Broken arm??? 10-8-22

On Thursday night Rick didn’t want much supper and he didn’t have much to say – the next morning I asked him what was wrong. Oh, he had fallen Thursday afternoon and he thought his arm/elbow might be broken. WHAT? That morning was my aunt’s funeral – she died at age 96 and we all knew what a glorious meeting she was having with Jesus so it would be a happy occasion with many cousins attending. Rick’s arm put an end of that fun day for me – off we went to the ER. By noon he’d had it x-rayed and we saw a doctor a bit later. They said it wasn’t broken but possibly chipped.

By the time we got home Becky had just arrived to check on the dogs. Oh my, what a day!

We did have a hard frost so it’s good thing I’ve been moving plants inside. I did clunk my head on the railing as I tried to stand up with a pot in my hands. This is the result.

Today I took my friend Lora to visit Gloria and her many collections. Why didn’t I take any pictures????? I’m such a lightweight collector compared to them. Sigh.

The top quilt is from this book published by Country Threads in 1992.

The campfire quilt is in this book also published by Country Threads in 1995.

Both books are naturally out of print but you could look at Thrift Books or Amazon if you’re interested in these patterns.

When we had our closing sale we marked 99% of our quilts for sale. I so wish we hadn’t done that now.

Tonight I’m watching two baseball games and two football games – all at the same time. Sometimes there’s just nothing that I want to watch and then there’s tonight.

51 thoughts on “Broken arm??? 10-8-22

  1. Patty

    Oh my gosh!
    I hope you two take it easy for a few days and heal up.
    Watching college ft ball. Wish I had the energy those cheerleaders have!
    Not complaining though.
    My doc visit for the year is this week. Humm…
    Hoping things aren’t changing for me.
    You will be in my prayers.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    That falling can really be dangerous! Thankfully it wasn’t worse but bad enough!! Lovely weather today, hoping to see lots of pretty leaves tomorrow before they blow away!!! Happy Fall everyone!😊❤️

  3. Tanya T. in Houston

    Thrilled to say that I have both of those books! Country Threads never gets old!

    So sorry about Rick’s arm, your aunt, and your black eye. You folks be safe!! Enjoy those ballgames!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tanya – here’s the mini bullseye measurements:
      Background: 6” x 6”
      First circle: 2-1/2” x 2-1/2”
      Second circle: 1-3/4” x 1-3/4”

      Anything close to those circle measurements will work fine.

  4. Kathy in western NY

    I am sorry to hear about Ricks fall and losing your aunt. Sometimes a chip like that hurts worse than a full break. Please be careful. Our leaves fell overnight it seems and so many are red and orange this year so seeing them lay on the deck was a pretty sight.

  5. Sandy D’Angelo

    I have and still love those books. I enjoyed making many of those cute small quilts as presents each year.
    Sorry about your eye and Ricks elbow. Both can hurt a lot. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Agatha Baldwin

    Wow that’s quite the black eye. Sorry to hear about your Aunt and Rick’s arm.
    I woke up with pink eye and have no idea where that came from. Plus like you have that darn nagging cough from Covid a month ago.
    Take care and heal quickly! Love your blog

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Agatha – my doctor gave me Predisone and an inhaler. I wasn’t going to take the Prednisone but after about a dozen coughing fits today, I decided to start tomorrow. I can’t take any more coughing! Have you see a dr?

      1. Rosemary W

        Someone I know was recently diagnosed with Croup….and the Dr. said it wasn’t the first case he had seen that day. Sounds like what you have…..
        Hopefully the prednisone helps….

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Rosemary – in fact someone else told me it was probably adult croup. I finally gave in and started the Prednisone but I don’t like taking it.

  7. Diane in Colorado

    Oh my, Mary! That is quite the shiner!! Glad you are OK and Rick is on the mend, too. I’m sorry you ended up missing your Aunt’s funeral—so sorry for that loss.

  8. Charlotte

    Oh, Mary, please make Sunday a day of rest and take care of yourself and your eye! Do have a dr check it out like Rick had his elbow checked! Hope he feels better too.

  9. Sandy

    Oh Mary, so sorry to hear you and Rick have been in the wars! I can only watch one thing at a time, otherwise it a headache. Could Rick try a Zimmer frame to help with his walking? Take care you two, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – what’s a Zimmerman frame? Or should I just look online? Are you still ironing fabric?

  10. Betty Klosterman

    You know, it doesn’t just rain, it pours! Did Rick have to have a cast? You didn’t say. How did he fall, or what did he fall on? And what does he have to do to get it healed? The only good thing is it didn’t happen to you????? Men don’t think like we do.

    And you must have been trying to hurry. Don’t you know we shouldn’t hurry? That is when stuff happens. You’ll heal. If anybody asks, just tell them they should see the other guy.

    My favorite books are We Made it Thru the Winter, Wear Warm Clothes and On Behalf of Chickens. And that was really a winter to remember.

