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Our monthly book list went from 10 pages to 4 pages to one page as I expected it to do. There are many repeats which I try to watch for and not include more than once.

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So many of you have read Educated by Tara Westover and I just finished it yesterday. Like many books I’ve enjoyed, this book had a character I disliked and made me mad keeping me very interested in this true story, a memoir. We discussed it at Novel Idea this morning and several had read this book. Connie was one that didn’t like it so much – the two main characters had a difficult relationship and that’s all I will say.

I’m also reading The Ragged Edge of Night on my Kindle – I’m betting it’s a good book but I’m halfway through and it’s pretty slow going. I might quit unless somebody tells me it was a great book – eventually.

Arlo did really well with his pelvic surgery – the vet pinned it in at least 2 places and Arlo was able to walk outside to potty – even with 3 broken bones in his right back leg. They said he is very strong – a big guy who’s not going to want to stay quiet for long. This will be Ginny’s biggest challenge – keeping him calm and slow. Tomorrow the vet will put plates in his right back leg and then it will be time to heal. Continued prayers couldn’t hurt and thank you from Ginny and me!

* * *

I wanted to give you a “teaser” Bullseye picture and as I post these you can imagine what was happening the minute I laid that quilt on the table. Milly was right there!

All of you with cats can sympathize with me.

In these photos I want you to notice that this quilt is made with raw edge machine appliqué and circles are intended to be imperfect. Circles are cut freehand and stitched by machine to background squares.

This was just to get you thinking about joining our quilt-along which starts January 1, 2019. And don’t forget to jot down the books you’ve read recently so that when I request book names in January, you’ll be ready.

Remember this begonia photo?

A reader named Donna O. suggested to me that it looked like a Kaffe Fassett fabric and many readers agreed when they saw it on a Kaffe Fassett Group site. What do YOU think?

Got Mystery Clue #3 done this morning so now I need to clean up again so I have some room to work. Tonight our choir will perform our cantata called “I Love to Tell the Story” at a senior living place. It’s now time for me to practice!

32 thoughts on “Book List and More

  1. Carol

    Love the Bullseye, love the kitty (looks like mine!) and thank you for the list. I’m thankful the pup is soon on the mend, it sounds like a slow and costly process to mend…what we will do for our furry family!
    Thank plant IS very Kaffe- like, I agree!

  2. Gayle Shumaker

    Definately interested in the quilt along. Will there be a fabric list prior to January 1st? Glad to hear Arlo made it through surgery. That poor pup has some major healing to do, hope all goes well. Yes that photo is very much Kaffe Fassett. I have to say I love some of his fabric and it stars in the best quilt I ever made and at the same time I dislike some of it quite intensely. I guess maybe that is success for him that people have such intense response to his fabric. In an earlier email you showed a photo of your Christmas decorating and mentioned not to ask about the pattern for one of the prominently displayed quilts. I really liked it so jumped on Amazon and did some searching, it was from your book Chicken Scratch but I don’t remember the name of the pattern. Of course I ordered the book!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Shumaker – I don’t really think this is from On Behalf of Chickens – I’m more impressed that you were able to order the book – our very first book!

      1. Rita Mulvey in CT

        I have a copy of this book too.
        It’s difficult to find time to read with preparing for Christmas and the family members who will be staying over the holidays.
        I am happy to hear that Arlo is doing so well, poor pup I’ll keep praying for a speedy recovery.

  3. Eleanor from Rhode Island

    This can’t be an actual plant. I think you posted a picture of Kaffe Fassett’s fabric. Just kidding. You certainly have a green thumb.
    Love your bull’s eye quilt. Looking forward to the new year quilt-along.
    Sending good wishes and prayers for Arlo’s surgery and a speedy recovery. He is a handsome dog. And can’t forget Milly, what a sweet kitty.

  4. Donna O

    Mary it looks like you were able to link of FB to the Kaffe group. I hope you saw the 500+ likes and several comment. Your plant became “famous”. The photo is “stunning “ & my screen shot was a good copy of the original. Some thought Brandon Mabley but I can’t keep straight Kaffe & Brandon but they work side by side do much the same outcome 👍

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna O – yes, I kept looking and I see that my Rex is now famous – I can’t believe it!

  5. Gayle Shumaker

    Sorry I listed the wrong name for the book not Chicken Scratch it is On Behalf of Chickens.

    1. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

      Hi Gayle,
      I also have a treasured copy of ‘On behalf of chickens’ and there are some great projects in the book. I made the rooster weathervane one about 8 years ago, and still have the clipping from when it was published in Mary and Connie’s ‘Goat Gazette’. Enjoy!

  6. Holly in TH

    I love the bull’s eye pattern! I’ve made this quilt a number of times and have one ready to pin baste and quilt right now. It’s such a cheerful quilt that I prefer to call it bloomers, because the blocks remind me of flowers. I’ve donated a few of these quilts and I’m sure they are loved as much as I love the first one I made and kept for my nap quilt. I shared this quilt and the concept with my new quilting group so they could sign up for your blog and get in on the quilt along. I don’t think I’ll ever be done making this pattern because it’s self regenerating–the circles cut out if the back can be resized to make more circles for the blocks. It’s a perpetual project!

  7. Angie Rowland

    Kitty tested. My cat always has to test everything but won’t eat table food so cannot complain

  8. Linda Baker

    Love the Bullseye quilt! I went gung-ho and cut a bunch of circles and squares about a year ago, but you understand our obsession with starting new projects, lol! I WILL get those pieces sewn together eventually. What is it about cats and any material that’s laid out? I think Hazel is saying “What the hell?”

