Christmas Day, 2023

Church service at 9 am and lunch at the Lund’s.

Mary, Lucy, Aidan,Owen and Finn

A reader asked me to leave my Instagram tag here in the blog but how do I do that? My account is marybetherington. Can you find it with just that info? I can post recordings there but I think the blog doesn’t allow a video because of length – but one was only 8 seconds!!! I wonder who I can ask.

I hope you all realize that this blog is a two way street and without your involvement it would die. I love hearing about your “lives about nothing” as much as you seem to like hearing about mine. Please be aware that many answers will be found in the comments

Had wanted to go to “The Boys In the Boat” this afternoon but a nap won out. Tomorrow I will put all the Christmas music away for another year. We’ve got enough food on hand to last a week. It’s been raining all day which is so welcome but so unusual for Christmas Day.

Even with Hazel’s help the Christmas Eve Video from the barn wouldn’t work. And Becky and I couldn’t make her “sing” from the piano bench either. It was a frustrating evening except for the food – ham and Connie’s oven potatoes. We call them heart attack potatoes – ha! They are delicious!

Time for chores in the barn. I hope you all can take a breath and relax tonight if you’ve been busy cooking and entertaining today.

106 thoughts on “Christmas Day, 2023

  1. Frances E

    Connie should share her recipe for those heart attack potatoes! Life was quiet here in eastern NC. Lunch was pretty simple but delicious. It was in the mid 60s here, but expecting rain. We’re stocking up in anticipation of another droughty summer. We’ll take all that we can get.

  2. Donna

    Daughter and I went to see Boys in the Boat, I liked it. I think it was all American heart warming. We paid more for popcorn and drink than the tickets and it wasn’t the oily buttery taste I love. I know it is really bad for you but it’s Christmas 🎄 it w was like microwave popcorn. Happy New Year everyone

  3. Jill Klop

    Merry Christmas! The meal has been cooked, eaten and cleaned up! My son is in the Navy but serves in the area where we live. We are so lucky. We always have one of his Navy buddies for dinner. He’d otherwise be alone. I made a quilt for him this year!

  4. Sandi

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!! It’s been raining here today also. I love the picture of you and the children and Finn. Hugs,

  5. Sheryl Harrison

    I really liked the book Boys in the Boat. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

  6. Jay

    Merry Christmas, Mary. We’ve had a fun day with 2 of our little grands, and their dad is cooking dinner: beef tenderloin, roasted carrots, parsnips and Brussels sprouts, and Yorkshire pudding with cranberry butter. And a dobosh torte for dessert! Hoo boy. I’ll be rolling away from the dinner table!

  7. Kris in WI

    Oh my goodness, we had some Christmas excitement after all! Our son from South Carolina “dropped in!” David had a few days off, added a few more and drove 2 1/2 days to Wisconsin to wish us a Merry Christmas. Some kids never lose their crazy, do they!
    He was just here for the afternoon, but we were so glad to see him. Plus, he took a quilt from the stack on the antique wheelchair. The rest will go to first responders. Can you tell I’m still smiling and maybe a bit excited? He said he is going to take a lap around the courthouse square make sure it is still there and stop at Kwik Trip to fill up…on that famous Spotted Cow “iced tea” to take back for SC friends and co-workers.

    What a nice picture of you and the children, Mary…and Finn, of course. Robert says Hazel knows something is going on in the barn; maybe something we can’t see or hear?

    Once again, blessings of the season to all. Kris

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – wow! Now that’s exciting – how fun for you!! Robert – Hazel looks tuned into something, doesn’t she?

  8. Chris in Washington state.

    Merry Christmas, Mary! A quiet day for us. Just one guest for dinner which we will be eating soon. Since Christmas is almost over, I’ll be able to get back to my needlework and quilting. I’m looking forward to that!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Chris – I’m with you! I want to get back to my life about nothing – I’ve had enough Christmas activities!

