Checking In

This time you haven’t heard from me because I overdid and my body told me so. Today is PT again but then I’m sitting in my chair the rest of the day! I promise.

I still can’t get in to the admin page to get to your email addresses. I’m going to print the winners names here. If you see your name send me your mailing address to





I will post these names again in a separate post entitled WINNERS! Gotta get these books sent out because I got another box just this week. I fell behind when I had surgery and Martingale just keeps ‘me coming. I am going to look these next books over and review them and then have another drawing.

Do you have any idea how exciting it is so see that box from Martingale in my mailbox every month? Such beautiful books!

30 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Felicia Hamlin

    One of these days, I hope to win. Wknows? It could happen.
    Thank you, Mary, for the chance to win.

  2. Cindy Karas

    The only thing I like better than books is fabric! I would be drooling every month!! I look at my books all the time-I need to sew a quilt and stop looking. I promised myself I would give my house a deep cleaning before I can sew again, well the house is dirty and I’m not sewing, so…I guess I need to get going. Oh well, it’s always something, please read all those books and tell us all about them, I can hardly wait. They won’t hurt your knee unless you don’t elevate it. Glad things are getting better-Cindy K

  3. BarBQue

    How lucky you are, Mary, to get these new books – and so often. What fun it must be to look through them and dream of the next quilt to make!! I look forward to someday being one of your winners. Missing Reid and his project but I understand that he is busy with school and you, Mary, are busy recuperating and BEHAVING !

  4. Diane and Squeak

    Good you are resting because I know it is hard for you to slow down! We all worry about you so take care. Cool here in Central Ohio, but all the snow has melted. I am sending you a picture of a beautiful kitty who lives not too far from our house. Pretty soon you will be running to the barn😺😺

  5. Nikki M innTx

    Don’t worry about anything but your recovery, that is your full time job at present.
    Think everyone ( no matter the surgery) has at least one day of over doing, as they feel good & think “ I can do this”. But pay for it & as long as learn from it.. Glad recovery going so good & proud of you for truckin’ on. Hang in there!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Katie Hernandez – you have to keep up with my blog posts so that you’ll know when I’m having any other one. No warning.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    The new books just in time to sit, flag and plan. Rest and recharge.
    Congratulations to the winners, you also can sit and flag and plan.

  7. Nancy TD

    Enjoy looking at the books. Healing takes time and it is hard to just sit when we are doers. Soon you will be wishing you could just sit in your chair for a day. Congrats to the lucky book winners!

  8. Margie from ohio

    Mary, I would imagine it would be like Christmas morning when my kids were small and at home to receive those new books. Please take care of yourself. We followers of you wouldn’t know what to do without a post from you, when you can.

  9. Charlotte S

    Glad to hear from you! We have all overdone it. I think when I do certain things “I’m going to pay for this!” and I always do. Enjoy reviewing the books.

  10. Jean

    What FUN it would be to get all those books. OMGness. Being that you are forced to sit is a gift in that you can look at quilt books for hours and not feel guilty. Win win I say.

  11. Sharon Ray

    Oh my goodness that would be awesome to get a box of books from Martingale every month!! Take it easy and pace yourself; good advice for anyone.

  12. Dianne M Cook

    Oh Mary, please listen to your body. It will improve eventually. It must be exciting to receive all those books at home. Just keep resting and reading. I am a very big book person and have been buying a lot of the new quilting books that come out, but looking around my house, I seem to be running out of room. Will have to gift some to my quilt guild library. Think of you often, have some hiccups in my recovery from breast cancer surgery, but seem to be back on
    the right track now. We already have over six inches of snow here in Midwestern Ontario. Really too early for us. Still leaves on the ground that should have been raked up.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dianne – so happy to hear from you and know you’re recovering from a setback. Winter hit us hard recently as well and we, too, have many leaves on the ground
      I am not liking recovery much but will just have to remember not to overdo

  13. Ellie

    Glad you are doing some relaxing. The books you are giving away are beautiful and it’s so generous of you and Martingale. Thank you both!

  14. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Good thing you’re getting all those books to sit and enjoy, good thing your body tells you to sit and enjoy! Maybe your body will tell you… these books are better, in the evening, perused with a beer in your hand!

  15. Beryl in Owatonna

    Do listen to your body so you don’t keep paying. Those books are there for you so you will sit and rest! Martingale’s books are wonderful and keep me sitting with my feet up. Enjoy the sunshine today and your babies…they love to keep you warm and down and still.
    I had 4 ads today, two would close the other two won’t (don’t have the X)

    “Be still…”

  16. Nancy Firecracker

    Rest is the best medicine. A person isn’t aware of the stress that a surgery has on the body. We are always ready to go, go, go. Enjoy perusing the books. I call books and patterns as my “fiction”. I read and dream, but I don’t often produce a quilt project!

    Soak up any sunshine that may be in Iowa, enjoy a kitty or puppy on your lap, and REST–doctor Nancy’s prescription!

  17. Teresa

    Take it easy Mary, remember, slow and steady wins the race.

    It would be so fun to get a new box of books from Martingale every month! I wouldn’t get anything done until I’d browsed through all of them.

  18. Sue in Oregon

    Martingale books are gorgeous. I was just looking at their weekly blog page, as I do every Friday morning. I linger and ow and ah over the new books, drinking my first cup of coffee, and loving life. lol
    Take care of yourself, Mary.

  19. Susan K

    It’s good to hear from you. Sometimes overdoing can help us figure out just how much we can do. I hope the kitties and doggies help you rest and take it easy. Take care of yourself!

  20. karen

    Just remember, Mary, to do no more or less than the PT says. Rest is just as important.
    Now how did I miss these book giveaways? I’ll be watching for next time☺️
    Congrats to the winners!

  21. Lynn Handberg

    Happy to hear from you again. I understand the overdoing it – I had my right total hip 5 and a half weeks ago and I’m pretty much back to normal but the other night I was exhausted and just had to go to bed at 8 p.m.
    We need to listen to our bodies when they tell us to slow down, right?
    Praying for your continued healing, Mary.

  22. Gloria B.

    They are beautiful books and you are generous to share them with us. With your mandatory rest breaks grab a tea and soak in every page, pattern and story.

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