The Meeting




Lambeau, the Great Dane, arrived at country threads and Bailey loves him already. He looks almost like Hercules, doesn’t he? I think we’re in for an interesting evening.

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  1. Patti Chapman

    Several years ago my husband and I stopped by Country Threads so I could shop. You saw my husband walking our dogs, a Springer Spaniel and a Scotty. You said,”let them run in the yard.” We did but our Scotty thought he was free and we worked to catch him. I didn’t realize how involved you were in saving dogs at the time. Our Springer, Mazie passed away last January. I soon found myself spending hours a day looking at the ESRA site. After a couple months I thought I had found our dog, another Springer. We flew to Florida (from Washington state) to meet the dog. It wasn’t right and we flew home. I was back to what had become my routine spending hours each day looking at all of the Springers on the ERSA site. A couple months later I found another dog I thought was perfect and we drove to Salt Lake City. We met her foster mom who was clearly very attached to her. I wasn’t aware that Sandy now Stella had been severely abused by her former owner. Abused so badly that when her foster mom got her she would only crawl on her stomach and potty the whole time she crawled. After a lot of love and time Stella relaxed a little. She went to work each day with mom and would take treats from the staff. Those were huge strides for Stella. She was even playing with foster moms Springer. When we got to meet Stella she was very reluctant to come near me. She wouldn’t come near my husband as her prior owner had been a man. She still fears men. I spent a couple of hours getting her to take treats from me. She wouldn’t sit with me. She would just take the treat and run to another room. Stella’s foster mom thought she would be happy with us and our Scotty at least tolerated her. Harold tolerating her was a really big deal to us. We left the next morning and drove straight through to home. When we got her here she was terrified. She ran upstairs and pooped. The poor little thing. I have rarely felt so sorry for anything or anyone. It was very slow going as Stella became used to living with us. The first day she sat next to me most of the day only leaving me to go outside and go potty. That was her life for a few weeks. Then one day when we took her to the beach (we live on an island) her little tail started to wiggle. I knew it would be ok. Now she goes to the beach with my husband twice a day. She runs and jumps. She is happy. My husband talks baby talk to her and she feels as comfortable with him as me. If Harold is getting attention her nose is there too making sure she gets her fair share. We have only heard her “bark” three times. She was happy to get her breakfast. It’s not really a bark but more like a scratchy grunt. I don’t want to know why she doesn’t bark like other dogs. We are thrilled she makes any sound. Stella is very shy with everyone but us. I think that might just be how she will stay. It’s ok with us. She’s only been with us about three months. I would love it if she would become more comfortable with life. But she has a good life with us. Her days are happy and I know she loves us. Maybe someday she and Harold will like each other more. If not it’s fine. We are so lucky to have Stella and can’t imagine life without her. If it weren’t for you and the numerous times you write about rescuing animals or transporting rescue dogs I don’t know if we would have tried adopting a rescue dog. Stella wants to thank you too for all that you do to find or provide good homes for all animals. I know sometimes it seems as if people take advantage of your love of animals but it must be your calling. Lucky animals. Patti Chapman

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh, Patti!, such a story! I have tears in my eyes thinking about you and Stella and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance on a rescue dog. Where would Stella be without you and your husband ? It’s just too sad to think about but I’m sure you realize you probably saved her life. Can you send me a picture via email so I can see her? Address is
      Thank you ever so much for telling your story here on the blog. You have no idea how many may be influenced by your choice.
      Merry Christmas to all of you!

      1. Jeanie

        Thank you Patti Chapman for telling Stella’s story; she is so lucky you found her and persevered.

  2. Rose Mikulski

    Ooooh, two Great Danes in a row, Lambeau looks a little more beefier than Hercules, definitely a linebacker. And Bailey, is he not a Mr. Happy To Be Here! Can’t wait to see more pictures….you will tell us about Bailey’s forever home.

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