Update, 2-27-21

Tomorrow is a big day! It’s Bullseye and Dirty Dozen Day – I’ll give the next step in the Bullseye Quilt Along and I’ll also pull the number for March.

We got to 45 degrees today and it was perfect! One of my extra chores to do today involved the chickens in the infirmary. Many ended up in the infirmary because they couldn’t walk very well and as I thought about it I decided it was because their toenails were too long. The internet told me exactly what to do – I had to trim their overgrown toenails! But it had to be done in stages about two weeks apart to allow the “quick” to recede. Cutting into that fleshy part of the nail would cause dangerous bleeding which could easily become infected.

So here was what I saw.

I held the chicken in my left arm and used a side cutter with my right hand to clip away about 1/2 of the overgrown nail.

Most people don’t keep their hens for their entire lifetime like I do so this is not generally an issue. And these chickens have been confined indoors not being able to scratch in the dirt allowing their toenails to grow too long.

So this was a new experience for me!

Here are the Dirty Dozen quilts:

Found this at the thrift store – has it been that long ago that we made log cabin hearts? Yes!

A reader sent a picture of this handmade family quilt after she saw the Dot quilt I’m working on. Squares measure 5″. What a family treasure!

This quilt shown online is another one I’d like to try.

Here’s a good picture of the needlework (is it crocheted?) on the table. Emma gave it to me many years ago and it’s one of my most treasured pieces. I believe it is from the late 1800’s.

Easter is next month – do you have your Harvey hung up like I do? If you haven’t yet made a Harvey, big or little, you can find this pattern as a pdf download in our store.

Whew! I had more to say than I thought – haha! Tune in tomorrow!

23 thoughts on “Update, 2-27-21

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – thanks – link worked, don’t see it exactly but the dating is right.

  1. Kathy Hanson

    What a job it must be to trim the chicken’s toenails! I left the toenail cutting for the llamas to someone that was better at it than Jerry and I were. Sometimes they got pretty long! My DD quilt is at the quilters and I will bind it this week and then can send a picture. So much fun to see what others are getting done, so beautiful!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I wouldn’t attempt the goats and don’t know anyone to hire. They are getting too long for sure.

  2. Diane Bauer

    You are one brave lady to trim chicken’s toensils!!! I have trouble with the dogs’!!! I have done it a few times through COVID, but I, too, am afraid of clipping the quick!!

    Spring is coming!!! I hope that means snow is tapering off for you all!! February and march are our snowiest months, but we start to get more and more 60 degree days in between the snowstorms!

  3. Mandy Stewart

    That edging may be tatting. I’m not a tatter but had a friend who tatted with a needle and it was really delicate and she used it on edgings.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Wowzers! I bet the chickens feel better already. No more intensive care.
    Great quilt show today and the crochet is a beauty.
    We had a snow storm this morning and the wind blew it away this afternoon. The drift in the side yard is sure is big.

  5. Connie R.

    Thanks for the quilt show. I especially love the “family treasure” quilt and am trying to figure out how it can be made using the Bullseye quilt instructions. So much talent in all the quilts.

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Just got my Harvey back from the quilter. I figured out I should have done the facial details before it was sandwiched and quilted. We’ll remember that for next time! If things work out, I’m going to do that tomorrow. Then take a picture and sent to Missouri in time for Easter. I’ll send you the picture. Also have a skinny snowman to finish and send with Harvey. It has to be at least 5 years since I made the tops…..
    Maybe when we start a project we should put the pattern, details and the date of when we start with the project so if it gets put back for awhile we can remember the details?? I’m going to have to think about that.
    It has been snowing since this afternoon, but I don’t think we are supposed to get a lot. Lots more higher up, like the west side of town. Think I heard it is supposed to be 60 by next Saturday. Betty in Rapid City
    Great quilts and such pretty colors. And the plaid squares, too.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty Klosterman – yes, we all SHOULD do as you suggested. I always think I’ll remember – hahaha!!!

