Tell me about the storm in your area! 12-23-22

This is historical – the storm is so bad! Please post in the comments and tell us your location and your storm details. Here are a few pictures from this afternoon:


The wind has increased this afternoon and I’ve made my last trip to the barn – Hazel can only make it about 20 feet before she becomes paralyzed and I pick her up. We had to go to the haymow so everybody could pee! But here’s inside the barn and everybody is warm and happy.

We are thankful the power is on, we have plenty to eat, animals are all comfy – but three days of this storm is more than enough. Please tell us all in the comments how you’re doing and what it’s like at your house.

126 thoughts on “Tell me about the storm in your area! 12-23-22

  1. Sandra Fraenkel

    25 degrees and very, very windy in southeast Virginia. This is very cold for us and continuing to get colder. We just spent a few days in Minnesota, so I can’t complain. It was brutal there.

  2. Chris in Alaska

    Funny you should ask ! We have 40 below temps here . We have a propane stove because electricity ⚡️ s super expensive here in Alaska and there is no natural gas . Propane freezes at 40 below ! I might be microwaving dinner tonight !

  3. Beth Laverty

    Here in central Penn. We got a lot of snow on Thurs then overnight it melted. But today More snow. Temps in morning were 50 now it is Zero. So it will be a cold night. Nothing like a lot of other places are getting though.

  4. Peg

    We are in western Pennsylvania. Temperature this evening is -5 F but windchills are -40 F. Heard from a shuttle driver than his van gasoline was turning to gel and he had to exchange his shuttle vehicle for another than had been housed inside. Power is on though, so could be much, much worse.

  5. Deborah Smith

    I guess here in Northern Colorado we got it easy! We did have 30 below but it was not for long. Still 7* in the morning. We decided we will have to get our corgi, Daisy some booties as its too hard on her feet.
    We did get 4.5 inches of snow too.
    We have had the sun out and that helps.
    Merry Christmas all!

  6. Judy A

    Dyer, IN. Around 0 degrees, and blowing like mad. No pets, and partially retired, so we’re just not going out. Most windows of the new-to-us house have ice or snowy frost on the inside of some part of them. We better be using chapstick and drinking a lot of water, cause I turned off the usually much needed humidifiers.
    On a brighter note, yesterday we finally got my long-arm back together after almost 6 months, even though I don’t really feel like doing anything since becoming sore throaty the last couple days. (Covid test negative 🙂
    Merry Christmas! Jesus is still the reason for the season!

  7. Cheri

    Raymond Alberta Canada, blowing snow all day. -40 C and now two foot drifts outside the front door.

  8. Frances E

    Eastern NC here. The wind gusts were 40 – 50 mph, but no rain to speak of and no snow. While the temps were mid thirties, it is supposed to get much colder tomorrow and Sunday (17 for a low on Sunday and a high of 39). I’m not complaining. It is supposed to be up to 60 on New Years weekend. Western NC is another story , however. They have snow and cold. I feel sorry for all of you in the Midwest. Stay safe!

  9. Sharon

    I’m in California and Christmas will be 80 degrees.Doesn’t seem very Much like Christmas .I would love to have some snow,but the storms your having are way too cold 🥶 The barn looked warm ,! Stay safe and warm!

  10. Mary K Hearn

    I am in Southwest Iowa. Our temp is currently zero which is the warmest we have been in 3 days,so hopefully the worst is past. Wind is still blowing the snow around

  11. Linda

    Dayton OH -2 our high for the day. Feels like -24. 4 or 5” of blowing snow. Still have electricity.

  12. Marilyn Stevens

    I’m in central Connecticut and the wind is howling and frigid , the rain has finally stopped and no snow. Was in the 50’s this afternoon and temperature dropped quickly. Lucky to have power, heat and a wood stove. Just glad the wind dried up the rain so there’s no ice when Allie, my lab, has to go outside. Merry Christmas Mary! Stay safe and warm!

  13. David A.

    Pittsburgh. We didn’t get more than an inch of snow but the temperatures are below Zero and wind gusts are brutal. The windchill is well below -20 degrees!

  14. Pamela Dempsey

    In northeast Texas we are at 20 degrees, feels like 10. Very cold 🥶 winds. Our daughter, her husband, 2 cockatiels and baby parrot 🦜 came over this morning since their power had gone out. My cat 🐈‍⬛ Emily was very interested 😻but behaved herself. Still praying for everyone’s safety, power stays on and pipes don’t freeze 🥶. Our temperatures going above freezing Christmas Day. Love your barn and sweet animals!

  15. Sheila in WI

    Forecast was for 9″ of snow themn winds & bitter cold here in E Wisconsin. We’re lucky if we got 1″ of snow. Not a blizzard but very windy and cold: -4° and windchill of -28°… a great day for quilting.

  16. Jane from St Marys IA

    We don’t have it as bad as you do in northern IA but it’s still bad here in southern IA. I think today’s wind was worse & colder than yesterday. Today the little feed tractor jelled up just as hubby finished doing chores…late as it wouldn’t start! Then the doggie door flap got so cold it broke so new ones ordered. Most of the cattle waterers have stayed thawed out except one that has to be chopped twice a day. Extra hay has been fed down in the timber & the cows have it nice down there! The wind is way worse at the top of the hill!! The cats are all hunkered down in the small bales in the haymow so they are toasty warm. We didn’t get a lot of snow but that hasn’t stopped the drifts. We’re tired but it’s what we do to keep things going on the farm! I’m ready for this to go away!

  17. Bonny

    As of now, the wind chill is -31°, actual temp -2°. We had less snow here than northern Iowa counties. Drove to Missouri today to about 30 miles north of KC. Still vehicles and trucks in ditches. Dreadful wind to drive home against. Amazing sun dogs however. I’m in Monona County Iowa on far west edge of state.

