Bullseye Theft – Again, 6-15-23

Two Chicks Quilting in Texas is starting a Bullseye Sew Along next week without any mention of Country Threads. She is using decorative stitches and assorted decorative threads to topstitch. They also use bowls to make round templates and cut their circles identical. They don’t trim out the back until the final small circle which she finally realized was too many layers in the seam.

When even a popular magazine, Quiltmania, credits Country Threads, I would think a shop in Texas who likes to do videos would also credit us. Makes me crazy!

I really should do a video myself but I would be so self conscious that I couldn’t do a good job. Ugh.

I am going to Thursdays on Main tonight and thought I’d drive Red to park in the car show. Off to the car wash I go and when I’m drying it off I notice that the grille looks odd and then I realize the Chevrolet chrome piece on the hood is missing! It’s been broken off by vandals! The little metal holders are snapped right off!! I am in shock! There are many good people in the world but there are lots of shady characters, too. I’ve just told you about two incidents that have affected me directly.

On to more fun things – reader quilts.

It’s a beautiful afternoon on the porch to just get a grip on life in general. Not enough time to start a project before time to leave. Thanks for all the anniversary wishes! Wonder where I stuck our wedding photos.

56 thoughts on “Bullseye Theft – Again, 6-15-23

  1. Sue in Marion, IN

    Catching up today—happy anniversary! So sorry about your logo theft—what’s WRONG with people?

    Love the quilts! The doggie, the baby hearts, and the scrappy homespun one too!

  2. Sherrill

    I LOVE the baby with her heart quilt. What a beautiful quilt AND baby!! And the cute little kitties–adorable!

  3. Barb

    Mary, I’m so sorry Big Red was vandalized. That shouldn’t happen in Iowa.

  4. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Grrr. This kind of stuff really, really aggravates me!! I hope you let it known about your car to as many people possible as someone in that circle will surely hear something. That was very brazen in broad daylight with people around! It’s so nerve racking. Several years ago at Christmas time, all my porch garland and lights were removed from my porch in the middle of the night, and there was a lot and took me forever to put up. Swags and posts and tons of lights wrapped around them. Something or someone must have scared them off because they left everything in piles. The lights had all been cut to get them off. I was so mad, but the worst part was knowing it was done while we slept and that really freaked me out that they were out there. People have such nerve!! Am I right in saying all that quilt shop has to do is acknowledge you for the pattern? How stupid of them, especially with social media. Someone was bound to find it. An apology is truly in order. I’m sorry.
    LOVE the dog quilt!!

  5. Linda in MI

    Those kittens are so darn sweet, makes me want to adopt a couple more, but buying cat and dog food keeps me poor as is. I do love the fact that they stay close to each other.

    I’m so sorry Little Red was vandalized; someone was really bold and it seems like someone would have saw it happen because I’m sure it took some effort. It’s pitiful, you can’t trust anyone anymore, that is so very sad. I hope whoever did that feels like the thief they are and pays dearly with guilt. Same for the quilters in Texas who plagiarized the bullseye quilt, but it sounds like they are more interested in making money than being honest!

  6. Susan K in Texas

    I’m sorry about your bullseye pattern and Little Red. Both so disappointing.
    I love the quilts today. Each has their own personality. The dog quilt is stunning.
    And then the kitties! Oh so cute!

  7. Katie in Gilbert,Az

    Hope the two chicks ladies, contact u about the bullseye quilt…
    Shame about your car..it’s such a darling car and perfect for U
    u keep up the positive you give to animals, your church contribution of music and your sharing you have given for years regarding quilting..
    You r Blessed with your gifts..

  8. Peggy Grandberg

    Mary, Two Chicks Quilts posted a message on their video for the Bullseye wishing to have contact with you as she was not aware of Country Thread. So sorry about your hood ornament.

