Found this Christmas ornament casualty this morning — Bailey thought it was a toy?
The red and white quilt in yesterday’s post was originally red, green and white. The green dye completely disappeared – it’s called “phantom green”. The green pieces were quilted with green thread which remains. I purchased the quilt as is – the green dye disappeared years ago. Just thought you’d like to know.

3 thoughts on “Casualty

  1. Michele

    Bentley found some homemade doggie treats under our tree right before church yesterday morning. Thought I had put them far enough behind the other presents I would be safe. I heard an unusual ‘crunching’ noise and discovered that Bentley had helped himself to someone else’ dog present. Guess that’s what happens when you leave a Golden unattended for too long. Ornament/Gift can quickly be looked at as Toy/Food. Yet we LOVE them anyway!!

  2. Sandy Pierson

    Thank you for this information. I have a quilt that was made by great grandmother and half of the quilt is green and the other half is not. I have always wondered how that could be and now I know! Sandy

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