Busy Day Today! 6-29-23

I have to make every minute count today – Eric, Rick’s son, and Camber, Eric’s daughter, are passing through this way on their way home to Greenbush, MN – in the very top northwest corner of the state. And the other relatives in this are are also coming after supper to see them.

That means some cleaning today, changing bed linens, bathroom, and generally tidying up the house which is a big job. Lots of health care items everywhere.

Rick has his first therapy this morning at Athletico – I wonder how that will go.

I am so appreciative of the glowing compliments you have bestowed on Sam and her kids. They are great kids always but their performance cleaning the barn was above excellent. They are not farm kids so this was a foreign job for them yet they stepped up and gave it their all – for me. I will never forget this – never. I think it’s the biggest volunteer help I’ve ever had on 45 years on the farm.

I grew up on a farm in the 50-60’s and always had many chores which I hated but I think that work ethic has stayed with me all these years. You couldn’t take care of an acreage without it.

Early mornings on the porch with my coffee are the best. I’m going to ask you this question this morning.

I’ve tried to answer this but I’m still deciding. Leave your answer in the comments – I can’t wait to see them! Among my choices were pet care, rescue and adoption, book discussions, gardening tips, quilting of course, home dec – all the stuff we talk about here. In fact I think I’ve already got a daily “show”! Haha!

Thank you for you continued support! I’m sure I’m the envy of many!

Reader quilts

I’ll leave you with a joke –

77 thoughts on “Busy Day Today! 6-29-23

  1. Joy in NW Iowa

    There used to be a lady on the WNAX Radio station in Yankton, SD that did a show at 9:30 every morning on recipes and other housewife things. My mom would listen every day! I cannot remember the ladies name but I liked it. I wouldn’t want to do it but I would listen! I would listen to a book show also.

    Exciting that you are getting family visiting! Take pictures!

    We have another day of doctor appointments in Sioux Falls. That’s how it is in the golden years…the doctors get the gold tho….

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – are you thinking of the Kitchen Klatter program and magazine from Shenandoah? My mom listened every morning at 9:30 and also got their little newsy publication. We made so much fun of it as kids! When I started writing the Goat Gazette Mom smugly pointed out that it was very much like the Kitchen Klatter newsletter! Haha! We had a real laugh about that.

    2. Mary Says Sew!

      I believe you’re thinking of Wynn Speece, the Neighbor Lady, on WNAX.

  2. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Good luck to Rick today!

    If I had a show it would be a “Good News” show~ one where there were happy human interest stories: those that reflect the best of us all; triumph, joy, generosity, truthfulness, wisdom and sweetness of spirit. There are a million of stories played out every day (like our volunteer barn cleaners!) but they’re often squelched by the “other” news, the louder, noisier 6 o’clock variety that only raises blood pressure and frazzles the nerves. I’d love to have thirty minutes of daily respite from that; a grace period, there’s hope in the Good News!

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Your name is Goodneedle for a reason! I too thought we need to have more positive thoughts in our day. The range of topics is wide, as is our country.

    2. Lynne from NJ

      I agree, Some Good News stories would get my vote.
      Hope you get everything accomplished and then can enjoy time with family.

  3. JoAnn/MN

    A show that mirrors your blog, a little bit of absolutely everything.
    Life, its joys and struggles.

  4. Gloria from CC

    I would share Keto recipes and talk about a healthier diet by limiting carbs. Also, book reviews, current pet adoptions, and gardening tips.
    Good luck to Rick on his PT today. He’ll do just fine. And, have fun with your company. Always a good excuse to clean.
    Angel is doing somewhat better. Keeping our fingers crossed that the pain medication and antibiotics will help her.

  5. Denise B

    I love your idea for a radio show that is exactly what your big covers…just talking about every day things. I’d stay away from politics…we already have enough of that and most is just awful to listen to! Thank you …I always look forward to your blog musings!

  6. Rita in Iowa

    Mary glad you had great help with the barn cleaning. It will be something the kids will never forget and who knows maybe they will want to do it every year. I always tried to have my girls document good deeds they did for other people as it was important when they applied for college. They had a place to go to see their accomplishments. That is something you could get them for their help. A journal with a barn picture.

    Hope Ricks PT goes well today. I came home and iced and then took a nap. PT was always intense but made my healing of the knee faster. Go for 6 month check the end of July.

    Last Saturday we had on a trail camera a hen Turkey and 9 chicks the size of a grapefruit walk through the yard. Glad to see so many.