    Take care, Mary. And everybody else, too. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – no cast for Rick. He was reaching for a birdhouse hanging by one small rope and lost his balance. He should know better – he can’t walk now! What was he thinking???? He fell on the lawn – no concrete or it would have been broken. I have to pull every detail from him word by word nearly! And he’s feeling much better today. I opted out of church tomorrow so I didn’t have to explain it all. I need to make a Walmart run before Thursday some time but Sunday is just about the worst day to go. Oh, I just hated not seeing all my cousins at the funeral – still makes me sad.

  11. Arrowhead Gramma

    So sorry to hear of your troubles. Prayers for you and Rick. On a lighter note, you won’t have to worry about putting on eye shadow. ❤️🙏🙏❤️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Arrowhead Gramma – you’re so right! No eye shadow needed! You just gotta look on the bright side!

  12. Marcia Rocheleau

    Mary, you absolutely make my head spin!
    How do you keep up the pace of your life? I think I’m busy but then I read your blog and am just amazed. Where do you get your energy???

  13. Mary

    OUCH! That had to hurt. Hope you get to feeling better and that Rick’s arm heals. Like the old saying….when it rains, it pours. Better days ahead for both of you. It is really getting cold especially in the morning. We have had some frost, but not a hard frost. Did move my plants into the porch. Will set them back outside since we will have a few nice days yet. I only had 6 plants to move in, nothing compared to all of yours. You have so many beautiful plants. And so much work. I feel for you. At our age it is almost too much. I can’t do it anymore. Since I am 82 now. I miss all the plants I use to have. Healing prayers for you and your hubby. God Bless.

  14. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    Boy..2022 hasn’t been very nice to you guys. Hope you have an noneventful holiday season!

    I have both of those books…I actually think I have all of your books…many are signed by you know who! I have made several of the cute quilts in them.

    I have a quilt on the design board that is giving me fits…time to pack it up and put it away for awhile…need to move on. Cooler days now so am in my sewing room more than in the oasis with a book.

    Take it easy and be careful. Darn..neither of our fball teams won!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie B – yes, the games were so close … and so disappointing! I’m loving the baseball playoffs! Some really good games so far.

  15. Sandy

    Hj again Mary, a Zimmer frame helps you walk with support, a supermarket trolley without the basket in a way! Some have a seat, maybe you call it a new life is ironing fabric (and will be for several months), sorting out fabric to give away at guild and sewing small string quilts for dogs. It’s one way to get my sewing fix when l can’t think straight enough to plan a quilt. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – oh! Yes, I know exactly what you mean and yes, we call it a walker – a deluxe walker!

  16. Pat Smith

    That was really a bad day. So sorry you missed the funeral. How often can one ever say that? But, when a person has lived a full and long life and is ready to be in heaven with their ancestors, then it is a different kind of funeral than one for someone who is 46 instead of 96. So sorry about Rick’s arm. It must have really hurt as did your black eye. I’ve had one of those myself. I have the book “Wear Warm Clothes” and like it still, but don’t have the other one.. This is our last day in the Winnebago until we arrive in Florida for the winter.It’s always a relief to arrive safely. Since we live in central Florida we didn’t have any damage from the hurricane. My neighbors tell us they didn’t even lose electricity for which we are thankful.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – I’ll bet you’re anxious to get “home”, aren’t you? Yes, it was a joyous funeral – she was such a Christian lady. I am so sorry I had to miss it – don’t know if I’ll ever see those cousins again and Blanche was the last sister in this area. The only one left is in Mpls. That was the only sad part. How’s Sonny? Give him an Iowa hug!

  17. Janet S

    Boy Mary, talk about a streak of bad luck. Fortunately nothing life changing happened. You really should see a doctor about your eye just to be on the safe side. In the meantime, both of you stay safe indoors.
    Right now, southern Minnesota is having glorious fall colors on the trees which all blow down too soon. The days are wonderful and warm with the nights chilly. We haven’t had a hard freeze yet but some areas have lost some plants. Winter is right around the corner.

  18. RS

    Love the tall chickens in your wall quilt! I’ve seen them in your books, but have only made the single birds. Would those be laying hens or ‘layered hens’ ?
    Pray that both of you heal quickly. Know what its like to want to get all the fall-into-winter chores done. But the weather has really extended our garden & flower season this year. What a treat!

  19. NancyTD

    Glad your injuries weren’t more serious. How about having the church youth group help you do a few things? Pay back for all the pumpkins you grew for their fundraiser.
    I have both books. Wear Warm clothes hangs up in the winter. Welcome was hanging up this summer in the family room. Surprised that I made them in the 90’s. Love them both!!
    Both of you take some time to heal and just do nothing. I know it will be hard, but necessary.

  20. Marylou Krish

    I think of Rick’s arm and hurt! I think of your eye and hurt! Also I’m sad for you missing your Aunt’s funeral. It might be time to wrap you & Rick in bubble plastic!!
    I am hoping there is a quick healing time for you both.
    I love your blog, Mary!

