HAZEL, 11-4-22

Hazel has been gray instead of white for some time now and it’s really hard to give her a bath without another pair of hands so Becky came to help. You should have seen the filthy water when we were done. Hazel likes to grab the towel when we’re drying her which sets a game of “towel” into action along with zoomies.

And after the action is over, let’s sit in Dad’s chair.

Last night we had a short thunderstorm and after the first clap of thunder, Hazel was laying on top of my head – I’ve never been so thankful for a clean dog!

While I watched the ballgame last night I put all the rows of the baby bullseye together. Just look at all these seams!

I had intended to make a wall hanging but it look on a life of its own and is nearly twin size! Yikes! Now what? I don’t know so I folded it up and laid it aside – maybe it will come out again this winter.

So now I’ll go back to Color Parade and for those who asked I will definitely write this up as a pattern – hopefully by next week.

So now my coffee is gone and it’s time to let the chickens out.

62 thoughts on “HAZEL, 11-4-22

  1. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    We are predicted to get 1.5 inches of rain over the next two days. Sure hope it helps with our drought. Two of my beagles get playing and chasing each other too. Enjoy your baseball and football games.

  2. Diane in Maryland

    I have gotten a kick out of this post! Hazel and Keeper were running so fast it was hard for you to keep the video on them. Hazel does look so white and fluffy!
    I got nothing done while the ballgame was on. Just sat there like a slug. Been decorating for Christmas and was exhausted. I know it’s early but granddaughter Ashley and her fiance are arriving from New Zealand on Dec. 6th and getting married on Dec.17. 😊 I want to have the house decorated before they and 7 others from N.Z. arrive. Ashley’s sister is coming today to help me decorate the big tree. I haven’t done any of this for the last 2 years because no one was coming during the height of COVID. I put a few decorations around and it was nice not having so much to put away later! Will probably go back to that after this year.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in MD – I haven’t decorated much the past two years either and I’d sort of like to get started. I’m working on the cantata a lot each day – I played it in 2005 but I need to relearn it all. I even looked for a small prelit tree yesterday for my porch and couldn’t find one to buy for under $300 so no, I didn’t get one.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        Mary, that’s very expensive for a small tree! Sometimes drug stores or Dollar General stores have small trees that are even pre-lit that are very reasonable. I bought one for $25. about 5 years ago so hopefully they still have reasonably priced ones. I used it for just teacup ornaments that friends and I exchanged. It’s not real full but the ornaments show up good because it isn’t. Good luck! It would be pretty on your porch!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – I never thought of Dollar Store – I think I’ll go tomorrow to look!

  3. Barb Onnen

    You life is never dull is it Mary!! Our pets are so entertaining, calming and loyal. Have a great day😊

  4. Deb in Idaho

    Love the zombies they crack me up. So happy. SNOWING in Idaho so I will be sewing and baking today.

  5. Sheila Lande

    I just love reading about your daily adventures! You are an inspiration with all you do. Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love the zoomies! We had thunder and lightening and a little dust settler! Be thankful for small things!

  7. Sally in Georgia

    Cute, clean Hazel! Fun to watch! Mary, you amaze me with all you get done—farm work, pet care, and sewing! I haven’t done any sewing since my cancer diagnosis but am starting to feel better and hope to get inspired soon to start some quilting. Your photos are so helpful! Thanks!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally – I think of you every time I look at my little doll bed with a cat sleeping on it! Hope you’re feeling better and good enough to sew again.

      1. Sally in Georgia

        Every year we put the same little white bed under the tree with the red and white Irish chain quilt. She loves it! We take a new picture every year so I’ll send you a 2022 edition next month.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Sally in Georgia – I look forward to that picture – I think I remember seeing it – what a sweet tradition!

    2. Diane in Maryland

      You have many prayers being said for you to have good health from those of us who read this blog! So glad you are feeling better. Happy Thanksgiving to you and a Merry Christmas too. Hugs!

      1. Sally in Georgia

        Thank you for your kind, sweet words. Yes, quilters are so ‘special’. I owned a quilt shop “Quilted Hearts” for 16 years and have been retired for 15 years but the fabric passion will never go away. I’ve known Mary for 30 years—and she is a huge inspiration to me—so thankful I am starting to feel better and I will be sewing soon. 🙂

  8. Nikki in Tx

    Have to laugh @ Hazel & Keeper..so glad they get along . Ms Maci hates Thunder too, only she climbs under my shirt! Finally sat down & sewed for couple of hours.. seems like has been years! Made 6 pairs of pillow cases with Christmas fabrics… have solid flat sheets I purchased that plan to put matching hem panel on & gift . Also made one of mens shirt aprons, watched video on how to make. Turned out so cute.. Thrift store here I come… guess what I will be making for Christmas gifts? (Hopefully). Noticed buds on my Christmas cactus, couple should be open soon!! Have a great weekend.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Hazel looks beautiful all white again, what a job that bath must have been!!! Good thing sh had the bath before she laid on your head!!! Aren’t zoomies a kick?? Penny does that too and I laugh and laugh! Looking forward to the sew along! Just started my “red” project for November!

