Back To Square One

The kitties got out of their pen and Mama found a way out, too, so now they’re hanging out under the table where they were born.  Mama leaves and they don’t care.  Obviously she isn’t worried about them either.

This little girl wanted to lay up top where she could see what’s going on!

I think her name should be Dot – look at that dot on her nose!

It’s a perfect porch day – both Millie and Rox agree.

The carpenters are almost done laying the rock and it is beautiful!

We need rain badly which is hard to believe but the garden weeds grow anyway.  Here are Telly and Hazel going to the garden with Rick.

Not much new on the farm but just wanted to stay in touch!

12 thoughts on “Back To Square One

  1. Ann Barlament

    Love the rock siding, bet Rick can’t wait until the project is completed!!

    Dot looks most curious about what’s happening…hoping you find homes for all your kittens!

  2. Lisa

    There is absolutely NOTHING in the world as cute as the paw pads of a kitten!

    Things that make you go awwwwwwwww!

  3. Darlynn Venne

    Crazy, I had named the white and black kitten “dot”. She is darling. Do all the babies have homes?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Darlynn – no, only two so I’m hoping somebody comes forward and wants the other three!

  4. Brenda archambault

    Little Dot has her nose into things, doesn’t she? Obviously Momma is mad at you for that fortuitous trip to the vet last week and she’s letting the kids loose just to show you! I guess Hazel will have to become a herder and keep all the kittens with the cat, the chicks with Momma hen, etc.

    Hopefully you’ll get some rain. Just went thru a rain storm in the Butte/Missoula area of MT. We’ve been driving for two days and exhausted.

  5. Paula S.

    I love staying up-to-date with all the animals. And that little kitty should be named Dot. Perfect name for her.

  6. Kathy

    You must have sent us some of your warmth and sunshine to NY. Finally summer time weather and no rain as we have had our share of rainy days. My little dove babies are looking down at me like ” how do I know when to fly?” Those birds just amaze me. Glad you are keeping those kitties safe.

  7. Launa

    Deer continue to come to the old tree stump for the mineral block; elk as well. Our property is bordered in back by national forest and I dread hunting season this fall.
    The kittens are just precious and Dot is a wonderful name.
    I hope Hazel is learning to mind her puppy manners thru obedience training.
    The Aspens are quaking in the breeze so it looks like we may have a little shower come thru.

  8. Diane

    The rock on the building looks great!! How old are the kitties now? I read somewhere that a mother cat won’t recognize her own kittens after 12 weeks, I think. Odd isn’t it? Millie and Rox are contented sleepers:) Do Telly and Hazel “help” in the garden?? I love the name Dot:) Any other ones named? Friends named their kitty Muggins for the M on the forehead:) Enjoy your day.

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