    Have a couple of quilting projects I will send you pictures of when I get the binding done.
    In case anyone is interested in a Mystery Quilt project. Carol of FROM MY CAROLINA HOME.COM has one going called Quadrille. It’s made up of Half squares triangles and makes a great stash Buster. Check it out
    Did I mention it’s free. I will send Mary a picture soon of my progress.

  7. Mary

    Mary I love your blog, plus the joke on the volcano!😂😂😂 You would be perfect for a radio talk show, I look forward to reading it every day, plus I love your prospective on life in general! Have a great 4th of July holiday!

  8. Kathy in western NY

    Morning Mary, I would like to hear stories of Busy Hands, Happy Hearts….people who use their hands to cook everyday to feed hungry, people who grow vegetables to help feed someone or flowers to brighten patients rooms, those who use their hands to create quilts, pillowcases, pillows, or anyone who uses their hands to help others like the kids did to clean your barn.

    Have a good time with family today.

  9. Mary H

    A busy day! I think instilling in our young people how great it is to help others is the best skill we can teach. We weren’t meant to live unto ourselves.
    Enjoy the company. Isn’t it funny how having guests can make one clean like mad? We washed some windows together the other day, Now if the horrid smoke would go away so I could actually tell they are clean.
    Best to Rick on therapy. It’s interesting how differently every Dr does things. Did Rick have an anterior or posterior repair? My husband had an anterior one and he was to lay flat the 1st 2 weeks plus get up and walk frequently. No sitting. He had no therapy at all, other than a couple home exercises. I realize Rick has been laid up for ages and will need some work to pull things apart. I’m still trying to get my knee to bend properly.
    I am making sourdough English muffins this morning. We will see how they come out. I’ve taken to making sourdough- it’s so tasty and good for you.
    My relatives on the east coast can’t get it to stop raining. Wish we could even things out a bit, in that department.
    My sewing project is working to finish a Blackbird design applique wall hanging that I started YEARS ago.
    Have a good day, don’t exhaust yourself.

  10. Lorraine

    I totally agree with Ms. Goodneedle. We all need some good news and it would be great to hear some uplifting kind words to start our day off. I have the news on every morning and it is all sad and horrific stories.
    Good luck for Rick for his first time with therapy. I am sure he will do fine.
    Thanks for the nice pics of quilts and really loved the joke of the day.
    Enjoy the family visit and make some memories and have some laughs.

  11. Malynda Reed

    I would have a program about pet rescue and the rewards of being a pet foster mom!

  12. Brenda

    That quote was too funny and being in my 80’s I can relate. I think you would have a wonderful morning radio show. You communicate well and know how to grab listeners attention. I am afraid no one would listen to me because mine would be too sermon like, but I see a need for folks to go back to teaching their children the way we were taught as children to respect their elders and others, how to present themselves well, to treat others as we want to be treated, to respect public property, to clean up any messes they make, to be aware of how their behavior is affecting others negatively, to expect to be lovingly held accountable for bad behavior, etc. You see what I mean – sermons. I guess you can tell that I have been out in public lately and was not favorably impressed with some people – adults and children.

    I love your farm and how you care for your animals and your property. And on top of all that you still have time for all your beautiful work. It was a blessing for your friends to come and help you and a great lesson for the children. Perhaps those parents could be guests on the radio show with hints for how to raise good children.
    I love hearing from you. Good luck with Rick and the physical therapy. My brother finds out tomorrow about how his lung cancer will be treated. I hope it can be treated. Prayers for everyone!

    1. Joy in NW Iowa

      Thoughts and prayers for your brother. 💕

      We were in Sioux Falls for various things and had lunch at the Falls! We were going to go into the building and a young man held the door open for us and had a polite smile. I was impressed. There are polite young people out there. I’m wondering if it is the parents of some of these impolite teenagers to 25 years olds that are the problem….. how to stop the bullying is a subject I would like to discuss!

      Have a good day and sure hope your brother will be ok.

      1. Brenda

        Thank you so much for your caring about my brother. He is in for a long fight, but I think he is up to it.

        I, too, find many people are lovely and polite but have encountered more lately who simply have no common courtesy, such as leaving the cart in the checkout line while they go to find something as if that wouldn’t affect the people behind them. I would just get out of the line so as not to inconvenience anyone. I have seen so much of that kind of things lately. I don’t understand it. Thanks for listening. Your blog is what we need!