  18. Rita in Iowa

    Weather station on the peak of the garage says -4 and wind chill of -22. Wind gusts 12 up to 35 mph.
    Cold and curtains have been drawn. Hard to be in the mood for sewing with my machine in the basement.
    We live about 15 miles east of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

    All stay safe while we continue in this Bomb Cyclone.

  19. Carolyn

    I am in Alberta Canada. We’ve had a deep freeze for a week. Last night wind chills were -47 C! Blizzard today but it’s supposed to be just below freezing the next few days and my dogs will be so happy to return to their daily walks.

  20. Anne

    My goodness you’re having such a big storm! I’m in the VA suburbs of Washington, DC. It is 11° with fierce winds and much colder than it should be at this time of the year. Thank you so much for all your wonderful pictures and stories. You are appreciated more than you can imagine.
    Merry Christmas…🌲❤🌲

  21. Jan Frank-de Ois

    I watched the Des Moines TV weather, so I knew it was truly awful up your way!! I feel as if we’re in the Banana Belt down here in SW Iowa…. It got a few degrees above 0; we didn’t have as much snow; and the wind is NOT blowing as hard & we have hills here!
    Oh, please all of you take care!! We hadn’t been winter hardened yet and to have it now!!

  22. Karen Hamilton

    I am wintering in Mesa, Arizona (from Titonka, Iowa) and it’s mid 60’s for highs, we are supposed to have 70 degrees by Christmas. Very glad to be here right now!

  23. Robin Ciuffetti

    I’m in Duluth Minnesota, we had 30 inches of snow last week between Wednesday and Friday. We live up the hill from Lake Superior and had winds and lake effect snow all week. This week we had Monday and Tuesday to clean out driveways in 20 degree weather and it’s been freezing and wind blowing all week. It’s -30 with the wind chill tonight. My old fur baby knows to go down the deck stairs, do his business and get back in before freezing feet. My 7 month old 82 lb black lab however wants to jump and play in the snow, freaks out at the wind, then thinks someone is trying to goose his butt (it’s the wind) and runs crazy into the house. Our 102 year old house stands proudly in the wind, fireplace burning, and nothing like radiators for heat and drying mittens and hats. Looking forward to church tomorrow, snacks, Vikings game, and lap time with my kitties and hubby and the new GAC channel. Hope everyone has a warm, safe, and merry Christmas.
    Robin Ciuffetti

  24. Malynda

    I’m in northeast Ohio I had to work today as the Domestic Violence Prosecutor crime takes on holiday ugh. The roads were bad but I’ve experienced worse. I dressed warm and kept feeding the birds and squirrels till dark blizzard warning ends tomorrow at 10 am

  25. Jody Irwin

    We are on our second day of 22 degree weather ,then y snow and rain. Then sleet.
    I’m sorry we are in Ridgefield Wa . Portland and Seattle airports have lots of cancellations.
    We don’t get this kind of weather very often.
    I can not imagine your weather Brrrr. !

  26. Cheryl

    In Little Rock it started snowing with 35 mph winds at 2 pm. The temp was 45. It’s a 40 min drive to our farm outside of LR. By the time we got home it was 33 degrees and still blowing snow. My husband, from the south, thought it was a blizzard! I’m from southern Minnesota, and I said times this by 50 and it might be a blizzard! By 3 am it was 4 degrees. We had pipes dropping, etc. lucky to have no power outage as some in town have had. Our son is a doctor about 15 miles north of us. His clinic had frozen pipes and a burned out water pump. Snow is minimal but pretty! Merry Christmas. Stay toasty!

  27. Patty

    It is very cold and windy. Storm started early yesterday morning and was -5 this morning. Finally got up to 7 degrees today. Sun was out all day and still windy. Glad I’m not going to the Chiefs game as it will be freezing. This is Missouri!

  28. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, glad you safe and warm and all your fur babies. Yesterday we had freezing rain all day. the temperature stayed between 30 & 31 degrees. Ice coated everything about 1/4 inch. I put out lots of bird seed before the storm. I would not go out during the storm as I fell 6 weeks ago taking the dog out at 3 am and injured my shoulder and arm. i went to bed at midnight. When I got up at 7 am the temp was 34 degrees and no ice anywhere. Some wind. by noon time we were 13 degrees and wind. I went out and fed the birds first thing in the morning. I had my first therapy session late this afternoon and by then the temp was 9 degrees. Here it is almost 9:30 pm and we are 4 degrees. we live between the Blue Ridge Mts and the Appalachian mts. Where we live is 25 miles between the 2 sets of mountains in the valley. We did not lose our power. Thank goodness. Merry Christmas and stay safe. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va


    Sue in East Tennessee. We are near the Blue Ridge trail. Bristol, our town, is half in Tennessee and half in Virginia. We had awful wind last night and snow in some areas. The mountains around us often temper the storms. Our main roads were fine early and we had sun all day. However, it never got above five on our thermometer. I82 seems to be ok.
    This is the most frightening wind I’ve ever experienced.
    We have lots of old trees near our house.

    We certainly aren’t experiencing what you are. I’m glad you are prepared to hunker down.

  30. Heidi

    Here in the Pacific Northwest it has been unusually cold for us, down to 8 degrees with strong Arctic wind bringing the wind chill below zero. We are by the British Columbia border. Problem here will be ground is frozen now and usually it isn’t. Direction of the wind is now from the South and the freezing snow and rain is now turning to rain. The snow will melt and turn to flooding because the water has no where to go with the ground frozen. It will be a mess. Has been no mail or package delivery for about a week. People here are not brave on the poorly cleared roads.

  31. Lynette in Orlando

    I’m in Orlando. Really cold for us here — was 45 when I came home from church at 7:30. The wind is brutal here as well. Should be about 30 in the morning. Hoping pipes don’t freeze — our houses aren’t built for temperatures such as these….. Have covered as many plants in the yard as I can so hopefully they will survive the freeze. Have put 2 extra quilts on the bed. I’ll know it’s really cold if I have the dog and the cat in bed with me….. LOL.