  10. Susan K in Texas

    It’s funny how a bath always gives dogs a lot of energy. How fun Hazel and Keeper were having. Keeper was probably relieved he didn’t have to have the bath part.

  11. Kris in WI

    I can’t wait to show this to my husband! He loves those dogs and will get a kick out of seeing them in action. We had one cat who would get the “Zippity Zooms” when the catnip came out. Hilarious! The other would just sit and chill. Totally different reactions to a little “nip.”

    It is still warm here (60*) and a gentle rain has started. Predicted 2 1/2″ in the next few days. It would be a good time for an umbrella walk. Nearly lunch time, though. It’s a soup & sandwich day with Snickerdoodles for dessert.

    I hope everyone finds a little joy in whatever the day brings.

    1. Sandy

      Hi Mary, Bella is the same after a bath, running madly and rubbing along the front of the sofa, but l am never fast enough to video her. Firecrackers tonight as it is Guy Fawlks(he tried to burn down parliament in England a few hundred years ago),l hope Bella won’t get frightened,. Good luck to Diane in Maryland, s grand daughter and her wedding, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

      1. Diane in Maryland

        Thank you, Sandy! Maybe we will meet in person someday! We are looking forward to seeing Ashley and Adam, meeting his parents and their friends! Granddaughter Kimberly has done a great job decorating the tree. Another job off the to-do list!

  12. Kelli

    Laughed so much about Hazel’s bath! Our little spaniel does the same thing! I always enjoy reading your posts – feel like I know you from them. I’d love to see a picture of your baby bullseye – my top is done – twin size too so I’ll wait to see what you do for inspiration! I was thinking of a border using half bulls eye blocks….. Have a good weekend!

  13. Marsha from Kansas

    Such a fun post. My Grandma’s dog would get the zoomies when someone would visit. She would run behind the couch and come out and circle the room. Her name was Queenie (A pug) and she lived up to her name. She was Queen of the house. I would stay with my Grandma and Grandpa for months in the summer and I loved Queenie. She was my second dog I loved. I spent the most time with her. I was really young when Grandma had Tammy. Thanks to Hazel and Keeper for a wonderful jog down memory lane. Cute picture of tug of war with the towel, too. So glad they have become good playmates.

  14. Heidi

    What fun after a bath they all feel so energized. We had shelties and they loved the hair dryer and then race time.

  15. Pattie From PA

    Almost home after a 3 week trip. For the last hour I have been sitting in a line at a truck wash. This RV is so dirty it is worth the wait. It is too much to do myself. If only they could wash 3 nasty dogs while I wait! That is definitely on the agenda this weekend.

  16. Synthia Noble

    I’ve made two bulls-eye quilts and LOVE doing them. Am very interested to see what dimensions you used for your “small” version. You inspire me so much!!!

  17. Charlotte Shira

    Hazel looks beautiful after her bath. My dog used to do the same running around like a crazy dog after her bath…not sure if it was because she felt really good or just glad to get out of the tub!
    I love your Color Parade squares!

  18. Kathy in western NY

    Becky got more than she bargained for with those dogs letting her have play time with them. So funny. It’s 73 here and nice to see the outdoor seating at our village restaurants all busy when I drove by. I wear a bathing suit into the walk in shower to bath my dogs. I would love my grandmas big farmhouse sink to do it in. That’s tomorrow’s job for me.

  19. Brenda in Iowa

    I love the floors in your kitchen. What do you put on them and what do you use to clean them?
    That Hazel sure is FAST!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – I will make a note to talk about the floor in the next post. If you want to know, others probably do, too.

  20. Robin Ciuffetti

    It looks like Keeper is very happy and I love your posts about your fur babies. Can you please show the other side of the “bullseye ” quilt? I absolutely love that pattern and since I’m not a quilter, I’ll never have one like that in this life! I don’t think my mom’s skills would be able to make one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Robin – yes, I’ll take a picture and show you. This is the easiest most forgiving quilt you’d ever make – your mom, too!! I guarantee it.

  21. Jill Klop

    Ha! When I bath my terrier, we both end up soaked! My dog also happens to be white. It’s nice to see them white again and not so dingy! Mine loves to dig a hole in the dirt and lay in it!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jill – oh, I understand about digging and dirt flying but I’m so glad she’s clean again – for now.

