Chilly Monday, 11-7-22

And POOF the weekend is gone! Saturday was filled with college football and World Series and Sunday was church, annual meeting and potluck afterwards. I would never miss a church potluck – there is simply nothing like it! I wish I could have taken a picture of all the yummy! So much variety – nobody gets to eat like this at home. Our church brings only homemade dishes. Every outlet is used to keep crockpots warm and every oven is on keeping things hot. I wish I could have all those choices today.

Moving on – I said I’d explain my wood floors which date back to 1980 when the old farmhouse was literally torn down around our heads. Do you know what corncrib siding is? It’s a 1 x 8 pine board that is flat on one side and grooved in half on the opposite side. Every surface of floor, walls, and ceiling were covered with car siding. All ceilings are the grooved side.

Walls were the flat side.

And all floors were the flat side. I did all the staining and varnishing of every board before it was used – it took over 16 gallons of stain!!! and many gallons of varnish!

Around the edges of the room the floors still show the original finish .

But this is the original stain and varnish – dull and worn.

When we expanded the kitchen I just asked that the floors were patched together as needed.

So the answer to the question is that these pine floors are very old – 42 years as a matter of fact. The boards have shrunk over time leaving gaps between boards which obviously fill with dirt, pet hair and dust. There is no possible way for all of us – cats, dogs and humans – to move out of this house so the floors can be redone. They are perpetually dirty – how can they be anything else? I damp mop them but never saturate them. The wood is now raw with no finish left and that’s the way they’ll stay for my lifetime in this house. The animals are far more important to me than perfect floors. I’m never worried about them being scratched up or marred. Dogs don’t wipe their feet so everybody walks right in and I never let guests take off their shoes!

I have many nice throw rugs but can’t use any of them because Rick might fall. One more picture of the cupboards made in the 1930’s and when I had the kitchen painted white I couldn’t bring myself to paint these beauties. They are classic Midwest farm cupboards. The counter level is low, made that way for the short farm wife who lived here in the 30’s – if I raised it I would lose lots of counter space so I’ve just gotten used to it.

So that’s the story of my worn looking wood floors – no mystery and virtually no upkeep – perfect for someone like me who isn’t interested in a pristine house.

I worked hard on my Color Parade quilt last night but still not close to being finished. Its 25 degrees this morning – thankfully the yard work is done and maybe I can find a couple hours today to sew.

And that’s Monday! What’s your week looking like?


92 thoughts on “Chilly Monday, 11-7-22

  1. Shirley from Oregon

    I love your floors and cabinets. Don’t ever paint the cabinets. Your home has a well loved patina of a life well lived. ❤️
    We are headed to AZ to see our daughter and family. I need an in person catch up, especially with my 18 year old granddaughter. She is fun, loving and very caring to every human and beast that walks the earth. Can’t wait to hear her stories.

  2. Pambb be in NC

    Mary, your temperature made me shiver! Even for this born and bred Iowa girl! Here in NC we slept with all the windows open last night. I guess that’s the main reason we retired here-great weather and the Smokey Mountains in my front yard. Talk about leaves though! HA! I have an Iowa friend visiting this month so we have been in the sewing room as much as possible. Somehow I managed to have more UFO’s than the number of months in the year! Have a great week!

  3. Mary Says Sew!

    Quiet week here. The only scheduled event is a vet appointment for one cat for an injection on Friday. This cat loves the staff at our vet clinic and they love him, so it’s an easy and pleasant trip. I have a cat sitting gig through tomorrow evening. Most of our outside work is done, too; I have some pruning to do yet and DH may do some more mowing to shred the last leaves to fall. I’m ready for a trip to the public library and will do that today. So, lots of sewing time available; yay!

  4. Marsha from Kansas

    Good Monday morning! I’m getting up and around. Yesterday I got the binding made for the quilt my LAQ has so it will be ready to sew on when I get it back. Luckily, it will be my red project. You picked the perfect color. Then I got started on my Fig Tree blocks of the month for her Christmas mystery quilt. I’m three months behind. Ok, I am just starting. But I hope to be caught up by the end of the week before I get the November blocks. This BOM always has at least four blocks and sometimes up to 11. My friend calls it my kit of the month. When there are so many blocks, there are multiples of the same block so lots of chain piecing. That is my sewing goal for this week.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – I think you get lots done – BOM and mystery quilt! I can never stay on task for those things.