  9. Sharon F

    How annoying someone stole the hood ornament from your car! That’s just vandalism. And so very unkind, to say the least, of Two Chicks to appropriate your bullseye pattern without giving you any credit or compensation.
    But the heart quilt and the baby are so adorable! As are the kittens. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. Pamela Dempsey

    Oh, Mary! So sorry about the quilting thieves and your Chevrolet part! On eBay one is selling for $287! Shaking my head. What lowlifes. They should know it’s going to turn around and bite them back someday! I enjoyed the pictures and glad several people enjoyed my kittens , Penny and Lucy. They will be 4 months old on the 21st and I can’t imagine my life without them. I’m glad they are sisters and cuddle and wash each other and other times they rough and tumble I’m afraid they will get hurt. 😵‍💫

    1. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

      I figured they were siblings. So adorable and so glad they have each other. What fun!

      1. Kathy in western Ny

        Pamela, those kittens are so darn cute in the pictures you have sent to Mary. I love seeing them so please keep feeding us kitty people with your adorable pictures. They are so sweet. When you start to think of the bad in life, just looking at those kitties makes me see what the best part of life is and that’s our health to enjoy having pets.

  11. Elizabeth

    My son got married on Tuesday, to a wonderful girl we have all loved since they were ten! Enjoy the porch and the start of summer, Mary!

  12. Karen Pidcock

    It is mind boggling that someone admiring your car would damage it. I hope it is one of those acts that haunt them.

    Wishing you a pleasant evening.

    1. Kathy

      Do the videos! Hire a “stand in”. Or use animals. Everyone loves animals.

  13. Joy in NW Iowa

    Disgusting! People are so obnoxious! What is the point of steeling something that isn’t yours! Ugh!
    The quilts are all beautiful!
    Spreading the word about the stolen thing on your cute truck!

  14. Diane in WI

    I really wonder about some people these days. They should be ashamed of themselves. The quilts are wonderful as always. Lots of talented people on the blog. Hope you have a good time tonight.

  15. Teresa in Indiana

    That would infuriate me to tears. Both issues. People!
    The reader pics are adorable. Love that little baby, the quilt was nice too.

    1. Cathy D

      So upsetting when things like that happen! My husband was parked at the Webster County fair last summer, about 2 cars away from the building his Antique Tractor Club was exhibiting in. Broad daylight, Saturday afternoon, and he came out to see that someone stole the trailer hitch he’d bought 3 days prior! Right off the back of our truck!! That was a $300 lesson learned. I worry about the state of the world we’re leaving for our Grands 😢.

  16. Christie

    I commented on their post with your name and credited you. They deleted my comment.

  17. Sharon G.

    The two chicks in Texas ought to be ashamed.
    I printed a free pattern from Pinterest. It had the designer’s name on it. I used it as a guide, but altered the block pieces to my own dimensions. I can honestly say it never occurred to me in a million years to republish the pattern with my dimensions and put my name on it.
    Stealing a hood ornament is akin to what used to go on in the 50-60’s – stealing hubcaps! Thought those days were behind us. I hope you can get a replacement.
    Loved all the quilts and the cute kittens. And that heart quilt with the baby is adorable! The shaggy dog quilt is sweet. What talented quilters!
    Have fun at Thursdays on Main tonight.
    Take care.

    1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

      Maybe there is a recording of the event if the event/car show is in front of businesses. That was sad to see someone stole your car part. And again, using the Bullseye quilt pattern like it was their own! Just give credit where credit is due! I am going to St Cloud tomorrow for the Minnesota State Quilt Show. Hope it will be in Rochester next year.

  18. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! The nerve.
    Not as shocking, considering social media today. But upsetting.
    I was thinking “customer service “ has a total different meaning today. What is expected is nowhere close to what is delivered, according to us old folks.
    But…the quilts are so refreshing. Don’t let someone’s ugly, ruin our beautiful.

  19. Connie R.

    I sent an email to Two Chicks Quilting expressing my disappointment that they would use your Bullseye Quilt pattern without giving you credit. There is not a quilt shop out there that doesn’t know Country Threads and your patterns. Also, so sorry about the grille on your red truck. Pure vandalism. How things have changed when it comes to morals. Sad.

