BLIZZARD continued, 12-23-22

Now this is the real deal – a blizzard so bad I can’t see out the windows, can’t see the highway and the barn is questionable. and so cold it takes your breath away.

Too cold to venture outside but the dogs have to potty so I’ll get dressed soon and go out with them – I don’t want them to collapse in the cold! Maybe Hazel would potty in the garage?

I’m worried about getting to church tomorrow night – I’m not as brave as I used to be. Maybe they’ll cancel? People living in town have no idea what it’s like in the country.

I’m going to start a new project today to keep my mind off the weather – strips, anyone?

Look at this nice finish by Michele – Iowa Roads from our new book. Iowa roads aren’t worth a darn today!!

And an idea for a back – who wants to keep those small pieces and discarded blocks so piece the back, too!

A Christmas gift!

I’ll check back in later – stay home and stay safe!

51 thoughts on “BLIZZARD continued, 12-23-22

  1. Linda from northeastern WI

    Yes, I moved to northern WI 3 months ago and it is 14 below. Not wind chill. It has snowed here everyday for the last 10 days. Lots of snow but we are tucked in the woods that we are not getting the wind. I hear it and see the tops of trees moving.

    Marie C, may I ask you what pattern that is? I love cardinals.

    Stay warm everyone and Merry Christmas!

    1. Marie C

      Linda, the wallhanging with the cardinals on it is a McKenna Ryan pattern called Joyeux Noel Window. You can find it on her website: It is the middle block of a larger quilt called Joyeux Noel. I did make one change. I took the stocking off so it could be used all winter rather than just Christmas.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Charlotte

    Mary, this is a weekend to stay off the roads! Our Lord wants you safe! God bless you and a Merry Christmas!

  3. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, stay safe and warm with hubby, Hazel, Telly, Keeper, Three, Ernie and all the furbabies. Blizzards are dangerous and I am sure I don’t need to tell you that.

  4. Pat Cooper

    Stay safe and warm. I’m in Franklin WI and were having a heat wave at 2 degrees.
    Love, Love your backing.
    Merry Christmas to you and Yours.

  5. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning all,
    Western Oregon is covered in ice. Very treacherous out there! We can’t get to our barn because we don’t have ice skates! Ha! The chickens will have to stay indoors until someone gets brave.
    Our yellow lab, Maizie, ran out the back door this morning and looked like Bambi when he was ice skating…legs sprawled and spinning around.

    I love the quilts pictured! ❤️
    Stay safe out there and Merry Christmas!

    1. Sue in Oregon

      Hi Bonnie…Where in Western Oregon are you? I am about as far west as it gets and we just have rain. It’s beginning to warm up, too. Yesterday it was cold but not the kind of cold you are experiencing. Tomorrow it is supposed to get into the low 60s. I am just praying that it will march across the country and warm up all of you frozen people. Enough is enough, already. Our son lives in Montana and he is getting the snow and cold too. Brrr! The thought makes me shiver. Take care, stay in and stay warm.

  6. Carol L

    That looks like our weather yesterday!!! Better today, sun out, but all rural roads are plugged, can’t get to the cattle to feed till county plows come out. The life of a country person is filled with lots of ups and downs. Sure hope Mother Nature calms down for awhile. Merry Christmas everyone.

  7. Mary Rhodes. Bethel Ohio

    Omg. We got it here in Southern Ohio! Wind was nasty. It did get really cold during night. Now its -7 . Just heard snow plow go buy. I canceled oral surgery glad I did. Not going no where! Love the quilts. Be amaze if the dogs go potties in cold. I got 2 cats told them the doors aren’t opening! I dont think God would want you out on highway. Be safe n warm.

  8. Linda In UK

    I’m in Britain but reading about the USA’s blizzards on the BBC news. Sounds horrific. You should certainly stay inside and out of that shocking weather. Stay safe and warm and give church a miss – I would think the sensible thing would be for your Minister to cancel.

  9. Barbara Firesheets

    WOW!! Can’t imagine how cold that must be!! We woke up to 12 degrees here in northwest Louisiana. Nice fire in the wood burning stove so we’re warm. Our Basset Hound Bud can’t figure out why it’s so cold outside! Ha! Stay safe and warm .

  10. Denise

    What a mess and dangerous too! Be careful if you go out. Here in CT just rain and wind so far but the cold front is coming in this afternoon. That is when temps drop way down and the wind ramps up too. Will be below zero F in some areas. The Holiday will be real cold. Not sure about snow. Flooding on the coast.
    What a mess. Not venturing out.
    Take Care. I guess we have to make the best we can. This will be a Holiday to remember.