  5. Susie Kepley

    I absolutely love old,worn squeaky floors! Your cabinets remind me of the doors on my Hoosier!

  6. DebMac

    I love your cabinets; so homey! Our kitchen was redone 12 years ago before we bought the house with white cabinets and trim. I can remember my mother being so happy to get rid of her white metal kitchen cabinets for nice wood ones. She was always wiping down the white ones and I feel like I do the same. I’ve got better things to do than clean! Visit with the orthopedic guy and laundry today. Election judge tomorrow. Hoping to get the last border on a quilt this week but will probably have to do some yard work instead since we head into the deep freeze end of the week. Always something, isn’t it?

  7. Kay

    I love your kitchen. My kitchen cupboards are very similar to yours but in oak. It was done in 1936 and has a white sink with two sinks and a drainboard on each side measuring 6 foot. I really like your ceiling–mine is plaster. My countertop and back splash are maple, and the floor is oak. Hate to think of what the next occupant will do to it, but I probably won’t be around. Have enjoyed it for 38 years so far.

  8. Carol L

    I love your kitchen and the cabinets are he best. $0 mph winds here in NW NE. A good day to stay in.. cl

  9. Carol Garverick

    I absolutely love your floors. My vinyl plank floors just don’t have the same character.

  10. Ellen (Rasmus) Franzen

    I was at your house with my mom for an open house. You had everything decorated so fun with all of your collections. You house was so warm and inviting. You were in style with the farmhouse look before it was popular!! Loved the pictures.

  11. Sue Smith

    I’m so happy that you didn’t paint y our cabinets white. I see this done so often now. Painting over beautiful wood is a bad idea. No matter how good the paint is, it will eventually start to chip. Plus, wood is always more beautiful. Warm, homey and much easier to care for. I will not paint mine either.

    I am working on my little Red quilt. We had a cold, rainy, wet week-end. When we went to town, water was pouring up out of the drain pipes into the streets along the bay. Tide was very high and the rain was coming in sheets. That always happens when the two things come together. In some places, they start getting out the sandbags. This morning is peaceful though and I think the storm is over.

      1. Sue in Oregon

        Hi Janet, I am Sue in Oregon. It usually comes up that way but for some reason, today it did not. We live in Coos Bay, which is along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. The town is along the bay. We are actually the next to largest port in OR, Astoria is the largest, I believe. We don’t count Portland because it is inland. Thanks for asking.

  12. Suzanne Golden

    Your home looks so homey, comfortable and lived in. Love the lookand feel of old wood.

  13. Rita in Iowa

    Sitting down with my foot up, things are going well with a minimum amount of pain mostly at night. Will get the stitches out on Friday. (Bunion and hammer toes) Something was done on all the toes.
    Have been marking hexies corners that I was given over 30 years ago. They will finish at about 17 inches for each block and I have at least 45 bags of blocks. Will be a good leader and ender block.
    Working on doing things on my list that I started for my recovery. Getting things marked off.
    Much cooler today but next week it sounds like the real cold sets in.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita – we thought the picture of your foot looked pretty bad – hope you’ve got some good help around the house.

  14. Deb in Idaho

    Windy and some rain(hooray) today but still can get out for a walk. Don’t care to do any yard work today but hope to so dewing. Love your floors! Stay warm.

  15. Jill Klop

    I love all of the wood in your kitchen! I also love your philosophy about the animals being more important than perfect floors! Thanks for sharing. I’ve started a red and white quilt for this month’s color challenge. I wasn’t sure that I would! I hope I get farther along this month that I did with last month’s challenge!

  16. Tama

    I noticed those fantastic floors in the previous post. Thanks for sharing the back story. Love your kitchen, too. It’s a grocery store run this morning and quilting this afternoon. Have a great day,,

  17. Jo in Wyoming

    That a girl….low maintenance. Love it. All the work you did to have low maintenance later in life. It looks great.
    I spent time last week in Omaha learning lots about my longarm. Shopping along the way. We came home to 90 mph winds, closed highways and left over snow. My husband had 5” to shovel. Our first snow. Usually we get snow in September. Last night it was 10 degrees!!
    This week I’ll do some practicing my lessons, carpet cleaning (in the basement), line dancing, gym group, and a whole lot of laundry. Exciting life, eh.

  18. Carmen Montmarquet

    I love, love your kitchen cabinets and so agree with you about the floors, when we have pets, something has to give and they win! Your home always looks so cozy and welcoming, I don’t think you can ask for better than that!

