Super Bowl Weekend 1-31-20

Do YOU have a favorite team playing on Sunday? Are you having a party? Going to a party? I always think it sounds like so much fun but I don’t know how you could really watch the game with a bunch of people around. We will be home watching – Rick from his chair in the living room and me at the sewing machine.

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At therapy this morning I was released to drive so now I can actually go somewhere and life will become much more fun – haha! When I think of the errands I need to run and household things I need to pick up, I know I’ll be busy. I really turned the corner this week and have had several reader friends who have asked me about my knee experience. Honestly, the first two weeks are a challenge and after that things gets better daily.

Connie is leaving in the morning for a month on Sanibel Island – sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it?

I’ve been asked about the Harvey pattern and if it will be available this year. Yes, it will and I will get it out and ready for the copier. Two sizes of Harvey are included for $10. Postage is included. If you order Harvey soon, you’ll have time to make him for your front entry. Here are two Harveys made by Diane B.

Another Dirty Dozen quilt –

Sam and Owen visited me yesterday – Owen wanted to go to where that “little white dog jumps up”! Haha! Isn’t that cute?

My recovery goal was to meet Tom and Becky uptown for a burger and a beer so that’s where we’re going tonite.

I’M BA – ACK! It’s just a matter of time now to get a little better every day. And thank you for supporting our blog – this IS an ad supported blog.

65 thoughts on “Super Bowl Weekend 1-31-20

  1. Sharon Bennett

    Ahhhhh…a burger and a beer! Now you’re talkin’! 🙂 I can “hear” how happy you are to be able to get out and about! Enjoy!

  2. Beth T.

    Great news that you’ve been released to drive. Even if you don’t go anywhere on a particular day, simply knowing that you could go on your own if you wanted to makes a big difference, I think. Or maybe that’s just me and my independent streak coming through, but that’s what I’ve found every time I’ve had surgery or been stuck inside with a broken foot. Good for you!
    And I can’t sign off without a shout out to Owen and his adorable dimple. What a cutie. 🙂 Gotta love visitors who love jumping dogs.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Beth T – yes, Owen! Sat by him in church today. Not many kids would like to return to “that place with the little white dog that jumps up”! Haha! Yes, I feel let out of prison – I can even drive myself to therapy tomorrow.

  3. Judith Ann Jaques

    I will be going to our local fabric store. Dennis always has super bowl sunday sales for the wives who are not into football. % off is good.I need a few things I think. Well probably not but I can look.Glad to read you are improving. My amaryllis is almost ready to open.This will make 12 blooms. Blessing Judy

  4. Karen Gaither

    So happy for you that you are able to drive now. This was your right knee, so be careful. For three months, I would get sore if I drove more than 15 minutes. Since you have been sewing every day, you might be more prepared than me. Sewing could count as “therapy”, since you use the same muscles driving! lol we’re you able to drive to Matt’s for dinner?

    I will be watching Patrick Mahomes WIN the Super Bowl at home, so I can multi-task and sew or purge. I am trying to clear out “junk”, so I can get new flooring before surgery on March 18.

  5. Diane and Squeak

    Hurray for you being able to drive!! PT does get better. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan so will watch the game and see what happens. I like the ads and the Kitten and Puppy Bowls😸🐶. Enjoy your freedom, Mary

  6. Nikki M in Tx

    Recovering from Retreat so plan to sit back & watch game/commercials while working on new project. Finished 2 quilt tops at retreat.. one of the house quilt tops (not happy with it, used a solid background as photo of quilt did & I liked the look..I very rarely use solids), now I do wish had used a small print..oh well., & a charity top. As I have said before I always bring more than need & forget something I do need.
    Hard to surprise me, but some of the group manager to not only surprise me but to shock me. They presented me with a Quilt of Valor, I was taken completely by surprise & reduced to tears, was totally speechless, that in itself is unheard of. I still can’t believe it. Will email you photo of quilt, I think is beautiful, & the love behind it leaves me speechless, still bringing tears to my eyes.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I am so happy for you! I was clueless because I got the photos a day before I got this comment – now what’s with that I wonder? The quilt is gorgeous and you are so deserving! Enjoy it!