  7. Charlotte Shira

    Very interesting about the chickens. Love all the quilts! Great job ladies!! I like the one you’d like to try too. I believe that the needlework is crocheted. Very beautiful! Glad it warmed up a little.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary , my new cat has arrived, she is a beautiful silver grey striped bengal siamese with amazing ice blue eyes, very timid , but l have has some cuddles with her,she is hiding in the upstairs bedroom overnight. I guess it’s a big change for her as her owner had to find her a new home due to her son’s asthma.hope to get a nice photo of her soon,take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – I just know she is beautiful! I can’t wait to see her – she will become braver as time goes on.

  9. Linda Schluchter

    Mary, one of my two year old hens didn’t want to walk and I discovered her toenails were terribly overgrown. She was low in the pecking order so she isolated herself most of the time and didn’t scratch very often. I found she also had a spur on the side of her leg, it wasn’t like a rooster spur it was more like and extra toenail and it had curled back into her leg! What we don’t have to do for our babies!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda Schluchter- only 2 years old? But couldn’t scratch like normal – I get it. Did you cut that extra toenail off completely – I have a similar hen.

  10. Launa

    Good morning Mary,
    Enjoyed seeing your chickens receiving their pedicures! Nice to learn something new!
    The Dot Dot Dot Family quilt is indeed a treasure. Good to see the variety of finished projects as well! Your treasured crocheted piece must have been done with very fine thread and a finer crochet hook. My grandma never sat in her rocking chair without something to crochet. Many of my elementary school teachers received handkerchiefs with crocheted edges and cute pot holders like you showed a while ago!
    Going to hang my tall rabbit today!

  11. Nancy TD

    Brave woman to trim chicken toenails. I always dreaded trimming the dogs.
    Finishes are great. So many neat ideas. All are great. The I spy quilt is a cleaver setting idea.
    The quilt you want to try is called winding ways—made a wall hanging years ago.
    Harvey is hanging up and greeting us every time we walk by.
    Enjoy the warmer weather. Just boosts the spirits!

  12. Kathy in western NY

    I too found the log cabins hearts pattern at a thrift store. An oldie but a goodie.
    Great pictures in your quilt show today. Your readers are so creative. I better finish my Harvey now cause Easter is early and I don’t sew as fast as I use to.
    It’s one of my favorite patterns of yours.

  13. Pam

    I have a quilt passed down in my family similar to the dot quilt. Mine was in tatters, or as we like to say “well loved”. It was done in two fabrics. A white shirting type fabric and a blue calico. I made a copy of it for my Mother (we think the original quilt was made by her Grandmother in southern Illinois) for her birthday one year. I made a couple of table runners out of the good parts of the original quilt and a few stocking ornaments for grandkids and quilt lover friends. I never knew the name of the pattern. Done in just the two colors, it looks kind of like a curved bow tie. Aren’t old quilts interesting…

  14. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Your chickens are so lucky to have you. I used to trim Squeak’s toenails, but now she runs. However, I found someone who can do it so we’ll try that. The DD’s are great fun to see. Betty, I like your idea of noting all the info for a quilt before putting it away to work on another day or year or decade!! I also think the needlework might be tatting. My Nana used to do that and I have some of the little “sticks” that she used. Obviously, I’m not a tatter!! Hope Iowa wins today:) It is 53 degrees here and most of the snow is gone. It poured rain all morning, but cleared up.

  15. Debra BRITTON

    Chicken nails! How funny. I dread cutting my rabbit’s nails and I can’t even imagine having to cut my chicken’s nails but now I know it is a possibility. I have had your Harvey pattern forever and pull it out every year wanting to make it. Who knows, maybe this is the year of Harvey as he is just so darn cute. Thanks for sharing life in the country!

  16. Kathy Schwartz

    You are a brave soul to take care of chicken feet!!
    We have a guy come to trim the cow hooves. He puts the cow on a “table/trailer” and uses a grinder to trim. The cow lays on her side. I know it sounds gross, but it must be done. Maybe you know someone who can help you with that.
    Great photos today. Thanks.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Schwartz – well, a chicken is nothing to hold – I really need someone to trim the goats’ hooves. I can’t do that. Why does everybody think it’s such a brave thing to hold a chicken? Seriously – I don’t understand. Please tell me why you think that’s such a brave thing to do? I hold my chickens lots of times.

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