  19. Renae Haaland

    Love your house!!! So glad you didn’t paint any of the woodwork. I love it the way it is. Take care of yourself Mary!!!

  20. Teresa

    I love your rustic farmhouse, worn wood floors and all. This looks so homey to me. It would fit right in with my lifestyle.
    This week looks to be an easy week for me. Nothing much happening except trying to corral the leaves that have blown in from the neighbors trees. Agh! Have a good day and hope you have productive sewing time.

  21. Glenda Fletcher

    Love your kitchen cupboards and your wood floors. Low maintenance is good. Bound a quilt yesterday and have one to go. Trying now to get a few UFO’s done before starting on a project.

  22. Deb

    Your home is all CHARACTER – and I love it! I feel the same way about my home. Bathrooms and kitchen are kept clean, but vacuuming is done sporadically as we have bare dirt out back and it flies in when doors are opened (we have 2 sets of patio doors in our great room). Once we get the backyard done then we’ll start on flooring. Not looking forward to that! We have a long list of things that need to be done so we have the house to a stage where its easy for us to maintain as we age. No lawn now (live in California, so we’re always in drought plus hubby had mowed for 48 years, enough is enough), and plants & trees on drippers.

  23. Barbara Moore

    The height of your counters would probably be idea for my 5’3” frame – my ready-made ones will always be too high! It was 38-degF one morning last week here in Tucson, but today it’s supposed to be 81! We will never have seasons in Southern Arizona – we just get used to it being under a hundred or over😂. Take care Mary – love all your wood❤️
    Barb in Tucson

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – the lady they were made for was just 5’ and I’m only 5’3” so they’ve always been ok but you should see someone tall washing dishes all hunched over! Ha!

  24. Liz Deluhery

    Your kitchen cupboards are my dream, as we are renovating our kitchen. Nothing as beautiful as those! I always had them in our old Iowa farmhouses and I miss them as well as the lower countertops.
    Thank you for sharing them!

  25. mary h

    Mary, I went to the Houston show with friends. Lots of amazing quilts, more than half I would say, in the art category. WE heard numerous folks saying the number of vendors was down. Some of our favorite shops weren’t there. Our hotel was less than a block from minute Maid Park so we were enveloped in the revelry of the Astros winning on Saturday night. They actually cut the show short on Sunday to get folks out of their as 1 million people were expected to start pouring in for the parade today!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary – I saw your picture on FB taken at the show and the few quilts I saw were definitely art category quilts. I would love to go to Festival again some time – so many memories! And yes, I know how close MM Park is to George Brown and those hotels! I can’t imagine the congestion.

      1. Mary H

        The streets were full til 2 a.m.- people and cars and honking. We also got in the midst of a motorcycle rally in Galveston! Have you been in Phoenicia-a gourmet grocery store? We found it fun.

  26. Jeanice Domino

    I love your house! The floors, the kitchen cupboards, the collections, the animals! Everything!!!

  27. Margie Braaksma

    Covid since Friday. I think half our town in northwest Iowa has it. Sleeping a lot and watching movies. Can’t even focus enough to sew

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie – oh, I am so sorry!! It kind of runs like that, doesn’t it – through a community. Take care, don’t do too much and watch another movie.

  28. Joyce from NY

    Your kitchen is just what I love, so cozy & warm! I don’t have wood floors, I wish I did! I have oak cupboards & will never paint them!
    It was in high 70’s yesterday & down in the 50’s today with a lot of wind for the last few days, blowing the leaves every which way. The yard work that I can do myself is done. I have two more pillows to cover & then a couple dog jackets to make, not sure how that will go!

  29. Synthia Noble

    I absolutely LOVE your kitchen. You are a terrific “designer/decorator” who really knows what she’s doing!!
    🙂 🙂

  30. Carolyn in GA

    Reminds me of the floors I uncovered at the ranch house in Oklahoma. After the floor covering was pulled up, there was wood flooring that had been there for many years. They were never covered up again. My kind of home.

