Busy Wednesday 1-29-2020

Therapy was again difficult this morning. A guy who sings in our choir had his knee done 2 days before me and he says the pain is worse than his cancer treatment. Whoooooaaaa! I’ll be glad when spring comes for so many different reasons.

After therapy Rick drove me to Mason City for my annual eye exam hutch I hate because I think it’s so hard to say which one is better, which one is worse, blah, blah, blah. And I hate getting my eyes dilated. And surprise – no wonder I can’t see. There’s a wrinkle in the lens that was put in my left eye to replace the cataract and it’s gotten cloudy. This happens to about 1 in 5 so now I need a laser procedure which is scheduled for March 24. When things start going bad, there’s just no end! Yuck.

Why do I keep getting repeat friend requests from a woman named Jane K. several times a day on Facebook? It’s very annoying. If it’s for real and you know this person, please stop – I have accepted several times and don’t want to keep getting this request!

And here’s the winner of the most beautiful amaryllis – 11 blooms on two plants!

Dirty Dozen photos

Goodnight, Gals!

51 thoughts on “Busy Wednesday 1-29-2020

  1. Jacque

    Mary – My husband had that very same issue with the lens in one of his eyes after having had cataract surgery several years ago. And he had the laser treatment just today! All told, he was there about an hour – said it was no big deal – no sedation like for the surgery – just dilated his eye, did the laser thing, and he was done! His eye was a bit blurry for a couple of hours afterward but not bad at all. Hope your treatment goes as smoothly! (And I agree with you about the eye exam – I obviously have failed it several years now because the new prescription for glasses never seems right and I go back to the old glasses. Wish they’d come up with a way around that test!)

  2. Kathy in western NY

    By the time the eye doctor asks which do you see better, A or B, my eyes are so blurry I can’t see a thing! Eye exams frustrate me and I dread them.
    You sound like me…..just let me go on Living and the heck with all these appointments we are suppose to have to help us get old. Things just keep breaking on us no matter how much we try taking care of them. Guess all we can do is chalk it up to another beautiful day on this side of the earth.
    Hope you sleep well tonight.

  3. Diane and Squeak

    My father in maw always said, Getting old isn’t for sissies!”. I hate all the things that creak and groan on me. Update on Buckeye. I talked to the father of the owner. He was unaware of the coyotes and foxes. Not sure if he and his daughter will do anything, but I am hoping. Buckeye came for dinner tonight at 5:30😻😻. Too funny. He is such a sweetheart!! Maybe he will be in his house tonight at midnight. I hope.

      1. Diane and Squeak

        I would love it, but Squeak goes WILD when he visits. I am afraid she would claw him. He is declawed and she is not. She is a spoiled “only” kitty.

  4. Rhoda Ebersole

    Mary so sorry you are suffering as you don’t deserve it one bit. You have undertaken more than most people would to have 2 knees done during one winter so pat yourself on the back for having the surgeries over and you will eventually get back to 100% or maybe 200%.
    Remember just one day at a time!!!

    I love you
    Rhoda E

  5. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I had an aunt (from Iowa) that every time she wrote would say “Old age is not for sissies.” Little did I know back then how true that statement would be some day. Love Laura’s #12 quilt. Hope and pray the hardships you are going through now will very soon be gone.

  6. Sandy

    Wow, some fabulous finishes today! We are having a noisy day in Taiwan, back to work for many businesses, so fireworks to remove bad spirits in the neighbourhood,l will be sad to go back to New Zealand on Tuesday,best wishes Mary from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – can you tell us a little bit about your trip – what was interesting and fun? Food? Entertainment while you were there? I would be so interested!

    2. Lynn H.

      Mary, you might need to change your facebook password, sounds like a hacked account that’s trying to get you to friend them. Just a suggestion

  7. Lynda

    Beautiful finishes sent in again today. I think we need the 🌞 to shine – hate these cloudy days !!!