  20. Moe in NE Illinois

    Hi Mary, the blue and yellow plaid-ish quilt is made from my BIL Bob’s golf shirts, my SIL asked me to make it when he passed away many years ago. I finally added the yellow and blue checked borders in flannel. I am so happy with how it turned out. On the back is flannel depicting golfers. I had it quilted with flowers and hearts, I named it Warpped In Love so when my SIL Pat has it on her lap she will think of her husband Bob. Of course you recognized that it’s made with men’s shirts. It’s SO SOFT. I can’t wait to give it to her.

    1. Sheila in WI

      Thank you, Moe for sharing the story behind your quilt. What a thoughtful treasure for your SIL. I’m sure she’ll love and appreciate it.

      1. Moe in NE Illinois

        Thank you Shelia, I can’t wait to give it to her but first I have to show it to my friends and sisters!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Moe – oh, she will just love it! I know how soft it feels!

      1. Moe in NE Illinois

        Hi Mary, darn the spell check changed my words. My quilt is called Wrapped in Love. MySIL is not a fan of golf so I wanted the quilt to be about Love even though the shirts were her husband’s golf shirts. I hope to give it to her soon. I love following your blog and all your adventures. I am still finishing many UFO’s and will send some photos to you soon. I love being retired! Lots of Love in that paragraph!

  21. Linda Schaefer

    Hi Mary, my friend was traveling through Utah and bought a bullseye kit. I can’t remember the name of the shop but all the circles were precut. I will send you pictures of the kit through snail mail so you can see their pattern. I made your bullseye many years ago and took it camping to put the binding on. The night we get home my big dog got skunked and of course came running in the house and jumped right on my quilt rubbing his body all over it. I washed it but could never get that smell out so it went in the trash. 🥲 I loved that quilt caused I made it with some friends and we swapped fabrics.

  22. Sandy

    Wonderful show and tell. Happy Anniversary, how many years? I always enjoy reading life in the country but it upsets me too when I hear about your vandalized car. Just not right! No respect these days.

  23. Kim from TN

    Why would anyone need to steal your vehicle item? this is just theft for theft, so sad. I hope the shop in Texas realizes the pattern is yours and makes it right by acknowledging it. I hope you have a great time at the car show. It is raining here in middle TN and we need it badly. I hope it cleans our air from the smoke that has drifted south, my allergies are suffering. Loved seeing the shaggy dog quilt, what a beautiful quilt.

  24. Beryl BC

    First, Happy Anniversary!
    Second, I saw that Youtube pop up on my phone earlier today, and thought it might be your design. Sorry to hear that.
    Enjoy the Thursday on Main activity.

  25. Sandy

    Hi Mary, we need to send a message to two chick’s that it’s not right what they are doing. On a happier note, the dog quilt, the baby and quilt, and the kittens on the chair are fabulous! A chilly morning here in wellington, New Zealand, hope you enjoy your outing with little red! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  26. Lynette in Orlando

    It is sad what this world is coming to with theft left right and center. Even worse when it’s you. Feel so violated. So sorry!!! Yes, you should contact that shop — another form of theft (at least in my opinion). Love love love those 2 kitties!!!! So cute!!!!!!

  27. Jean

    Sketchy people. Wonder how they sleep at nite. My minister would say not to worry about those people. God will deal them in his own way in his own time. We should pray for them. BUT…Mary I would encourage you to contact those people in Texas and make them aware of their oversight! And I think you would do a marvelous job on a video. Go for it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – as I have said many times in other seemingly unfair situations – GOD KNOWS

  28. Lorraine

    So sorry about your hood ornament-that is just rude for someone not to respect other people’s property. Don’t people have anything to do but to be destructive??!!
    Do you have a copy write on your bulls eye quilt pattern? Even if they would have given credits to you or your shop on the pattern then that would have been better.
    Thank you for the pictures of the quilts-they are all great especially the shaggy dog quilt is so beautiful.
    Have fun tonight and enjoy the evening out.