  31. Candy

    I love the door pulls on your cabinets. They look like leather … are they? Our hardwood floors are shiny … in theory … LOL! They are hard to keep that way. But what I do like about them is that they have a “distressed” look, so if we ever drop anything that leaves a mark, we just take a black felt pen and color in the mark and it just disappears into the floor. Gotta love that! We’re in the process of trying to pick a new paint color for our walls, going from a warm butterscotch color to something a lot lighter, but not quite white. We want to brighten things up, but it’s a scary proposition! Time will tell if we’re brave enough to do it. Have a great week!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Candy – remember my contractor, Steve, who did all the rock work and concrete floors here? He lived here in 1976 for a short while and his wife refinished the painted cupboards. They didn’t have much money for pulls so yes- Steve made the leather pulls which are still handsome! I don’t think I’d ever replace them for something new.

  32. Candy

    Oh, I forgot to say that I got up very early this morning and pulled my flannel bullseye quilt onto the bed … so lovely and cozy! I have many (!) quilts, but this is the only one I’ve ever put on my bed. It just covers the top of the bed, but boy do we love it when it’s cold!

  33. Trudy

    I simply LOVE your floors! They are perfect as they are! I paid a small fortune to get that look!🤣🤣

  34. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning
    Mary, I love all the wood in your house, especially those kitchen cupboards! We also enjoy our dogs more than clean floors so we just deal with the dirt and clean as necessary….definitely not up to most “clean house” standards!
    This week we are having our one and only bathroom remodeled which will make life interesting for a couple of days!
    Our house is 80 years old and was built like a fortress but everything is dated and/or wearing out, so I’m thrilled we are starting to update. The kitchen and utility room remodel will start in a few weeks.
    My husband will have an MRI on Wednesday because his doctor suspects that his left knee has a torn meniscus.
    That’s our week…..hopefully I’ll find some time to play with fabric! ❤️

  35. Launa

    Our floors are Hickory…lots of dark knot holes n distressed markings! Easy to care for with wet dog paws n wet snow 🥾 boots!
    Had more snow during night and about an hour ago it was like a blizzard 🌨 with strong wind blowing more new snow all over! Believe we received another 10 inches! Was 26o this morning!
    Yawned n yawned last night to stay awake due to time change and go to bed about 10pm! Some good football games! Brady pulled an exciting win in last few minutes!
    Last day of Elk season today…no shooting here! Posted well!
    Waiting for Yellowstone’s new series to start as Irma is an extra again!
    Glad I voted absentee! We are under winter weather warning! Living totally off the grid has its advantages.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – you really are off the grid and already having heavy snow! I, too, am waiting for next Sunday night and YELLOWSTONE!

  36. Lois Sturdivant

    I love all of it! I live in a 1930s farmhouse with fir floors. When we moved in 40+ years ago there was carpet and ugly tile floors. The fir has all been refinished and is gorgeous. There is still vinyl in bathrooms and Kitchen. We enlarged the kitchen so it and the utility have vinyl. I love the fir floors.

    Thanks for the photos!

  37. Jane from St Marys

    I need floors in my kitchen just like yours! No maintenance is just what I would love to have!! I wish when we added on 26 years ago I had done something besides ceramic tile! I detest my floors but doubt they get changed anytime soon!
    As for what’s happening on the farm…we’re trying to finish up some projects now that harvest is over. I have to work the election all day tomorrow. That will be interesting! I watch our 16 month old grandson on Wednesday & Thursday . He keeps me moving & on my toes as he’s a very active little farm boy! Friday we get to deliver bulls to a test station in Diagonal & Saturday I get a haircut. I will need a nap! Just another day in paradise!!

  38. Mary

    Happy Monday Mary!
    I am hoping to get a quilt top finished today! Just finished delivering Meals on Wheels with my sister, need to iron shirts. Then sewing, yippee!
    I have made a “ grandma” quilt whenever one of my sisters becomes a grandma. I delivered one of these quilts to my sister, when my mom was present. We play cards at the assisted living facility with my folks every Monday evening. When I gave Jane her quilt, my mom said she needed one as well! I said ok, that was as good a reason to make another quilt! Mom probably won’t remember but I am making her one anyway.

  39. Marilyn Miller

    One of our two 13 1/2 year old pups has a ‘bug,’ we have to keep close watch on him as he needs to go out often or we’ll need a “cleanup in aisle one.” My husband took Sam to the vet and we’re hoping it’s just ‘a bug.’ Tomorrow I’m to be at the fire station at 5 AM to serve as an election judge. The days are always LONG. I’m not looking forward to it but I hope there is a great turnout in our little community of about 3,000. Friday evening I’ll be playing Bingo as a benefit to build a new (no kill) animal shelter in Ft. Madison, Iowa, called ‘PAWS.’ Temps to be in mid 70’s mid week and down to 20 degrees on Friday. Brrrrrrr.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marilyn – I sure hope the ‘bug ‘ is temporary! Won’t we all be glad when this election is over!!!! AND a no kill shelter – the very best kind!

