Backing fabric for Stamped quilt

First let me apologize for this morning’s post showing up twice. I got the message that the post failed so I published again and then both showed up.
Secondly, I forgot to show what I used on the back which is also really fun and it’s 60″ wide, $18.95 per yard.

4 thoughts on “Backing fabric for Stamped quilt

  1. Michele

    Heck with the backing fabric. I’m just happy to see a picture of Telly!! HA.

  2. Claire

    holy crap!! too much $ .quilting is getting to expensive.
    I will continue to use my stash and look for bargains.

  3. Rose Mikulski

    So I’ve been mulling yesterday over the Stamped Kit and then saw the picture of the backing which really made it hard to resist. Then late in the afternoon I received my Country Threads shipment with a note that I now have reward dollars to use which put a nice dent on the price of the kit so I just placed my order for it among other things. Lucky me. BTW, I’ve been grumbling and slaving over the March UFO challenge, I’ve made approx. 540 3″ log cabin blocks and now have sewn the last of them yesterday and now ready to put it all together. So this kit is my reward for finishing those blocks.

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