  9. Lynn Handberg

    I followed the recommendation of the book A Gentleman in Moscow. So very interesting. I enjoy it immensely. Thanks!

  10. Diane in Central Ohio

    When did Squeak fly to Garner to roll around on your quilt? I, too, hope to make the Bull’s Eye quilt. I LOVE yours. Glad Arlo is doing ok. Yes, it’s hard to keep a large dog down. Good luck to Ginny. It would be interesting to print that photo onto fabric just to see what it looks like. I iron muslin onto freezer paper and feed it through the printer.

    I would love to hear your cantata. I Love to Tell the Story is one of my favorites. The seniors are lucky to have you, Mary.

    Question: Our grand dog will be visiting with our son and grandsons on Christmas. Any hints as to what to do for Squeak so she is not totally petrified. She’s afraid of most everything except us and has never been near a dog. He’s an adorable miniature Labradoodle so not too big. Thanks:)

  11. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    I love your bullseye quilt! I also spotted several fabrics that I have in my own stash, which is always fun.
    Like the photo of Kaffe the begonia! Maybe you will see it in one of Kaffe’s fabrics a year or so from now!
    Thanks for the book list.

  12. Brenda J.

    Ha-I’ve had the Bullseye quilt on my wish list every since I purchased your book with the pattern in it!!! That was a long time, eh? Maybe I can get motivated to sew again in January. I lost my mom in August. Needless to say, it’s been a tough last few months. Maybe I’ll be motivated to make the bullseye quilt.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda J – I’m so sorry your mom is no longer with us – let my readers and our close knit little group get you inspired to get out your quilting again!

  13. Diane Bauer

    I wondered when you mentioned the Bull’s Eye quilt if it wasn’t the one from your Quilts from Aunt Amy, so I had to run downstairs to see if I was remembering correctly. I had that book and Dear Emma mixed in my mind. Both have been perused hundreds of times over the years. I always wanted to make the Vegetable Soup Table Runner but still haven’t done it. I’m definitely interested in the quilt along!!

    We have a quilt shop in Lyons, CO that is almost exclusively Kaffe Fassett fabric (and it’s a BIG shop!!!). Not my style, though there are some beautiful fabrics in the collections. Your plant photo would be a great addition!!

    I’m currently reading Educated and so far am enjoying it. Other recent reads include Hillbilly Elegy, All the Things We Cannot See, Boys in the Boat, The Glass Castle, and The Body Keeps the Score. All were good!

    Glad Arlo is doing well. I hope for a quick and complete recovery!!

  14. Mary Margaret Rhoded

    Glad Argo doing great so far. Lots head of him. Hope they help with the pain too. Oh yes that plant looks like K Fassett! My late husband had green thumb as well as late mom. Outlander is great to read, it has series of them. Reading Stephenie Plum Look Alive Twenty-five. Janet Evanovich the author. Had read whole series! Good and some funny. Ann Hazelwood books great too!

  15. Jo In Wyoming

    Your post is full of good news today. So glad Arlo is doing well.
    Before I saw your note, I did think that was a piece of Kaffe fabric…too beautiful
    I never done a sew along. Do I need a book, will you post instructions ever so often and we cut and sew? About how long is the program, 6 months? Will instructions be on this blog or do I go somewhere else?
    Am I the only newby?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – you won’t need to buy a thing and you probably have enough fabric in your cupboard! I will explain it all – not to worry! I’m only an email away!

  16. Ellie

    You’re tempting me to make another bullseye quilt! I made one several years ago and it’s a favorite to nap under.
    Glad Arlo is doing well. Keeping him quiet will be a real challenge.
    Thanks for doing the book list. I don’t have any really good ones to add that aren’t already there. I’m anxiously awaiting Louise Penny’s newest Gamash book from the library.

  17. Sherry Whalen

    I am looking forward to bullseye – I will dig out the parts that I started so many years ago when you demonstrated it at Ironwood….it is all in a box just waiting!

    You are magic with plants! The begonia I brought in is pretty sad looking, I think it will get cut off and get a chance to rest before later this winter to see if I can bring it back to life at the end of January.

  18. Beth T.

    While I haven’t read “Educated”, I saw the author on BookTV and thought she was really interesting. She was able to be take a longer perspective on some of the situations in the book than I might have been at her age, that’s for sure. I love BookTV on C-Span2 and think it is a great service. It has made me aware of so many more non-fiction books than I would otherwise have come into contact with, and I’ve seen many, many great readings by authors in book stores and at book fairs around the country. I wish C-Span2 were available to everyone, everywhere–and it seems to me it should be, both when it’s broadcasting civic events and book-related ones.

  19. Carolyn Boutilier

    Love the bull’s eye quilt. i had never seen one like yours. More prayers for Arlo. I was to take our cat for her yearly shots but ended up taking our Goldendoodle as the vet says that she had an UTI. We would not have known it if it wasn’t for our flurries snowstorm 3 days ago and ended with 7 inches of snow. I noticed blood in the snow so off to the vets. Finished my penny rug for a gift swap and still working on a baby quilt for a neighbor. I ordered 3 quilt books for a present for me to me for Christmas.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley

  20. Mary Evans

    Have you read “The Wife” by Alafair Burke?? I think it is Alafair’s best book so far!

  21. Mary Evans

    Have you read “The Wife” by Alafair Burke?? I think it is Alafair’s best book so far! This tells me that I already sent this in, not sure when. Maybe it will take it now since I added this. It is THAT good a story.

  22. liz hinze

    I loved the book educated but didn’t like the main character either.
    You thing it’s about one thing and it’s really about something else..
    Very sad in many ways

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