  13. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Ha ha, love the joke! Just went to the gynecologist and got that same question. They do a good job of not fainting when you say “yes” at age 71! Next year I’m going to say “well, I’m not dead yet, am I?”

    As far as the radio show…. I think I’d be a restaurant/bakery reviewer, and if you want a mention on my show, you’ll get a time slot and then I’ll do live taste testing.
    It would eliminate the need to cook, and I wouldn’t have to travel around town to pay money to try out restaurants… win win win!

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Thank you! My plan for when I win the mega million dollar lottery is to hire a full time chef. After 50 years of trying to think of dinner ideas, I would be happy to hand that job over to almost anyone else. But the radio show, that is probably more realistic. Ha ha, ever the optimist!

  14. Jan Hebert

    Gloria from CC, so glad to hear that Angel is feeliing a little better. It’s so hard when our little friends aren’t doing well. Hmm, a radio show – I’d love to hear a radio show hosted by you, Mary! As you say, you already have quite a nice platform but a radio show would be fun too. I would love to hear some of your Keto recipes Gloria! I loved eating low carb a few years ago but have gotten back into the sugar trap. I know it’s so bad for us but wow, it’s hard to kick that way of eating! And yes, good news would be so much better than what we hear every day. I want to know what’s going on but it’s so depressing sometimes. We have a break in the clouds this morning but more rain predicted over the weekend. The mushrooms are popping up everywhere in our lawn! We had a “Celebration of Life” last night for my sister Karen and the turn out was wonderful. Amazing considering the wicked thunderstorms a lot of us had to drive through to get there. Saw cousins and friends we haven’t seen in years. Thank you everyone here that sent good wishes and prayers. I really appreciate everyone here! Jan in MA

  15. Glenda Fletcher

    Mary, having company is work as getting the house up to par but the results of having family/friends
    Out weighs the work. Have a good time with them . Hope Rick’s appt. Goes well today. I think also have
    It like our blog/emails that you do. Maybe add a little extra to talking about something. Take a recipe
    Like how you acquired the recipe. Etc. I like also anything positive and no politics. I think you would be
    Very good at it. Thank you for the 2 quilts today. Was wondering if the quilter that sent the 2nd one with the 4 patch center of the block and sashing with smaller 4 patches in the corners could tell me the name of
    The pattern? Thank you

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Glenda – that quilt is a broken 4 patch – would you like me to post those directions? I sure can – I’ve made many!

      1. Glenda Fletcher

        Thank you, Mary and Kris from Wi, I would appreciate it if you would post the directions for me, Mary. I have made the disappearing nine patch but not the 4. Thank you, Mary. Also forgot to
        mention about the joke. Told my husband it as was laughing about it. He asked what I was laughing at. Cute

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Glenda – it’s basically the same idea – yes, I will post it

  16. Nancy Steinberger

    Interesting that Rick is going to Athletico. Is it in Mason or Clear Lake? Our grandson works at Athletico in Bolingbrook, IL.
    My talk show would have to be about quilting.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy – actually it’s 3 miles from our house – in Garner! We are so lucky!!

  17. Li

    My show would stem from data and trends. Global, economic, topics the media steers away from in the interest of what Kim is wearing and who traveled to the Bahamas yesterday, and what movie everyone is not going to see. Equal time for many stealth topics in such a way that both sides are represented responsibly for discourse, not to be mean and punitive.

  18. Diane in Colorado

    Oh my, your joke gave me quite a chuckle this morning!!
    Talk show—how about modern farm life which really could encompass everything you mentioned! I think you would be a great host for a weekly show!
    So glad the barn project went well. What a big accomplishment to have it cleaned and tidied. I follow a FB group of old, abandoned spots in MN and always love the old barns.
    Enjoy your company!!

  19. Beamer's Mom

    My radio talk show would be focused on:
    Financial Wisdom, Organizational Skills, and Golden Retrievers. LOL