  32. Nancy

    I live in MN but am very happy we are wintering in Arizona. We were able to take a long bike ride today. It was about 65° Our quilt group here makes quilts for Arizona Quilts. Baby, youth and teen sizes. So far I’ve made 3 tops. Some are quilted and others are tied. It’s a very organized group.

  33. Vicki in Seattle

    Seattle’s ice storm has been compared to the ice storm of 2012. The steep ice covered streets have caused havoc today. The airport closed all the runways for part of the day, which is unprecedented. Lots of travelers will not get to their destinations on time. Driving is not recommended and walking has caused many trips to the ER’s because of falls.

    We are thankful that we don’t get the cold temps that many do and pray that you will stay warm and safe.

    I got to spend time in my sewing room and made a couple of batches of Carmel Corn. Remember the old recipe that you make the Carmel on the stove and pour it over the popped corn in a big brown paper bag? Stir and bake on cookie sheets in the oven. It is so good….I had to hide some so there would be a bit left for Christmas!

    Mary, thank you for the gift of the blog. Many of us have not met in person but share a bond of togetherness because of it. I wish you all a safe and warm “Merry Christmas and Happy 2023!”🌲🎁🌲

  34. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    It was minus 3 this AM in Newark, Ohio. Then it went to minus 4 and minus 5. It was so windy poor Buddy was scared and right with me all day. At least 50 mph winds all last night and gusts to 60 mph tiday. It is minus 4 now and still windy with minus 30 windchill. I am happy to see all pets and critters at your house are safe and warm. We have not lost power and do have a generator. We drive 1/2 mile about 3 minutes to our neighbors. Could not see out any of the windows to drive home🙀. I am sending you a text if my friend’s dog in her coat and booties. Tooo cute!

  35. Dee from Shell Rock

    I’m in Shell Rock, about an hour south of you. It’s still blowing like nobody’s business. I’ve got barn kitties and an old dog. We have a few drifts and everything is slick as ice. I have a ramp on the back of my house, and there’s a big hill of sand that goes parallel to the ramp and we are walking down the sand. The house is so chilly, the wind is so strong. I’ll be so glad when this is over.

  36. Henners

    Minus 3 with 19 mph making it feel like minus 25
    Here in Cottage Grove Mn. Yesterday was worse but when it is this cold it’s just a number. It’s just too cold.

  37. Tina W in Oregon

    Here in NE Oregon, we awoke to a couple more inches of snow and 9° With only a slight wind. Currently its 15° and we have a “wintry mix” of snow and rain. Tomorrow will be icy for sure. Friends took me to lunch today for my birthday and I stopped at the grocery store on the way home. What a madhouse! There were no eggs to be found! Glad I bought a dozen on Friday last week! It’s supposed to be above freezing by tomorrow afternoon and into Christmas Day. Looking forward to easier travel around the area.
    Stay safe everyone. I’m praying the power stays on for you all.
    Merry Christmas 🎄

  38. Sherry Whalen

    We in Kasson MN are approximately the same as North Iowa, but we live in town of course so I think the effects aren’t quite the same as out in the open country. I don’t think I’ve been outside for 3 days, but my excuse is that I slipped on the ice 8 days ago – and landed like I was going over a hurdle…hyper extended my knee and over stretched my hamstring – oh boy is the back of my leg black and blue! I am healing, and for now walking slowly on the treadmill. I told Al it will probably be a while before I am back up to speed – literally! We have been walking 2 miles daily (and I mean every day) for years at a 4mph pace and my current slow pace isn’t going to be fun in these temps, not to mention all of that scary ice outside!! Winter started before mid November, and hasn’t really taken a break, so even though winter only started on Wednesday – it has been a long winter already!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherry – oh no!!! You won’t be doing much power walking for a little while – I hope you don’t try it on the snow and ice. It’s very bad in the country but it sure can’t be a picnic in town either. I’m not sure we can get dug out in time for me to get to church tomorrow night. I am worried about it since I’m the pianist for the whole service!!

      1. patti leal

        mary, it is highly possible that if there is no break in the weather, law enforcement will demand that there be no traffic on the roads. if the storm is supposed to be over by mid next week, i would think that the church service could be postponed until the next weekend. maybe you could initiate a conversation with your pastor? They probably have a prayer chain or something that could contact all the church members. here in central florida we are still waiting for the worst of it. should hit tomorrow nite. it’s cold but not the bad stuff yet. will post when we get that part. merry christmas to all of you. patti in florida

      2. Janet S

        Mary, For sure you won’t be the only one not attending. Just remember being safe is more important than attending – everyone will understand.

  39. Donna Sproston

    Reading some of these comments makes me feel very lucky. In spite of the dire forecasts for the Madison, Wisconsin area, we got off easy. It is very cold with low wind chills, but the winds have seldom surpassed 20 mph and the snow was just a few inches. Today the sun was shining. Our daughter arrived safely from Oregon on Tuesday. Seeing the number of cancelled flights, accidents, and power outages is particularly sad at Christmas. Thank you, Mary, for this community.

  40. Moe in NE Illinois

    Hi Mary, I’m northeast of Chicago. The wind started yesterday and temps dropped about 45 degrees. It snowed a few inches but it’s light snow so it’s been blowing which makes it seem like it’s snowing but it’s not. I have a new front door, well new isn’t always better. Snow and wind have been coming under the door even tho it looks tight and I have two “Draft Dodgers” at bottom so I threw an old clunker (heavy) quilt on the floor inside which helped. I went out to shovel our deck and feed the birds this afternoon when it warmed up to Minus 3f. Wore my snowmobile suit and boots to stay warm. I think my nose froze! Squirrels are not out but the birds are. Hubby and I have no where to go and plan to hunker down till this storm literally blows away. I cannot recall a December storm this cold or ferocious!