  9. Jean Elliott

    Merry Christmas! I’m coming to Garner soon and then I’m going back to Independence to another quilt retreat at that old church. I told my friends about the one you talked about in Algona. May have to check that out. I would love Connie’s potato recipe.

  10. Ginger S

    Merry Christmas Mary, husband and all of your blog readers. We had nice Christmas with family at our son’s home. We are fortunate to live within a half hour of both of our kids so holidays are usually a family affair. I made a hash brown casserole to take as we were doing a brunch. I wonder if it is similar to Connie’s. heart attack potatoes. I made a coconut cake for my son. I have never made one and didn’t realize that he loved it until he mentioned it at Thanksgiving. Good old “on line” search turned up a recipe that looked good and it was a hit! Guess that will be in our line up for special occasions. My 7 year old grandson lost a tooth on Christmas Eve so he was doubly excited for nighttime visits from both the tooth fairy and Santa. Thank you for your blog Mary. It is always a highlight of my day!

  11. Deb in Idaho

    Merry Christmas to all, a slow day with breakfast and a dinner/ lunch. Really cold 35 and north wind. I’m glad to slow down and breathe after the past couple weeks. Sleeping in tomorrow. Everyone be safe. Nice picture of you and the kids.

  12. Janet

    Merry Christmas Mary.
    I feel like I’ve been celebrating Christmas for a week! One more tomorrow. We will travel to Illinois for a few days. Then back to reality of the bathroom scale!
    Thank you for the blog!
    I read every single one.

  13. Barbara Firesheets

    Merry Christmas Mary! We had a nice Christmas Day today. I cooked a ham dinner and we opened gifts with our oldest grandson and his fiancée, then they were off to their next family gathering. Still not much room for dessert, maybe later. Our little grandkids are in Kansas, so we don’t have a lot of that kind of excitement these days. It has been a good day and we are thankful and blessed. Looking forward to lots of sewing in the new year!

  14. Diane Deibler

    We had to postpone our Christmas til next weekend. . Two daughters and one granddaughter tested positive for Covid yesterday. Hoping they are better and no one else succumbs to the bug. Pretty quiet day here. Kind of nice.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, no! Were the three of them together some place? Just want to know how to be careful myself.

  15. Paula

    Merry Christmas to all you quilters from rainy Kentucky. WE WANT SNOW!!
    I have a question for the dog lovers.
    We have a German Shepherd about 9 months old and we have a problem. We have had him for 3 months., if we go to scold him, or raise our voice, he will pee in the floor. He is a very smart dog and understands what we say to him. What do we do? We will anything. Paula in KY

    1. Sheryl Harrison

      Just a thought…my son has a German Shepherd, Maggie. She is smart and well behaved and well trained but had pee accidents. My son took her to the vet and she was put on meds. Has your dog been checked by the vet?

    2. Connie

      My dog breeder said to tell the dog, in a stern voice, stop when they start to pee & they will stop. Haven’t had an occasion to try it, but I hope it stops your Shepard pup.

  16. Lois Ann Johnson

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Bailey and I just back from a drive in the car to see some of the Christmas lighting around town. She was more interested in the inflated decorations! My church had a candlelight service last night and it was very moving. I started tearing up during the closing song: “Silent Night.” It was the 22nd anniversary of my husband’s death, so it all caught up with me. Today was spent with friends who also have faraway children. I contributed a pecan and a pumpkin pie. We had a wonderful meal and a great time together. Could Connie’s potato recipe be the same as what we refer to as “funeral potatoes”? Frozen hash browns, cheese, cream soup, sour cream, crumb topping, etc. ?

  17. Mary Lou

    Always enjoy your blog and have a quick question is there a recipe for those yummie
    looking potatoes??? Have a peaceful evening.. Thank you !!