  11. Joyce from NY

    Woke up to 40 degrees & now it is down to 21, snowing & blowing like crazy! Stay warm everyone & Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  12. Dee from Shell Rock

    The dog and I went out to feed kitties, so she could potty. I have a heated water dish but no one wants to venture out of the barn! So I give them some in a dish and they get right in there for a drink before it freezes. I have a shawl on that I can cover my ears because they are cold, in the house. I’ll be so glad when the wind drops off too. Take care, make sure Rick knows you are going out so if you fall he can look for you right away. I called the kid who lives up the block and told them I was going out, then texted when I came back in. I don’t want to freeze out there if I fall. As my weatherman says, When in doubt, stay home!

  13. Cheryl Saunderson

    Are you in NY Mary? I live in Niagara Falls and boy, is it bad out there! I feel so bad for all the travelers who are not going to make it to wherever they are going for Christmas. The timing for this blizzard is awful! Stay warm and safe!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Mary lives in Garner, Iowa. I live near Rochester area and there are several other readers here too from New York. You and I are closest to Lake Ontario. Diane and her cat crew in Ohio come from the southern part of NY (near Cuba) so we all are in different areas of NY… upstate, finger lakes, Buffalo. It’s funny when you tell an out of stater you live in NY, they assume you live in all blacktop and in New York City. They don’t realize we have trees, forests, lakes, and farms.

      1. Diane, Sqyeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Kathy, you are so right! Upstate to some is 50 miles North of the city, not 500 miles wayyyy up state—too funny! I walked last night at 43* and woke up to ——3*! It went down to minus 4 then minus 5. Brrrr. Glad I have cats who use litter boxes. No one has moved off our hill and no mail or paper which makes me glad they are safe at home. I love the two quilts tiday❤️ Mary, stay safe and home! Tooo cold out there.

      2. Cheryl Saunderson

        Ha! You are so right Kathy. This is a scary blizzard! We can’t see across the street with the whiteouts. Stay warm and safe!!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl Saunderson – I just assume all my readers know I’m in North Iowa – no, not NY.

      1. Cheryl A Saunderson

        I guess this blizzard is affecting so many. I am new to your blog and was not aware where you live. The whiteout conditions are horrible here. The grocery stores closed at noon today until Monday. Luckily, I went yesterday for last minute things and the lines were outrageous! This is crazy! Be safe!!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Welcome Cheryl to a very fun group. The comments are the high point of many of Mary’s readers days because we love interacting and hearing about each other. Mary is so very generous to share our quilt pictures on her blog so we keep inspired by what others make. It sure has been a holiday to remember. So many power outages around here cause trees came down on lines. It could be awhile as it’s not safe for anyone to be up high working on lines with this wind.

          1. Cheryl Saunderson

            Thank you Karen. I have to figure out how to post pictures! I have been enjoying her blog and am glad I came across it. Hope your Christmas was a happy one!

  14. Alice in SW Ohio

    Love the quilts pictured! SW Ohio (Maineville) is -8⁰. The wind is brutal & believe we have 5″ of snow, but still have blizzard conditions. I have power & have my fireplace going so all is well! Took my little dog out earlier & he’s never experienced having his paws that cold! Think I’m going to get him used to booties whether he likes them or not! We don’t walk when it gets really cold so he’s not used to this weather…neither am I!! But he was willing to let me cuddle him to warm him up. He’s a rescue so not much history on him. Today I will be doing some candy & snack making & preparing some casseroles to be baked later for Christmas! Hunker down & stay safe & also keep those fur babies warm & safe! Merry Christmas everyone & thank you, Mary for your wonderful blog! We all appreciate it!🎄🎁

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Alice – Hazel just collapses in the cold – can’t walk, just gets stiff! I wrap her up and take her to the barn. It’s very overwhelming for all of us and very dangerous as well but I must go to the barn. Thank goodness, we also have power!

  15. Jean Elliott

    Thanks for the weather update! I need to,check in with Elaine. She’ll be surprised that I know about her weather!! I wish all animals were taken care of like yours. Merry Christmas!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean Elliott – I wish more people would take better care of their animals , too. I simply can’t think about it – I always have to close my mind because it’s out of my control. I’ve asked my pastor to speak on this subject and inhumane puppy mills at my funeral. When I get to Heaven they’ll all be loved as they should be!

