Let’s try again. 10-14-2020

I am writing this post to see if the subscription feature is working again.

More puppy pictures just to see if they will post.

121 thoughts on “Let’s try again. 10-14-2020

  1. Amy M

    Yeah!!! Yes I got the email from the subscription feature today. I had not gotten the previous two posts emails but I did today. Third time was the charm! The little family looks wonderful. Your hard work has really paid off! There will be some happy families receiving these puppies.

  2. Peggy S

    Lookin’ good so far Mary!! Hope it works!! Mom & puppies came through just fine. Mom is looking so much better. . . “Fluffing up” a bit. You’re a wonderful foster mom!!

  3. Janet Snyder

    Got it. The pups sure grew while you were missing. Thanks for the trouble you go to for us.❤️

    1. Jane

      Yahoo! Praise the Lord that you are back! Puppies have grown so much. Thank you n Kayla for your efforts!

  4. Lois Ann Johnson

    Got it–but no ads today! Pups look so healthy and fat–their mom looks good, too! Missed you, Mary.

  5. Debbie Miller

    I just realized that I received the 10-14-20 post today on 10-15-20 and didn’t receive either 10-12 or 10-13 posts.

  6. Gloria from CC

    Hi Mary – I received the email but I went into WordPress early this morning and unsubscribed from CT and then went back to your blog and subscribed again. The puppies look so healthy and happy, and the mom is just beautiful! What a lucky family of dogs to have you as their foster mom.

  7. Charlotte

    Puppies are growing by leaps and bounds and Mama actually looks rather relaxed. God bless you for taking such wonderful care of this family.

  8. Rosalie

    Got it!
    I could see your post on website yesterday but got no notification. Today I got notifications. Looking good. Missed you.

  9. Mary

    Great news it seems to be working!
    Have been missing the puppy posts.
    Glad to hear and see that mom and pups are doing well.

  10. Marie J.

    Morning Mary! So happy to see your post, here in southern California. Nothing better than “puppy pictures”!!! Thanks for your dedication and perseverance !!

  11. Vickie Devore

    Yeah! These posted and I have missed your emails tremendously. Between hubby & son trying to harvest, hubby going thru chemo, normal everyday problems — I didn’t realize how much your emails made my days so much better.
    Hope all is well with you!!

    lov ya, vickie

  12. Diane and Squeak

    Yes, it is working. I did get the other posts, too. Those pups must be gaining a pound a day! Mama looks so much better; you are doing such a good job of taking care of them:)

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    You showed up all the way out here in Wyoming!
    We’re so happy you didn’t give up. Looking forward to more news from the farm…in due time.

  14. Sheila in WI

    Yay! Got this one! So nice to see you and the blog again. Thanks to you and Kayla for hanging in there and getting things up and running again!

  15. Jan

    Got it! Been missing your posts and pictures. Visited your shop once by bus and once when attending a wedding in the area. Fun place. Thanks for sharing your life.

  16. Judy Linn

    Post made it all the way to Texas!

    Puppies are growing! And BLUE eyes, really1?

    One day is Fall and cool here, One day is Summer and hot. Cool mornings are the BEST!
    Happy Fall YAll!
    Judy in Texas

  17. Jan P from TN

    As others have said, third time is a charm! Each day, I look for your email and always miss hearing from you – hoping everything is good for you! You and all of your stories make my day!!! Love from Tennessee!

  18. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    I missed you and your posts. God bless you for taking in these puppies and momma. They are beautiful!❤️
    Bea knight
    Blessings to you always🙏🏻

  19. Sue in Oregon

    Hi Mary …It was so good to see Country Threads Chicken Scratch in my email this morning. And, two puppy pictures posted. Happy Day

  20. Kristine F.

    Oh my goodness – have you ever seen such pretty blue eyes on a puppy.
    Momma dog is looking better all the time – my heart is happy that the good lord put Mary and this dog family together – he knew just the right heeling angel.
    Thank you Mary for taking on this enormous task of kindness to animals and to all the fellow readers who
    donated to the care of these dogs. Bless you all.

  21. Vicki in Seattle

    Got a post from Country Threads. It’s going to be a great Wednesday!!!🧡🎃🧡

  22. Beryl in Owatonna

    I received the pictures and there are ads to close.
    Hope it continues to work for you now!

  23. Marsha from Kansas

    Received today’s post. Such cute puppies and mom. Was so glad to see your email this morning. Thanks for your efforts. Sure hope Kayla helped keep the stress level of computer glitches low for you, Mary. So wonderful having youngsters willing to help us out.

  24. Susan Boyd in VA

    I got this one. Didn’t get one yesterday. Nala and the pups are looking great! You’ve done a wonderful job with all of them.

  25. susie Q

    how old are the puppies…… they took a leap in growth since the last picture……. and I think I get my blogs from you by “subscription”…. sooooo lookin’ good!

  26. Anonymous

    Received your message and pictures of the cute puppies. Thank you. I have been missing seeing your e-mails daily.

  27. Lorraine McGeough

    The e-mail and pictures of the cute puppies came thru. So happy to hear from you again.

  28. Linda in So Cal

    Thank you for your perseverance. Missing your blog. Puppies are adorable. Nala looks great…and relaxed.

  29. Kathy Hanson

    So happy to See the blog working again!!!
    The darling puppies are getting so big! Is the little black one still howling???😊

  30. Brenda Cornell

    I received the post and pictures. Thanks for persevering with all this trouble with the blog.

  31. Kathy in western NY

    Jumping up and down and waving from western New York. Have some ads too I can close to help. Missed you Mary and all the other dear readers!!! Thank you Kayla.

  32. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Received puppy photos-two. They certainly filled out and grew! You are a “gem”! Thanks for everything you do , Mary.

  33. Pat Smith

    Yea! This post is the first I’ve gotten since the crash. I’ve missed the pictures and Iowa life so much! I was beginning to worry that you couldn’t come back, but here you are!

  34. Anonymous

    I’m so happy to see your blog again after what seems like a very long time.( To long) You are the high light of the emails. It’s the only one I look for and always glad to see puppies and what’s going on at the farm. Many thanks to your helpers getting back on line.

  35. Joanne Veracka

    This email I received. Hope everything is up and running. Missed the scratch😄Joanne

  36. Sandy

    Hi Mary, great to see you back, it warms up achilly day in new Zealand! Lovely to see the pups and mum look so well, best wishes from sandy

  37. Nancy TD

    Looking good this AM and now. Thanks for all you do. Missed you. Puppies are growing and Mom looking good too. Kayla , thank you too.

  38. Margaret in North Texas

    Yes, your post arrived –so happy to hear, thank you!! Love the quilt pictures. Had 6 ads to close.

  39. Kim

    Yeah for puppy pictures! Hope your posts continuity come through with no problems! Thanks for sharing all that you do!

  40. patti leal

    coming through nice and clear in florida. i missed you and your news. the puppies are adorable. thanks to kayla for helping you. patti in florida

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