  29. Rita in iowa

    Mary sorry about your bulls eye quilt and what would anybody have need of the car part. Maybe with your post someone will see it. Maybe post a picture of what it looks like.
    The quilts were gorgeous and the baby laying on the quilt was adorable.

  30. Diana in Des Moines

    My thought on theft is always maybe they need it more than I do.
    But car parts do NOT fall into that category.
    And as for pattern theft, I have sent them a message on their website that they are stealing your pattern without permission and I was SURE that was not their intention.
    So, so irritating. Why can’t people just mind their own business and leave others things alone?

    1. Rosie Westerhold

      My comment is on their video. Initially, all they said was: @Country Threads.
      What the?!? Tonight I saw that they had added MORE to their comment about MY comment. I was just letting them know they were being WATCHED!! I asked to join their group, just to monitor what they are doing. After my initial comment on their YouTube video, I was surprised that they approved me!! And, maybe it WAS an oversight. I don’t think so. If they had done ANY kind of search, they would have been led to Country Threads. So, I’m probably the one who stirred the pot this time. Ugh. Why can’t people just be honest about things?

      Recently, I just had to trust that someone I had only spoken to on the phone, in another state, would do the right thing by selling my late husband’s large collection of antique carpentry tools without me having an inventory of all the tools. I had to just trust that this man would do the right thing, and be honest about what I shipped to him. And he has been!! Completely restored my faith and trust in humanity. And then the incident of Bull’s Eye Quilt. My trust is broken again. Ugh.

      1. Julie Mercer

        That wasn’t us that tagged @country threads. That was someone else….
        Welcome to our Facebook Group, we include anyone who would like to join!

  31. Jill Klop

    I’m so frustrated for you! So many people are so good and kind, and the bad ones wreck things for everyone.

  32. Kathy in western NY

    Love all the quilts and the colorful fabrics. You just go down on Main Street tonight and remember who really is the Queen of Bulleyes quilts! When I typed into Google to see who these chicks were, two chicks cocktails was the first thing that came up for me if that tells you I guess how low on the totem pole they go.

  33. Sheila in WI

    Sorry for the concerns you have. Both would drive me crazy too.
    But then the reader quilts came and made my heart glad again. Love the “shaggy dog quilt. And that sweet baby on the hearts quilt is just too precious! Kudos to the other quilt makers too. Love all the different patterns and colors!

  34. Tanya T. in Houston

    The woman in the dog quilt photo is Janice Schindeler from Houston. Her quilt has been accepted into the All Creatures Great and Small exhibit at the La Grange museum. Janice is so talented and makes the best pimiento cheese ever! Such wonderful artists in Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. I just try to soak up inspiration!

    But, I don’t take credit for even knowing the Bull’s Eye thieves or anyone who would take a hood ornament!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tanya – Thank you for the background info about Janice – please tell her how much we love her doggie! And – I put an envelope in the mail to you today so watch for it.

  35. Sandra Goddard

    I followed two Chicks Quilting in Texas on Facebook for awhile not anymore just saying. Not impressed in a long time and now for sure. Sorry about Red. I love those two kittens.

  36. Mary Beth

    Life is full of ups and downs. It’s how we handle the downs that makes us stronger. I’m sure sorry you’ve had these two incidents back to back. Praying for peace for you.

  37. Beth T.

    Sorry about the hard things contained in this post. Ugh. Thank you for adding so many wonderful photos to even them out. Honestly, I was saying to myself, “That shaggy dog quilt is the cutest thing ever!”, and then I saw that sweet baby on the heart quilt!! Further down, those twin cats spooning are pretty darned adorable, too.

  38. Diane in Colorado

    Ugh. So sorry on both counts. I try so hard to trust that people will be decent and stay In integrity and I’m so disappointed when they don’t. It would be easy to get cynical. People are just not as kind as they were when I was younger—not that there weren’t some bad apples back then, too—folks are just much more likely to be entitled and narcissistic than they were 60 years ago.

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