Blog Problems? 9-12-23

Is anybody still having problems seeing the blog content? Do you read the blog on an Apple device? Do you have your device set to automatic update?

Please let me know – if I’m right I think this has been the problem and I’m hoping we’re all back on board this morning.

134 thoughts on “Blog Problems? 9-12-23

  1. Jeanine from Iowa

    I get your blog on my computer using gmail and I have not had any problems at all. Have always been able to read comments. Everything has been working great.

  2. Dorothy

    I’ve never had a problem. I read the blog on my home computer.
    I have nothing Apple in my house or on me 🙂 🙂

  3. Janet

    I have an I phone 14. I’ve not have any problems at all. I read your blog daily. I do have my phone set for automatic updates and it did do an update the night before last.

  4. Kimberly Lusin

    I have an Apple phone and I’m having no problems with your fabulous blog. Thank you, Mary!

  5. Kathie Pieper

    Hi Mary…Love the blog and yes I do read it on an I-Pad. Haven’t had any problems lately. Thank Goodness. You are a ray of sunshine in a bleak world,🌝

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathie – I don’t feel much like a ray of sunshine with all the problems I’m having with the blog lately.

  6. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    I read on iPhone, Mac computer and iPad. I have not had any problems reading the blog.

  7. Debbie G in SE WI

    Yes, yes, and yes for me also! I never have trouble seeing your blog posts, thankfully.

  8. Beth

    I get your blog as an email and read it on my Apple device. Even if I actually click on the blog, I never have a problem.
    A day with out your musings is a day without sunshine.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I guess Beth put it just as I would comment. No problems clicking on any part of blog to read or comment. It has always worked fine for me.

  9. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I use an Apple I Pad for your blog, and have not had any problems, thank goodness. Your posts are always entertaining!

  10. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning Mary,
    I have an apple device and it was automatically updated 2 or 3 nights ago and I have had no problem receiving or reading your blog.
    Thank you for all you do to share your life with us through this blog. ❤️
    Bonnie, in Oregon

  11. Frances E

    I am using an Apple device. I don’t have a problem seeing your blog. My device is set to automatic updates.

  12. Bobby Sutton

    I love reading this blog on all my Apple devices… computer, phone, and IPad. Having no problems at all, even after any Apple updates. I will say that my Internet Service provider is fiber optics and always have great reception.
    Mary, you’ve made me an advocate of ‘correct parking’ 😁. I now check my car to make sure I’m inside the lines!
    Bobby from Md.

  13. Jan from TN

    I always read the blog on my iPad & haven’t had any problems. I recently set my updates to automatic & still no issues. Everything seems fine.

  14. Paula Nordt

    I’m sorry you are having blog problems! I had no idea. I’m also reading on an iPad and have not noticed anything unusual. Prayers that the bugs will work out for you, because I really enjoy reading your blog!

  15. ANN D

    I can read your blogs which I see as an email. I’m on a Mac desktop.

    I enjoyed seeing your Baby Bullseye quilt yesterday. It reminded me that I have the circles left over from when I made my quilt. Surprisingly, I remembered where they were stashed. I now have them out on my work table and I’m getting excited to make another smaller quilt. Thank you.

  16. Sue in Oregon

    I receive your blog posts every time you post. I use my PC email to get them. I enjoy them on a big screen and comfy chair any time you decide to send them. I do have an Apple Phone but it is not set up to receive my everyday email. Whenever you send them, That is the best part of the day. Sure hope you find the problem, Mary.

  17. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I’m seeing this fine and haven’t had an issue seeing your blog for a long time. I either use my iPad or apple phone and both are on auto updates

  18. Judi

    I read your most enjoyable adventures on my Apple devices. Good luck getting it all figured out. I understand how frustrating it can be. Technology is great…when it works!

  19. Sharon G.

    Mary – I’m okay on my device. Receiving and reading the blog okay, and I’m able to view the photos. My device is an Apple. Occasionally I read my email on my computer and no problems there! I hope you’re able to get this straightened out.
    Love the blog.

  20. Fiona at Ice

    Hi Mary,

    I use Apple (computer, iPad and phone) and have no problems. And yes, they are all set to automatic update (of the version software).

