Bullseye Step 3, 2-28-21

Are you ready to work on your bullseye blocks again? We’re now going to add the second circle. No big deal – just a smaller circle on top of the first circle and then trim out the back again.

In two weeks, March 14, we will add the final circle.

Here’s the March Dirty Dozen number – it’s 10. I will post this tomorrow on March 1 and show you what my #10 is.

Does it bother anyone else when you see folks wearing their mask below their nose? I don’t know why this gets to me so badly but it does. I’m watching basketball and half of them don’t wear any mask and some wear a mask below their nose and some don’t wear one at all. How can this be right? (Sorry – I have no one else to complain to – haha!)

50 thoughts on “Bullseye Step 3, 2-28-21

  1. Peggy

    I agree with you about the masks. Also when they do not fit right and they are adjusting them constantly. Have a good day.

  2. Mary

    I agree with you on the masks! It infuriates me too. We have a group who get together to quilt and there are 2 who aren’t planning on getting the vaccine, so disappointed with them. For them it’s all political, I got it for myself and for the care of others. Some have started getting back together to quilt but I’ve held off because of those two. I guess it’s my problem to deal with. I just feel we’re never going to get past this virus if we all don’t get on the same page.😢

  3. Marie Beers

    Lots of people need Mask Wearing 101. Yes, it makes me mad and sad that people can be so stupid and have no regard for others. I have received both my shots so don’t feel as threaten when I see people like that.

  4. Sue Smith

    YES…It bothers me a lot too. I often throw them dagger eyes. lol I will be so glad when all of this is over. We get our 2nd shots March 12th. I suppose we will still have to wear masks though.
    I am trying to get used to a new computer and have gone from 8 to 10. So hard to get used to something new. I opted for a new computer over a new washing machine. I will just have to bend like a pretzel to get the washed clothes out. My pretzel days are pretty much over but I suppose its good for me.
    We are having a somewhat decent day. No rain.

    1. Linda in Estherville

      Sue, I got an all in one washer about 6 months ago, and love it! No more moving whe wet clothes, unless I need to get out some things I don’t want dried! A load takes a lot longer, I haven’t noticed a change in the electric Bill. However, the. Machine itself was expensive, I got the drawer to raise it up and it is a good storage area for soaps etc.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Linda in Estherville – I have never heard of an all in one washer! How innovative!

    2. Linda in Estherville

      Masks! Yes, our quilt group will be meeting in a private home, she didn’t mention people masking, so I won’t be going. Early on, she had tried to get a meeting going and said masks would not be required and people could make their choice, that there was room in her house to social distance. I always think the social distancing is honey…you get up and sneeze while walking across the area….and there it is.

      You know what is more infuriating than the way people wear masks, It’s when the GYN removed his mask when he came into do my six month check after endometrial cancer. He said he was removing his mask so I could hear him better. I told him I could hear perfectly well. His response? Oh, well, I’ve had my two shots, I won’t give you anything.

  5. Sue Smith

    YES! It bothers me a lot! I sometimes throw them dagger eyes. lol I will be so glad when all of this is over and we are normal again. Or will there ever be a normal as we knew it?
    I now have a new computer with Windows 10. Trying to get used to it. I opted for a new computer over a new washing machine. I will just have to bend like a pretzel to get the clothes out. I don’t have room for a stand. Ah well…The bending is probably good for me.

  6. Patty

    I thought we added the second circle last time???

    And yes people who wear their masks below their noses really annoy me too! Why wear a mask if you do not wear it correctly!!!

  7. Jane from St Marys

    My husband informed me that he learned how to wear his mask by watching all the basketball coaches & players!! It drives me crazy how he will wear his but every time I mentioned putting it on right..I get the stink eye! He wears hearing aids & I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve gotten pulled off from the mask getting caught so I just let him do his thing! I don’t like it but I’ve learned to pick my battles!

    1. Judy

      Jane, I also wear glasses and hearing aids. The masks that I wear the most not do go around my ears. I found a pattern online that uses a tshirt cord for ties, it ties in back. I put in a nose piece so fogging is not much of a problem. It may not look as great with ties hanging down, but I do not have a problem with the mask getting caught on my hearing aids or glasses.

