Bird Nests

I wrote yesterday about the tiny eggs. Here are some tiny nests found in my yard in the past.

And here’s a closeup so you can see what those birds used to make their nests – goat hair!

Remember the orioles that built a nest in 2016? The nest finally blew down and I brought it into the house.

Look inside!

Last summer, 2017, they built their nest in a tree right outside the piano room. See it hanging in the tree in the middle of the picture?

Here’s the best closeup I can get.

I look at it every single day and hope to rescue it when the wind blows it down. Soon it will be time for a new nest.

18 thoughts on “Bird Nests

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    Birds are such good builders and they are fast too. Thank you for sharing the nest pictures with us. I sm tired from DST.

  2. Lisa Kogan

    I collect abandoned eye nests too, Mary! Someone asked me why and I just don’t have an answer. They are beautiful, ingenious works and brings the outside in! Love ’em! Thanks for the cool pics!

  3. Janice

    These are great! Especially love the oriole’s nest. Amazing weavers.

    We are having our blizzard! About a foot – maybe a little more right now. Not supposed to stop until tonight. My husband has plowed twice but you’d never know it. Fills right in as soon as he’s done. My poor little dog, Louis, is about as big as Hazel. He is not happy about going out in this and I can’t blame him! Hope your weather stays stable for a while. Jan in Massachusetts

  4. Linda B

    Your little nest collection is sweet! We put dog hair out in a suet cage, it disappears into nests almost immediately!

  5. Ann Barlament

    How thrilling to have nesting Orioles!! I had a Cardinal couple that had 3 batches of babies every year. They nested in my overgrown bittersweet bushes.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I wish I had cardinals – I might see one a year for about 10 minutes! And 3 batches of babies! Ahhhh!!

  6. lois palmisano

    Mary, nowhere else can we get the information you present…as in the oriole nest. magnificent. Lois in omaha

  7. maxine lesline

    These birds are expert at using what can be used… and astonishing to see what their building materials are. Awesome. Your posts about your country life are always interesting… your chickens… goats…… the barn….easy reading here….thanks.

  8. Paula

    My sister and I like to find bird nests too, especially those little ones. Snow here in KY today. Paula

  9. Brenda archambault

    I love the nests. I have a robin’s nest brought to AZ from Chicago residing in a decorative bird cage, housing abandoned quail eggs that are spotted, and guarded by a bright red Cardinal from a craft store. Hubby never questioned that one!

  10. Diane M

    We have an oriole’s nest in our silver maple tree, and there is another one in a tree down the road from us. I think the wind has twisted it into the small branches so it looks like it is stuck up there. I have also found those small nests. It looks like there is rabbit or cat hair woven into them. I cleaned out the wren house, and the nest inside still had a couple of the eggs. One was broken, but the other is intact and has the hole for the baby bird. It is a beautiful nest made mostly from moss and what looks like sheep’s wool. They are works of art! Loved the photos of the dogs. Have a good day.

  11. Diane

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the nests and eggs. My husband, the egg farmer, said the little eggs are called peewees. Perfect name. It looks like blue skies for you. Hope it stays.

  12. Diane Dodd

    I just marvel at the intricate and complex internal wiring God has given to animals. It’s not like they took a class or watch YouTube. They make these nests out of goats hair? It is amazing. He is an awesome God and takes care of even the birds of the air!

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