Catching Up, 4-8-2020

I’m falling behind on Dirty Dozen photos and since I can’t sleep, this is as good a time as any to post them.

Peggy made little houses as refrigerator magnets.

Lovely work, Gals!

51 thoughts on “Catching Up, 4-8-2020

  1. Marlene T in upstate NY

    Hi Mary,
    I rec’d 9 blank picture boxes and only the red & white quilt came through. Did get a few ads. Just checked my iPhone and rec’d 3 blank boxes and the red & white quilt. Hope all is well with you. Just cut out some fabric to make a few masks, need them now to go into the stores.

  2. Chris in Washington

    Only one picture showed up. Beautiful day here in Puyallup! How about Iowa?

  3. Diane and Squeak

    Same here, Mary. The last one came through, but the others show little blue squares with question marks inside. Ahhh. Gotta love technology–not. Hang in there.

  4. Nancy TD

    Only got Donna’s quilt and masks. Just blank squares before that.
    At the grocery saw people wearing masks including my husband and myself.

  5. Gail Celeste

    I can see all the pictures on my phone, but only the last one on my computer.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gail – why would they show up on your phone but not your computer? Any ideas?

  6. Linda baker

    No dirty dozen or magnet photos. Only a picture of masks and a small quilt.

  7. patti leal

    i generally get all the photos you send out. not with this last batch. did get the red/white from donna – nice quilt. maybe they have to ‘age’ on my computer first – like fine wine?
    i am making a mask for myself (almost done) and one for dh (mr. ed) as i have an appointtment with my lung doctor tomorrow afternoon. also plan to make masks for my son and familly. mr. ed is working at home now and it is hard for me to remember he is really at work.
    i hope everyone stays well.patti in florida

  8. Donna giddens

    Mary. Only got the very last picture. Don’t want to drive you crazy but know u r having issues again. Enough to drive a person to drink! Lol

  9. Sue in Oregon

    Got the last one. Donnas pretty red and white on the end. Also, the words Peggy made little houses …..but no pic with it. Thanks for trying though.
    Maybe it’s the full moon??? Not sleeping, I mean.
    I am trying to clean my sewing room and make something at the same time. Not a good idea, really.
    We are supposed to be in for a patch of nice weather so we will try to plant our onions.

  10. mary jane

    me again, Did any one see the HUGE moon last nite? I think they call it the Super Moon. Maybe that is why some had sleepless nites..HMMMM.. It was a beauty.

  11. mary jane

    good morning…yesterday was a great day here in WI got into the 60’s so got out on the patio to soak up some Vit D.

    Like the others before me only got 1 pic of the lovely red and white table top and the masks. I have a few masks cut out BUT no elastic. Anybody found a place that has any? Some places, Grocery Mkts. won’t let you in without a mask on. Good for them…

    Everyone take care, stay at home and create.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Donna is the star today..congratulations!
    All is well here, and we are busy catching up on lots of projects.

  13. Jeanne E Hoffman

    Only last picture also. Glad to see masks being made. If you recall seeing videos of South Korea and China on the news after they got their outbreaks under control, everyone out in public was wearing a mask.

    Not only have I been wearing a mask when I go grocery shopping, I’ve also been wearing gloves. Nitrile ones are more study than latex.

  14. Debbie B

    Good Morning! Sadly, only 1 picture was visible today. But it’s a lovely little quilt with face masks. It sounds like you had great weather lately. Enjoy!

  15. the other Angie

    Ditto on the photos – only Donna’s came through. There is a “frame” where the others should be, but no pics. That must be so aggravating! Sorry to hear you cannot sleep – too often, I am one that experiences that as well. Sometimes a boring book helps! Hope you are doing well otherwise. Have a wonderful day!

  16. Gayle from Tennessee

    I too only got the last picture to load.
    I did not sleep well last night either. Too many things on my mind I guess.

  17. Brenda archambault

    Just the one picture here too. Must be the super full moon! Have been reading a lot but have to get moving a bit and take care of things during this respite from ordinary life. Everywhere I turn there’s a project or a pile of papers to take care of. Or fabric to sort or assemble into a finished product.
    Hopefully, the beautiful weather will continue and we can stop and smell the roses.

  18. Anonymous

    Can’t believe how many couldn’t sleep last night. Wonder what was with last night because I had trouble also. Strange that only Jan got all the pictures. I only got the last one too.

  19. Kathy in western NY

    No pics except last one. But several ads to close. I am suiting up to go to the grocery store early as I want a couple things like a ham ( the other stuff I want can wait) and then come home and sew more masks. I Am wearing one I made for a sample size I liked so it will be mine to keep in the car for future now. Haven’t been out in the car in over a week so will need to tell myself it’s okay. I sure am preferring to stay home and be safe right now. Lots to keep me busy.

  20. Sandy in Indiana

    Only one photo….from Donna
    Sorry you couldn’t sleep
    Have a wonderful day! Be safe

  21. Carolyn Boutilier

    Mary, the only picture I received is Donna fro IL.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  22. Ginny

    I only received the last picture, the first three were empty. The place holders came through. I’ve always been able to see all the pictures before.
    I discovered if I give Ranger his pill in soft butter he takes it! Strange boy my Ranger.

  23. Sandy

    Yes, I only got the red and white quilt too, sometimes they appear later when I take a second look, hope everyone is keeping well and no one has run out of fabric yet! Best wishes to all, sandy

  24. Charlotte Shira

    I only got one of the pictures. It was Donna’s red and white quilt with the face masks. I don’t know what is going on.

  25. Mary

    Only one photo showed up – the red/white one with fabric masks. I tried viewing in my email and then on the web site with same results.

  26. Linda in TN

    Only one picture.! Donna’s from West Canton, IL.. none of the others came thru

    1. Donna O

      Same here, only one pic visible The pic cute red quilt/topper from Donna from Ill.

  27. Jan VanDeWalle

    Love the dogs and the baby quilts and like all the others too, what a fun group. the tiny houses are so cute..
    I got to leave the house today needed to deposit a check for My Pythian group at the bank. the bank is only open for the drive up window, lobby is closed. my dog gets so excited when we go to the bank as they have dog treats in the drive thru. we stopped by the Post office drop box, he doesn’t like that and complains loudly till we get to the bank. Talk about a spoiled dog. Beautiful day here in Oregon today, Jerry got the lawn mowed and the neighbor mowed along the road with his riding mower, He mows our side too so we look spiffy..
    Jan in Oregon

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan VanDeWalle – wondering why it looks like just you are getting the pictures? Any ideas?

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