  21. Caroyn in NE Illinois

    I read on my Android phone or tablet. I’ve had no trouble lately. There was a change for a few days where I clicked to get to the newsletter rather than seeing it when I opened my email. It’s back to the ‘normal ‘ way now. But actually the change was fine too.

  22. Claudia

    Dear Mary, I’m reading your blog on my Samsung galaxy tablet without and problems. Your post is always on my breakfast table. Greetings from Germany Claudia

  23. Kathy Rayhons

    I have no problems reading your blog and seeing the pictures on my I Phone SE or my laptop. I do not have auto updates on. Hope this helps!

  24. Sally

    I receive your blog by email on my iPad/iPhone. There has never been a problem. I see the photos, comments and Leave a Reply just fine. Enjoy it every day!

  25. Sue Bowers

    Hi Mary! Technology problems are so stressful. When our youngest daughter left home I wondered how I’d survive without her technology support – even though many times she didn’t have time to show me how to do something, she just did it. I have been following your blog on an Apple device with automatic updates. Haven’t had any issues. Love seeing all the Bullseye quilts. I remember you & Connie presenting that quilt at camp. It wasn’t a printed pattern, just your notes. I’ve made 2 quilts from that pattern. The mini Bullseye will give me a chance to use up those circles from those quilts – some day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – it’s been around quite awhile, hasn’t it? That camp was the first bullseye “class”

  26. Vicki Ibarra

    I receive an e-mail re: any new updates you make to the blog. I do not comment via the e-mail, but rather go directly to your blog to read your new content and see pictures/make comments. I have an Apple computer, which is so old it no longer does automatic updates to the operating system. (I plan to get a new Apple computer soon.)

  27. Brenda

    As far as I know, I have had no problems getting your blog through my email on my laptop. I use no other methods. Looking at such on my phone with my poor eyesight would not be a method I would use. Reading your blog is one of the things I always look forward to. I sincerely hope that you can easily resolve your problems with the blog. I have seen other bloggers complain about costs rising and then switching to some other way of blogging and having problems. Computer illiterate me had no idea about the costs involved and problems that can come up for you. I just hope you can solve your problems and be able to continue your blogging that so many of us love! Can we do anything to help?

  28. Karen Pidcock

    Read your delightfully informative, hilarious, and compassionate blog on my iPhone. I have updated to to automatic. Love, love the bullseye quilts in any size.

  29. Diana , NY

    I haven’t had problems getting the content recently. I use my iPhone and iPad to access your posts( which I always enjoy, thank you!)

  30. Annette Austin

    I read the blog on my iPad and IPhone. No problems
    I enjoy the blog. Even though I don’t do a lot of commenting.

  31. Dianna in Wisconsin

    I read on a tablet and have not had many issues. I recheck back if it does load properly but sometimes I think it’s operator on my end. LOL

    Thanks for ALL your work Mary. You are amazing.

  32. Dee

    I can see the blog on my iphone. Enjoy so much your experiences on the farm and also the quilting. Been following for a very long time. Used to get goat gazette when you were printing that!!

  33. Anita

    Mary, I read the blog on my iPad and do have it set to automatic updates. I have had no problems. Hope that helps.

  34. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, I read your blog posts with photos on both my iPhone and Chromebook with no problem. Good luck. 💖🪡🧵💖


    FIRST THING IN THE MORNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    on home computer and Android phone
    no problems at all

  36. Ruth Clark

    I have Apple devices and they Auto Update or indicate I need to update/ I have NEVER had any trouble with your Blog- thank you for your determination in bringing it to us!!! WI Quilter

  37. Christy S

    I read the blog on my iPhone & it has automatic updates. No problems with reading it – only problems with spotty WiFi on my side.

  38. Toni Anne Potter

    Good morning, I read your blog on my IPad it’s sent through my email. It looks fine to me, I haven’t had any issues reading it. I’ve noticed some of the other blogs that were to go to my email have been sent to my trash instead. I’m not sure why. So far yours is good. I look forward to reading your blog, I love the parking jerks (we have plenty on Long Island) and please keep up the sarcasm, (we must be related).
    Best, Toni Anne

  39. Pat

    Yes. I can read it beginning to end, and I own Apple devices. Wouldn’t miss it, my entertainment for early morning coffee. ❤️

  40. Rachel Summy

    All good reading blog and seeing pictures for me. Apple phone and Mac computer.
    Thanks Mary!!

