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The little rug runner I just finished actually started out as a stair tread.  This  size rug frame was never sold in our shop and I would say you would need to make this yourself or find a carpenter to make it for you.

The instructions to make all rug frames can be found in this book.  The book and DVD are $20.  You can buy the DVD only for $8.  I would not recommend using one without the other – the book and DVD work together.  Price includes shipping.  Send your check to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438

Here are three more finished projects.

A rug and split Squares couch quilt from Ursula Yeo.  Very nice!

And a split square from Anne Thate who says she used straight line quilting.

I had some questions about matchstick quilting that I said I practiced on this project.

Here is a close up picture.  This is much harder than it looks!  I need more practice!

And here is my next unfinished project still in the Country Threads project bag.  The snow is blowing and I have soup in the crockpot so this is what I will do this afternoon.

I recently quilted this house quilt for Connie – here it is still on the machine.  I’ll show it to you again after she binds it.

And look what my friend Linda made me for Christmas – fingerless gloves or wrist warmers!  I am enjoying them very much – I feel so much more in control without big cumbersome gloves on!  And I can do things — like  turn on a flashlight, open a gate, pull on my boots!  Thank you, Linda, for a very useful gift!

There – I feel like I caught up with comments and questions.  All requests except for Kona’s story and I will try to do that this afternoon.  Kona deserves his own blog post. Here is the picture of Kona that I mentioned yesterday.

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  1. Linette Stewart

    I am such a sap, I was crying yesterday when I was reading the story you made up for the dog picture you found at the antique/thrift store. Must be this time of year. Love your posts Mary!

  2. Diane

    My friend made fingerless gloves for my husband who has poor circulation. He loves them, too. I wanted you to know, my best friend lost her battle with cancer yesterday. The notice was sent to the Quilt Guild this morning and already two members have contacted me with condolences and lovely memories. Quilters are the best people:) Mary, thank you so much for bringing all of us in your blog group together.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – I am so sorry for your loss! Christmas should be such a joyful time. I am playing for a funeral on Monday for a 64 year old woman who fell down the stairs at Thanksgiving and suffered several strokes, etc until she died this past week. So, so sad! Keep your friend close to your heart!

      1. Diane

        Thank you, Mary. We are holding her close and her husband closer!! She was a music teacher and wonderful pianist so her service will be joyful and full of music.

  3. Bernadette

    Not sure folks saw it in my comment, since I am in Mountain time zone and don’t post anything until late in your day. I found Wear Warm Clothes – A Collection of Lodge Quilts on Amazon for just a few bucks plus shipping. So if anyone wants to make that really cute wall hanging quilt you showed us a few days ago, it is in that book, and the book is still available.

  4. Angie Rowland

    Have you tried making no knead bread. This you make the night before and cook it right before the soup is ready. THE BEST thing on cold snowy days. It also makes the house smell wonderful. Google the recipe and you will never try anything else. (good the day two of the soup as well) Did the cat ever return? You have to keep us updated on these events.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – no, I’m sad to report the cat did not come back and has probably become coyote dinner by now. Better that than out in the cold however in my opinion.

  5. Donna

    Mary I already received the pattern and already had your check ready to go before I knew it was in the mail. Thank you and no need to send another. As for Henry….he’s happy staying indoors. He enjoys lying on the kitchen floor when I’m baking or fixing food for myself. He’s a “large area rug” but I’m sure he feels small 😉 I have to watch where I step with him sprawled on the floor. Thanks again Mary and stay warm. Your fingerless gloves will be so handy for you. I made a pair once but need to make another pair that are warmer.

  6. Ann Barlament

    Love all the projects!!

    This week I completed a “pony tail” hat. Crocheting and needle tatting is keeping my hands busy.

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Where did you find instructions for a “pong tail” hat? When I don’t have quilting stuff to do in front of the TV (I fall asleep during the commercials and miss the end of the program) I knit stocking hats. We can never have too many stocking hats. It is supposed to be about 19 degrees below tonight in Rapid City and worse in other places close by. I wondered why I was cold and put a thermometer on the kitchen window sill. It says 25. Maybe I’d better leave the cupboard doors open tonight??

  7. Lori

    Hi, when you do straight line quilting what do you if your quilt has borders? If you are quilting your straight lines sideways, just go on out in the border? What do you do then in the top and bottom border?
    Thanks for all your assistance,

  8. Cynthia Sabinske

    Does the book Wear Warm Clothes also have the pattern for the wall hanging Wear warm clothes too?

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