  8. Linda from Estherville

    Don’t worry about the Laser to clean up that cloud. My DH had that done after cataract surgery, and it truly was a piece of cake. I asked Dr. B something, and he explained it would take longer to explain it than doing the procedure. It was quick. Perhaps 10 seconds. I did have to drive him home. And, I am a huge baby about eye exams etc. and hate it. But on my independence drive across the western states with my sis in law, my retina tore, and it was repaired with laser. Ya, the doctor had to be stern with me to not move my eyeball, but, I survived with a 50 minute procedure and haven’t had problems since. I think that was 50 + bursts from the laser.

    You will do fine. And, your pain after therapy….ice, ice, and more ice. This may seem worse than the first time, but this cold cold weather you are having makes that titanium so very cold. Plus, your body has not recovered the stamina from the first time. Get your wool blanket, wool socks, and turn on the Quilt Show. Ricky Times will just relax you so well , maybe you can get in a couple hours nap after therapy and icing. Take care sweet lady!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lind from Estherville – well, thank you for all that encouragement! I was mortified when she said I needed another procedure. I’m sick of it all – I told the girls at therapy that I’ve turned into a whiner! Haha!

  9. Susan

    The most gorgeous amaryllis i’ve ever seen, enjoy it! Don’t get discouraged, you’ll be back to normal in no time! Good luck!

  10. Susan Moore

    I don’t know if it’s the same for the folks who read your blog on android devices, but I read your emails on my iPhone or iPad. Currently, I can read your whole post (pictures and everything) in that email (as you know, it used to be just an introduction, then I had to click to get the rest of the story). It’s very easy to read all of the wonderful things you write, but there are no ads in the email. If I then click on the URL at the bottom of the page, it takes me to your blog/website complete with ads. AND I found out quite by accident, if I close all of the ads, exit out of the blog and then think “oh, I want to see something a second time”, when I go back into the website, there are even more ads (which I then close, too)! Hope it’s ok to post all of this. I know the ads are helpful to you and it seems like they have been a source of frustration. Long story short—it’s easy!

    Thinking of you and hoping tomorrow’s a much better day for you!

    1. Mary Hawk

      Mary, hang in there. I’ve had laser twice post cataract. Too bad they can’t do it sooner. I found it helped immediately.
      I would block that person on facebook-could be a hacker.
      Pretty amaryllis!
      I was making a quilt out of your Battlefield book on quilt retreat this week!

  11. Diane Bauer

    Wow!! More gorgeous finishes!!! There are some talented and brave people in this group!!! And the amaryllis is gorgeous! I have had blooms and duds with those. They are such a beautiful pop of color in the winter when they do bloom!

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Well, I’d rather see the eye dr. than the crotch dr.!
    My personal favorite is the dentist, he never asks how much do I weigh or never tells me I need more exercise. Gotta love that.
    Everybody is gearing up for the Super Bowl. It’s forecasted to be in the 60’s Sunday. I hope the wind is not howling.
    I love you encouraging us to finish some of our projects. All of the pictures are great.

  13. Charlotte Shira

    Such beautiful finishes! And what a gorgeous amaryllis!!
    I totally agree about eye exams. “Which one is better?” I don’t like either one of them. I need to make an appointment to have a cataract removed from my left eye.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary,my son is married to a Taiwanese girl and they have a 2 year old daughter and another daughter due in April. He teaches English at a high school in Taichung and 2years ago took a group of students to NASA etc, a highlight of his career. I come over each Christmas for 5 or 6 weeks to visit and have a break from my husband who has mild dementia! This trip l have been busy quilting a queen size wedding quilt for his brother in law ,we went to there beautiful wedding. I mainly relax and just enjoy my grand daughter when she is home from creche this time as there is worry about the virus in China, but usually we go to family gatherings or different new year celebrations.l can’t get over the size of the cities and huge car parks at shopping centres! Will send photo of the quilt and wedding when l get home,best wishes, Sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I love hearing about other cultures and envy you the opportunity to live there for an extended vacation. Who takes care of your husband when you’re gone? I’ll bet as much as you hate to leave, you’re anxious to get home. I would be.