  16. Dianne in So CA

    I’ve always wanted to live where it snows but can’t even fathom such cold. We ate breakfast outside in a chilly 57 degrees using our patio heater. High is forecast to be 69 today. I guess we are about the only place that is being spared from this storm.
    Stay inside and be safe!

  17. Rita in Iowa

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa said visibility is down to 3/4 mile. We have -4, wind chill -2, wind gusts 15 and up.

    Just finished watching Elf. Told my daughter she need to get out her Lite Brite so Alexander can build a tree on it. She informed me he asked about it but the light bulb didn’t work. Great minds think alike.

    Stay safe everyone. Mary maybe you could Facebook with the church and play your music at home with the dogs and cats as background backup. LOL

  18. Sue

    Hi Mary’,
    Hope this grinch blizzard gives you time to break in your new chair – which by the way, I do love. Thank you & your readers for giving me some quilting inspiration. Stay safe & warn!

  19. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    You stay safe also! Rather a missed service than you being the service! It is sooo miserable out but maybe a little better tomorrow.

  20. Jeanine from Iowa

    I’ve been working on my Color Parade quilt this morning. It is fun to pick out fabrics and then sew together. I am enjoying it a lot. Still really cold and windy in Oskaloosa. The thermometer rose to 0* at noon. A heat wave! Our granddaughter and her husband made it safely to ND last night from the Twin Cities area. We are thankful for that. We had one frozen pipe this morning, but it has thawed out with the help of a fan blowing on it. Yes, Mary, town people do not realize what it is like in the country. Our country road is one of the worst in our county for drifting in if we have snow and wind. Stay safe, everyone.

  21. JudyE

    Just past noon here in Rochester, MN and it is -6 degree with a – 29 windshield. I opened the door to check for the mail and the blowing snow was like ice hitting me in the face. This year the cold seems to bother me
    more than I can remember. I suppose us “seniors” all say that!
    Mary bless you for all you do for the animals and for us. I look forward to reading your blog and hearing about your life. You sure have me beat!
    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year Everyone! Keep warm and be safe!

  22. Beryl BC

    The quilts are beautiful, both today and yesterday.

    Like others, we have been hit by the cold in SW Ohio. It was near -9 when we got up this morning. Now, after lunch, it is up to -3.5. What a warm up! It is still quite windy out. I’m not sure how much snow we got, maybe 3 – 5 inches.

    I’m wanting to get out and shovel, but know it might not do much good, and probably wouldn’t be too smart.

    I did see later this coming week, it is to be up to 40 something and 50 something the next.

    I do recall Christmas Eve services being canceled at least once when growing up in N Iowa.

    I also recall going to Christmas Eve services in Ohio in similar cold weather. The church heating system had gone out, so instead of meeting in their sanctuary, they met in the basement where it was a little warmer.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  23. Susan K in Texas

    It’s nice a sunny here. Just cold and windy. It’s 24 but feels like 11. That’s cold for us!
    When I was a kid I remember the farm 10 miles from our home in town was always much colder and windier. We would layer up to go out and feed cattle. If the wind quit you knew a bad storm was coming in – the air would get so still.

  24. Carol

    Here in Central Ohio we are -8° with a wind chill of -35°. I’m not sure how other states do it, but our state has 3 levels. Level 1, it is recommended to be cautious driving. Level 2, only drive if absolutely necessary. Level 3, only emergency – you can get fined if you are on the roads. There were 2 jacknifed semis near our little town. I’m making candy and will go sew in a bit.

  25. Kathy in western NY

    Whoever asked for this blizzard for Christmas can have ours too. Some of our larger churches are already cancelling Christmas Eve services as Christmas Day is suppose to be better here. We have 2 daughters without power right now but have generators. Plans for our family get together has changed now. It’s safer to be off the roads so why chance it. It’s not worth it as we get older.

  26. Jane Dumler

    Finally we have the sun out here in Denver. The temperature is almost 10 which is a heat wave from yesterday. Love your news, Mary. Stay safe. Be careful when you go out with Hazel. Ice can be so treacherous and I am sure there is some in your yard. Merry
    Christmas to all the readers.