  7. Annette in WI

    So glad you are getting along and feeling better. Watching Wisconsin against Michigan St basketball game. Go Bucky! Watch for the Weather Tech commercial about the golden retriever cured from cancer at UW Madison during the Super Bowl.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Annette in WI – I saw that commercial with the golden retriever – I loved it!!!

  8. Tanya in Houston

    Back at home after The Road to California. So inspiring! They had their quilts hanging in long rows, gallery style, and had music playing. It was well lighted and so beautiful. Lissa Alexander’s Sisterhood of Scraps quilts from her new book were hanging and I kept going back to see them. I also got to Temecula Quilt Company in Temecula, CA and loved all their tiny quirky blocks. Nice weather, but, OH, THE TRAFFIC! I am not sure how people get around and on time!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I had to laugh Tanya cause I think traffic in Houston goes fast and furious! But in CA they go 90 mph on freeways rather than 80, right? 😀😀😀 You can tell I live in a suburb in western NY with little traffic as 70 to me is fast.
      Mary there are lots of ads to close as I came back to read comments and I was able to close 8 ads!!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Kathy in western NY – remember not to continue to refresh just to close ads. That was a real problem for Google.

  9. Mary Says Sew!

    I’ll spend Sunday afternoon in my sewing room, watching the Kitten Bowl and the Cat Bowl on the Hallmark
    Channel, and the Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Half-Time Show on Animal Planet.

    So glad you’re able to drive again! Things will continue to get easier, and Spring is coming, even though we will probably get a few more dumps of snow before it’s here for good.

  10. Kathy Hanson

    Whoopee! Sounds like you are up and “running” now – how fabulous!!! I don’t watch football as I don’t really like it – seems so rough! Might check out a few ads though, they are always interesting! Love hearing that you will be in your sewing room – so good to hear you feeling better and doing the things you love. There will be no keeping “a good woman down” anymore! This is so wonderful! Enjoy the game and your sewing. I still have to work on finishing our “sew-along” project – yes, I started it and, although i am making it smaller, am enjoying learning it. Have done several other things in the meantime so now need to get back to it… I didn’t forget!! So cute seeing Owen with Hazel and the kitty!

  11. Mary Rhodes Ohio

    Glad you are able to drive now! Reading I know what I got in front of me. Have to have right and left total knee to b done. Unfortunately I had to cancel Feb. 11th on right knee, due to illness( respiratory infection/pneumonia. Caught early.) Since i have none hear to help my cousin said he help. I would fell safe with him and his wife . Retired paramedic and RN. I’m doing super bowl! 9 years now not go through that! Hubby had to do it every year. He loved sports, 24 7! Not me! I usually sew or worked. This year trying get over sickness. Now you can have fun! Love ready your blog!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mary Rhodes – if I have any advice to give you it would be to not postpone your surgery if possible. I was in denial for so long and my knees got so bad and now I realize I should have had surgery several years ago. If you have someone to help you even for a few days, that’s all you’ll probably need. Don’t know if this would help but Rick never had to help me up, get into bed, help me walk – I could do it from the start. Good luck – and let me know!

  12. Julie B

    Hi Mary…good to hear you are making progress..spring will be here before you know it. I always think once we het thru January, we’ve got it made.

    I love Sanibel. We have been going every year for the past 19 yrs…no men or children are allowed on our trip. We can only stay for 2 weeks..but that is long enough to make us think of summer. We go the last week of April and first week in it makes our summer come early. Tell Connie to enjoy her time on the island.

    1. Julie B.

      P.S. No Super Bowl party on my calendar. My granddaughters are playing in an honor band concert at Wartburg College. It is my favorite concert of the year.

  13. Kathryn

    Glad you are feeling better! Watching game and having fun putting together great food with 15 year old grandson. We are from the Show me state, Go Chiefs!