  41. Gayle in Tennessee

    In Nashville Tn we woke to zero degrees with a wind chill of -20 but just one inch of snow. We are not used to cold like this. Only had to be outside long enough to feed the outside cats. They have good shelter. Warming up tomorrow to 25 degrees. We are thankful and blessed.
    Take care and Merry Christmas to all.

  42. Marilyn Miller

    Prayers that your conditions improve quickly. We have negative single digits, wind chill /feels like temperatures of 35 below. The sustained winds. Just horrid. Not fit for man nor beast. We feel so guilty when we have to take our 13 1/2 year old cockapoos out to potty. This weather stays with us through Sunday. Forecast tells of mid 50 degree temps on Thursday. We’re in west central Illinois right on the Mississippi.

  43. Linda Lewis

    We were 10 below last night and at least 25mph winds. My dog doesn’t understand why we can’t do our usual walks. I have so many leaks in my house! I’m looking forward to warmer weather

  44. Linda

    I live in central Alabama. It’s 16 degrees not much wind. We take the dog out to potty and she stays inside with us. I feel bad for the folks that have it worse. Stay inside and be safe!

  45. Cindy from NOVA

    Very cold and windy here in the DC metro area, but no snow. staying in to avoid the frigid temps. Take care!

  46. Mary H

    Still blowing a gale in NE iowa here. We live on a state highway and there is no traffic.
    Stay safe and warm, Mary. I hate to think of you trudging to the barn. Where do you buy birdseed? It’s really gone up in price.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – I buy birdseed at the farm stores but it has gotten very expensive, hasn’t it? I can’t just stop feeding them however so I do feed corn/oats from the barn, too. The squirrels are going to bankrupt me!

  47. Judy Gnade

    Hi Mary, I’m in Fallston MD. We started the day at 53 degrees; it’s 6 now ( wind chill is -12) and heading lower. Pouring rain and a short run of snow and hail this afternoon. The wind has been raging. Power outages in the county may take several days to repair. We’re grateful to have lights and heat! It’s truly amazing to see the trees as the wind whips through them. They have such flexibility to withstand quite a beating. I hope it moves on from your region soon!

  48. Cathy

    SE Alabama. We are going to have a high of only 32 tomorrow. I plugged in my heated birdbath that I kept when I moved here from Kansas.

  49. Diane in Colorado

    Your barn always looks so warm and snug!!
    Has the rat issue been resolved—you haven’t mentioned it lately.
    We have been lucky here. While there have been power outages all around us, we have been safe and warm. It is currently 2 degrees and we are expecting 50 degrees within the next 2-3 days. We got about 6” of snow which wasn’t predicted. Shoveling was challenging in the bitter cold.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I believe the rat problem has been solved – between Hazel and Orkin – although I think Orkin failed me miserably. It was mostly Hazel – we are at rat #70 since last February. Yay!!!

  50. Neena in Oregon

    Here in Portland Or it is 26 as I write this and several layers of ice and snow cover everything….but total probably isn’t even 1″. The two dogs have no problem outside…but they do make it brief. I am playing it safe and not venturing on the patio- as it is so slippery. But great sewing weather. Merry Christmas!

  51. Karen Juergens

    I live in Portland Oregon. We got a lot of freezing rain last night. The whole city became a skating rink!
    The officials closed 2 major freeways and all flights out of Portland international airport were cancelled.
    Luckily we did not lose power. The temperatures have been the coldest I have seen in my 40 years in oregon!
    Thanks Mary, for continuing to inspire us with your quilts and animals!

  52. Bonnie McKee

    We are defrosting in western Oregon after an icy day of freezing rain. Portland even had to close its airport.
    I’m trying to finish baking ginger cake for Christmas Day and hope to deliver a few gifts tomorrow, providing the ice on the roads has melted sufficiently.
    Merry Christmas to all……🎄🤗


  53. Sheila in WI

    I guess it will be too cold to do your annual Christmas Eve in the barn. One of my favorites, but totally understand if it doesn’t happen this year.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Oh bless your sweet heart Mary as I feel just like Sheila that if it’s too risky please don’t go out there for us. I don’t want you falling down on ice so please be safe.

  54. momboj

    We are on North Padre island. Our low last night was 25 and it lasted about ten hours so we are concerned about all the flowers and even the palm trees. Tonight we expect a low of 30 and temperatures should improve from then but this will be a cold Christmas. A year ago we were walking on the beach.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      momboj – I loved my visit to Padre Island when my parents lived in Edinburgh for the winters.

  55. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    -2 degrees here in Blanchester, Oh. I was thankful to be off today so didn’t have to go out in this weather but will be working Christmas Day. Lacy (my dog) got right down to business when I took her out today. I stood in the doorway, bundled up of course, to make sure she was safe. Enjoying all the weather reports from others. It’s going to be quite the warm up next Friday (57 degrees) can’t wait! Love your barn pics Mary!

  56. Kathy in western NY

    My daughters have power back on now tonight but many areas are still without power. Warming shelters (schools, rec centers ) have opened so many hands and organizations make this all work even during holidays. Many counties have no driving bans and airports have cancelled flights. People just have to stay put till this high wind and chill passes which could be another day. We won’t get the snow like Buffalo ( an hour away from me) will get coming off Lake Erie, which I feel so bad for all of them after just having that whopper of a storm. We had relatives coming here tomorrow night from Buffalo area but that’s been cancelled. No one has to be out in this except first responders.

  57. Lori Porter

    Merry Christmas to you all
    from South Central Montana.
    We have had severe cold & windy weather
    -44 was low & -19 high in Thursday. Today, Friday -36 low -5 high. Happy we didn’t have to go anywhere.
    Our dogs are not happy about this cold
    Weather!! We have a mess on back porch deck because they didn’t want to go out in the in the yard.
    This winter is one for the record books!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lori Porter – I am at my wits end trying to find a place for Hazel to pee and poop – honestly I’m getting worried about her and I can’t just let her out the door in this storm – she would die! I envy you the porch problem at this point. Ugh.