  18. Duane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central ohio

    Love the photo of you and the kids and Finn. Our adorable grand dog is Finn. Might be better to praise the dog for good habits rather than scold? We had a lovely day with just our daughter, son in law and two grand daughters. 62* here which was great for walks and giving treats to my buddy dogs. We had ribs, baked beans, Mac n cheese, salads, and cookies. We had two traditional dinners already this month so surprised them with their favorite meal😀
    Merry Christmas to all!
    Husband’s very needed surgery might be 1/10. Aetna denied it for 12/27. Ugh

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – oh, that insurance issue! Just horrible to deal with – I so hope it happens on 1/10 for him. I think their favorite meal sounds yummy!!!

      1. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

        Let’s hope all of the good thoughts, including yours, come true. Thanks:) He is miserable and has to be off some meds for 5 days before it, but we don’t know for sure when it will be.
        I am cleaning and putting away today so I can “FIND” my sewing room tomorrow==our 54th anniversary. We were only 19 and 20 and in college when we were married and some people thought it wouldn’t last–ha!!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Diane – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 54 years – well done, Diane! I remember that about having to be off meds for 5 days but if he doesn’t have a surgery date for sure, then what?

  19. Dee

    Your emails are a well loved and read favorite here! Our Christmas did not turn out as planned due to sickness of a son in law. I cooked for just the two of us but we wanted to be with our daughter and her family. Sometimes things have to change. Thank goodness for FaceTime!!! I love reading about your homelife and love the animal photos, others’ quilts and yours and just really enjoy all your emails. Thank you for them!
    I live in Southern Illinois and love quilting also. Cats are the special animals dear to my heart too, haha.

  20. Chris

    We all pitched in to make dinner tonight. I cut up lettuce for the Caesar salad and got the Brussels sprouts ready to saute with walnuts and cranberries. My sister and her husband worked together to make twice baked potatoes–and they are the heart attack variety, too. My husband made croutons for the salad and cooked the steaks. Then we all poured a glass of wine and sat down to enjoy our handiwork. We were very pleased with ourselves!! We had had a peaceful day of listening to Christmas music and reading (and for me sewing). Probably the best part of the weekend was seeing the children’s play about the birth of Jesus last night. The little kids were terrific–and the littlest sheep stole the show! Christmas blessing to you all! Thanks for what you do, Mary.

      1. Diane in Maryland

        I’m really impressed that these men helped prepare the food! My son-in-law is great cook! My husband is the generation that is called when dinner is ready. You all are so lucky!

  21. Patty T

    I love reading your blog Mary. Glad you can take a break from the music! We had our daughter and husband over for breakfast and opening gifts. Spent the weekend in WV at son’s with the grandkids. Unfortunately I tested positive for COVID tonight ;even with the boosters, etc). Ugh. Lots of coughing and now my husband is showing symptoms. It will be a quiet week in Ohio.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patty T – oh, I’m so sorry! That coughing is exhausting in itself. How about your son and grandkids – are they sick, too? Somebody must have been contagious and that’s the sad thing – nobody realizes they’re contagious until it’s too late and you’ve exposed a group of people. I’ve tried to be so careful before Christmas since I was needed at church – quite a few people at church have been sick. Lay low and rest!

  22. Lynette in Orlando

    Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I had dinner with friends. Driving home I sadly thought that tomorrow it will be another Christmas behind us. The season goes by way too quickly for me. I wish it lasted longer…….

  23. Kathy in western NY

    It was warm here (60) with sunshine all day long. We sat out on our deck late afternoon once everyone went home and just took a deep breath and said Christmas comes faster and faster every year. I didn’t go to candlelight service last night at church as I do get teary eyed at it with thinking of losses through the years. Our daughter did have an appetizer spread for many relatives last night so we got to see our only aunt and uncle left as pandemic kept us apart. He caught covid early on and has never recovered so he is very thin and not well but we cried hugging each other as it’s been too long. Today we had 11 here for breakfast brunch and gifts so between all these feasts, I too have a refrigerator full of leftovers even after the kids take ham, eggs, hash brown casserole home too. I will freeze cookies in the morning and get back to my sewing room for some normal days now.