  40. Roberta Etherington

    Such a cozy story you told today. You think 42 years is old?? I just passed the 55 years in this house. Just maintenance now, no updating as the new kids call it.
    We had quilting at church this am as the city uses our Fellowship hall for voting tomorrow.
    Got a new quilter, yea, she is going to an asset as she does the fancy ones and has good ideas. I will send photos.. We are displaying them until quilt blessing day in the Spring. We too had potluck on All Saints Day. I lit a candle and had the bell toll for my brother and two friends who died in Oct.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Roberta -I enjoy hearing that other churches also make quilts in the Fellowship Hall. I don’t actually join the ladies because they have all their own patterns and plans and I would just disrupt their order. The quilts will be blessed next spring and then go on their way to the pregnancy center, missions, etc.

  41. Connie R.

    My daughter got married over the weekend so, we had a wonderful time at the wedding.

    My Mom and I went to a couple of thrift stores today . Monday must not be a good thrifting day as I didn’t find anything I “needed”. I’m sure I’ll make up for next time. Cold here today too. No snow on the ground yet.

  42. Becky

    Your house is beautiful. I love wood finishes and applaud you for not painting everything white as seems to be the trend now. Your kitchen is gorgeous!

  43. Dot

    My week had a very good start! Today I went to the monthly neighborhood Ladies’ Lunch at a local restaurant with about 10 of my neighbors. I hadn’t gone for months, being careful about Covid. But I finally decided to take a chance, and loved seeing everybody. One of the ladies gave me several bags of leftover yarn, and I’ll have fun all week looking at it, and thinking what I might make. Here in coastal North Carolina, it’s 83 degrees, but there’s a new hurricane coming. Hoping it peters out before it gets to land.

  44. Cathie

    Thank you for sharing and for agreeing that you either have a pristine house or the love
    of animals. I think you chose wisely. I love the idea of lower counter space. Having
    shrunk to 4’10” I could appreciate them! But you are taller so glad you got use to them.

  45. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Your home is warm and cozy. It says, “ Come on in and sit a spell.” Perfect home😃 What am I doing? Sometimes I wonder, too, haha! Today I was supposed to meet a friend for breakfast, but her husband has cancer and he got sick. I met our daughter for early Christmas shopping at the outlets. Tomorrow another Guild member and I are checking out a church to have our meetings. Wednesday is a meeting in Columbus, dropping books from my Little Free Library at Half Price Books, then Hairspray at the Ohio Theater. Thursday I have sewing group here— making cinnamon rolls and egg casserole, and Friday helping a friend by making desserts for Card Club he is hosting. Cold weather coming on Friday. It will be in the 60’s and low 70’s this week. Lovely. Hope this isn’t too much info, Mary. You asked😂😂😂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – haha!! Yes, I asked and wanted to know – I would hate to have that much on my calendar in a week – having to be somewhere at a specific time but you sound like you enjoy it! It does sound pretty fun to get together with friends.

  46. Micky

    Personally I prefer the old look, the older the better and especially a farm house. You must like it as this is what you have chosen to live with. Treasure it. Peace Micky

  47. Patty

    I love your home! Those kitchen cabinets! Wow! I’m 5’1 so I would be fine. Ha ha.
    I love that the potluck dishes are all homemade.
    I hope you are sewing away today.
    Be happy and thanks for your posts! We all look forward to reading about you and the feathered& furry members of your family.

  48. Barb Onnen

    Cool in southwest Iowa. Sure appreciated the warm weather we had and finished all my outside work – clearing flower beds, washing deck furniture and tucking it away in the garage. Phew! Glad to be ready for winter ( Ugh ). So now I sew every day. Lots of kits stashed away when I was going to quilt shows and quilt shops. I have so much now I will never finish it all at 76 years of age, so I am working on it. I may just hibernate all winter and sew!
    Yup, two great football games yesterday and my teams both earned a hard won game (Tampa Bay and KC) Love your blog, Mary, and yours and reader pictures are great.

