More Bullseye Quilts, 9-11-23

Here are two more bright Bullseyes.

Notice how far off the circles are – it doesn’t matter
These circles meet almost perfectly – just an accident

And here’s another version with some pieced sashing.

Bullseye is such a forgiving quilt! Bullseye blocks are very easy to sew – it helps if you have a “needle stop down” option when stitching the circles. Here’s a huge quilt top that I made but never quilted. I also have a huge tub of blocks. Ugh.

Bullseye blocks never end. I made Baby Bullseye with the cutouts from the bright quilt shown above. And I still have circles to use!!!

Baby Bullseye pattern is $5.00. Original Bullseye is also $5.00. Send check or cash with SASE.

Yesterday I presented the Friendship Quilt to Chuck and Faye Greiman. Since several readers have asked, I have written up the measurements in a “pattern” also available for $5.00.

Rambling Rows

Rambling Rows is also available for $5.00. Any single pattern or two or three will fit in one envelope. Save a stamp – order more than one!

Reader Photos

Same as Glenda’s quilt above
Hi, Augie!

The blog is definitely having problems lately – I can’t find the common denominator among those who are experiencing the problems but someone tonight mentioned an Apple update. I have no idea. I’ve got my own issues with the blog right now regarding what WordPress wants to charge me. Before I hit the panic button I’m going to sleep on it for a few days.

And this was yesterday – Rally Day with a hayride!! Brian went along in his suit! He’s a good sport!

32 thoughts on “More Bullseye Quilts, 9-11-23

  1. Bonny

    Bullseye is very addictive and always turns out great! I’ve made 3, and have “seed” for the next! Your Baby Bullseye inspires me to dig them out and do another! Truly a fun project!! Thank you Mary for keeping this quilter excited for the next project!

  2. Jean Elliott

    This is the first time I’ve been able to comment on a post. There never was a “comment” option for the past several posts. I am in Garner and I would like to come out and buy the baby bull’s-eye quilt pattern. I sent you an email earlier.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – I got no email. Pattern is not written yet. Please order by mail.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Everything works perfectly now. You must have hit the magic button…or I did.
    It’s great to read the comments again. YEAH

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – do you use an Apple device? If so did you get an update in the last few days?

      1. Jo in Wyoming

        Yes, I use an iPad. And I recall seeing an update notification within the last week or so.
        Mine updates automatically overnight if it’s plugged into the power.
        Generally, I plug it into power every night.

  4. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I’ll be sending you a check next week for the Baby Bullseye pattern. Lots of great show & tell today, I just love all the Bullseye variations! Augie says “hi” right back to you! ❤️🐾

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, do you think those circles are breeding quietly in your sewing room? Hi to Augie,my niece has 2 long haired dachshunds, Doug and frank in Australia. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Aww Augie’s rug is perfect! I would love that rug (and Augie) in my sewing room as it reminds me of bulleyes.
    The show of quilts is so fun to see. Thank you Mary for continuing to inspire us.
    Bulleyes really is a quilt I never thought I could make as I didn’t care for the rag quilts people were making but I have to admit Bulleyes was so much fun to construct being easy and a cuddly quilt. I love it and all you show and hope people keep making them. It’s nice you showed how you quilted yours too as that’s another big help.

  7. NancyTD

    It’s going to be a good day, I can see the comments again. I did nothing—so thanks for whatever you did, Quilt show of bulls eye quilts was great. Thanks to all for sharing your projects.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – do you know if you recently got an automatic update? Is your device Apple?

  8. Meredith in Cincinnati

    What a wonderful quilt show today! These bullseye quilts are beautiful, and all so different. Love them!

  9. Dorothy

    I don’t think I’ve had a problem with the blog. I notice today that people are saying the comments are back. They’ve never been gone for me 🙂

  10. Glenda Fletcher

    Hi Mary, I have an Apple and I have been getting your comments. I do have problems once in a while with
    Jo’s from Jo’s Country Junction. Quilts and Bulls Eyes are great today as always. The rug is neat as very
    appropriate. Carla I from MI. Was wondering if I could have the name of your pattern? thank you.
    No rain again. Thank you Mary for everything that you are doing so we can enjoy your emails/blogs.

    1. Carla

      Glenda, the pattern is from a Quilt Sampler magazine (spring/summer 2018) and is called Garden Pathways. The featured quilt used brighter florals which honestly look better than the pastels I chose. Oh well lol…

        1. Carla

          If you don’t have any luck finding the pattern let me know. I’m sure we could figure out how to get the pattern to you 😉

      1. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

        Carla, I really like the soft colors you chose! I’m usually a bright/primary color person but this is so serene. Beautiful

  11. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve not had any problems with the blog either. I get comments and content.
    The bullseye pattern looks good in any fabrics and at any size.
    Glenda I like the colors in your quilt.

  12. Martha W in WY

    Mary, in one blog post a while back you mentioned a website for ordering your patterns. What is that please?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – at the top of our blog homepage click on shop or if shop isn’t there, click on menu and then click on shop

  13. Julie D

    Mary I use a MacBook Pro and I’ve had no problems in reading your blog. I have never made a Bullseye quilt, but two ladies from my quilt guild taught a class to several members and will be offering it again so I think I will jump in this time! I love how they turn out!!

  14. Launa Peters

    Great patterns n pictures today (49o earlier). Somewhere I have a Bullseye quilt…perhaps I gave it to one of my granddaughters long ago?
    Enjoy your day Mary, my friend, your blog always brightens mine!

  15. Karel

    I LOVE seeing all the quilts that you have made or readers have made!! I have a bullseye that needs borders and then can be finished. LOVE the different variations of the Bullseye!!

  16. Kathy b

    I thought I was having problems until I clicked on chicken scratch country threads by a round green symbol 🤦‍♀️ Every thing popped right up!😆

  17. Charlotte S in northern California

    What a great quilt show today!! Love them all. My bullseye quilt is still a pile of blocks. I need to get them sewed together…it was fun making the blocks. I’m getting my envelop ready to order 2 patterns.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – so sorry! Mailing address is listed on the right side of the home page under our photo. 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438

  18. Kim from Wi

    Love the Bullseye Quilt, I so want to make one. I hope to tackle one when the snow comes, and we are stuck at home. Brian is perfectly dressed for the hayride, lol. Fall has certainly arrived here in Wisconsin; the trees are changing, and the cooler temps are on the way. Love the new patterns.

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