This is the view this afternoon – 5 minutes later I couldn’t even see the shape of the barn! Libby and Tasha will stay tonight until visibility improves and their owners can get here. Stay safe, everybody!

7 thoughts on “Blizzard!

  1. Stephanie

    Wow!!!! Hope all is well with ya’ll. Stay safe and warm. Always enjoy reading your daily journal…….

  2. brenda a

    The sun’s out here in AZ but I can feel your cold. Had enough of that in my past life! Love the silhouette of the barn and will use it in a cow quilt I’m designing. It’s perfect! Stay warm and stay inside. What a wonderful excuse to sew.

  3. Lisa Kogan

    We are hunkered in here in Stacy, MN, with what looks like similar weather to yours in Iowa! Thanks to Sergey for working on our car heat today, despite these conditions. My car should be warm on my commute to work. Irish is snuggling with me wrapped in quilts on the couch. Love the pix Mary!

  4. Dee W

    Same here, the dog wants to go out, but I’m dragging my feet. Hoping for a lull in the wind, but not looking good. We have big windows in our living room, the snow is sticking to them! Sounds like a freight train out there. Stay safe.

  5. Mary Evans

    Oh my, that does look like quilting weather! I should say, ‘stay home and quilt’ weather. Holey moley! Be well, pray for the electricity to remain on and hug all those doggies and kitties. Do you have to tie a rope to your door and to the shop door to find your way around? LOL!
    Mary, out here in 40 and 50 degree and sunny Portland, OR.

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