  41. Jeanne in Co

    I’m using my iPhone and have had no problems either. Automatic updates ok. My daughter just got a new iPhone yesterday and Verizon gave her an iPad as a bonus. She is giving it to me. It will be wonderful to see your blog and the pet and quilt pictures in much larger print. To replace the battery in her old IPhone was going to be $200. The new phone cost $300 and she got the IPad free. Doesn’t sound right, does it? Total time was a little over 2 hours. Her experience was certainly a lot better than your ordeal.
    Love your blog. Thank you Mary, for all you do to keep it going. I wish everyone would sign their posts by adding where they are located. It is fun to see all the people and places that are joined together by your blog. Have a blessed day everyone. Be Jeanne in Co.

  42. Janet in WV

    Mary, I never have problems seeing your blog and thank goodness for that! I have an old Dell computer that I use. I don’t have any Apple products, as I just realized. I’m too cheap to buy them!!
    Anyway, love you and have a great day!

  43. Sandy in Indiana

    Hi Mary,

    Read on my desktop…no Apple devises….no issues!
    Love the BLOG 🙂
    Thank you for all you do!


  44. Chris in NW PA

    Mary, I read your blog on my HP computer and do not have any problems. Pictures, text,
    and comments are always clear. I’m sorry that you are having problems. I hope they
    will be resolved soon.

  45. kara

    Mary, I am not having problems with your blog. I just wanted you to know you can put 5 8.5 x 11 sized 20# pages in 1 envelope for a regular 1st class stamp. You could add 4 more pages with an additional ounce stamp. Love your blog, keep up the good work. Kara

  46. Mary Lou

    I did not have any issues reading your messages this morning.
    So enjoy all the things I learn from you & your readers.
    You’re doing a great job !!
    Mary Lou

  47. Robin B

    I’ use an apple device
    When I got your emails the last several days, I had to go to your actual blog to read problem
    But, I could read today’s on email again.

  48. Jane

    I am on an apple device. I do not have it set for automatic updates. I have had no problem reading your blog.

    Hope you have solved the problem for others. Have a good day

  49. Brenda in Iowa

    Hi Mary,
    I am still having difficulties seeing the blog (as a reminder – I’m the one who emailed you and you suggested I reboot my computer which I already do every day.
    I’m still having issues with seeing the blog. Just thought I would let you know.

  50. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary — I read on a Mac and iPad. I’ve done the most recent updates and I’ve had no issue with reading the blog. Hope that helps.

  51. Georgia Kirby

    Mary, I read your blog on an IPad and have had no problems! I sure enjoy your willingness to share your activities with the rest of us!!

  52. Sheryl K Harrison

    I have been getting your newsletters with no problems. I use an HP laptop that updates often. Sometimes I use my old desk top XP that cannot be updated and I have no problems on that either.

  53. Jessica in Florida

    Hi Mary! I am on an Apple device and I do have automatic updates selected. It just updated yesterday, actually. I have no problem seeing your posts.

  54. Charlotte in Georgia

    Hi Mary. I’m on Apple also, and I don’t have any problems reading your blog. I actually get it on email .

  55. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I use my Apple phone or iPad. No problems with either. I am so sorry this is causing you so dang many problems!!! And the amount they want you to pay is stupid ridiculous!!!

  56. Lynn

    Mary I have had no problems. I get an email on my android phone and read the blog on my phone.
    Thanks for the blog and all your trouble working with it.

  57. Ginger S

    I read your blog on my Apple Laptop…no problems. I receive an email post and I also have your blog bookmarked and I go to that as well. I have not noticed that I have had any problems and believe me, I would know and be upset if I did. I look forward to reading your post everyday. I LOVE it!

  58. Marie C

    No problem here. I get an email but read on either android phone or tablet. Hope all is going well. I’m busy canning tomatoes.

  59. Jane Bowers

    I use a MacBook laptop and update automatically. I have no problems reading the blog. You not only have to update the laptop, you need to update the iPhone and iPad at the same time, if you have them, or they will not communicate. I found that out the hard way.

  60. Joy in NW Iowa

    Works fine for me. I have an apple iPad and it automatically updates. Never had a problem.

  61. Holly Christian

    I read the blog on my school computer (PC), my home computer (Mac) and my phone (iPhone) and I have not had any issues. Is there a tech department or class at the local school that might have people that would be willing to help you with some of these issues? Having been in school systems the last 28 years, I’ve found the tech people to be tremendous assets for tech questions.