  14. Paula Philpot

    Have I missed news about Reed? I miss hearing about him every now and again. Can you update us on him? Glad you are better and got all this surgery past you.
    Paula in KY

  15. Jan VanDeWalle

    Congratulations, you can drive !
    Thank you so much for the pattern Sunny Days that I won. Not the usual type of quilt I make but looks doable for me so am planning to try it, the parts are done separate so I should be able to manage over time.
    It is time for me to push my skill to another level,
    Enjoy your new freedom, take it easy and heal quickly
    Love Hazel sitting on the back of the chair with Owen and the kitty sitting in the chair.

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m hoping for a good game.
    Mary, I’m so glad you got your wheels back. Your total recovery will be much faster now. It’s so hard waiting for someone to drive you around. What a pain in the neck.
    I think I’ll bake a cherry pie Sunday, and do the binding on a very large quilt for a friend. If the wind isn’t too bad we will grill, and have a beer to toast your freedom.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – yes, CHEERS! I feel like a different person today. And the sun is shining!

  17. Judy

    We do not have a football team here in Oregon so normally I would be rooting for the 49ers. This year I will be rooting for the Kansas City chiefs as my son just moved to Kansas city in August so I have to support the team where he lives. He lives in the downtown area and the Marriot up the street has scrolling Led lights on the side of their building in different colors that always say Go Chiefs on game days. They run every evening and then again in the early morning and say different things on other days. It is really a fun and pretty sight. I even have a Kansas City t shirt to wear while I watch. It will be just my husband and I watching and you are right anytime I have watched any kind of game with a group of people it has been distracting.

    1. Judy

      Oop! I also meant to say that I am glad your knee is feeling better and that you can now drive.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Judy – yes, of course you’ll need to cheer for KC! Me, too, as I have several friends in that area. I actually feel like cleaning today – the sun is shining and it’s a pretty day – I probably just think it’s a pretty day because I know I’m not a prisoner anymore – haha!

  18. Julianna

    Good job, Mary! You’re a graduate and I’m w/ you – not being able to drive would be prison. So glad you’re free.
    I’m watching the game w/my sisters. Our middle sister has been a 49ers fan as long as I can remember. Their guests better WATCH cause I can’t be responsible for her actions if they don’t. HA!

  19. Carolyn Boutilier

    Freedom! when you can get back to driving. glad you are doing better. We old folks will watch super bowl at home alone and enjoy the game, not having to entertain people like in the past.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  20. Sandy

    No Super Bowl for me. I have my own plan. I long ago discovered that the grocery store becomes quite deserted during the game and I can get my weekly shopping done with hardly anyone else there! I still get home in time to hear my husband being an armchair quarterback during the second half. I usually get some sewing done too. Works perfectly for me. Glad to hear you have made so much progress toward your full recovery. And driving again is it’s own kind of freedom.

  21. LaNan Eldridge

    Glad you continue to improve! We are hosting the party and no favorite team as our family’s favorite got knocked out earlier!! I do wish I could sit at my sewing machine instead😄😋

  22. LaNan Eldridge

    We are hosting the party and no favorite team as our family’s favorite got knocked out earlier!! I do wish I could sit at my sewing machine instead😄😋

  23. Pam W

    Glad you’re improving so quickly! I had both knees done at the same time about 7 years ago. My biggest challenge has been my shattered femur which happened Oct. 4th. My right foot slid out and up while I was going downstairs and I was slammed back onto the steps. I also broke my fibula, but that didn’t need surgery. I now have a metal plate and 11 screws and was in a wheelchair for 3 months with a splint on my left leg. There’s been some bone growth and I’m walking with a walker, but it’s slow going, after not walking for 3 months. This is a real lesson in patience. I’ve driven twice and think I’ve figured out the logistics of that, as long as the weather isn’t bad. PT is painful, but does help. I had to cancel 3 sessions due to weather. My husband has been a prince taking care of me. I’m anxious and determined to get downstairs where all my “stuff” is! Going to a super bowl party Sunday! They have access to their home from the street. Just hoping I won’t have to have a femur replacement when I see the surgeon April 8th. Go KC!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam W – OH NO!!!!! I am very afraid of falling and have not volunteered to go to the barn across the icy parking area. I would have lost my patience early on if I had been confined to a wheelchair for 3 months. Your husband has done a great job – not sure mine could do it for that long. I so hope you’re in the mend – it’s really too bad you can’t see the dr. Sooner so you’ll know what’s in your future. I hope it’s going to be good news!