  15. Kate Schloemer

    Hang in there Mary!!! I think sometimes we have to just expect our bodies need a overhaul at our age… lol
    I had one knee done and wish I would’ve just left it alone.
    I haven’t had to have my cataracts done yet…
    Don’t accept friend request more than once. Chances are they were hacked.
    Love your blog!

  16. Jane from St Marys

    Oh great….something else for me to worry about after my cataract surgery! I had my eyes done right before & right after Thanksgiving last year & I’m still dealing with trying to get a pair of glasses right so I can read & put puzzles together! I have what they call “unique” eyes & in this case…unique is not good! Therefore the upgrades in lenses aren’t perfect but pretty close. I just lost my multi focal contacts & I loved those! And I used to be one that would rub my eyes vigorously after I took my contacts out. Now I’m scared to hardly touch them as I did wonder if something could happen to the lens in my eye. Now I know it can fold!! Great!! One of the good thing about this surgery….for the 1st time in many years I actually could tell a difference between #1 & #2!! It was awesome!! I think we’ve all become whiners this winter & let’s just say it’s due to the fact we live in Iowa. It’s cold, it’s slick out & it’s dark all the time!! Hang in there….this too shall pass!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jane from St Mary’s – I was not one of those people who could immediately see perfect after cataract surgery – I did not experience that golden moment that others brag about. Evidently my glasses don’t need changing and hopefully after this procedure, I’ll be seeing better. I can’t read my phone without glasses and that is very annoying.

  17. Pat Smith

    I’ve been so lucky in the joint department, none hurt or need replacing. But, everyone has something and mine is repeated skin cancer surgeries. I spent way too much time in the Iowa sun as a young girl before anyone knew this would later be a problem. I remember when you had the first knee done and how you seemed to turn a corner at some point. I hope the corner is near with this knee. You are not a sitting around kind of person and it must be so frustrating to have to do that.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith. – I definitely have turned the corner and the pain has lessened considerably- I don’t even need my cane anymore! As a kid who drove the baler and rode the binder, I wore my swim suit with Johnson’s baby oil or olive oil slathered on my skin. Mom had plenty of skin cancers removed but I’ve been lucky so far – none yet.

  18. Virginia

    I, too do not like eye exams. However. I found a dr that does a great job. No rushing and told me to blink several times when she flipped the lenses. So much better that way. I’ve worn glasses for years and went to walmart this time for new glasses. The best glasses I’ve ever had. Love the pics of the quilts. Lifting you up in prayer this morning.

  19. Debbie B

    So sorry to hear you are have so much pain. Hopefully it will turn the corner soon. I didn’t have a problem with eye exams until last fall. I think they put the wrong drops in my eyes. It took over a month for the burning to go away. Not fun at all. Your amaryllis is beautiful. Such great color. Take care.

  20. Sally J.

    The amaryllis is over the top gorgeous!!! Enjoyed the dirty dozen pictures. We have some very talented quilters among us. I too need a laser procedure for a cloudy lens after cataract surgery. Been putting it off for awhile so I best get it done.
    Hang in there Mary!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sally J – why are you putting it off? I was told it’s painless and takes about 5 minutes.

  21. B. J. Berlo

    Just wanted to comment about titanium knees. I had mine done in 2006 & 2008. Recovery and PT are not easy and the winter cold doesnt help either, but just try to give up any control you think you have. Recovery and therapy take time!!! All will be well in time. Occupy yourself with books, movies, planning your next quilting projects, whatever you feel like doing. Napping is good for healing also. My knees are still working well and I don’t regret for one minute having them replaced. I know others have said “one day at a time” and I heartily agree. I adopted that way in 2006 and its much easier to live your life that way. Relax and heal … You’ll be glad you did.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      B.j. Berlo – I know you’re giving me excellent advice but it’s really a hard pill to swallow. With that in mind, I’ll go to my chair to read. Thanks!

