Bullseye Continued, 3-14-21

Two weeks ago we added the second circle and the third circle and some of you even went on to the next step – quartering your blocks.

Your background block was cut 9″ x 9″ so cut your block in half at 4.5″ and again at 4.5″ leaving you with 4 equal size quarter blocks.

Sew the quarter into halves and halves into blocks.

Here is the back side with all seams pressed open.

Here is my mini bullseye.

And after you’ve completed all your quartered blocks, set your blocks together as desired. Many of the readers used very innovative settings – I hope you saved your favorite because I no longer have them in my files.

Many of you have asked how we quilted ours. Here is one I made that is quilted in circles around the bullseye and stippled between blocks leaving the raw edges to fray.

And when you’re finished with your bullseye quilts, I hope you’ll send me a picture to post here on the blog.

9 thoughts on “Bullseye Continued, 3-14-21

  1. Lois A

    I have my 35 Bullseye quilt blocks on my design wall and would like to send a photo. I am on an iPad and can’t figure out how to attach a photo.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois A – send your photo to my email – I will resize, edit and post it for you. You cannot post directly to my blog.

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, your new bullseye blocks look lovely and fresh, cant wait to see the final result! Take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  3. Ruth

    I notice that your instructions say to cut the Bullseye block in half, and in half again. Then sew them back together. But you don’t say to mix up all the cut pieces first, so they won’t match, since this is the whole beauty of this particular pattern.
    Every Bullseye quilt has its own charming look to it, so different!

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