  24. Fran

    I turned on my computer this evening. I don’t usually do that so caught your day today instead of in the morning. I do enjoy your blog and all the comments.

    Very quiet Christmas Day for me this yr. Daughter who lives in Arkansas was her only on Thursday so we had a little celebration together then. I made short ribs and man, been ages since I had cooked any. They were delish! My oldest daughter lives in AK so I don’t see her very often. She is in HI on vacation. My other daughter has taken off for parts unknown That’s another story for another day or never. Ha Anyway none of my 10 grandchildren and two greatgrands live close by. My sewing buddy who lives another street over has been here to sew in the afternoon for the past 4 days. I think she is worried about me. She brought dinner to me this evening. Anyway I have gotten a lot of sewing done the past few days being home. It rained al day yesterday, That’s my story about nothing.

    1. Connie R.

      Fran, isn’t it nice to have a sewing buddy to share your day with. Sounds like a true friend.
      Reading the comments sure gives a picture of all the different ways people celebrated the holiday. Some quiet and some filled with activity. My daughter lives quite a driving distance away so, I know how you feel about not being able to spend a lot of time with your daughters and grandkids. Merry Christmas

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Fran – and I love stories about nothing in particular. I’m so glad you’v e got a sewing buddy – I’m wondering what you’re working on. Connie is leaving for HI tomorrow, too. You couldn’t pay me to leave home – ha! It rained all day here, too.

  25. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, you look so pretty! Just perfect for Christmas Day!
    Jay, please do tell what a dobosh torte is?
    Merry Christmas to you, Rick, and your readers!

  26. Sunflower from Michigan 🌻

    Mary, we had a wonderful day at home. I was able to sew about an hour before company came…bonus!
    Our son and his girlfriend came around one and her parents came shortly after. Of course Biscuit was here too! Biscuit got a box of four Kong toys and by the time they went home, three of the four had no ears, arms or squeakers! We had pulled smoked pork, salad, green bean casserole and a crock pot of ham and bean soup. Brownies and ice cream for dessert. We played lots of ping pong and a few board games. A lovely day.
    We travel to Indianapolis early tomorrow to visit the newlyweds! Our son and girlfriend also going. We come home Wednesday but the kids are going on to Colorado to ski and visit friends. So starting Wednesday, we’ll be on Biscuit duty til into the new year.
    To Linda in Michigan, I went to the Bittersweet quilt shop just a few weeks ago. Also to the new shop west of I-75 in Pinconning though I can’t remember the name right now. Wouldn’t it have been a coincidence if we would have crossed paths? It’s about a 1 and 1/2 hour drive from my house to Pinconning so I don’t go a lot but I bought several things I needed! Lol.
    To Lois Ann, Biscuit is slightly afraid of the Christmas inflatables but he’s also a bit mesmerized by them.. Our neighbor has a big Santa one and Biscuit really shies away from it, especially if it’s windy and Santa moves. But every time we pass it, he has to stop and study it.
    Our weather was in the low 50’s today. Such a warm Christmas. Supposed to get cold by new years though.
    I enjoy the blog so much, Mary. What a nice community you’ve made. The comments are such a big part of us chatting from all parts of the globe. Merry Christmas to all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – you didn’t forget gifts for Biscuit!!! Your menu was fabulous – have a safe trip. Biscuit is lucky to have you.

      1. Sunflower from Michigan

        Actually my husband bought the gift for Biscuit! And we’re lucky to have him!

  27. Billie

    Merry Christmas to all.

    I’m glad to read that I am not the only one who is looking forward to getting back to our “normal” life!! I will be putting it all away tomorrow!!!

  28. Joyce from NY

    Nice picture Mary, of you & the kids & Finn.
    Had lunch at my son’s, their was 10 of us & lots of food. Christmas goes by so fast. It’s over before you know it!