  21. Jeanine from Iowa

    Mary, I can identify with your eye. A few years ago I missed the last step coming downstairs (in the dark), and fell against our humidifier. My eye got the worst of it. It looked a lot like yours, even worse. Everyone kidded my husband that he shouldn’t be hitting me like that. It took a long time for those bruises to go away, but I didn’t have any other problems from that fall. I hope yours heals quickly, and that Rick also heals quickly. I know husbands at our age want to do things, but don’t realize they aren’t as agile as they once were. Take care, and have a good week.

  22. Joyce from NY

    Oh my gosh Mary, sorry about all your injuries, isn’t there always something!! I have gotten all my plants in, my grandkids help me with some, of the heavy ones, I don’t have as many as you. Pretty cool here mornings & evenings, no hard frost yet, the leaves are starting to turn, beautiful!!

  23. Nancy Wines

    Gosh what a day. I remember making quilts from the Wear Warm Clothes book. Such great patterns. Hope Rick is feeling better. And that your eye is ok. It’s always something unexpected happening. Feel better

  24. Jan Hebert

    Oh Mary, so sorry you missed the funeral and I’m sorry for your loss. Ninety six though, what a wonderful long life she had! Your eye looks like it hurts! And I’m sure Rick was hoping that pain would go away – so glad he fell on the lawn and not the cement! I just ordered both of those books! On Amazon, of course. We had a light frost here last night, so I guess I’d better bring in the few remaining plants that are still outside. I have to clean up the gardens, but I hate doing it! The Swiss Chard is doing so well – just beautiful! And there are blooms on the two dahlia plants that survived the drought and deer damage. Peppers – we have loads of peppers! Our daughters are going to help with getting our boat to the marina where the people come to take it out of the water and store it for the winter. Such a sad time. I will stay home with the kitten instead of dragging him all the way there and back. At least that’s the plan for now. Please lay low for at least today, Mary! Jan in MA

  25. Daine in Maryland

    Oh my, your eye does look painful! Hope it isn’t. I saw one comment that you won’t need eye shadow. This would be the smokey eye look which I doubt none of us want. I could never understand why anyone would put steak on a black eye.

    I’m sure Rick thought he could fix that birdhouse without any problem. It’s awful not to be able to do little things we’ve always done. A chipped bone probably hurts as much as a broken one. So sorry you missed seeing your cousins.

    So nice that Becky could come and check on the dogs for you.

    Hoping you have a very pleasant day.

    Have a relaxing day.

  26. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    So sorry for all the injuries. As my husband and I are maturing (aging!), we have found that we need to be more intentional with all that we do. We try to be more aware, more thoughtful, and less distracted. It is not easy to accept limitations, but we have found that asking, or paying, for help does not diminish us. Please be careful as you continue with your activities. Your family, friends, and readers are concerned for your well being.

    I so sound like my mother ……..

  27. Kris in WI

    Sandy (in E. Wash) is right, being distracted can lead to embarrassing and potentially injurious results. My only black eye came about when I was working in the kitchen years ago and the wall phone (remember those!) rang. I reached for the phone, turned to finish what I was doing, and banged the receiver into my eye! I hope you get a chuckle out of that. It’s been a family story for decades.

    Jeanine (from IA) is right about those aging husbands of ours, too. It’s hard to tell the Mister, who uses a cane, that he probably shouldn’t mow the lawn! But then it’s probably hard to tell me that the laundry doesn’t all have to be done and put away in one day…on Monday, of course!

    Thinking of you and wishing you would grill that steak and enjoy it with a salad, baked potato and a beer! Is Rick still scheduled for a hip replacement? Prayers. Kris

  28. Susan K in Texas

    Oh my goodness! I’m hoping both you and Rick heal quickly! It’s really hard to miss times like your aunt’s funeral when you know you’ll have a good time catching up with family you don’t see often.
    We’re here in Iowa and will be leaving tomorrow morning. It has been absolutely beautiful this weekend. We took the grandsons to a pumpkin patch called Pride of the Wapsi today. Our two year old grandson loved feeding the goats and sheep.
    The visit didn’t start out great as the birthday boy spent his birthday Friday in the hospital. He got to come home Saturday and has been fine the rest of the weekend.
    It seems that 2022 has been a challenge for our family medically and also for you and Rick too.
    Take care!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – oh no! Is he ok? Yes, the weather was so lovely, wasn’t it? Safe travels to you!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        He is ok but they are watching him carefully. Dehydration was the worst part. He had an E. coli infection.
        Our visits always seem too short but two working parents and two littles needing their routines make for quick trips. We may be back for Veterans Day weekend. And then no more trips til spring as we don’t visit during the winter.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan – I don’t blame you for not visiting in the winter. Hope the little guy will be back to healthy soon.

  29. Kathy Hanson

    So true that everything you want to see is always at the same time! Frustrating to have to choose!!! Hope your eye is getting better and that Rick’s elbow is too!!!

  30. Kim from TN

    I’m sorry to hear of Ricks arm, your clunk on the head and missing the funeral. Goodness the past few days for you have been tough. Hope these past few days have gone better.

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