Picture Test from Denise

Hi all….I am trying to help Mary get some answers to her picture issue from earlier so testing a picture from my ipad of some English Muffin bread I made yesterday…lets see if it will publish! (PS it was very tasty!)

84 thoughts on “Picture Test from Denise

  1. Marlene T in upstate NY

    Got the picture fine and closed 7 ads. That bread looks wonderful, would love the recipe. Happy Palm Sunday to all, sure is different this year. Stay safe and well.

  2. Jeanine from Iowa

    I got the picture (yummy) and had several ads to close. Happy Palm Sunday to everyone. We miss not being able to go to church. Our pastor put a You Tube video online for us to watch today.

  3. Brenda in SC

    Oh, yes! I got that delicious looking bread and six ads to close, too!!

  4. Sandy in Indiana

    Yum!! got the photo 🙂
    hope you will share the recipe…..
    thanks for helping Mary!

  5. Nicole Hanson

    Picture of the bread but no recipe! Can’t eat a picture that looks yummy!

  6. linda winn

    The picture published! Would mind sharing the recipe for the bread looks yummy. Closed several ads and most of all I really enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Brenda in Iowa

    Picture came through. Bread looks delish. Would you share the recipe?

  8. Linda G

    What’s your address? I’ll stand 6 feet from the door while you throw a yummy slice in my direction!

  9. Susie Lenz

    English muffin bread looks great! I have not been getting ads to click on lately,but I do need to update my browser and I pad.Could that be the reason? Thanks!

  10. Jan VanDeWalle

    Bread looks good, my bread machine doesn’6t work properly anymore but I used to make bread all the time, before machines. I have been going to make English muffins when I run out of the ones I have in the freezer, and will be setting some bread later today.
    I had a lot of ads to click on today.

  11. Karen Cyr

    Got it. Earlier post just had picture symbols. Looks sooooo good.

    Karen in Maryland

  12. Tanya in Houston

    Got picture and ads! Please post that recipe! It looks wonderful!

  13. Diane Bauer

    Looks great here!!
    I didn’t have any issues with the previous post from Mary though!

  14. Janice Hebert

    Hi Denise! Yes, got the picture, bread looks great! I have not been getting ads when I look at the blog on my pc. I do get them on my Android phone though. In case that is something that helps you figure out what’s going on. Jan in MA

  15. Donna Sproston

    Came through fine. Lots of ads to close too. The previous post Mary”s photo posted but just saw a photo symbol for the quilt finishes.

  16. Carol

    Are you going to just tease us or are you going to take a picture of that recipe for the bread and share? LOL. I still use my bread machine and love it. Our favorite recipe is a honey oatmeal bread.

  17. Angie from Baltimore

    Like I always need another bread recipe BUT I looked it up and after I write this an off to make it. Thanks for the suggestion.
    It is times like these I want homemade bread and jam. It makes me feel safe.

  18. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    Got it, looks like it should be toasted and spread with peanut butte for breakfast! Yum!

  19. Montana Kathy

    Got the photo and the bread looks great! Please, can you share the recipe?

  20. Sandy

    Yum I’ve got a lovely jar of new Zealand honey direct from the beekeeper that would be perfect to share! Bags the crust!

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