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    Isn’t it sad we can’t talk about politics. Is our country so divided we won’t listen to another’s ideas. When experienced minds come together, solutions to difficult issues are produced.
    When I was in school, we were taught one way. My mind didn’t always understand that way, so those lessons were wasted on me. In college, I was diagnosed with dyslexia. The math instructor used a different method to show the solutions. Wowzers! What a difference. Turns out there were 4 of us who needed alternative teaching. My point…not everyone is right, not everyone is wrong. Together, we can find solutions. The far sides are the squeaky wheels, they get all the grease.
    The radio show…a review of events in the community. Businesses, both, new and established. Gardens and parks.
    We have lots of medical products cluttering up the house too. Finally, I put the smaller stuff in a basket, so we can find it when needed. It was nerving to see the kitchen counter and dining room table covered with all those products. I hope Rick does well at PT. My PTclinic is fabulous.
    Sam and the kids are wonderful. Let them know how much we appreciate their help.
    I love it when you end with a joke. Makes my day.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Jo, I sure agree with your comment we can’t talk politely and accepting of so many topics now with differences being a hot bed of anger and accusations. It’s so sad to me as a person who likes to see color and not just black and white.
      It’s a good world we live in where so many learning difficulties are diagnosed much earlier to prevent frustrating moments as I am sure you experienced. I watch CBS morning show with Gayle King as it’s kept positive with feel good stories and today they said the Olympic gymnast Simone who said she needed a mental health break in 2021, has now returned, but it wouldn’t have even been said 20 years ago about mental health and they were so spot on. I am glad Jo a college professor helped you and your education served you well.

    2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      I agree Jo. In my growing up years, there were various political opinions around our dining room table. Everyone did not agree, but they all listened to each other. It was a good learning experience.
      Mary, I’d listen to your radio show any time. Good luck to Rick at Athletico. That is where my husband goes and they are wonderful.
      I’d have a radio show that had only facts, no lies; info on quilting, books, animals, and lots of jokes and laughter. I’d also have those “good news” stories that Lester Holt and Nora O’Donnell have at the end of the news. Sometimes they make me cry; sometimes laugh, but they are good hearted and interesting.
      Enjoy your company. It will be enjoyable and boost Rick’s spirits:)
      The smoke is worse today than yesterday. I sat on the porch with Buddy for about 5 minutes and I started to cough. Ugh.

    3. Li

      You are correct Jo. Thank you. Not everyone is right. Not everyone is wrong. That is why we all need to listen closely and come together.

  21. Sharon Ray

    I think a radio show that is very funny would be a perfect way to start or end the day. Nothing vulgar or gross or in poor taste. I know, that is asking a LOT!! Everyone can use a laugh. Hugs to you.

  22. Kris in WI

    Glenda–The quilt pattern you liked is a Disappearing Four-Patch. The piano keys border adds a nice touch.

    Radio show? I like the idea of “An Afternoon with Mary.” Our local radio station had a Homemakers program back in the day that included a little of this and a little of that. “We” could include some folk wisdom, an interview, a challenge or two to expand our skills and interests, a “3 good things” segment to remind us that all is not gloom and doom, some uplifting music, and a recipe. Back then it seemed the best recipes started with either with “chop one large onion…” or “cream 1 cup of butter…” I’m still finding slips of paper in my collection of family recipes with WEKZ (the radio station) written in the margin!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – our radio station was KSMN – the show was Kitchen Klatter

  23. Lorraine

    Love your comment about sexual activity! Still laughing,!😂
    For my radio show it would without question be a gardening and quilting show with audience participation of questions and answers.. I did listen to a gardening program a while back which aired once/week and I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned a lot.

  24. Frances E

    Yes, those kids are keepers, worthy of special thanks! I think you already have your daily show, but you reach many more people here than you would on the radio. 😂

  25. Kris in WI

    PS: My best to Rick (and you) as he continues healing and beginning Physical Therapy. Hoping you both feel better as he progresses. Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Penny C – this is a serious subject but would probably be an eye opener!

    2. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Jack Hanna’s wife is also dealing with that. We have seen it first hand and know it is not easy. I’ll be praying for you and your husband.

  26. Joyce

    All of the topics… you’ll never run out of content then!! You can still call it Chicken Scratch !! ♥️

  27. Sandra Goddard

    OMG I love the joke! My show would be a call in with any topic but government and world problems. I would like to run it like sitting at the kit hen table with a good friend talking hobbies, families, weather, and other topics.

  28. Donna

    I would like the subjects to be about animals and farm life. I love reading your blog and learning all about your farm and seeing your quilting pictures as well as those of your readers.

  29. Sandy

    Hi Mary, my radio programme would be music l like from the 50,s and 60,s, l often look at old film clips on Facebook before bed and sing along (badly)! The ideas we all have are great, and the joke was so true! I’m interested in the disappearing 4 or 9 patch blocks so will look that up today. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  30. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    My radio show would be about nature for the first @5 minutes: what is happening/changing with plants and animals this week, and the second 15 minutes about whatever books I am reading.