  29. Connie R. in Wis.

    I agree. Mary you look so pretty and festive in the picture with the kids.
    We had a nice visit with our daughter and son-in-law.
    Always too short. The holidays go by so fast. Looking forward to some sewing in the near future. Lots of projects I could start on.

  30. Dee in Ohio

    Merry Christmas Mary. My husband and I had a wonderful Christmas. No gifts we cooked a meal and delivered to my brother and both our neighbors since they were both alone for Christmas. It made our heart feel good to do this for people who were just going to have a sandwich or go to Waffle House.

    1. Janet S

      Dee in Ohio, Christmas is what you make it. Your brother and neighbors are blessed to have you in their lives and that sure is gift enough.

  31. Sue Bowers

    Merry Christmas! It was a quiet day here, just me & my husband. Even though we were alone, we sent & received text messages, phone calls & FaceTime. We went to a light display & fireworks over the weekend with one daughter & her family. They live 2.5 hrs from us. I like to see how my daughters decorate their homes for the holidays. My husband & I are going to visit his sister-in-law tomorrow. Her daughter & grandkids are home from CA. I offered to bring dinner to them, so I did do some cooking today. Temps were in the 50’s today so we had a chance to get a walk in this morning – good thing because I’ve been eating all day. Next weekend our two girls & their familys will be home to celebrate Christmas. I’m glad we can extend the holidays. That’s my story about nothing!

      1. Sue Bowers

        Mary – what a memory you have! We went to a light display in St Croix, WI with daughter Heidi & family. A few weeks ago we saw Natalie & her husband in the cities when their 2yr old had his school Winter program. We FaceTimed with both of them today as each of them was with their in-laws for the weekend.

  32. Marilyn Miller

    I think in our ‘neck o the woods’ those potatoes are referred to as ‘funeral potatoes,’ as they are often served after a funeral service. On another subject… my youngest son turns 49 tomorrow. December 26th. Crummy birthdate! It’s been a great Christmas holiday lasting about two weeks. So much family here with us though not all at the same time. Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2024!

  33. Teresa

    I’m at definitely ready for some quiet time, we really enjoyed Christmas but we are tired. I am looking forward to some peaceful sewing time as well.

  34. Vivi in idaho

    We had a wonderful Christmas day starting with a brunch with our daughters and all of the grandkids plus an 18 month old great grand daughter. She kept everyone on their toes! I am in awe of the grandparents and great grandparents that take the dear children into their homes to raise and love.

  35. Debby Krzyston

    Merry Christmas! It’s raining here in Wisconsin too. At least it isn’t freezing rain, eek!
    My Christmas gift giving was finished in time. I made 27 mug rugs for all my adult family members. And 10 Jar opener blocks. They’re like a mug rug except they have that rubber shelf liner on the backside. I’ve had lot of practice binding small blocks by machine.
    Perhaps, next year I’ll make your glass cases. There wasn’t enough time this year.
    That’s my little story about nothing too.

    1. Karen Moore

      I made over 20 of the eye glass/rotary cutter cases for gifts for members of Lake Country guild. Still making them and they will probably show up at our CQ show boutique.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Karen – and what a perfect gift – I gave many and it was so fun to open the bag and just let a friend pick one already wrapped. Aren’t they fun to make? I love combining all those colors and they would be a nice addition to your boutique. What price will you put on them?

  36. Jo in Wyoming

    My kids were here for Christmas Eve and Day… I do so much better when they are here.
    We watched movies, ate cookies and drank beer…oops, I mean ice tea!
    During our lights tour, one house was setting off fireworks. It was spectacular.
    Amy’s family has secret Santa. They spent 1+1/2 hours on zoom opening gifts. It was fun to watch.
    Loretta was such a good girl. I told her to stay on her rug while we were busy in the kitchen, and she did.
    It’s cold and windy here. 20’s, 40 mph wind.
    It’s time to start wish everyone a Happy New Year.