      1. Janet S

        Mary, A dog we had would NEVER tolerate any kind of jacket but when it was brutal, I grabbed a piece of poly fleece, slit a hole for his head, cut it around his front legs, wrapped it around his belly and over his back, and put a big pin in it. He didn’t mind a bit and finally waited for me to put it on. As he aged, he really needed something warm.

  58. Lynne from NJ

    Here in New Jersey it was 52° and raining this morning, now it’s 3°. No white Christmas for us this year. Take care everyone and Merry Christmas.

  59. Jan Reliford

    Hi Mary, my goodness it has been bone chilling cold here on the Palmer Divide in Colorado. I’m at 8500ft and get all the weather from Pikes Peak and from Denver so there is always something going on up here! My Artic Blast started Wednesday afternoon where the temp dropped 30 degrees in 2 hours. By 9pm it was -10 and by 11 it was -19 with a wind chill of -38mph. During the night it got down to -23. It wasn’t this cold during the Cyclone Bomb Blizzard of March 2019! That was a true Blizzard with zero visability and no power for 48hrs. But temps were only single digit. I woke up to 5″ of snow yesterday morning and the high for the day was -12. The wind chill was only -20! I see a heat wave in the future! Yep…and so it came…another night last night of -15 temps but today was cloudy with spurts of sun and a high of -3! Woohoo! Tomorrow were getting up to 8 on the plus side and then for Christmas day 42 degrees. Everything is beautiful and white and there’s a magic in the air. This Artic Blast was quite an experience…one for the record books. I hope others who were in its path faired well and kept safe.
    Merry Christmas and keep warm everyone.

  60. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l would like to invite you all to my place for bar be que on Christmas day, bring your own steak and potato salad! It’s sunny in New Zealand, l even had the fan on this afternoon! Take care everyone, keep warm pleae3, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – you are too funny! It’s just so fun for me to keep in touch with you on the other side of the world – our winter being your summer! Enjoy that Christmas barbecue. And hug Stella and Luna! They’ll be there, won’t they?

  61. Jill Klop

    It’s so cold in southern Texas! No snow or ice, thank goodness. It got down to 11 degrees this morning and the wind chill was -3. Our high did make it to 32 for a little bit. Back down to 15 tonight. So far we have kept power, but some have rolling blackouts. They are calling this a 10 year storm, but we had it just 2 years ago!

  62. Bobbie

    Seattle has had freezing rain and temps in the teens and twenties. Everting was coated in ice today. Rain came in late today but it will take hours for the icy roads to clear. A good day to stay home.

  63. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    12/23, 10:00P. 30 minutes west of Peoria IL, it is zero with 19 mph winds. I still had some shopping to do, but we have stayed in the last two days. Herb brought in the trash container this afternoon and cleared a little snow in front. He was only out a few minutes, as the wind made it too uncomfortable.
    We are grateful for our warm little house, where we have not lost power.
    Stay warm and safe, 🥰

  64. Kris in WI

    We escaped the worst of what had been predicted for SC WI. No power outages in my area and no ice…so far.
    The wind is still in the mid 25-30mph range with windchills in the mid -30*s. Temps are currently rising. Oh! -4*F. A heat wave. I have no idea what the winds were yesterday. The anemometer at the airport didn’t register anything from 8am yesterday to 6pm today and it went offline again just now.
    I had frost on the inside of my kitchen exhaust hood this morning. It gets the wind from the west and it was COLD out there. That was a first. Rain next week and in the 40’s…go figure.
    Everybody use your horse sense (as my Dad would say) and stay safe. Looking forward to Christmas Eve (or New Year’s Eve?) in the barn. Christmas blessings to all. Kris

  65. Jo in Wyoming

    We broke a few low temp records. I think we got into the single digits above 0 today. The wind has calmed down a lot.
    Your barn looks warm and the critters look happy.
    This is brutal, but nothing like a hurricane or tornado.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  66. DebMac

    Quad Cities, Illinois side. Bitter cold (-7) and windy. Things are freezing in the garage. We have maybe an inch on the ground but weather report said we had 4.5″. Guess it’s on it’s way to Indiana. Little frost on the inside of windows. I had to sleep with socks on last night. Hubby and I went grocery shopping this morning and then picked up the grandson for a sleepover as Mommy has been sick (not Covid) and has to work a long shift tomorrow. Fun afternoon with him and he is tucked up in bed with the little throw I received today from my sister. He claimed the nutcracker one she gave me earlier and thinks he is taking this one also. Just finished the last batch of cookies and only have some Oreo balls to dip tomorrow. THE PRESENTS ARE ALL WRAPPED! This is the first time in years we aren’t wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. Play day tomorrow with the grandson until Daddy picks him up. Our son will be over for potato soup. Both our children are local so they will come for brunch on Christmas morning and stay for an early supper. This granny will wave them goodby and put her feet up and cross stitch. I did finish the grandson’s rocket ship quilt at 1am on the 22nd so will send a photo along. Merry Christmas to all.

  67. Debbie Miller

    It has been extremely windy here in upstate SC-woke up at 3:30 this morning when the trash cans were blown into my car right outside my bedroom window! Low teens all day and dropping down to single digits over the night, No rain or snow. Several power outages during the day but thankfully didn’t last long as we only have an electric heat pump for heat.

  68. B Campbell

    Reporting from Anchorage, AK….. We’ve warmed up to about zero. We don’t have wind but it’s 60 mph North of us in Palmer. We have had almost 4 feet of snow in the past couple of weeks and the road are lousy. Most are one lane each way. Thinking of you all and hoping your electricity stays on and you are toasty.