  49. Robin

    I’m clearing out one side of the computer room / baby room. My sister found a three drawer file cabinet and she I bringing it to me tomorrow. Hoping I can get things back together before Wednesday when The little guy comes. He is very busy and he naps in that room. We may just go upstairs and nap tomorrow

  50. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    PS. Would you please remind people to put where they are from? I am always interested in the weather in other areas. Thank you:)

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I agree Diane. I follow the weather to see how people are fairing in parts of our country and now with this next potential hurricane looming, I think of so many friends who have already gone south for the winter.

  51. Debbie G in SE WI

    I agree with other people who commented not to change a thing! Your home is loved and has much personality!!

    Our family celebrated birthdays this weekend. My grandson and granddaughter, who are brother and sister have birthdays one day apart. They are five years apart. Yesterday was a fun day. I made a corduroy jumper for my granddaughter and she was thrilled when she opened the package! Melts my heart. She’s four, and what four year old gets excited about clothing for a gift! I love sewing for her. My grandmother always sewed clothing for me. My problem is where to buy apparel fabric besides Joann’s! Have a good week, Mary!

  52. Kathy in western NY

    I know a church lady who just recently move from her 4 bedroom colonial to a 3 bedroom ranch to downsize and she had all the hardwood floors redone and new carpeting in bedrooms and the house was only 10 years old!! I don’t think she’d last long living here. We had record warmth both Sat and Sun here so reality sets in end of this coming week so hopefully can get serious about some sewing projects inside. I am still hanging clothes outside on my lines so took fall quilts off today and washed some to hang outside to get ready for Christmas colors. Took advantage of the good weather to dry them out.
    Bless all the election poll workers as it’s a long day tomorrow for them. I have done their work when I was younger and it is not easy. We did early voting here already and I couldn’t thank all those sweet elderly people enough for their dedication.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – what a waste to redo all those new floors. It was 25 this morning – brrr. I did manage to get my two older goats in the barn tonight so I can sleep better knowing they’re inside with bedding, hay and grain to eat and fresh water. The other 4 goats won’t let them come into their pen and I just can’t stand it!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mary, you are a like a mom who can’t fall asleep till the last kid comes in the house. Now you can rest knowing your goats are tucked in and safe.

  53. Mary Hehlke

    Mary, I love the pictures of your farmhouse kitchen. I love the older homes, reminds me of my grandparents on the farm. I grew up in an old house, but small in size. It just seems to me to be homier and cozier. Some of the newer homes are beautiful but lack that “feeling of home”. I am 82, so no spring chicken. I love your way of living in the country. I admire all that you do and sometimes wonder how you keep up with all that you do. Have never met you but love you. God Bless

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – I love to hear from readers older than me because it tells me I’m not done yet and won’t be for awhile – ha! The quilt I’m working on is also getting bigger than I planned but I tell myself it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. I have to be sewing something so it might as well be a bigger quilt!

  54. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I loved hearing the story about your kitchen floors and cabinets. I think the natural wood adds warmth to the room. I am 4’ 11, so your counters would be perfect for me.
    We started our week with dear friends and breakfast out this morning—so fun. After breakfast , we popped into Joann for quilting incidentals.
    We are hosting Thanksgiving, so we will work on windows tomorrow, while the temps are nice. I should have done the windows before now. 🙄 Quilting may be on hold for a couple weeks. Thanks for this wonderful blog, Mary. 🥰

  55. Susan K in Texas

    Thanks for sharing your home with us. I love to see it. It’s so homey and welcoming. Well loved and beautiful.
    In between recent rain storms (much needed and welcome) I finished the aloes! It was warm and muggy today. So humid!
    I finished a baby quilt made with charm squares. Some of the fabric came from my sister who has 5 cats. My Magnus was fascinated with it. I finished quilting one of the three Christmas quilts and have been sewing binding on. Klaus sleeps under the quilt between my legs on the recliner as I sew. Both cats have to test each quilt as it is finished. I’m also working on roman shades for our back patio doors. I used to sew home decor items for people but really don’t enjoy it anymore.
    We’re headed to Iowa again for Veteran’s Day weekend. My husband is helping my son replace his shed roof that collapsed in October. I sure hope the weather isn’t as cold as they’re predicting. I just want to see my grand babies!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan K – it will be colder for sure but if you ever look at an Iowa temp map you’ll see that Mason city or Spencer is always the coldest spot in the state – hours from where you’re going to be. It’s a good feeling to have all the aloes situated for winter, isn’t it?