  24. Jan from TN

    So glad you’ve turned the corner & are feeling better & can drive!! Congratulations! My good friend just found out TODAY that she must have total knee replacement. She went to orthopedic doctor expecting to hear she needed an arthroscopy but nope, full on total knee replacement — right knee, bone on bone! Seems her left knee is in almost as bad of shape so that one will probably be next. She was so devastated. I’ve suggested she read your blog posts since you’re a pro at this now! Lol!
    Have fun at dinner!
    Not sure who I’ll root for in the SuperBowl. We were so hoping TN would have won instead of SanFran but it wasn’t to be. We’re so glad, tho, that Tom Brady & his team are NOT in it this year! Enjoy your weekend.
    I hope to sew too! Also, did you know that the annual Puppy Bowl is on Animal Planet, I think, Sunday afternoon @ 2pm CST? I love watching this! Such cute puppies that are all available for adoption when the games start. This year there will some special needs puppies playing too. One of them is from a Shelter in Knoxville, TN!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan from TN – I was cheering for TN, too. A rescue from Iowa also takes part in the puppy bowl every year and I always watch. I would be happy to email with your friend if she’d like because I was in complete denial at first, too. I just swore up and down that I didn’t need two knee replacements. I have just emailed with two other friends who are facing or just had the surgery and I could even forward your friend one of those emails with all the info. Tell her not to panic – it’s not as bad as people say and I turned the corner at two weeks – if she can be prepared to be uncomfortable and laid up for two weeks, she’s got it made!

  25. Brenda Archambault

    Congratulations, you’ve earned your “freedom.” After a few weeks (quite a few) it was heaven to get my independence back. I had forgotten how free I was without a chauffeur and could go where I wanted to go, by myself! It’s not a bed of roses, by any means, but not the reliance on someone else, and having to explain, when, why, and where!
    Keep up the PT and enjoy the sunshine. It gets better.

  26. Pat Smith

    Wow! what a turn around! If I had ever have to have a knee replaced, I’m going to try to remember How down you were followed by a hamburger/beer and driving turn around. It felt like it happened quickly, but I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way to you. We are watching the big game at home so we can see it all with no distractions. We lived in Kansas City in the 80’s and were fans of the Chiefs. It should be a good game with 2 talented teams. Hope you enjoyed the burger and beer!

  27. Kim J LeMere

    Yea! you can drive which means you are truly in the mend. We have invited a good friend who is single to watch the game with us. It will be very simple, I bought 3 salads at the deli and a caramel apple crunch pie at the bakery and we are going to grill some brats & dogs. Pretty darn simple and if I go and sew while they watch it know one will care. I’m rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs but we are Green Bay fans.

  28. Amy

    Yeah! Graduation to driving is wonderful. That will help to keep you from going batty while we wait for spring. Super Bowl has usually been about eating and socializing to watch the commercials, but let me tell you Kansas City has gone nuts!!! Grocery stores are closing early, some stores not opening at all on Sunday, and most people are not going to parties. Everyone wants to be able to watch and hear the game. There are a lot of pre-parties (as if tailgating) but then everyone is going home to watch. So many signs and red lights and decorations around town. I think there were 12 extra flights added just this week to Miami for today, not counting the extra flights they had already added. A lot of people just want to be there, they will watch in bars! 50 years is a long time to wait and so many people want it for the Hunt family that owns the Chiefs since Lamar Hunt was the one who created the idea of the Super Bowl. GO CHIEFS!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Amy – I am sure I can’t imagine all the hoopla that’s happening there, and just being in the same city would be exciting to me so I understand wanting t fly to Miami. I hope it a great game – competitive and exciting – not a runaway by either team – unless of course you live in KC and then KC runaway would be fine – haha! I didn’t know all that about the Hunt family. Is it the same Hunt family than put a run on silver in 1979?

