Christmas, 12-25-22

I tried for over 3-1/2 hours to post my video from the barn – I even put all my outdoor clothes on again and returned to the barn to retake the video. This is the night I had tech problems – more than I could solve. It would not post on my blog page!!! So I could not invite you to the barn on Christmas Eve like I’ve been doing for several years. I was so disappointed and disgusted.

Yes, we had the childrens program last night – when Brian called me about noon he asked if it were to be held right then could I get out and the answer was no. Within two hours I was able to call him back and say yes, I could be there at 5:30. Rick worked with the tractor to open up our yard and clean out the driveway in front of the garage.

On the way to church I noticed I had a low tire – I had no choice but to keep going. So this morning Rick had to get air in my tire before 8:15 so I could leave for church again. The service lasted about 90 minutes and was so very nice. When I got home I started making biscuits and gravy casserole for Rick. As soon as that came out of the oven I went to Becky’s to see Danny, Virginia and Ruby. Oh, but Ruby and Keeper would have fun together – outside only however – they’re like bulls in a china cabinet!

I want a cookie!

It started snowing while I was there making visibility poor on the way home. The minute I got home I went to my chair with Hazel and had a nap. It’s still snowing lightly now and the wind has switched to the southeast – ugh. I think it’s been a stressful Christmas due to those 3 days of storm and the after effects. I hope I don’t have much to do tomorrow. How about you?

Now I’m going to take the time to read all the comments and will make notes about the questions I need to answer.

Goodnight from Ruby!

33 thoughts on “Christmas, 12-25-22

  1. Patty in Southern California

    So glad all your travels were safe and successful!
    Here it was 80+* just beautiful. This year we stayed home. We hate to travel on the crowded freeway. Getting too old for that frustration. Will see the family soon, when it is better to drive.
    We are adventurous, drove to Victoria, BC in our ‘32 Plymouth hot rod, and then to Mt Rushmore, it’s just at Christmas the traveling is not our thing! Hoping your weather clears up and you have a pleasant week ahead!

    1. Jan Hebert

      I agree with you Patty! Driving during the holidays isn’t much fun. We have to drive through Boston to get to Scituate to visit our grandkids. On a good day it would take just over an hour. But most days that can be a two to even longer to get there! I love that you have a 32 Plymouth hotrod! We have a 39 Plymouth hotrod. I use that term loosely, haha. My husband bought his 39 when he was 16 years old. He turned it into a hotrod at that time. He’s 72 now and the hotrod equipment is “vintage”. It’s still in the garage, he’s working on restoring the interior. Would love to see your Plymouth! Jan in MA

  2. Pat Smith

    Our favorite say ing (and it is said often) is technology will fail you in the end because it so frequently does. That was a frustrating Christmas Eve I’m sure was so frustrating. I give you credit for preserving. I’m glad at least you got out to church. I’ll bet Ruby and Keeper would really have a romp. Saved I’m sure for better weather. Hope Ruby got at least 1 cookie…

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Christmas is always a little stressful, but I’m so thankful to have the kids come and we all can spend time together. Thank goodness your trips to ton went smoothly.
    Next week it’s back to work for me. Lots of quilting jobs to catch up.

  4. Debbie Miller

    Glad you were able to make it safely to play for your church programs as they mean so much! I am a southern girl and love biscuits and gravy-how do you make into a casserole?

  5. Karen Pidcock

    Christmas Eve in the barn sounds so angelic. Thank you for attempting to share that with us. I hope the rest of your holiday has been blessed..

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    HI Mary, So sorry you had trouble with the video. It is always when you most want it to work that it fails. UGH. I loved the picture of the manger. I am headed to bed, but we had a wonderful Christmas as I mentioned in the post from 12/24. Rest up and take care. It looks like it will be 51* here on Friday which is great compared to the last few days of anywhere from minus 5 to 7* above. It did get to 15* today whoopee!

