Balloon Sale!

Our Balloon Sale started yesterday in the shop.  Stop in to save anywhere from 10%-30% off of your total.  The sale runs from now through May 31st.

Balloon SaleDon’t forget that the 100 Bolts have been switched, which means 100 different bolts of fabric all on sale for $7.00/yd.  Click here to see them all!

4 thoughts on “Balloon Sale!

  1. Rose Mikulski

    OMG, I forgot that yesterday was the 15th and completely forgot about the 100 Bolts, this is always on my radar–must have too much other Country Threads stuff on my mind. I’ve been stewing that I can’t make the retreat in June because we’re helping our “kids” move into their new home which means I can’t see your new “kids”. I was hatching this evil plan of telling Bill that you named the new goat after me and I needed to see my namesake. And then lamenting about you saying that this was maybe the last year of having retreats in the haymow because you’re getting too old to clean it up. Can’t we round up some menfolk to do this? I volunteer Bill, hee hee hee.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose – you are too sweet! I will name the next goat after you! Do you have any idea how a man would clean dirt and cobwebs in the haymow?

      1. Rose Mikulski

        with a lot of cussing but it would be so worth it so their little darling can sew.

  2. Patrisha

    Is the Balloon sale for online purchases as well??? Waiting…

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