  27. Dorothy

    I love the Iowa Roads quilt and it’s pieced back. Such a great idea to use up those pieces. It’s definitely a good day to stay indoors and sew. Here in Chicago it’s very cold and very windy. Im hunkered down in my sunroom wearing 3 layers and wrapped in a scarf watching the weather, enjoying a cup of coffee and stitching away on a binding for a last minute Christmas wall hanging I’m trying to finish. Stay warm and safe everyone and Gods blessings on everyone for a very Merry Christmas.

  28. Katherine Gourley

    In the 1950s and 1960s I grew up in the country and would love the wild blizzards we would get. We would bundle up in our wool coats and snow pants and brave the cold and wind. The wool would get so wet and cold that we would have to come back in. Despite the wonderful down jackets we have now, at 72 years I am not so keen about venturing out. We still live in a rural area, but nothing as wide open as when I was a kid. I sit here inside toasty warm and pray for those who do not have the resources to heat their homes. Our natural gas bills have increased 34% this winter and I cannot imagine what it is like for so many people trying to make the ends meet.

  29. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio,

    Good news. Our grandsons are still home in Cleveland area and their mother did not go to MN. Whew! We were so worried. They may go Saturday. We are supposed to be in the 30’s next week. MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL🎄🎅🏼 It is sooooo cold and windy here!

  30. Pat Smith

    We’re in Stowe, VT for the holiday. We used to live here full time, but weather like today caused us to spend part of the year in FL. The wind and rain that others farther west got started early this morning. We lost our electricity at 8:00 AM and it was off 8 hours. Just came back on. We aren’t below 0 like so many others. But, this rain ruined our snow in a holiday week when we live at a ski area. What the hundreds of visitors are doing I can’t imagine. We are just glad to have water, heat and flushing toilets again! Had to laugh about Hazel laying down outside in misery in the blizzard. Our dog usually comes up with us, but he hates it here in the winter, and he is with a neighbor. He is truly a FL dog. Sometimes it would take 3 times out to get the pottying over with as he’d go out, lift each paw, and then lay down to die. Then I’d have to pick him up, go back inside for “the talk about hurrying”, and go out again. Our record is 3 try’s. Hope you all stay warmer and we get some snow. It is incredibly ugly out! Stay safe everyone!

  31. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    You cannot see out our windows here in Western New York, hurricane force winds, gusts up to 79 mph. The furnace is working hard to keep us warm, I’m so grateful for heat and electric right now. I cancelled Christmas on Wednesday night, felt like a Grinch and was grumpy all day yesterday about it, but today, I’m so glad I did. I don’t care if church is a happening thing, I’m not going. Staying safe. I’ve prayed enough all day for the safety of others, I’m staying safe myself. No one is indispensable, I try to keep that in mind; the service will most likely be televised/zoomed, good enough.

  32. Ros

    We live in Murchison, Victoria, Australia and today it will be 32 Celsius (89F) and our Xmas Day is looking to be 35C (95F), Very hard to imagine what it’s like living in your blizzard conditions. I enjoy reading this blog everyday and reader comments. I hope you and your readers have a very safe and happy Christmas. Cheers Ros

  33. Jo in Wyoming

    It did warm up to -5 today. The stores were packed…yes, I went out too.
    I have all the groceries I need till late next week.
    The roads were not bad, snow packed in spots. Wind let up some.
    It’s still dangerous outside. Be still if you can
    Merry Christmas

  34. Debra Reber

    Loved your saying,”People living in town have no idea what it’s like in the country” This is so true!! I live in the country, & we can get lots more snow/ice than people 15 mins away in town. The roads in town can be clear & our roads are an icy/snowy mess!! People in town don’t understand when I say I can’t make it in town to a meeting, etc. Please stay safe & be careful!

  35. Joy in NW Iowa

    It is a nasty storm and so terrible cold and windy! Our visibility was zero starting at noon yesterday. It’s starting to calm down this evening (Friday).

  36. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – we fared pretty well in eastern Upstate NY. We did have a lot of wind, but mostly rain. A small amount of very icy pellets while we were out for a walk. Today (Saturday), it’s extremely cold and windy, but no precipitation. I’m glad you had power throughout the storm.

  37. Jody Irwin

    We live in Wasington and it has been a mess , lots of cancellations at Portland Ore airport ,plus Seattle .
    Didn’t get much snow but ice instead , coated the roads good 20 *
    But today its is melting with rain on top . Cars are going by on the road so that is breaking it up .
    We didnt lose power so very thankful for that .
    Merry Christmas to everyone and stay safe .
    Love reading this blog and hear about your critters in the barn and all the things you do .
    Hope you get to go to church tomorro .

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