Nothing But Basketball!3-13-21

We missed out on this last year so we’re devoting our days to watching college basketball. I don’t have anything else to show you – except Siri!

She’s such a sweet girl!

And this quilt on the machine yesterday – it’s my Blocks From the Bible sampler quilt made for my talk at Women’s Fellowship at my church on April 8. More on that later.

Here some great Dirty Dozen quilts:

Here’s a couple quilts I saw online that I like so much.

I am inspired everywhere I look. More basketball tomorrow – don’t expect much from me here on the blog. Haha!

25 thoughts on “Nothing But Basketball!3-13-21

  1. Janice Hebert

    Siri is so pretty! I love the “village” quilt and all of the house quilts actually. The reader Dirty Dozen quilts are great! Cold here after a really nice couple of days but the sun is shining which makes it seem so much nicer than it is. Asking for prayers for my younger brother Chuck who’s in the hospital right now after having several small strokes following an ablation for Afib on Monday. Doctors are trying to stabilize him, he’s doing pretty well but we’re all very concerned as our dad had a history of strokes. Hoping that my brother’s healthier lifestyle works in his favor. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Hebert – oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother’s issues – that could be Rick.

  2. Mary

    Village pattern is a free pattern from Moda, I actually printed it off last week! I need to find the pattern to add the tree block, really like that with the houses.

  3. Susan Vore Linder

    Watching basketball here, too. Just watched Ohio State beat Michigan by 1 point!! YAY!!

  4. Gayle Lacey

    Hi, Mary! I’m making Village, and it’s so much fun!!! Houses go together very fast. You’ll love it!

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Jan, we all wish your brother well.
    That kitty is so pretty, I’m sure she is equally sweet.
    I’m doing some minor cleaning out and found 2 baskets of UFO’s!!! Should I go deeper?
    It’s snowing like crazy, we’re forecasted 3-5 feet by Monday morning. We stocked up with food, wood and chocolate. I found a box of old wine, so we may have a good time or some very expensive vinegar.
    Take care everyone

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – oh ick! I’ll bet that snow is headed for us – we’re under a winter storm watch.

  6. Kelli

    We ABSOLUTELY LOVE college basketball here in N.E. Ohio! So missed the tournament last year we are enjoying it so much now and looking forward to the tournament.

    Does anyone know the name of the last Dirty Dozen Quilt? With the large red border and churn dash blocks? I think it is a Kim Diehl but not sure.

    Siri is beautiful!

  7. Jean

    Mary, where DO you find such beautiful quilt online? I never find much. Going to do the house quilt. Have started with a couple of blocks already. They go together fast…but you need ALOT of them!

  8. Louverna

    Yes, it is a Kim Diehl quilt. (This is not mine.) I took a class from her and the pattern is in a book. Can’t remember the name. We pieced the blocks and did machine applique for the vines, etc. I learned how to machine applique with clear thread. Mine is not finished. Go figure.

  9. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Siri is gorgeous😸. I like all of the DD’s, too. We watched Ohio State almost lose. Dumb mistakes. Now we’re watching Iowa vs Illinois. I usually cheer for Iowa, but if they win, they’ll play OSU. Oh my!! Nice weather today. 51*

  10. Betty Klosterman

    Janice, we are all thinking about your family and your brother.

    Love all the little houses. They are just so cute. I’m always tearing patterns out of magazines, or copying them from the dirty dozen just where I find them. Then out comes the graph paper and colored pencils. I just love drawing up the blocks. Changing sizes, too. Sometimes I really have to think about how the pattern works. Anything but housework?? Project Warmth has cut out a lot of 5″ squares and I’ve been trying to figure different ways to put them together. 5 ways so far… Some of the ladies just love putting them together.

    I am watching the weather. The weather man didn’t know just what we were getting and when, but it looked like a very LOT of heavy wet snow. Rain started an hour ago. The temp is 46 right now. When the sun goes down (it is cloudy now) the temp will drop fast and the rain will turn to snow. Then we’ll just have to see what happens. In the meantime there is plenty of supplies and even chocolate covered cherries from Christmas. This doesn’t include tons (?) of fabric, patterns, thread… If the power goes out books, fabric to cut for quilts…… And then shoveling! It’s winter. We can get some of the worst storms March – May and even into June. We will survive.

    Take care, everybody. Betty in Rapid City

  11. Anne Thate

    I want to do that village one too!
    Great way tyuse up all those single charm packs

  12. Lorraine McGeough

    Siri is so cute. Enjoy your basketball games.
    Thank you for sharing pictures of the quilts. Love to see them

  13. Cheryl

    After my year of ‘pandemic’ quilts (ugh), I’ve started and love making neighborhood quilts! There is so much embellishing possible!!! I’m on my second Jenny Lane from MSQ. I think my next one will be plaid houses from men’s shirts. We lost the semi final today so basketball is over with until the NCAA tournament! Take care all!

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, lovely sunny day in wellington, l have removed the delapidated wood from an old treadle sewing machine and sprayed the frame with rust guard. Now need to get black spray paint and put a frosted glass top on it.l had to give my new cat to my friend who had adopted her brother as she did not settle with me, and now they are happy together. I will get a kitten when all the work is done in the love and prayers to Janine for her brother, take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

    1. Jo in Wyoming

      Sandy, it’s such fun to read about the other side of the equator. Keep us posted!

  15. Meredith

    Missed college basketball so much last year! Been watching non-stop since Wednesday! My Xavier team had a very disappointing March. Next year!

  16. Janice Brown

    Janice, my thoughts and prays for your brother. Siri looks so sweet! Very nice DD’s. To all in the storm’s path, stay safe.

  17. Charlotte Shira

    Siri is very pretty! Loved all the quilts too! I got to watch my grandson play spring football today. He plays for Idaho State and their games are on Pluto TV. I love football especially when my grandson is playing. Can’t wait for the fall season. I’m glad Ohio State won!!
    Janice, I’m praying for your brother. My husband had AF too.

  18. Kathy in western NY

    I believe Mary that last colorful quilt is a Moda pattern called Be My Neighbor. The house / village pattern was one I think would be cute with kitty fabric cut for the doorways. I loved reading Betty’s process of putting her creative brain into paper for using scraps cut to make up quilt patterns. Good indeed!!!
    Stay safe everyone in the path of this latest snow storm. A good few days to hunker down and sew away. I am hoping our prayers help heal Janice’s brother.

  19. Sue Smith

    Yeah! I’m back. I was so happy to find Country Threads Chicken Scratch in my email.
    Siri is such a pretty little thing. Looks like she found a good hidey-hole. Love the DDs. Especially, Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him. Beautiful!
    Those houses must be all the quilting rage. I have a new book with houses with no doors and they are all hand pieced. Light house rows alternating with dark house rows upside down so that they nest together.
    We had our 2nd shot on Friday. I felt like I had the flu all day yesterday, but today I feel fine.

  20. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Driving my husband nuts with all the basketball I am watching, I’m a big fan, he is not. He would rather watch all the cowboy shows from the 50s and 60s. I was cheering for Iowa to beat Illinois. On to the NCAA. We have had a disappointing Badger season, we were the #1 ranking in the Big Ten last year, this year it was #6. Same players except one (Brevin Pritzl) don’t know what is wrong. Hope they figure it out soon.

  21. Kelli

    Louverna – thanks for confirming that was a Kim Diehl quilt! Enjoy finishing yours ☺️

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