  69. Kristine

    We’re in Austin, MN – only an hour and fifteen minutes northeast of your area.
    We have been watching the snow blow down the street – listening to the wind blow is non-stop and it just never quits so you can enjoy the sound of winter silence. We went out earlier today to shovel off the sidewalks and driveway – it was the third go round. We made cookies today and finished wrapping Christmas gifts. If grateful that our power has stayed on and we had each other to spend time with. Thinking of all the people who have had to change their travel plans – may they all be safe as they venture out. Be kind to one another and have patience for the plow drivers – they’re doing the best they can given the circumstances.

  70. P Blank

    I’m sorry for those of you battling this crazy storm. I live in Pensacola FL and we have the bottom tail of the storm. It didn’t get over 26 today, IN FLORIDA. No snow or ice so there is that. Mary, thank you for keeping us in the loop with you and your farm. Glad the animals are okay.

  71. Ann in Virginia

    Pipes are frozen here at farm. We have been w/o power for over 18 hrs. It just came on at 2AM & I thank God for those lineworkers out in this brutal cold. Merry Christmas all!! Thankful for power.

  72. Katie in Gilbert,Az.

    I live In Gilbert, Az. We’re Blessed none of that white stuff, it has been a bit cold here in the 🌵 desert, covering my 🪴 plants, so they don’t freeze, our trees have lost most the 🍁 leaves, expecting rain this coming week..
    Your pets are blessed to have a nice barn to keep them protected, I know how much you ❤️them,
    Please be safe …..Merry Christmas 🎄

  73. Christina dickerhoof

    -4 yesterday and windy. Several inches of snow and all
    continuing today. Wind chills are estimated -30. Stow Oh

  74. Maryann in WNY

    I’m in New York, just a bit east of Buffalo, and in day 2 of this Blizzard. Not sure if it’s been named yet. Most of the business are closed, including grocery stores. I’ve been lucky and have been off work since Tuesday. The rain wet down everything then the snow came and stuck to windows and screens so it’s like living in a cave. No wind now at 6am EST. And it’s cold. 3 with a wind chill of -21. I’ll be glad when this winter is over.

  75. LaNan

    Our weather in northwest iowa is very similar to yours. We have 2 month old twin grandsons visiting us with their momma and sister. Daddy hopes to get here today as is our son and family (his wife grew up in Garner) driving from ft. Worth. They went as far as Topeka last night so hopefully the roads will be plowed later today for them to get here. Our daughter and family drove from Austin Texas straight through on Wednesday and experienced many weather patterns but got here safely before the brunt of the storm. Quite the Christmas weather. Oh and our bernadoodle does not want to go outside!!! I’m supposed to play for church tonight so thinking we will have it as long as the wind calms down. Making soup for our family tonight for after church and our son and family that live ten miles away are bringing fresh lobster rolls IF they get delivered!!! Merry Christmas.

  76. Barbara Yarnell

    In Southeast Missouri: about 2″ of icy, drifting snow. The high yesterday was 8, low was -8. So cold that the diesel in our supplemental heater got too thick to power the motor and it shut off!

  77. Pat Smith

    After raining all day yesterday and us without power for 8 hours, it started to snow and we got a nice frosting covering the awful mess left behind by the rain. The snow coated the trees etc. and now it is just beautiful. Not as cold as some of you with the below 0 temps, but still cold at 9 degrees. The wind seems to have stopped. We are home to stay, our girls are both here and all that’s left is the cooking which we’ll all do together. Things are headed in the right direction.
    Pat in Stowe, Vermont

  78. RuthW in MD

    Here in Maryland along the 95 corridor, I am wearing my pjs, my sweat pants and top, two pr socks and my slippers, plus my winter jacket sitting at my computer. The outside temp is 6 degrees, up from 5 degrees an hour ago. We have a heat pump (useless below 32 degrees), and it is 59 degrees INSIDE our home. I have an oil filled radiator going but it just isn’t enough. The sun is coming up now at 8am, so hopefully that will warm us up. It’s been a long night for my son and his family without power since yesterday about noon. He’s only 12 minutes drive away. We loaned them two kerosene heaters, and two loaves of fresh baked bread. I hope they are ok. Take care everyone!!

  79. Pattie from PA and now Texas

    Took me 6 days to drive to Austin, Tx from central PA but I arrived early Thursday afternoon to stay overnight at a local brewery. The wind was brutal but my dogs didn’t care and enjoyed a rousing game of ball until I couldn’t take the cold any longer. I took precautions adding RV antifreeze to my holding tanks and pouring some down my sink drains. In spite of that my water stopped working and I don’t know what has been compromised yet.
    Moved into the campground yesterday morning. No water here either, hoping by tomorrow. Then maybe I can see what damage may have been done to my RV water system. Praying that the rest of my winter in the southwest will be less stressful. At least I know I will be able to attend Christmas Eve services later today.

  80. Paula in Kansas

    I’m late to the party, but here in south-central Kansas we had 8,000 without power on Thursday. By Friday most were back with power. We never lost power as we don’t use Evergy for power; our power comes from our little electric co-op. This morning it’s 5 degrees and supposed to get into the 20’s. A heat wave!

  81. Jan kallestad

    Hi……. I live in Minot ND…….it is -13 this morning but only slight wind……. It has been very cold for over a week …….has been snowing off and on……. Piles of snow …… has been -30 to -50 wind chills for at least 5 days……….drifting was horrible so many roads were closed ………we are hopeful that we will be in the 20’s by Sunday…….trucks have been having a very hard time delivering produce and grocery staples……. Our Walmart has had many empty shelves………people take this all in stride and we all seem to deal with it …….. I am a sewer and quilter and have many projects to work on……….and I have plenty of food ……… I am very great full I have a warm condo to live in ………MERRY CHRISTMAS ☺️😊😊

  82. Katherine Gourley

    I am in NE Illinois (11 miles west of Lake Michigan and 4 miles south of Wisconsin) We are at -4 F. The snow stopped and the wind has calmed. It is a winter sky with sun peeking through. Furnace is set at 66 F and the house is toasty warm at 68 F. Our house holds heat very well, so I am glad for that. If I am a bit cool at times, I just put on a sweater or sweatshirt. My sewing room is a finished area in our basement and I have a space heater when I need it. I set it to go for 1 hour on high and then it is plenty warm to sew.