  62. Marlene Leonardo

    Hello! I do read the blog everyday on my apple device. I’ve had no problems at all.

  63. Mary Howland

    I use an iPad and haven’t had any problems with your posts. I look forward to receiving your posts via email. I’m so sorry others are experiencing difficulties. Thank you for all you do to provide content about your quilting, farm, and life in Iowa.

  64. Marilyn Cook

    I have had problem over the weekend bit it was fine yesterday. I use an iPad.

    Thanks for your blogs, I love them.

  65. Charlotte S in northern California

    I almost always use my computer to read your blog. ❤ Lately I have used my android phone and I’ve had no problems. No apple devices in my house.

  66. Diane

    This morning’s post came through perfectly, but the past couple days previous, I had to click on it to see the post and the images. I’m using either an iPad or an iPhone.

  67. Jo in Wyoming

    I responded to yesterday’s post before I read today’s.
    I’m good. The comments are coming across loud and clear.

    The baby bullseye quilts are too cute. I’m sure any baby would have sweet dreams under it.
    It’s cooling off and so very nice here. I hope all our friends are having wonderful weather.

  68. Debby Krzyston

    Good afternoon Mary,
    Wow, 108 replies! I’m thinking we’re not having a problem getting your Blog using our Apple devices.
    Debby from Wisconsin 🐝

  69. Jean Elliott

    The content doesn’t appear until I click on the title. This is the first time I’ve been able to make a comment on the blog since I started having that problem. I think I sent you a message that I am in Garner and I want to come out and pick up one of those baby bull’s-eye patterns if that’s OK.

  70. NancyTD

    Everything is still working great. Auto updates on my Apple iPad and iPhone. So glad to be back—thought I would have go to Verizon to get it straightened out. Thanks for all you do.

  71. Cindy

    Have apple
    No problem noted
    Set for auto update and was just updated this week
    Really enjoy your posts

  72. Angie from Baltimore

    I am lucky and get the blog on my Apple phone no issues. Look forward to seeing them.

  73. Sally in Murrayville, GA

    Mary, your blog always comes through and opens easily in my Email on my IPhone and IPad. I am so glad you write this almost every day—it’s my favorite thing to read. You often mention our clicking on ads helps you but I never see ads—or I would be opening them to help.

  74. Janice Brown

    Hi Mary, I use an apple laptop and I don’t have automatic updates on the apple software. . . but my browser/Firefox updates automatically. I have not had problems recently with the blog.

  75. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    I read your blog on an Iphone, Ipad, and a Mac. I have everything set for automatic updates and I can always see the blog. I think there was one time about 4 years ago I couldn’t see your photos on a post.

  76. Joy in NW Iowa

    I continued to read your blog like I said before but I never have any ads to click to give you a benefit. Why?

  77. Sandra Pierson

    Hi Mary,
    I am
    getting the blog now.
    Thank you for all you do to keep this up and running for all of us to enjoy🥰

  78. Linda in Central IA

    No problems – HP desktop with Windows 11; Dell laptop with Windows 11; Samsung Galaxy tablet; iphone SE – auto update on Windows but manual on tablet and phone – use all of them at some point during a week.

  79. Kim from Wi

    I read the blog on my Samsung laptop and also on my galaxy 11 phone, no issues with the blog. I dont see many adds but I try to click the ones that so pop up.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – thanks so much for clicking on the ads! It helps keep this blog afloat!

  80. Linda in Estherville

    Iva e Apple phone and iPad as well as Mac Desktop. I don’t know if this helps: But I do click on the email to get to the blog. Recently I upgraded to the 14 phone. I notice now that I always come in at the bottom of the blog and have to scroll upwards to get to the comments. Did I have to do this on my old phone? I wouldn’t know, but it feels different to have to scroll up! Does it bother me? Nope! Love ya!

  81. Patricia

    Hi Mary, I read on my iPhone and I usually get a pop up on the screen that tells me you’ve left a message. Otherwise I read on my laptop, not an Apple product.

  82. Donna Mease

    I have a fairly recent Apple phone with automatic updates. I’m getting your blog just fine. I’m in Kansas by Wichita.
    My sister in rural northern Indiana gets your blog on her Android phone and computer.

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