      1. Susan K in Texas

        I’m always relieved when the plants are all safely in the greenhouses. And to put them up before it gets cold. There have been years where we’re scrambling in cold, wet, and windy weather to get them situated.
        The big greenhouse will be filled when we get back. That’s where my husband does the work. He moves the larger more tropical plants in. Most of them are ones he has collected.
        And yea we’ve noticed the difference in temps from the west side vs the east side of Iowa.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Susan K – could you take some pictures of the greenhouse and some of the plants? Especially the different ones – I would just LOVE to see them – no hurry – when you get back home would be fine.

  56. Anne A

    Really like those floors and kitchen cabinets! We live in the home on the farm where my husband grew up. He’s 70 now. Unfortunately, it did not have any of the charm your home has. It was built during the 30s with whatever crooked lumber they could find, not kidding! We did lots of fixing up and now have a comfortable home that suits us. It seems the trees lost all their leaves with the rain and wind here in Southern Iowa. Now it looks so blah!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anne – the old house I moved into is not the house I live in now – it’s been through remodeling or adding on to 5 different times in the past 40 years. I should really show those first pictures of the wreck an ex husband moved me into. I touched the window glass in the living room and it fell out!!!! I’ll look for those pictures – they will be an eye opener!

  57. Susan Boyd in VA

    I didn’t read this post until this morning. I then went to read the comments, and oh my goodness, there were so many! I didn’t think I would be able to read them all. But, once I got started I couldn’t stop! I really enjoy reading all of the comments. It’s like hearing from old friends, even though I’ve never met any of you! Mary, your home is charming and suits you. That’s the way a home should be! I live in Northern Virginia (35 miles outside D.C.) We’re far enough out to be considered in the country still, but suburbia has crept up on us! It was 80 degrees here yesterday! This morning when I stepped outside to see the lunar eclipse, it was 42 and is only going into the 60s today. The temps will be up and down all week. Winter will get here soon. I hope to get outside today, after voting, and work on cleaning up beds and putting in some bulbs. I should have a good week for that! I’m still doing PT for my 2nd knee replacement. I’m doing quite well. Hopefully, I’ll be finished by the end of this week. We’ll see.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – aren’t the comments just the best? I agree it’s like having a visit with friends and honestly if readers don’t leave comments I’d quit this in the blink of an eye. The subject of the floors and then the cupboards was a really fun conversation, wasn’t it? I never thought about showing the floors and cupboards until a reader asked .

  58. Roxanne

    Your kitchen reminds me of visiting my great grandparents farm home in Hastings NE. I was about 7-8 years old and her kitchen enchanted me because the counters were so low. I could help with everything—it felt like playing “grownup” the whole time we were there! She was also a quilter. It was her cathedral window quilts that made me want to quilt! Such sweet memories!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Roxanne – makes me wonder if low countertops were common back then – people were shorter? Most original countertops are likely gone with farmhouses being torn down for more farmland. Sad. Very interesting – thanks for that info!

  59. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    Our house is only 17 years old and when we chose our cabinets I wanted a warm medium stain wood. The “internet” is now telling me that my cabinets with vertical slats on the doors are outdated. Ha ha ha. Bah humbug on that! I love my cabinets. “Outdated” is nothing but a marketing and media tactic.
    Your home is full of character. It perfectly reflects you and your choices of critters and collections. Thank you for sharing.
    We have snow on the ground with lots of wind and 29 degrees. Didn’t go anywhere yesterday. Not going anywhere today. I marinated and baked chicken for dinner last night so have leftovers for tonight. I am pretty sure I have some sewing time ahead for this afternoon.

  60. Nancy M Norris

    Mary I loved your wood floors story. My week has been interesting. I finished a quilt that went in the mail today for my daughter who lives in SL city , UT. I’m currently working on a quilt for one of my grandsons who aren’t married. I have 15 and 17 granddaughters who aren’t married. All the girls got a quilt last year, I will figure out how to send you some pictures. I asked their parents to send me a picture of the girls opening their quilts. It was a fun way for me to see their faces and not have to be there. I’m working on some quilts for the boys this year but didn’t get started soon enough to do them all.
    I’ve had some health challenges. I’m currently wearing a heart monitor. The last of the tests my cardiologist wants done and I saw a GI dr this morning. Have had some diarrhea issues and thought I better get checked and find out what is going on. He thinks it may be microscopic colitis. We’ll find out. My scan is in Dec late. WE had clouds move in this afternoon and we’re supposed to get some rain. I’m in Mesa, AZ

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