  22. Marcia in ID

    With two knee surgeries in one year I think it is OK if you whine a little.

    I love Laura P”s #12. Laura, does the pattern have a name? Just love the colors you have put together.

  23. Betty Klosterman

    I wrote yesterday, but it didn’t show up, so….. Going to the eye doctor isn’t fun, but they have to dilate my eyes every time. If they put the drops in my eyes at 8 AM, they were still completely dilated when I went to bed. After complaining, they started just putting 1/2 dose of the stuff and that is wonderful. The doctor can still see what he wants and we’re both happy. I do have to remind them every visit, but that is alright.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        No, I still don’t see the post. Good that you saw them. Half the dilating drops is great.

  24. Paula Philpot

    When it rains it pours but spring is just around the corner and we have not had a SNOW in KY. Still waiting. Paula in KY

  25. Mary Says Sew!

    Our eye doctor has a new test that replaces the need for the dilating drops. It’s an extra charge, maybe $25 – $30, but both of us feel it’s worth it.

    I didn’t get the correct distance vision after cataract surgery that i was told to expect. But white things definitely look brighter! I swear somebody painted and polished the white house across the street and our sidewalks with white fluorescent paint while we gone for the day of my cataract surgery.

  26. Jan f

    So sorry to hear about your post-cataract eye! More surgery — yuck! Well, so far 2020 is not starting out too fun for you. I have a couple of friends who also have not had a good January. I feel bad for all of you. At least January is almost over & maybe February will be better! Fingers crossed!

    Love the quilts by your talented readers! I truly can’t seem to get anything actually done. I’m so easily distracted by everything lately & it drives me crazy! Ugh!
    Best wishes for your speedier recovery! You’ll be in tip-top by spring so you can work outside like you do!
    Hugs — I think you need them! ((()))

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan F – well, things could certainly be worse and I’m determined to be ready to work come spring. This is really just a small bump in the road when I hear about other people’s problems.

  27. Mrs. Goodneedle

    So sorry to hear that you’re getting rained upon (health-wise) right now; sunny days are ahead– I’m sure of that! The quilt show and tell from the dirty dozen is spectacular and that Amaryllis– oh! my!! Sending hugs~

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – it sure could be worse but I’m determined to be well by spring!

  28. Barbara Condon

    I read your blog everyday. It has been very interesting for me to read about your knee surgeries. My husband had his right knee replaced almost the exact same time you did. I could tell from your blog that you were a much better patient than he was. He is now doing very well, but the first month I was ready to run away. He didn’t follow instructions worth a hoot.
    I was hoping to get the pattern name for Laura P’s #12 dirty dozen that was posted 1/30. I am a log cabin nut. Thanks so much.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara condon – men are poor patients,for sure. I want this over with and I’m very motivated to be completely well by spring. I’ll see if I can find out the name of her pattern.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Barbara – if you give me your email I can send you the info from Laura


    Will you be selling the Harvey Wall Quilt? I made on several years ago, my family has grown and now they all want one 🙂 Thanks Donna

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Wyatt – yes, you can order him now if you like. $10. For both sizes.

  30. Diane in WI

    Hope all gets better. My 96 year old mother-in-law has macular degeneration. She told me she never thought she would go blind. I agree that old age isn’t for sissies. My amaryllis has five blossoms. They are red and white with a lime green interior. They make me want spring. The dirty dozen pictures are beautiful. Those are some gorgeous quilts. Hope the sun is shining in Iowa.

  31. Sandy

    Hi Mary,only 3 more days in Taiwan, my older son and his partner look after my husband while I am away, he also has our little terroir mix dog to keep him company. Usually we go to a temple during Chinese New year and lots of family dinners but it’s quiet this year due to coronavirus fears.Taiwan has good health checks in place. Hope all is well,best wishes,sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sand – don’t get sick before you get home! It sounds like a pretty scary situation in China. Bet your little dog will be happy to see you? Oh yeh, I suppose the men will be, too – haha!

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