Oh, what a busy 3 days – we got 6″ of new snow on Saturday and then the bottom dropped out of our temperatures, as if it weren’t cold enough!  Wind chills fell to around 40 below zero by Sunday morning and all churches cancelled their morning services.  Sunday night was the scheduled night for the cantata – what to do?  What would our church consistory decide?  Rescheduling meant January and some of the Christmas magic is gone by then but would anyone come out in the cold to attend?  All morning and early afternoon I wondered what was happening and by 3 pm it was decided to hold the cantata last night as scheduled.  We all shifted into action, getting to church to prepare since we had not been there in the morning.

It all went beautifully – without a hitch!  And I forgot to take a single picture!

I was back at church this morning for the funeral that should have happened on Saturday morning except that the snowstorm happened.

Here is the project that’s up next.

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  1. PJ

    You certainly are a very special lady, Superwoman does not seem to work, your heart is in everything you do, which is a beautiful trait. So love receiving your blog. May you n yours have a wonderful Christmas n an even better 2017!!!! 🎄🎅🏻❤️🎅🏻🎄

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