  7. Margie

    So glad you made it to church both times and back safe. That was probably nerve racking. I also drove myself to church, but we didnt
    get as much snow as you. Friday when we went into town for my husbands radiation treatment the roads weren’t so good. I thought last night they were better. Ruby is a very pretty dog. She does look like she has lots of energy. Mary, please don’t stress when your computer doesn’t work. We know when you don’t post you are either busy or you are having computer issues. It is not good for you. Take care and know we appreciate you sharing your life with us. Merry Christmas to you and Ric.

  8. Linda in SoCA

    It’s warm & sunny in Southern California; 83. The house was 70 at 6 am today! Rain is on the way for the remainder of the week including the Rose parade. I was raised in Rochester NY & experienced my share of blizzards but don’t remember any blizzard bad as this one. Climate change? I hope everyone is safe & warm. Happy New Year.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Linda – that’s where I am – where you grew up. I live In a suburb of Rochester. Born and raised here. Remember those snow days we use to get?? This was only one snow day from school but if it wasn’t a weekend, it would have been one like in the 60’s or 1977. Not much snow falls here any more but just enough to make you wear boots, gloves and walk carefully. I always enjoy watching the Rose Bowl parade from Pasadena to see the beautiful floral floats. I am amazed at the warehouses filling up this week with all those flowers and even the ones that use natural materials like dried beans for their decorations.

  9. Sharon

    Merry Christmas, Mary,
    You are an Amazing Human Being! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!
    Sharon L.

  10. Kim

    I would have enjoyed seeing the Christmas Eve in the barn video. Perhaps it’ll post later. Sometimes things won’t load because it’s too lengthy. The weather and related conditions have been a challenge and I’m ready to see calmer days but it looks like warmer temps with rain coming the end of this week so probably ice to deal with next. I feel last week and fractured two ribs, not on the ice but in the bathtub. Maybe I need my Yaktraks in the tub now too? Sigh. Hope this week brings you some rest and time to relax and enjoy. Happy Christmas. 🎄

  11. Deb in Idaho

    Merry Christmas, so glad you are safe. We went to our daughters home which is a block away . Had an ice storm so going just a block was terrible. We didn’t get to any church service😔. Roads are terrible. Hopefully next week will be better.

  12. Chris in Alaska

    Merry Christmas Mary and family ! We warmed up today to -12 ( it’s been 40 below for several days ) .
    Missing our dog Bailey that we adopted as a rescue 3 years ago at this time . In memory we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” last night . We named him after George Bailey . Glad you made it to church and home again 🙂

  13. Cathy D

    Too bad your Christmas Eve in the barn video did not post! I checked the blog before and after candlelight service last night and didn’t find it. They’re been very moving in the past. Your manager picture though was a perfect ending to Christmas Eve. Snowing and cold again tonight here in NC Iowa.

  14. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Glad you made it to church both times and I loved the photo of the manger in Christmas Eve, that was very special, so don’t worry about the video.
    It poured with rain here all day yesterday, but luckily the ground had already thawed a bit, so no flooding, although the river and the canals are now very full, as more run-off than usual from the cold ground. Today is still very wet, and the wind is picking up: heading towards storm force, so our usual Boxing Day walk will have to be postponed! That says sewing-time to me!
    Take care!

  15. Kathy in western NY

    Just as Dorothy above said in her comment, the manger picture spoke to me of the peace and I was content to see it. I know the light came from a hole in the wall but I thought of no heat, no lights, no food so many years ago when a baby was born in a manger. We appreciate that you sent us a message on Christmas Eve and that is enough in my eyes too. So glad you were able to have services and could get to them safely. And Becky’s grand dog looks so sweet!! I hope Santa spoiled a good boy. Speaking of good boy, Diane in Ohio’s story of how they had an unexpected young boy on Christmas Day come to their home just brought such joy to read. Her family made a fun holiday to this foster child’s bleak life. Another memorable moment we all could share in our great big world of togetherness here.

