Goat Sampler Pattern

Does anyone out there have a Goat Sampler pattern they’d like to sell to a reader who raises goats?

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  1. Pamela Mowers

    I think the reader may be able to find a wool Appliqué primitive pattern with goats and then use it to design her own using cotton if she chooses. Using the graph paper technique for her design. Or google goat coloring pages and use it for her goat image,. Hope this helps.

  2. Jackie B.

    Mary, I have the goat quilt pattern. If you send me her email, I will get in touch with her.

  3. Launa

    I think of you every time I look at Fiberworks shop online, Mary. Heine, the owner designer, has wonderful collage patterns available and one is a colorful goat. I’ve been so tempted to try one of her patterns.
    Another sunny morning here in Idaho. We’re up to 21 already, but seems we will have rain/snow tomorrow. This is an usually warm winter….or so natives Idahoians tell us. We have much snow on the ground up here at 5800 feet.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I believe she is looking for the Goat Sampler by Country Threads.

  4. Anne

    I just bought a book titled Udderly_Crazy by OneSister. It has some really cute patterns for quilts with cows, chickens, sheep and goats. She could take the goat blocks and create her own. Here’s a link so she can see what the goat block looks like.
    https://www.onesisterdesigns.com/shop/c/p/Udderly-Crazy-x26839597.htm This link shows five of the quilt patterns that are in the book. I’m anxious to start on one but too many other projects waiting for finishes!

  5. Sharon B.

    Oh my goodness! I just googled that Goat Sampler pattern to see what it looks like….soooooo CUTE! I can see why she is looking for that specific pattern! 🙂

  6. Luanne

    I have an unused Country Threads “Louise & Friends #196” pattern I would be happy to send. It’s different than the Goat Sampler pattern, but the goat block looks to be the same.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Luanne – thank you! I’ll see who reads the comments carefully, won’t I?

  7. Dana

    Does anyone have this pattern??? I am in desperate need of a Goat pattern and this is the only one I truly like.

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