  37. Carol Reents

    We drove to Eureka MO from Frankfort IN in a steady rain and sometimes an outburst. We, too, need the rain at home. We had a great day with daughter and grandkids. We almost didn’t come because of our 14 yr old dog Cooper. His arthritis is bad, he is blind and problems with Canine Dementia. He doesn’t seem to be in pain, and he eats well. How do you know when it is time? Loving pets is hard.

  38. Angie from Baltimore

    Spent the day with family we are opposite sides in politics and fortunately it wasn’t brought up. It was blissfully. I was hoping for a white Christmas but no such luck. Our wooly catapillers are predicting a harsh weather but 54 degrees isn’t harsh so I wait.
    So tomorrow I put away the wrapping paper and extra gift bags until next year and look forward to seeing 2024 come.
    Wishing everyone a healthy happy New Year.

  39. Carol Nichols

    We are waiting to go in to see “Boys in the Boat”. Looking forward to seeing it! Had a fun day today and Christmas Eve with all of our family.
    Best wishes to you and yours! Happy New Year!

  40. Sharon G.

    Merry Christmas, Mary!
    I had a lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my sisters, their children, and whole gaggle of grandchildren. It was my first Christmas as a widow and I brought my two travel companions (cats) with me. It was the best decision and I am forever grateful for their love and support during the holidays. Had a great time! Hope to have a visit with my brother and sister-in-law before I head home later this week.

    Take care everyone.

  41. Elaine Kopischke-Trejo

    I hope your Christmas was all you wished for. I wish I lived closer so I could go to your church and hear you play. I’m sure it was wonderful. I so much enjoy your blog about nothing and the little stories you share not to speak of all the quilts you post made by many who send you photos. Thank you for an enjoyable year and can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Elaine – I wish I could put a video on the blog – I’m going to look into that.

  42. Ruth Tacoma

    Merry Christmas Mary! It seemed strange to have a white Christmas here in Michigan too. We’ve had them before (1984, 2006) but not often. Snow makes it all look a little more magical. But to my farmer husband who has to work to get rid of the snow and work around it (and in it), not having snow is a good thing!

    I laughed at what you called Connie’s potatoes! I have a recipe for homemade mac & cheese and that’s what we call it….”heart attack on a spoon”!

  43. Mary Ann

    Happy to hear you had a Merry Christmas. I decided I would have dinner here at my home. A beautiful day although I was happy to put my feet up. This is the first time I’ve served dinner since my hubby passed, a mixture of happy and sad. Looking forward to a healthy new year and wish the same to you and the other folks who read the blog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary Ann – I’m sure that was a struggle but be proud that you did it!

  44. Kim from Wi

    Merry Christmas Mary and to all your blog readers. Our family of four gathered at our daughter’s home, which she decorated to the max. Each of us brought some of the food and we cooked together. We made plenty so there was lots of leftovers for each to take home and enjoy. We usually watch A Christmas Carole and play lots of games. We managed to get a nice walk in and enjoy all the decorated homes in our daughter’s neighborhood. I need to get my Christmas cards done before the new year is here.

  45. ChristieB

    Merry Christmas! We did get a white Christmas here in SE Nebraska! Christmas Eve was rainy and it started snowing on Christmas day. We celebrated with daughter’s family Christmas Eve day in between Church services. Good thing, because I was sick all day yesterday! I believe I may have Covid – I no longer can smell the Vicks that I slather on. Just hope I didn’t expose her family. Have no clue where I got it from, I don’t go anywhere! Looking forward to another year “about nothing “with you!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Christie – this seems to be a common theme – so many are ending up with Covid during Christmas activities. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Does your whole body hurt? Mine does and now I’m wondering if it’s more than just my arthritis.