  16. Linda

    Even though we didn’t see the video from the barn, I’m sure it was peaceful and calm with your beautiful creatures in harmony. I always feel closer to God in my barn because of the calm, grace and harmony of my animals, although my big horse was whining Christmas Eve because he wanted out. I had them closed in the barn for the last four days because of the horrifically cold and frigid winds and nasty low temps. I think I will keep them in at least for the morning, wind chills are to -15 and even with their super heavy coats this year I don’t want to chance any problems. They will pack the snow and most likely make it slippery outside the barn doors and broken legs on big horses and even little donkeys are a terrible fate.

    Stay warm, I can picture your barn and it’s beauty so we all aren’t without the visit.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I, too, don’t want to risk letting the goats outside – who needs more problems at this point?

  17. Marsha in Michigan

    We have had plenty of snow and wind here in SW Michigan. Temps around 6 to 13 degrees the last few days. When it hit 13 yesterday we thought we were having a heat wave! My husband never fails to amaze me. He piled up snow with the bucket on his tractor so he and our 5-year old granddaughter could make a snow fort complete with a snow slide. After years of suffering with reduced mobility and pain in his knees (putting off seeing a doctor because he dreaded having surgery, we went to a seminar in November on Knee and Hip surgery put on by a local doctor/surgeon and made an appointment. He was amazed that the doctor said he is not a candidate for surgery but recommended cortisone shots. Our former primary care dr had told him he had arthritis in his knees and that cortisone shots were basically hocus-pocus. So he asked me what he should do. I said he was talking to the specialist and if it were me I’d go for it. A couple of weeks later I see so much improvement in his mobility and he doesn’t shuffle like an 87-year-old (we’re 67) or groan and sigh if he has to get up or down. I think he is pretty sorry he didn’t go sooner. I think it’s a shame he spent the last 10 years or so working in pain (he was a painting contractor). He never wanted to take the time to have surgery between work and hunting. But I couldn’t convince him to go see a doctor. We retired the end of 2021 so he finally made the appointment. Our son and his business partner for the last few years bought the business when he retired but due to the difficulties of finding employees, my husband has been helping him on a part time as needed basis. We were unable to get together with our family for Christmas so we postponed until New Year’s Eve. The kiddos were disappointed but didn’t make a fuss (11, 8 & 5)). The adult kids all live within 30 miles so that tells you how bad the roads and visibility were. And all the grands and our daughter-in-law and myself have had Influenza A so we had a double reason to stay home. I would have loved to hear the children’s program. The little girl with the violin is just precious. After two years of virtual learning it was wonderful to attend our older grands’ choir concerts. Sadly the daycare program for our youngest grand was cancelled due to weather. It’s been a crazy holiday season.

  18. Melody from Wisconsin

    Good morning to all,
    Has anyone else been concerned for Carol out near Buffalo? I can’t stop thinking about how she is with the storm they received. How horrendous and frightening. How can anyone prepare for that? Mary, keep sending the photos of JB3 – I am in love with him! It looks like he doesn’t get too far from where you are. He is a beautiful boy. Hope we hear something from Carol.

  19. Linda in Georgia

    I lived in central Iowa nearly half my life, now in Georgia the other half. It hasn’t been above freezing for 3 days here, down to 9 one morning which is a worry for plumbers and homeowners due to possibility of frozen pipes. So I enjoy reading of your weather that I remember well….yearn for it in the summer and thankful to be free of the stress of it in the winter. I share your love of watching sports on tv. Have you been keeping up with the former Iowa State quarterback now playing lights out for the SF 49ers? We’ll it’s 17 degrees. The heat pump has run continuously for 3 days. Our power bill is going to be eye popping but can’t complain. We had a Merry Christmas. I’m hungry so need to get out of bed where I’ve been snuggled with the cat. Retirement has its perks. Thank you for being our friend, Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in GA – yes, we are following Brock Purdy, too! Guess we didn’t realize his potential and it gives me a new interest in pro football which I don’t normally care for – prefer college. We are looking forward to a warm up!