  22. Jan Smith

    Just back from a little vacation in Austin to see family. What a nice, clean area. So many things to do, but getting older (nearly 64) means getting tired doing too much! Always glad to get home and catch up. I missed some great show and tell, and Hazel antics! Boy, I miss my dog when I’m gone. I know he’s in good hands with my daughter and granddaughter in house, but seeing dogs – ooh, I just want to pet and snuggle them!

  23. Patty McDonald in Southern California

    Loved seeing the video of the ‘kids’ racing through the house. EVERY evening our lab and dachshund race through the house. They play during the day and can go in and out by way of the doggie door. When it gets dark, they get a last surge of energy and race around for 20min. They are hilarious. Millie, the dachshund, bites Ollie’s ankles and Ollie growls and puts his mouth over Millie’s head. No cuts or blood just all fun.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patty – there’s quite a bit of size difference between your two – I just love when they are happily playing. Hazel needs a better attitude however. Then again – she’s a terrier!

  24. Diane in WI

    I enjoyed the dog video. I have my daughter and son-in -law’s Arrow with me. He is a Shorthair pointer and Chocolate lab mix. He gets anxious when they are gone. He finds the couch very comfortable. The house was burned down last weekend. I did stay around to watch the process. It made for quite the impressive blaze. It was difficult to watch, but it had to be done. The kids and I then feed the firewomen and firemen. They were so appreciative. I certainly admire their bravery. I’m glad they could use the house for practice. Have a good weekend.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’m glad that’s behind you – now you can move on and I’ll bet those firemen and women appreciated the meal.

      1. Diane in WI

        Mary, it is a relief. I was there for days trying to clean stuff out, trying to decide what to keep, what to give away, and what things I should just let burn with the house. Time to move forward and enjoy my new apartment! have a good day.

  25. Sherrill

    The pups were ‘rearranging’ the furniture while zooming. 😂Hazel does look nice and white now! The back of the bullseye is so pretty all neatly ironed.

  26. Melody from Wisconsin

    That video had me laughing out loud, loved It! Keeper will keep Hazel young. They sure do have fun together. Telly probably just rolls his eyes at them two (I’m assuming Telly is a male?). Thank you for the laughs, I needed it today. Have a good weekend.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Melody – actually Telly is a girl and she came with her name so I’m not exactly sure how she got it. Yes, she thinks it’s a lot of nonsense but I continue to tell Hazel that she could have a really great playmate in Keeper – if she just wasn’t such a diva! Ha!

      1. Melody in Wisconsin

        I just watched the video again and you can tell they are just so happy. They have the best life with you. I love to see my cats do the same because then I know they are happy and healthy.

  27. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Hazel looks so beautiful after her bath. It’s great that she and Keeper have fun zooming around. Did the thunder scare Keeper?
    Today was warm and balmy. I worked in our basement craft room first peeling a Dutch oven full of apples. In between cooking the apples, I worked on a throw-size tv quilt for hubby. I set my phone timer, lest I get so involved in sewing I forgot to stir the applesauce. With tomorrow’s predicted rain and wind, it could be another basement sewing day. 🥰

  28. Sue in Marion, IN

    What a clean little doggie! She and Keeper are so cute together. Here’s a doggie story for you: at our hand sewing group last week my friend Regina was telling us about her sister Roberta’s dog (Roberta is our friend too, but she’s not a quilter). Her little dog looks a lot like Hazel. Roberta has a mail slot in her door, and when the mail lady comes, her dog is waiting and grabs the mail out of the post lady’s hand! She doesn’t chew it up, she takes it to Roberta. Best part is, if she waits a second, a MilkBone also comes through the slot!🤗

  29. Sue Hoover

    The video was hysterical! We get the Zoomies around here too. Why can’t we have that energy too? Ha!

  30. Glenda Fletcher

    Love your Color Parade blocks. They are so colorful. Can’t believe how much energy Hazel and Keeper have. It is good for them. Hazel looks so much better after her bath. We maybe got 1/4″ of rain here in SE South Dakota. Will watch the world series games tonight with popcorn instead of a movie. Watched the Dell Rapids/SF Christian game last night. I did some tearing apart of the leftover pieces that I cut off of a quilt to be bound. Am finally DONE with the pictures. Hurray so hopefully get caught back up with a few other quilting projects then can get started onsome new ones. I am starting to like the lighter colors (Like Color Parade)rather than the darker ones that I have a lot of. Hmm!

  31. Tama

    I enjoy all of your blog posts but this one really made me smile. Loved the zoomies video!! 🐾🐾❤️‼️

  32. Carolee

    Loved the Hazel post. You don’t know how much I needed that. I have had two Murphy’s law days. I like animals a lot better than people.

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