    We only have one dog anymore and my husband snowblows a path in our back yard for him. He quickly does his business and comes right in. It is funny to watch him not waste time. He does love snow, but not in the bitter cold.

    I will watch the life of Jesus today and reflect on the reason for the season. I am immune compromised and cannot go to church when it is crowded and have become content to worship in other ways now.

  83. Susan

    It’s 6 degrees F here in Grand Rapids, MI with snow still falling and the winds still blowing. Yesterday we received a foot of snow. Wind chill is below zero. High temp today is supposed to be 18 degrees F. The weather service has extended the blizzard warning until midnight tonight. My husband is trying to keep the driveway cleared in case of an emergency. He can only be out there about 15 minutes at a time. We are thankful we have food, heat and electricity.

  84. Vickie

    Well, Mary here in East Texas (Texarkana, TX/AR) we are suffering with the weather as well. Although we do not have the snow or freezing rain that came a few years ago we are dealing with frigid temps for our area. While December temps are usually in the 50/60’s (now 9 degrees) we are struggling to keep water pipes flowing freely, animals and pets safe and warm just like everyone else. Our areas main concern is the homeless and destitute who have no place to go to get warm and stay warm. Many temporary shelters have opened to offer hot food and warm sleeping arrangements many homeless people don’t feel like the can truste anyone. Our prayers go out to them. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  85. Jan Hebert

    We were lucky to have gotten through the wind and cold with no problems. No snow or ice. The hardest part has been keeping the chicken’s water from freezing. I always worry about them, but they seem happy enough. Their feed has gotten more expensive along with the feed for the wild birds. But we love watching them out there. Don’t you wonder how they survive these temperatures? Gosh, I hope Hazel can pee and poop soon! Merry Christmas everyone ❤️ Don’t go out if you don’t have to. Stay safe. Jan in MA

  86. Cyndy Frey

    Northern CA is having fog, which is really unusual. Currently is 46 at 7:30 Christmas Eve. Rain is expected next week. Can hardly wait for lakes to fill up again! I am looking forward to my most favorite Christmas Eve event! Christmas Eve in the barn. I cannot tell you how many times I watch the video!

  87. Cheryl

    I came to Akron, oh fromMinnesota for the holiday. They don’t have a ton of snow but the wind is ferocious. My friends in Minnesota have been snowed in since Tuesday since they have 6-7 inches of snow and a 40 mile an hour wind. It’s nice to not have to go anywhere today.

  88. Carla

    What a long line of comments! I’m about 2-3 miles as the crow flies from Lake Michigan. Snow is crazy. Wind is extra crazy. No power issues here, but I don’t worry about that because we heat with wood. My Dutch oven has been on the stove top cooking meals for us. The bad thing for me is my dad has recently and suddenly been put on hospice. The first place we tried placing him was a nightmare, so we were thankful when he had to go to the hospital. I am desperately seeking the best solution as I also need to watch my grands and my mom can’t live alone so she’s been here. The storm hasn’t been letting us go to the hospital to see him since the first night he was there and it’s breaking my heart. So this blizzard has just been one more hurdle in a life that has been full of hurdles for the past 4 weeks. Stay safe everyone.

  89. Rosalie

    My farm is in the Hill Country in Texas (west of Austin) and it was 10 degrees yesterday morning- had a pipe break yesterday and of course the livestock water was frozen and we had to chop ice – I left yesterday so the son and grandson and wives are handling it while I travelled north to spend Christmas with son and younger grandchildren.
    It will get above freezing today and maybe more pipes will need repairs at the farm. Chickens have their heater and feral cats have heating pads. And the indoor cats spend the day and night on the electric blanket on the bed!

  90. Pam in NC

    Mary, I’ve been thinking and praying for all affected by the storm especially my family and friends in Iowa! Here in NC, it got down to 0 last night! That is WAY cold for here! But it’s bright and sunny which seems to make the cold worse. The heat pumps (two) we have here can’t keep up and the house can’t get warmer than 67 degrees which is a whole lot better than no power. That’s why you don’t find many heat pump installations in the Midwest! HA! Be careful, stay safe and try to stay warm!

  91. Linda

    It is horrible here in Saginaw Michigan just like almost everywhere in the northeast. Yesterday morning when I went to the barn it was so cold and the winds were so strong it was brutal. It’s warmer today, 14 but feels like -2 and the winds are still howling but not quite like the freight train sounds of yesterday. My Aussie Sammie can’t figure out why her deer aren’t around for her to bark at and chase and she’s not staying out as long to see what other critters are about. My horse was whining last evening because he wanted outside but he and the mini donkeys are in the barn again today. My rooster Sherman only has a heat lamp he perches in front of so I decided to make him a tent like area at his perch to keep heat in, using a silver tarp. He was so scared of it he flew over to the donkeys’ stall and apparently just stayed on the floor of the barn all night! I had tossed a bunch of hay on the floor below his lamp but I don’t know if he used that at all.

    I keep expecting to find trees or large branches blocking the driveway. We have some very old oaks and sassafras trees, that aren’t the strongest of trees, flanking the driveway and high winds can toss them over easily. So far only a bunch of small branches are buried in the snow on the driveway.

    I hope everyone is warm and safe and stays that way! Yesterday morning made me shockingly aware of how people can die in frigid snowy conditions.