  8. Mandy Stewart

    You’re not the only one wearing masks wrong bugs. I just want to yell “put your d#@*n mask on right”. The other one that bugs me is wearing it on their chin…missed everything. I just chalked my gripe up to getting old and crotchety. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  9. Lois A

    Lovely Bullseye block. I have 11 blocks to go on the first two rings. When I cut out the back of the second ring, will it be 4 inches to use for the third circle?

    Wearing a mask with the top below your nose is the same as not wearing a mask at all since the virus is transmitted by droplets from your mouth or nose, and can be in the air as far as 20 ft

    I don’t get not wearing a mask, it is totally an insult to everyone who follow the rules and care about others

  10. Norma Gebhardt

    I can’t get my mind off the Sea Glass Star pattern. I s there a way we could buy just that pattern from you If you put together a kit to make the 4 block table runner, I’ll bet you would sell out. I know you probably don’t want to go back to kits again. I always enjoyed your kits so much that you sold at Columbus show years ago. This area of picking fabric for a quilt is difficult for me I always want it to be like the picture. Thanks for listening.

    1. Pam Forsling

      Oh Norma…you are a girl after my heart. I have the same problem w chosing fabric. I also love kits for that reason.

  11. susie Q

    It is not right and that is why you are watching from home. People in this country can’t be told to do anything they don’t want to. And have all sorts of smart mouth answers for those who comment.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Your not complaining, your venting. Seems like I’m doing a lot if that lately.
    I saw an inconsiderate dude with his mask hanging from one ear.

    We have lots of sunshine today, spring is a comin.

  13. Margie

    Hi. Yes. It does bother me. I do everything possible to keep safe from the virus. I am not sure why people think they are invinceable with all the people who have died. Not sure why they can’t wear the mask like they are asked to. Maybe they need to be fined or benched for the game if they don’t comply. The Golden rule applies here, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

  14. Kim J LeMere

    Yes it bothers me also. We have been watching golf and there are plenty of spectators wearing there mask below the nose standing next to someone…..I wonder why they even bother if they cant wear it properly. I know they are outside but the tournament set the rules for the few spectators that it is allowing in so why cant those few comply??? I’m under 65 so I’m waiting for my shots…..still staying home to be safe.

  15. Christine Beach

    Yes, the no mask wearing & incorrect wearing bother me, too. I want to put more than 6
    feet between us. Maybe it’s a good reason to wear two masks if people are going
    to be rude and arrogant. I’ll quit complaining now.
    I enjoy all of the DD quilts and your blog. It was interesting about the hen’s toes.
    Thank you for all that you do for us.

  16. Karen Gaither

    So fun that you are doing the Bull’s Eye Sew Along. I am teaching the Bull’s Eye class again next Saturday at Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop in Fort Worth. I will share you blog with the class, so they can follow after class. The ladies in January loved making the quilt!

  17. Launa

    Yes, it bothers me! I am getting my second injection this week. Some waited to see if their friends had reactions! That was in the local weekly newspaper! No one is forced to have the C19 injection!

  18. Nikki M in Tx

    No Mary you are not alone, the only thing that bothers me more than a mask below the nose is a mask worn as a chin diaper…really, what the hell !! Would you want your surgical team wearing masks like this??? The excuse people can’t understand me when I talk with the mask on… speak louder…, I can’t breathe… get a plastic insert to hold mask away from mouth & nostril…much easier breathing than a ventilator. My glasses fog up… get a mask with a nose piece or adjust the nose piece o the mask you have…. there are several styles of mask.. find the one that works for you. And for heavens sake keep your nasty hands off your mask !!!! WASH that mask….!!!!
    Sorry Mary… had to add my 2 cents worth!

  19. Susy Boyer

    I agree with you Mary. My husband and I grumble every time we see this too! Get a clue people. We were thinking maybe we could wear a wrist band that say’s we’ve been vaccinated. Like you see for charities. Maybe that would help others to get vaccinated.

  20. Gloria Burk

    As to masks, does anyone else’s nose ITCH under that mask? And do you invaribly want to SNEEZE,,,ready to put all of them in moth balls!