  20. Gail in Ohio

    Happy day-after-Christmas from chilly Ohio!
    I’m glad you were able to get out for the Christmas services – many of them in our area were canceled due to the weather, in fact some counties in central OH were on ‘level 3’ which means no one is allowed on the roads unless it’s an emergency. Our family postponed out gathering – not because of the weather, but because of flu-like symptoms; we will get together over New Year’s instead. It was a very quiet day here with just 2 of us, but it was very restful as we watched some Christmas movies and I cross-stitched.
    A very blessed week to everyone!

  21. Paula in Kansas

    Sorry that technology failed you, Mary. I always say technology is great – until it doesn’t work, and then it’s useless! Glad you made it to church and Becky’s and back home safely. We are at 32 degrees now but the temp is dropping throughout the day to 12 tonight. Tomorrow will hit 40 and then warmer this week. Crazy, but we will do a late eating dinner out for my birthday which was last week.

  22. Lois Ann Johnson

    My Christmas was spent here in Humboldt. I quit trying to travel on Christmas years ago because of weather issues! My church held both a Christmas Eve service and a Christmas Morning service. I played my violin for the morning service. A friend hosted a turkey dinner at 1 o’clock and invited some of us who were alone. It was basically the same group that came to my house for Thanksgiving Day dinner. We all have kids who live in faraway places and we are all in our 80’s. Travel in the winter is not a good thing! When we got up to leave to go home yesterday afternoon, we discovered it was SNOWING AGAIN!! I would say we were all very lucky to not have to travel very far to reach our homes. Bailey (my dog) had a quiet Christmas because I was in and out so much, but I intend to stay home with her today and keep her company.

  23. Susan

    We set a snow record in Grand Rapids, MI this past weekend. A little over 22 inches of snow. That even broke the records for the entire month of December. We are still getting snow, but at least the sun is trying to shine today. It is supposed to be in the low 40s by Wednesday, so some of this will melt.
    I am sorry the barn video didn’t work out. I am glad your were able to make it to the services. Who is the young violinist and what did she play? I remember the first time I played my violin in church. I played, “He Touched Me.”

  24. Betty Klosterman

    I’m worried that we haven’t heard from Carol in the Buffalo, NY area, too. I belive the West NY lady wrote, but not Carol. Their weather report sounded like they had it even worse than the previous blizzard. Power outages, wind and maybe ice and snow. They’ve hardly had time to recover from the last storm.

    Christmas Day it was 50 degrees here and the piles of snow were melting fast. I haven’t seen much running water, but our ground may not be froze and everything is so dry. The big piles of shoveled snow are about 1/3 shorter that a couple days ago. The wind is blowing about 18 mph today and the temp is about 30 and it feels cold, even in the house. I sprinkled ice melt on a couple spots where the sun doesn’t shine — on the sidewalk! I had to get a new car battery this morning, but that is alright as I didn’t have the problem of it not starting.

    Thank you for all the ‘local’ weather reports. So interesting.

    Yesterday I watched some of the older Christmas movies and sewed blocks into rows for a quilt. You know the kind you started years ago and never finished? It isn’t far from done, then it is out of the house and won’t come back.

    Somebody put this on line: “Having cats in the house is like living with art that sometimes throws up on the carpet.” Now isn’t that the truth? Made me laugh out loud.

    And reading about all the dog potty problems reminded of a little snippy dog my aunt had. It HAD to go on GREEN Grass.

    Take care. Sounds like another storm is coming from Oregon/Washington. There hasn’t been much news, so who knows. We’ll be ready for it. Hopefully everybody had a nice Christmas and we wish the best for the New Year.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Tonight’s news said Buffalo has had 48” inches of snow so far. We are 45 minutes away from them and we lucked out with a couple inches. I will be anxious to hear how Carol is doing as there are still some without power. Our local fire dept has gone up to help them as recovery efforts have been hard with people digging out and cars abandoned. Unfortunately death toll is rising and it’s been 25 last I saw. The news said police are ticketing those out driving as roads are closed in that county unless you are first responders. I hope we hear soon how she is coping.

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