A Perfect Day

How can you beat 71 degrees with not much wind? It is a beautiful day and the cleanup continues.

I know most of you did not get the pictures last Saturday. I’m going to try again. Don’t understand why some got pictures and some didn’t.

More later!

35 thoughts on “A Perfect Day

  1. Diane Deibler

    Good seeing you from afar at the post office. I haven’t been going out much except to the grocery store. Stay well. Enjoyed working outside all day. These perfect days don’t come very often.

  2. Rita in Iowa

    The quilts are beautiful, great job gals. I have spent the last few days making mask for my kid, grandkid, sister and for ourselves. Made 23. Now to get back to my sewing project.

    Spent time outside cleaning the growing weeds from the black raspberry patches, rhubarb, asparagus, two small flower beds. Then trying to clean up were the ferns grow before they start poking their heads up.. Many more to go. Husband doesn’t understand that it’s easier to pull these while they’ve small. It not a job he cares to help with. Got my Vitamin D today.

  3. Diane and Squeak

    Pictures today:). The quilts are wonderful. Great jobs, ladies. Nice here in Central Ohio. 75 right now😃😃


    Great quilts . Love this weather too. Any new chicks or kids? Love all your animals,,,

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    I LOVE THE GINGEBER ANIMALS quilt/ wall hanging. I have those fabrics! Inspiration!

  6. Sue in Oregon

    So glad to receive my mini quilt show today. Great job, ladies. I love all of your quilts. Who doesn’t love stars and animals?
    Having a nice day here too but it isn’t as warm as yours plus there is a cool wind blowing off the ocean.
    The hens are all running around in the yard and digging and scratching in my flower beds. Oh well. They are also fertilizing as the go. lol

  7. Sherry Whalen

    It is nice to get some things done around the house and yard. Don’t over do, rest when you can and ‘be still’!

  8. NikkiM in Tx

    Beautiful day here, got up to 87.
    Ms Maci’s canned food that is by prescription always comes mail but I got her kibble at PetsMart, it is also a specialty but not prescription. Called supplier of Rx food & yes they can supply kibble & it arrived today & I am glad that I don’t have to drive the 87 miles round trip to get. Set it on auto ship plan.
    Cut border #2 for quilt started May 2012 and pinned to two sides, will sew on later this evening or in morning. Know will be completed tomorrow, also know why it was in back of closet with only four blocks done. Have thought of several names for this quilt, none printable on Mary’s blog!
    Plan to finish Bonnie Hunters Majestic Mountains next..have all fabrics gathered & in box with printed directions, not sure when I did all that…think in early 2000’s but unsure…still like fabrics & pattern so will continue with project.
    Decided to mow today as yard area needs..proceed to get piece wire wrapped around mower blades.. never mind what I had to say about that..tomorrow will see if I can get off.. stopped soon enough that don’t think any damage but don’t know.
    Found had bag of frozen cherries in freezer so have a cherry cobbler in oven. I prefer to eat warm. Guess it is the yankee in me, whatever, waiting for timer to ding .
    Stay safe, stay corona free, distant yourselves..

  9. Vickie Devore

    I didn’t get the pics first time and today working on taxes (not fabric) where hubby was in love with his cancer doc and the nurses at hospital for the majority of 3 years (joking), this sure makes me want to get the paper work done. Sooo beautiful and made me smile!! lov u all

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Once again a really nice quilt show! Great job on all of them. Love the straight line quilting on the star, Diane.
    We were almost 60 here and I got lots of my batiks washed and dried out on the line to make more masks. I can always replenish my stash but it feels so good to use it now when needed for this emergency. Think we will be home still for awhile yet so will get back to my quilt making later after making more masks. Nice thing is none of the nursing homes I have sewn them for have had any cases so it’s working keeping visitors out and wearing masks.

  11. Nancy TD

    Great finishes everyone. Look forward to seeing what others are doing. Beautiful day in SE MN after an early morning thunderstorm. Worked outside this afternoon. Sewed masks for family and friends yesterday. Have my dirty dozen cut out. Hope to start sewing on it tomorrow. Stay home.

  12. Jo in Wyoming

    Kathy, that’s wonderful! I have been making masks for family. Their not hard, just take a little time.
    I ask my husband if he wanted Big Red Lips on his! He wants a tent so when he blows hard the flaps will open. I’m thinking a lady bug for me.
    All those DD’ s look great..I’d rather quilt than clean…I’ve been doing a lot of that this week!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I saw the mask your husband is referring to on FB – pretty funny!

  13. Launa

    Hand sewed yo-yos today for a small quilt from Pam Buda’s newest book. Plan to make a mask 😷 tomorrow! The tent 😷 mask idea from Jo’s husband sounds really creative! 😆 We need this type of humor during these times.
    Thanks for showing the pictures, Mary!

  14. Julie D.

    Got the pictures this time! The projects are phenomenol!! And today was absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The pictures came through today. Thanks, Mary, for sending them again; they are wonderful! 🥰

  16. Sue in Marion, IN

    We had a gorgeous day yesterday too! 77 here! Going to repeat today before the low comes through tonight and we get a cold spell.

    Still not getting pictures…I have an iPad if that makes any difference.

  17. Jeanne E Hoffman

    Huh. I got some of the pictures the first time, but none this time.

  18. Donna Mease

    All of a sudden this week pictures were not posting. Ack! I would say it’s not one particular kind of pictures either. Just some do and some don’t appear. So strange. But I read your posts anyways. I love to hear what’s going on.
    Take care dear friend.
    Donna J in South central Kansas. Just a wheatfield south of Wichita.

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