      1. ChristieB

        Mary – No, but I am just sooooo tired! Thankfully, I don’t have arthritis (yet), so that’s not a issue. Slept most of Christmas day and of course, then I couldn’t sleep very well last night! This feels like a horrible cold. Friends from Church have had Covid within the last couple of months and this sounds like what they’ve had. This is similar to when I had Covid a couple of years ago. I didn’t get tested then as my husband was being treated for it at the time and the doctor said no need to get tested, I had it too!

  46. Rosalie in Texas

    Glad that you had a good Christmas celebration with family and friends. The barn chores continue no matter the day or other activities…

  47. Janet S

    Christmas is over for another year. On Christmas Eve we set-up and served communion which was fine, but when we got there (this was the third service of the day) we were also ushers. It was a lot of fun because there was only about 15 people so we were able to greet everyone and enjoy being together. We had rain all day (in Minnesota) which we need badly so no one complained. We had a nice day/dinner at my step-daughter’s house. She loves to entertain so it works for all of us. The only hiccup was when her mom (my husbands ex) brought her 17 year old dog. The poor thing can’t stand because his back legs won’t support him, seems to be deaf and blind or maybe it is the awful infection in his eye, he is in a diaper for obvious reasons, he barked constantly unless he was held, and it went on from there. More than one person asked when she would put him down as he is obviously suffering but the answer was ‘no’. Absolutely cruel. Another bright note will be on Wednesday when our 4 grandkids come for another dinner and spend the night. I sure am looking forward to that. So, all in all, we had a great Christmas.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – oh, gosh! She should love him enough to give him relief and peace. It’s so cruel to let him continue suffering. I wonder why she can’t see this and why, if she loves him and she obviously does, she won’t love him enough to let him go. This is very unsettling for me.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohi

        I agree with both of you , Janet and Mary. That is so cruel. What a horrible life for that poor dog after he probably gave her at least 16 years of love and joy. It is really abuse and she should be called on it by her kids. They should take that poor dog to the vet if she won’t. This IS very upsetting.

  48. Jacque

    Small world wins again, as I see my kcup coffee machine and maybe Debbie Mumm plate in your picture. In
    Oklahoma, we call that casserole “funeral potatoes.” Either way, it’s delicious!
    Thank you so very much for your blog, I start my mornings with you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jacque – yes, they’re also funeral potatoes here, too! Once again, we are all so much alike. Do you know funeral cake? I, too, start my day with coffee and my blog friends. So unlike Connie who is flying to Hawaii tomorrow!

  49. Pat Smith

    I’ve made my last turkey!! Our daughter gets a turkey as a gift from her work each year and this year is was 22 pounds. It was too heavy for me to manage and I needed help getting it in and out of the oven. We survived, but it was exhausting. Next year we will donate her turkey to the food pantry and make a turkey breast or ham or something more manageable for someone our age to handle. Still, we had a nice day with both daughters here and a friend who lost her husband a year ago. No snow in Stowe, VT which we just hate. It’s important here because of the ski area and because it adds so much to the scenery. The ski area makes snow, but it’s not the same at all as the real thing. I’ve never seen it like this. I hope this is not a view of the future…I loved hearing about everyone’s Christmas with grandchildren etc.! Off to a new year soon.

  50. Susan in VA

    Christmas Eve and Day here was quiet. My daughter, who still lives with us, and I tested positive for COVID earlier in the week. She had it first, and by Christmas Eve she tested negative. She got to go to church, but I stayed home. My husband does not seem to be catching it. I hope not! I’m feeling better.
    Still congested and coughing, but the extreme tiredness seems to be gone. Our son and his wife went to her parents in West Virginia for Christmas. They are back home and will be working this week. Then, New Year’s Eve they’re coming here and spending the night — so, we’ll have a second Christmas with them and celebrate the New Year. I took Christmas items to them on Thursday to take with them. That was before I tested positive. I did wear a mask since I had been exposed. I tested positive the next day. They are both fine. Don’t seem to have caught it. Whew!
    Mary, thank you so much for your blog. I thoroughly enjoy it and appreciate the time you put into it.
    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

  51. Erin

    We had a pretty quiet Christmas this year. We had delightful friends over for a big dinner on Saturday, then a lovely Christmas Eve service at church. I cooked a big breakfast for Christmas morning and spend the rest of the day on the couch while hubby went visiting family. I can’t believe how quickly Christmas comes and goes now.
    It’s so nice to read about others and their Christmas celebrations.