      1. Diane and Squeak

        We ran into a couple who were on their way to Miami. They did not have tickets to the game, but were going to tailgate and celebrate her LAST Chemo therapy for breast cancer. Neat couple😃 We are excited for them.

  29. Caryn Goulden

    So glad to hear your knee and spirits are improving. Owen and “that little white dog” are adorable!
    Enjoy your independence and dinner out!

  30. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Mary, I am so happy to hear you are doing better. The green light to drive again has to make you feel great! I always marveled at all you accomplished and now with those new knees, you will be really something!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Cheryl in St. Paul – not being able to drive is a prison in itself! Haha!

  31. Diane Bauer

    So glad to hear you have earned the right to drive again! Independence is a wonderful thing and this all means you’re getting better!

    We are to have 70’s this weekend in advance of more snow. I will attempt to do a bit of yard work while the sun shines! And then sewing!!

    I’ll go to a Super Bowl party but, as I’ve said before, the only game I really care about is Army/Navy, so I will be going to hold my best friend’s new grandbaby and maybe watch the commercials. I know, I’m kind of un-American that way, but it works for me!!!

  32. Gayle Shumaker

    Glad to hear you are doing better with your knee recovery. I agree things get better after the 2 week mark. I have been stir crazy because of my back and not being able to sew at my machine. My hubby showed up one afternoon with a timer and the suggestion to only sew for 15 minutes then stop. Surprisingly this has been working. My pain level is kept at a managable level with meds and I’m slowly making progress on my oldest grandson’s quilt. Now it’s a matter of hanging in there till June for back surgery.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle Shumaker – what an excellent idea!!!! You can’t overdo if you set that timer!

  33. Tina W

    Yay! You’ve rounded the corner! And don’t you just feel “free” because you can drive again!?! Looking forward to hearing what February’s dirty dozen number will be. When (if) I get the rest of them done, I need to go back and work on November and December projects. It’s been fun. Glad to hear you’re doing so well!

  34. Charlotte Shira

    So glad you have turned the corner. Have fun tonight! We are going to our son’s house for the Super Bowl. We’ll be cheering for the 49er’s since they are our local team. I prefer to watch college football. Our grandson will be playing for Idaho State this fall. Can’t wait.
    Have a great weekend everyone!!

  35. Laura

    I totally agree. I want to watch the game and the commercials. You can not do that a party!
    Hope you are healing well.

  36. Rita in Iowa

    Mary glad to hear your feeling better, can just hear it in your blog. I will have to order your Harvey and maybe make them for my Grandsons like I did Frank. They really enjoyed them. So fun to make for the young guys. Got a little spring cleaning done already, Kitchen, bathroom, and dining room. Took everything out of the china hutch and it all got washed. A big job but done. Worked a little on some pineapple blocks with my quilting buddy who just lives next door, fun day!
    Enjoy your dinner and the beer.

  37. Launa

    No big Super Bowl party this year. My husband has been a 49er fan for years. I still like the Raiders …Kenny Stabler…best old quarterback ever!
    Good news you are free to drive again!
    Owen is a real cutie.
    More snow most of the day here.
    Nice you enjoy getting back to your sewing.

  38. Karen D Martin

    Glad to hear you are doing well enough to begin driving again! I’m not a sports fan and never watch the Super Bowl, but I have to make an exception this year as my niece is on the cheerleader team for the Chief’s. So exciting for our family–we’ve spotted her a couple times on Good Morning America already and hope we get to see her on Sunday!

  39. Kathy in western NY

    Good to read you are going out tonight so celebrate and have fun with your family!!! So happy to know you have turned the corner. Be careful and enjoy sewing Sunday. We use to go to a super bowl party but am happy now to stay home that night cozy in my own living room watching the commercials.

  40. Patti in W Barnstable

    Yay, you can drive! Great news. Please tell Connie to bring some warm sunshine back with her.

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