  21. Judy A

    The masks – I’ll complain with you. One SHOULD wear it, and wear it correctly. No wonder “they” say masks don’t work. So tired of mask/ covid talk. Go get your vax, people! 🙂

  22. Deb E

    It bothers both my husband & myself that folks either wear their mask below their nose or don’t wear one at all. Today a stupid woman wasn’t wearing a mask at Home Depot & then started coughing when we walked by her. She got the evil eye and a rude comment was made (by us). But since she’s younger, at most she’s likely just a carrier and won’t ever show symptoms, but just spreading it around to others (like us) who ARE highly susceptible to CV…..and that doesn’t matter to HER as it doesn’t affect HER. So as you can tell, we are pretty verbal!

  23. Agatha

    I hate that they wear their masks wrong too. It makes me crazy I just want to go up to them and say why are you even bothering to wear a mask at all!! Really what is wrong with them. On a better note I have already made the bulls eye quilt with material I bought from your shop. But it is so much fun to make it again with you.

  24. PamjTx

    Mary, when I see people wearing their mask below their nose, it royally forks me. Especially when they go to extremes to get closer than social distancing requirements.

    1. Judy A

      When your mask isn’t covering your nose and you exhale through your nose, where does all that “air” go? Down onto the outside of your mask. Eeeuuuu.

    2. Judy A

      When your mask isn’t covering your nose and you exhale through your nose, where does all that “air” go? Down onto the outside of your mask. Eeeuuuu.

  25. Pamela forsling

    Mary..when you do the straight line quilting do you always need to start and stop the same direction vs up and down? Im considering quilting a small piece w straight line but thought I read somewhere not to go up and down. I sure look forward to read your notes and see your pictures daily! Thanks!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela Forsling – I’m quilting on a longarm machine and only quilt left to right. Stop, cut my thread and move the head back to the left side. I don’t know how I would quilt top to bottom when the quilt is rolled up. You don’t mean starting and stopping each time I roll the quilt, do you? You realize the quilt is rolled up, right?

      1. Pamela forsling

        Thanks so much Mary for responding. I appreciate your answer. Have a good nights rest.

  26. Gwen

    Yes, it really bothers me when people wear their mask below their nose! They may as well not wear one. The reason that Covid is tested for with a nasal pharyngeal swab is that is where most of the virus lives. Not wearing a mask over their nose defeats the purpose of wearing one. It is all I can do to not make a scene when I see this.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gwen – you and me both! I am so close to making a scene many times but then think it’s not my place to act as a mask police.

  27. Janice Hebert

    I love your Bull’s Eye fabric Mary. My next one will be bright and cheery like that. Now, please don’t hate me everyone but I’m not as confident that masks help in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, I do wear my mask when I’m going in a store or anywhere other people are but I do that as a courtesy for others. I agree that wearing one below the nose or on the chin is ridiculous. Looks so silly! But in my heart I feel that the virus particles are so small that only the best masks, such as the N95, would stop anything. And the N95 masks are almost impossible to find. I believe the science that says that we need to be out, in the sunshine, and taking care of our immune system so that when we are exposed to viruses or cold germs we can fight them. I’m afraid that these masks are making us more vulnerable. But I will continue to wear one to make others feel better. Jan in MA

  28. Carlene Buck

    In the late 1990s I had carpel tunnel surgery on one hand and then the other and was off work for 6 weeks. I made over 300 bullseye blocks with the help of my quilt friends who dropped by and trimmed out the circles. Every day I sewed around the circles with one hand. That saved my sanity. I made myself a large queen quilt which is on my bed every winter, a couch quilt for my sister, a twin quilt for my nephew and another couch quilt for me, I guess because it is in my car right now. They are all backed with flannel. Everyone loves them….and they wash up more cuddly every time.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carlene Buck – thank you for this encouraging message about being able to sew while recuperating from carpal tunnel surgery. I really need to have it done but keep putting it off because I hate being away from my sewing machine! Maybe I’ll consider it this summer.

  29. Lois A

    The comments are still messed up. There are ones from Feb 28 mixed in with Mar 1, I’d ont see any for the last two days.

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