – we’ll do the best we can!

If there’s ever been a time to BE STILL, it’s now.

18 thoughts on “Back To Square One, 10-13-2020

  1. Connie Rademacher

    I noticed that , since the “crash” I have not been getting your blog posts automatically. I saw that you had posted on 10-12-2020 and 10-13-2020 by going back to your 10-9-2020 post and noticed it showed a newer post. I subscribed to your blog again and hope this works. I’m wondering if many of your other blog readers had the same problem and don’t know you are back. Thanks for the update on the puppies and Nala. All look so healthy, thanks to your kindness. How is the “sock it to me” quilt coming along.
    So happy to see you back. I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Rhonda in Iowa

      Connie, I am having the same situation as you. Normally I would get an email each time Mary has a new post but I have not gotten notice of these last two. Tonight I decided to check the blog to see if there was any action. Thrilled to see the new posts and those darling puppies! I’m going to do what you did and sign up again. Thanks to Mary and Kayla for persevering! So miss it!

      1. Rhonda in Iowa

        There was a blog email in my box this morning linked to this post but I did resubscribe to the blog yesterday. We might have to do that to start the emails up again? Not sure on that but it seemed to work for me.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Rhonda in Iowa – yes, we might but Kayla will get this working again

    2. Sheila in WI

      Connie, I have had the same thing happen. There was a notice on Facebook that the blog was up and dunning again. When I didn’t receive the notice via email I decided to look into it. I’ll try and subscribe to it again and see if that helps. Glad to see that the blog is back.

  2. Connie

    The puppies have grown so much!! Cuteness overload! And Nala has a different air about her, she looks healthy and a bit more confident about her situation. Don’t you just wonder what she is thinking in the photo.
    You rock, Mary!!

  3. Judith Ann Jaques

    Hi Mary. I want to share what I do about losing things I have written.

    After I have done part of what I am writing I copy and paste it into an email. It only takes a couple seconds to do it then go back to writing. If you are putting pictures in just copy and past the picture description in the e-mail.It is easy then to copy and paste it under each one as you repost the lost pictures.
    It has saved me much stress from losing things I write because I can never remember just how I have written something and it is never as good the 2nd time LOL.

    Nala looks great as do the puppies. And yes they are a lot of work.Better now than when there is snow on the ground. Blessings j

  4. Paula Philpot

    The babies are gorgeous, is the mother feeling at home like she can trust you and not afraid? Do you think you might keep her? Paula in KY

  5. Kate

    The little family looks so happy. You’ve done wonderfully taking care of them all and still have time to do some quilting. Wonder Woman!

  6. Susan K in Texas

    Glad to see you back. The puppies are so cute and mom is looking better. I don’t usually do pink but have been doing the Moda Stitch pink blocks. I’ve got my October DD finished but was waiting until the blog was back up before emailing it. I’m tired of quilting UFOs so have been working on piecing.

  7. Paula Nordt

    So glad to have you back! You have done a wonderful job with Nala and the puppies. Nala is beautiful!

  8. Ruth

    Congratulations on getting the lost blog found again!! So glad it was the fault of a plugin! Great to see that red and pink quilt, and the puppies, and the mother, doing fine. Still wondering if Connie is the one with white hair. I think she is. I have white hair now.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ruth – no, I’m the one with white hair. Connie has a standing hair appointment at the salon. Not only am I too lazy to keep all those appointments, I’m too cheap and really don’t even care that it’s white.

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Thanks for posting the cute pictures. They are adorable. It is nice seeing Nala holding her head up. It is wonderful what TLC can accomplish. Yes, you rock, Mary!

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