  92. Marian in SE MN

    Mary, your pictures tell the whole story of the Blizzard of ’22. It has been awful and still is. I love your barn photos as the animals are cozy and happy. I bet you hug the goatls when you are out there. They are so happy to see you. My house is nice and snugly warm with a gas fireplace in the living room. But, I went out to get the mail with everything I own on! with the front door almost blown shut from the blizzard. I squeezed myself out and then had to shovel very heavy snow.
    Blessings at Christmas to you and your hubby! I live for your blog almost every day. Be well and be happy with the pups and kits in the house.

  93. Linda in Michigan

    We live between Grand Rapids and Lake Michigan. It is 16 degrees, still very windy, and the lake effect snow is still coming down. Hubby just tried to go out the back slider and says the snow is waist deep! Needless to say, we’re not going anywhere for a few days. Weather man says it will be in the forties in about a week.

  94. Pat Novotny

    We are in Medina, Ohio. Not much snow just winds. I have not slept. I keep going to check on my girls. 3 chickens. They seem to be doing OK.
    The Browns are playing football!

  95. Beryl BC

    It’s a balmy 8 above zero near Dayton OH midday today. The wind has mostly quit, so I was able to get out and shovel. As i was finishing, the plow came down our street. I will bundle up and head for Christmas Eve service late afternoon.

  96. Janice Brown

    Good day Mary, I live north of Traverse City MI. We are still under a blizzard warning, that started from Thursday evening and goes through 7 PM tonight. The snow started Thursday evening and it snowed all day yesterday. My husband cleared the driveway yesterday evening, and he said that we had about 16” of snow. We are very lucky our temps haven’t been as cold as others . . . yesterday’s high was +20 degrees and overnight was +14. Not much new snow today, but very strong and gusty winds blowing the existing stuff around. . . . what you call a ground blizzard. We are predicted to have a warm up next weekend, with highs around 40 degrees and rain. Stay safe and warm everyone.

  97. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    We had several days of snow with below zero temps and severe wind chills. More snow overnight so I was out shoveling this morning. It is up to 23 right now but we are alternating between freezing rain and snow. My husband was out this morning and he said the roads are slick and the parking lots are jam packed with last minute shoppers. We have not had power issues and when we hear the dogs go out the doggy door, they do not stay out for long.
    Your barn photos are so beautiful. Your animals are well loved.
    Today I finish gift wrapping and am starting food prep
    for tomorrow. So much work, but I honestly love to do a big meal. Ham, scalloped potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn pudding, green bean casserole, fresh baked rolls, a veggie tray, snack trays, cookies, and a chocolate caramel trifle for dessert. (Well, that was off the weather topic!)
    Merry Christmas to all. Mary, thank you for providing a platform for community and sharing. Stay safe.

  98. Linda

    Piney woods of East Texas has had several days below freezing, but not any snow or ice. Next week we wybe in the upper 60°.
    I have taken deer sacks & made Christmas bags for presents & I would like to send a picture, but forgot how.
    Y’all stay warm & safe
    Hugs Linda

  99. Carolyn in GA

    Mery Christmas to all of the posters on your blog, and especially to you Mary as well as thanks for your blog, do enjoy reading same. It is cold here in north central GA, people in the south are not used to the cold but at least, no ice or snow. May all things be merry and bright for all in the coming New Year.

  100. Donna Giddens

    I’m hunkered down in st Joseph mo with covid.
    Sun is out. Very cold. We were at the start of the blizzard but mostly just blowing. No accumulation. Now just cold
    No snow like you Mary. Hope our power holds.
    Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe and warm.

  101. Jane Boyer

    We live at the outskirts of town so we don’t get full effect of the wind. Drove to the post office yesterday to mail a package. Closed. Drove downtown this AM to attend a meeting. I was the only one there. The mail didn’t come yesterday. It didn’t come today. Tomorrow is Sunday. And Monday is considered a holiday. So I can get multiple newspapers on Tuesday. Roads in and out of town have been closed. The sun was shining today and it wasn’t as cold so there is hope. Birds are busy at the feeder. Dogs go out but want right back in after they have done their business. Life in Windom, MN.

  102. Judy Gnade

    Merry Christmas! I hope the storm has lessened in your area. We have ice and cold for the next few days and then the temperature will rise! Here’s hoping you will soon have warmer weather too.

  103. Debra Reber

    I live on a small farm in KY. We only got about 2 inches of snow, but had horrendous wind & cold temperatures. We don’t have any heat in our barn, & I was worried about our barn cats, especially one that is very old. The cats do have lots of places with hay in the barn where they can stay warm. When I went to check on the barn cats the morning after the storm, it was -7 degrees, with a wind chill factor making it feel like about -20. Thankfully, the barn cats were all fine. Hope you & your family, and all your animals stay safe & warm!

  104. Lee Bowers

    Merry Christmas, Mary
    I chose to visit my daughter and family in Az for Christmas…weather has been great. Lol
    But tomorrow I head back to North Carolina and my cat, Buttons. And the cold weather…after all it is winter.

    Have a blessed New Year 2023…all you Country Threads groupies.

  105. Kathy G from Oak Creek, WI

    In the Milwaukee area we had 2 inches of snow with blowing winds and temperatures that never got above zero. The wind chill is in the minus twenties. The power company is asking everyone to turn their thermostats down to 68 during the day and 62 at night because of the drain on their system. I never heard of anything like that before in my life.

  106. Cheryl Saunderson

    We got hit pretty hard in Niagara Falls too. Everything closed down Friday afternoon. Total white out conditions, driving bans, no plows until this afternoon. I had all my groceries thank goodness but now, the worst, I tested positive for covid so our Christmas and daughter’s Christmas Eve birthday are postponed until who knows when. We never lost power so that was good, but the drifts were so high! Poor hubby was out for hours snowblowing. They are saying it is worse than our horrible blizzard if 1977 but I don’t think so. But we are all safe unlike some. Symptoms are just like a head cold so not too bad. The vaccine sure helps! A Christmas to remember! We’ll laugh one day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl – oh, Covid – another negative blow for our Christmas weekend!

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