Done but not happy, 1-6-22

Remember this pile of fabric?

This pattern?

If I had looked at the size printed on the back I would never have bought this pattern – it’s twin bed size but there’s nothing in the picture to show scale. We always put something in each photo so people could imagine what size the quilt was. I thought this was a wall hanging.

23 thoughts on “Done but not happy, 1-6-22

  1. Lynette W

    It looks beautiful. I feel your pain – I am notorious for not looking at sizes and start something that’s WAY larger than I thought. 🤦‍♀️

  2. Kim J LeMere

    Now you can mark this one done and move onto something else. I agree that it is poor image on the pattern.

  3. Rosemary Weaver

    I’d take some off the top and some off the bottom and make it a wall hanging!! LOL

  4. Rachel Summy

    They do make a mini quilt pattern. Lil’ Liberty that’s an 18” X 28” size. I like the quilt.

  5. Sue In Oregon

    Uh-Oh. I thought it was a wall hanging too, and I bought the pattern for our front porch. Maybe I can scale it down before I cut it??? Thanks for the heads up. Yours is wonderful, though.

  6. Jo from Michigan

    Looks great! Do you have a wall or railing big enough to accommodate it? It would still look beautiful hanging. And the bright side is you have quilt/wall hanging done! Yay!

  7. Charlotte

    Sorry for your disappointment, Mary, but your version did turn out to be beautiful. Won’t it be nice to curl up under that quilt on a cool summer night?! And it would look lovely thrown over a sofa.

  8. Jean

    Mary the quilt is lovely! I like it. I wonder why you are disappointed…other than wanting a small quilt.

    1. Dot

      Yes. The pattern incorrectly displays the flag with the stars on the right. Flag etiquette says the stars should be on the observer’s left. Mary reversed the pattern so it’s correct.

  9. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    I like it! Sorry it is too big, but you did a great job. I looked at a pattern today that I thought was a table topper. When I saw it took 6 2/3 yds of fabric, I found the size was 90×90. Some table topper😹😹
    We put Buddy and Squeak in the office today—small, controlled space. He checked her out, she growled and hisses, he backed off, then fell asleep! She is definitely the Alpha cat, but doesn’t know it. They will be together again tomorrow😀. Hoping all goes well! .

  10. Sandra Corrigan

    Happy New Year.I lreally like the flag pattern.Can you give me the information for purchasing this pattern?Winter is such a wonderful time for quilting. I hope to finish some more of my unfinished projects.take care and stay safe.

  11. Susan K in Texas

    It’s a pretty quilt but I see what you mean with the pattern having nothing to show the size of the quilt. It could be large or small with the picture they used. It’s a pretty quilt though.
    I usually make large quilts and my sister makes minis. She downsizes a lot of patterns. Her quilt group all used one pattern. She wasn’t too fond of it but joined in. Her blocks were 3” and theirs were 12”. After she made it she really liked it.

  12. Carolyn BARNETT

    I love it!! I know it is disappointing to find you are making a twin when you wanted a wall hanging but it really is wonderful! Think how cute this will look draped over a chair on your porch this summer!

  13. Julie D.

    Well, I have that pattern and I’m glad first of all you told us that the star area needs to go on the left side. Secondly, I also really appreciate when designers put the size on a pattern. I would have guessed that this was a wallhanging as well. But, yours is awesome!!!

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