Catching Up, 1-9-22

Here are quilts sent to me –

Here’s some of what I’ve been working on:

I have a high shelf on one wall of my living room – everything up there is a dust collector so I decided it was time to wash everything. These folk art houses are so precious to me – Connie and I both bought several of these houses in the ‘90’s.

This cleaning took me almost to the edge of the kitchen so tomorrow I will continue. Deep cleaning could kinda grow on a person – it’s very satisfying – haha!

The paper mache rabbits are antique candy containers from Germany.

When I opened one of the antique trunks today, my heart nearly stopped. There was Janey’s coat that I have searched everywhere for – I was sure I’d find it in the grove but when I didn’t I decided she must have gotten it caught in a brush pile and walked right out of it. I think I probably put it in that trunk because I didn’t want to see it after she was killed on the highway – and I forgot it. A sweet but sad reminder –

Look at the little note in this old box:

I have more to post tomorrow – I’m considering the large pincushion display case – emptying it, cleaning and reorganizing – I’ve added lots of pincushions in the past couple of years that have just been tossed in the door.

A new reader asked me to explain the Dirty Dozen – on July 1 we all picked 12 unfinished projects and numbered them one through twelve. Each month on the first day I pull a number from the fishbowl and post it here on the blog. You agree to have it finished by the end of the month. If you’re just starting you could pick 6 UFO’s so you’d be done with the rest of us by July 1. And here’s the real scoop – use this blog as inspiration to finish something whether it has a number or not.

Just a note – if you ask me a question, I will answer in the comments section – it’s up to you to follow up and read it.

That’s it – tomorrow starts another week in the winter of 2022.

30 thoughts on “Catching Up, 1-9-22

  1. Launa

    Was 6o here in Idaho this morning…no new snow so the 4-5 feet are it for a few days!
    Enjoyed seeing the quilts, antique German bunnies, and the collectible houses you dusted!
    Last night had 15 friends in for dinner and aerial fireworks for my husband’s belated birthday*. Some had football 🏈 game on, lots of conversations then too, but it was very quiet once we all sat down to dine!
    Back to the RAIDER game. Happy the 49ers won their game in overtime!
    * Our EMT kids had Moderna shots n boosters…they got light cases of C19! We had Pfizer n two boosters…plus flu high dose for elderly!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – Rick and I have had the same shots you had – 3 Covid and elderly flu – not sick yet!

  2. Kathy Hanson

    Lots of beautiful quilts! Love seeing all of them. So glad to see that the blog is up and running again, sure would miss it if it didn’t come back!!!

  3. Pat

    The paper mache rabbit candy containers are so realistic. Do you display them? That little trunk/box with the handwritten note is precious. Happy New Year.

  4. Diane in WI

    It’s 4.5 right now. I’m sure it will be below zero by morning. I love your antique rabbit candy holders and houses. Looked for appliances for my grandparent apartment today. Keep warm.

  5. Cinders

    I have missed hearing from you, good to see your photos of what you have been up to and also great DD’s! I lost my note that I keep the number for the month and cannot remember the DD from December, could you repost them? The days are getting longer, but it’s been so cold and windy, perfect weather to stay inside and sew! Happy New Year! Cinders from SWMinnesota.

  6. Sharon

    Love your folk art houses, ! The bad thing about deep cleaning is that by the time you finish,it’s time to start over again from where you started!! The cycle never ends😂

  7. Carol Eberhardt

    Oh I am mad for those bunnies! I do not know why I love rabbits, when they eat all my plants, but I just do love their sweet faces and those ears! What a great collection.

  8. Lois Ann Johnson

    I think your bunny rabbits and antique houses were a “hit.” I know I sure enjoyed seeing them up close. They are lovely and fit into your style of decorating so well. I am already tired of this cold weather. I just never seem to get warm. I think it gets worse the older we get! When January arrives with its challenging weather, we all just have to find our own kind of fun!

  9. Jean

    Mary! Those rabbits!! However do you find such wonderful treasures? Your house is filled with wonderful feasts for the eyes.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jean – the rabbits were a special find at an estate sale – I’ve had them for many years but they are so fragile they must live in a protected area away from cats who could knock them down and they are very old and brittle – easily broken.

  10. Susan

    I too love the houses and the rabbits! My whole family (husband, son & fiance, and daughter) are vaccinated with Pfizer and boosted. All of us tested positive for COVID over Christmas except my son. Our daughter tested positive, but never really showed symptoms. Hubby and I didn’t feel bad particularly. No fever or anything just mild cold — runny nose, sneezing, cough. Everyone around here (Northern Virginia and DC area) is catching it. I believe the vaccine is what kept it mild for us.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – I am so afraid this will happen to us as we have both had Pfizer plus boosters and our flu shot – if I get sick I’m not sure how this place will keep running! We are heading back to Mayo tomorrow – first appointment is 7:30 am! That means getting up around 4 and on the road by 5! Rick’s wound is looking much better but we still have a long way to go!