  31. Viv in Idaho

    I would like a radio show just like your blog…a bit about your farm animals, your sweet fur babies, a recipe, a collectible, quilting, even a rant about how big pickups park😂!! Makes me feel like my life is normal!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Viv – I am laughing as I’m sitting at the island – had to show Rick what I was so tickled about. Thank you – I consider all of these comments sincere compliments and so fun to read.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mary, sitting at the island reminded me of something a friend told me back in our scrapbooking days. She said I could do a whole album of situations, talks, pictures of those here and gone, of what went on around our kitchen island. I imagine your island could tell some stories too!

          1. Kathy in western NY

            Mary I am so glad to know my kitchen island isn’t the only one that was laughed on, cried on, cut out Halloween costumes on, sat on for family pictures and cooked and served meals to many many people in its 50 years.

  32. Debra Reber

    I would do a show to highlight the amazing animals that are up for adoption at our local humane society!

  33. Sharon G.

    So glad you had help with the barn!
    Hope you had a great visit with family. Hope physical therapy doesn’t make Rick too sore. Having family there for a visit will be good for you both!
    A radio or talk show about gardening, animals, travel, quilting, family and friends, ancestry, and just about anything from aging to zigzag (A to Z) would be fun!
    I ordered Quilts from Aunt Amy from Etsy and received it yesterday from Davenport, Iowa. Wow! It is a fabulous book.
    I made a disappearing 9 patch quilt. It was so much fun. I will have to check out the 4 patch.
    Loved the joke!
    Take care everyone!
    Love the blog, Mary.

  34. Patricia

    Oh my gosh! The joke is perfect. Mary I can’t keep up with your work load and all the activities you’re involved in. Cleaning never ends. Where’s Mary Poppins when you need her. Spit spot. Wish that would work. I hope you enjoy your visit with Rick’s family.

  35. Linda

    Mary I would listen to your radio show faithfully just like I read your blog, I would love to hear your voice tell stories of the farm and animals. That would be my show, talking about what I am working on, how I can’t seem to pull enough weeds to keep up, what cute things my animals do to entertain me and what friends are up to. There are probably plenty podcast out there doing similar but they most likely tie in politics and I refuse to listen to that garbage, everyone has an opinion and those with the strongest opinions feel they are always right and everyone else is wrong! Oh well, I’ll just wait to see what you are doing and what happens on the farm- that’s always lighthearted and fun!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I agree, there are programs out there but politics or opinions always get in the way of the fun. I don’t know about you but I simply am not interested. And I’m not going to waste my time listening. It won’t have any impact on my life anyway.

  36. Norma

    Of course you already have a daily show! So much fun to have you share!
    I don’t think I have enough of one thing to make it dedicated to one subject so it would hop around-books, quilts, cooking, devotions, family.
    Enjoy your visitors but don’t wear yourself out!
    Thanks for all you share.

  37. Virginia

    Enjoy your visit with Rick’s children. We too are picking up around the house for our son and his family coming late tonight.
    Regarding the radio show, I would like to reminisce about days gone by. So many young adults don’t know what it was like 10 or so years ago and I’m not talking about walking 1 mile to school in the snow. Could have a different subject each week with viewers calling in. I think you would be an ideal candidate with your homespun “talks” here.
    Love seeing everyone’s quilts..reminds me to get on the ball to see!
    I bet those kids had fun helping you clean .

  38. Janet S

    Back when WCCO in Minneapolis/St.Paul was the highest rated station for a huge area, the only woman was Joyce LaMont (I hope I spelled it right). She had a program that was mainly human interest geared towards women. Absolutely everyone listened and loved it. What a treat it would be to have it back. However, it was a ton of work that would be all encompassing.
    It’s really good news that Rick is going to rehab. That will help him immensely.
    On another note. If anyone has Netflix, I have been watching ‘Suits’. It is so good, I can’t wait for the next episode so that’s what I do all day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – Suits – ok, I need something this weekend.

  39. Kim from TN

    I would happily listen to whatever you decided to talk about. You could name it the show about nothing, haha. I’m glad Rick is going to therapy and that it’s so close to home, lucky you. I just watched a great show called, A Small Light. It was on National Geographic and it’s about Miep Gies a Dutch woman who helped Anne Frank and her family hide from the Nazis.

    1. Susan K in Texas

      I loved A Small Light. It was very well done and showed the other side of Anne Frank’s story. The story of those who kept them hidden for so long.
      I looked up Miep Gies and she lived to be almost 101 years old.

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