Blizzard Warning!

It’s not here yet but it’s coming and all of North Iowa and Southern Minnesota is closed. Rick got home so at least I don’t have to move snow! I have really been under the weather with bronchitis for a week now but after getting drugs, I am better. So much better that I’m bored – so bored I’m making 9 patch blocks just to sew something. Really hurts to cough and I’m already exhausted and ready for a nap. Ha!
Since we’re closed today, Mandy is not here to post the Farm News. With another day closed due to weather, we are falling more behind and I hate that but what can we do? The girls are working as fast as they can to get your orders out to you but winter keeps getting in our way. That goes for machine quilting, too.
As soon as I feel up to it, I will finish the Goat Sampler and start writing the pattern. I’m thrilled that so many of you like it and encouraged to start designing more new patterns. It was really quite fun when I got into it.
I have the new Downton Abby DVDs that can entertain me this afternoon and those little 9 patch blocks to finish.
What are you doing on this snow day?

16 thoughts on “Blizzard Warning!

  1. Diana

    Stay warm, get well. I will be anxiously awaiting the kit for the goat pattern. Hope you are making a list for those of us who want it.


    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I will announce the goat sampler pattern and kit when it’s available. It will be up to you to go online and order it if you want it. I am several weeks away from finishing.

  2. Dee W

    The granddaughter is here, her school is closed, but we are seaming the backing for her sister’s graduation quilt. We haven’t gotten our choices made beyond that. Oh we will probably figure out how much fabric we need to make a Graduation Gown for her American Girl doll!

  3. mary jane

    We too are waiting, here in Western WI, for the big storm. We had some rain, now nothing, but wait…I dragged out some unfinished projects and have a bunch of sorting to do, the weather cooperates but my ambition is another thing..Yes, I know, in few months it will be better…Spring

  4. Terry@Quilt Crazie

    In Illinois, it is pouring. We had thunderstorms overnight and now its raining hard again. Its too much on top of all the snow we have. Worried about flooding. I finished my 20″ block for January yesterday. Will finish cutting February blocks today. Thanks for your Block of the Months in 2013 and 2014. I am enjoying using up scraps.

  5. helen freese

    I feel for you. I was in the hospital just before Christmas, came home and in 2 days came down with a bronchial infection. I coughed and coughed–finally went to see the dr., she swabbed my nose and inside my cheeks and ended up giving me an anti-biotic. It helped–took me a month before I felt better. The dryness in the house doesn’t help any. Hope you are better real soon. Take care.

  6. Launa

    We’re in severe drought here in Tulare and the entire valley. Hesitant to say we were 71 sunny degrees yest’dy and it looks the same today. Take care so you have a speedy recovery. Going to be working on an old Harvey pattern soon.

  7. Ginny

    Due to the weather the Ames Convention Bureau’s information building where I work is closed this afternoon so I am staying home with my cat and dog watching the snow fall. While this will affect my budget this month, having an auto accident would be a lot worse. Scrabble on my computer, environmental, animal actions to take, (each click can make a difference) and always quilt ideas to be found.

  8. Ann Barlament

    I’m west of the Twin Cities and the snow began falling at 9AM – still warm enough that it’s melting on contact, but that will quickly change.

    I started some 9-patch blocks and altered the sash around them. It’s my alternate block for a Dragon kids quilt. When completed, I will insert it into the Dragon pillow case.

    I have a stack of 40+ kids quilts which I will be donating to the Children’s Hospital – Cancer ward. The more it snows, the more quilts that will accumulate!

  9. Pat

    I just finished a postage stamp 9 patch quilt top. It is large enough to cover a reg or queen size bed. Lots of cutting and sewing but a very good way to empty your scrap bag.

  10. Polly

    I loved doing the door banners and the Life in the Country book things. Hope to see some of that come back … like the goat sampler

  11. anita fetzer

    I had that nasty stuff in Jan and I’m still coughing and am tired. Haven’t had bronchitis in years but sure got the best of me this time. Take it easy and good luck with the snow. Ohio doesn’t want anymore!!

  12. Susan Henderson

    I just started a basket quilt with Downton Abby Fabric, can’t wait to Finnish it

  13. Billie

    Every Thursday, I look forward to a watercolor class, but at 8:00 am today, I turned around at the end of my block, it was sleeting. We have at least 3 ft. Of snow already with more accumulating tonight. Spent the
    day sewing and finished my NO. 1 and NO. 10 of the UFO list for
    2014. Also finished my Jan. & Feb. BOM, so put me in the drawing!
    I’m using Reproduction Civil War fabrics by Barbara Brackman. My next UFO will be from pinks and chocolate reproduction fabrics from
    the 1800s. I’ve been wanting to do those for ages. Batiks are my other passion— but I’ve never seen a quilt I don’t like!! Get Well soon!


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