      1. Susan B in VA

        I don’t know how you can get up and out so early. There was a time, but those days are gone for me! Hopefully because you’re vaccinated and boosted, if you catch this variant (I’m assuming we had the OMICRON), it will be mild. I didn’t get sick to the point of not being able to keep going. My daughter said she thought I was sleeping a little more than usual. Fell asleep a couple times on the couch in the afternoon — not normal for me. But, that was really it. Praying you and Rick don’t catch it at all.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Good hearing from you Mary. We miss you on days when it’s quiet there in Iowa. It’s almost mid January and the cold days have arrived here so I am content to be entertained in my home reading and sewing, And sorting out treasures that need to be cleaned too. We make the best of it. Love your small houses on display. A house quilt is still on my UFO list to make before I die.
    Thank goodness the vaccine and boosters has helped with milder cases of covid. I feel so sorry for health care workers so stressed from all this work load which ripples down to teachers and store workers trying to manage multiple jobs. I continue to stay healthy but by choice I am glad to not be out in the public except to get groceries.

  12. Kim J LeMere

    I loved seeing those sweet rabbits, what a treasure. I have a collection of wooden houses and one of them is my favorite recipe box. I hope the journey to Mayo goes smoothly, never know how the roads will be this time of year in Iowa. Nice to hear the wound is healing. Its 40 in middle TN and the sun is shining. We had snow for 2 days and a full day of rain so now there are flood warnings out. My poor pansies need some sunshine. Busy finishing a few UFO’s and then I can tackle something new for the New Year.

  13. Connie R. in Wis

    We have 14 degrees below zero this morning. Not unusual for far Northern Wisconsin this time of the year. Are the folk art houses all by the same artist? I just love them! Drive careful on your trip to Mayo and hope Rick’s appointment goes well.

  14. Vickie Devore

    The quilt of almost all various light prints but with a few red squares? Is there someplace I purchase this pattern? Love reading all of your “chicken scratches.)

    1. Anonymous

      The pic shows the book Scrap School and the page where that pattern appears. The maker has obviously changed the colors and maybe the scale, but that is the pattern. I have that book, and it’s a good one if you enjoy scraps.

      1. Vickie Devore

        Love scraps. I need to get the book! Thanks. And I need to slow down when checking these pictures!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vickie Devore – the book is shown in the same picture. No individual pattern available – book published by Martingale.

  15. Susan K in Texas

    Love the post today. The rabbits and houses are really neat but my favorite is the box. For some reason I love boxes like that. Especially handmade and with a note. I have several boxes from a company called Quilt Boxes. They make boxes with quilt designs made of different woods.
    I’m glad to hear Rick’s wound is looking better. I’ve been wondering how your nursing duties have been going. Safe travels to Mayo today!

  16. Bonnie Coleman

    I ma just plain green with ENVY over those paper mache rabbits!! Love the old stuff!

  17. Mary Etherington Post author

    Judy B – no, he wouldn’t try it because Mayo didn’t prescribe it! Dry stubborn man.

  18. Lee Bowers

    Mary, best wishes for the new year!
    I came upon a dog on Facebook that I think you be interested in.
    Piglet the blind and deaf dog. She owner i s a vet has written a book and he has a facebook page.
    One of the cutest dogs ever….he”s pink.
    Check it out…Lee

  19. Jan Hebert

    Those rabbits are just precious! And your folk houses too. My dad started a doll house years ago, it’s in my attic. I wish I could finish it and put it on display but it’s so big! I have been lazy about making my Best of All quilt, it’s sitting in the dining room, waiting for me to finish some pajama bottoms for my husband. Then I hope to get back at it…in the meantime I keep thinking that I want to do a snowball quilt! Mary, is there any way Rick could do a virtual visit with the doctor about his wound? Seems he could use the ipad which would be portable enough to show the progress…just a thought. It’s going to be bitter cold here tomorrow, high of 9. I’m worried about the chickens. Have slathered as many combs with bag balm as I could just now. Thought I had frostbite on my fingers it’s so cold out there! I think I’m going to keep the doors shut in the coop tomorrow. Keep the body heat inside. Thinking how nice it must be to visit Florida or Arizona this time of year! Jan in MA

  20. Bobby Sutton

    Mary, amazingly there was a short segment on Antiques Road Show tonight about German antique candy boxes. They were a little different from yours, being dolls instead of rabbits. However the estimated auction price for the dolls were $1200-$1500 each. You may have quite a collectible collection worth a kings ransom! I enjoyed seeing your collection. I didn’t know there was such an item!
    Happy Birthday to Hazel tomorrow ! 🎂🎁🐶
    B Sutton from Md.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bobby – I am so impressed that you thought of Hazel!!! And we weren’t even home all day to celebrate so we will today. I really should find a dealer who would be interested in the rabbits but I live in Iowa – nobody around here. I did find one on Etsy – the rabbit had clothes on but it was the same head.

  21. Marie C

    Love your houses. I have a few churches that size. I have a paper house. I’m hoping to find more. I think the hunt is as fun as collecting them. I’m lucky to have three boxes/chests made by my great grandpa. I keep my journals in them.

  22. Judith Fairchild

    Mary I read today’s blog and this one. I couldn’t get in to post a comment there. I think your admonition pricked some hearts. The response is awesome. Really liked your handmade furniture using what was on hand. I have a cedar sewing chest that my late husband had built for me it’s big enough to store all my quilting tools an several projects. I’ve had it for 34 years and not planning on letting go till I die. Your collections of animals are delightful. I’ll be back regularly.
    Nursing an injured husband is hard work. My respects for you doing what needs doing. Praying he heals quickly.

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