  52. Beamer's Mom

    Merry Christmas Mary, Rick & Co. We had our immediate family here from Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening. So, our refrig is full to overflowing as well. Maybe we should trade some leftovers!

    We had everyone here twice as long as normal this year as schedules just worked out. We were very happy for the extra time. With 4 kids, 7 grands of which 3 of them are married or have a steady, there are lots of families to work around during the holidays.

    The weather was weird, but great. Especially compared to last year when we had to reschedule our family Christmas to January due to the blizzard that came through on Dec 23, so the rain this year was a double blessing. Imagine if it had all come down as snow? YIKES! We went to Ankeny yesterday and grass is turning green, here too in spots. I noticed our pear and apple trees are starting to bud. That’s not good, but nothing we can do about it.

    We’ve been keeping a friend’s 4-year-old goldendoodle the past week and what a joy it is to have a dog in the house again. He goes home tonight and we will both miss him. Ziggy is very well behaved and FUN! We are counting the days until our new puppy is born (Jan 20th) and when he will come home mid-March. Can’t wait.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beamer’s Mom – I FORGOT about you keeping Ziggy!!! Oh, how fun! And then all the kids, too – you’ve been busy but like me, no cooking for days ahead. I can’t even remember having a blizzard last year and I would have played for church as usual. I can’t wait for you to get your puppy!

  53. Linda in Central Iowa

    After a very nice Christmas evening with local family, today is what I call my “Down Day” – but it’s a good one! After all the hustle and bustle, laughter, food, gifts, go-go, and such, today I do nothing. View the gifts again, do some assembly required stuff, read the directions; read a book, watch some TV, just relax and no goals. Hubby and I just graze when the urge hits
    Then tomorrow starts the “Reclaim my office and sewing room”. Both have wrapping paper rolls to put away, left over ribbons to corral into one place, unused boxes to be flattened, and recycled, the pretty bags to round up. And also need to regroup the various sewing projects leftovers as there were several Christmas gifts made – fabric needs to be put in place, spools of thread rolling around (thanks to Leon the cat), patterns to be filed. You get the idea? Underneath it all is my cutting table, work table, ironing board. The office has it’s share of stuff to be dealt with too. My goal is to get both rooms all tidy, floors cleaned, even do some dusting. Then when I start out the New Year, I can walk in grab a project and begin sewing right away. OK, the tidy bit only lasts a couple of days as pretty soon I have 3 or 4 projects in progress, stacks has accumulated again, floor covered with threads and tiny scraps. But to me it’s still a great way to start the new year with a clean slate aka sewing room – literally!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I need to take a lesson from you! New Years Day is always my day to start a new quilt so I, going to start planning. In the meantime I’m planning to drive up to Rochester to the mall and my favorite clothing store J.Jill because I need some new church clothes. There’s 4 hours on the road that I just hate but I have to do it. I have put this shopping trip off for a long time and just couldn’t see doing it in the Christmas rush.

  54. MaureenHP

    It sure didn’t look like Christmas in northern Illinois this year. Not a flake of snow and in the mid-50’s! But we celebrated the Savior’s birth with a meaningful Christmas service and lots of carols. We gathered with family and cherished our blessings.
    Thank you, Mary, for all you do to write “a blog about nothing.”

  55. Cindy Smith

    Merry Christmas Mary! I have loaded videos in YouTube before and linked them them on websites. They work great as long as you have not included copyrighted music. Would it help if I emailed you more information on doing that? I think we’d all like to see your videos.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cindy – well, of course any music I would play is copyrighted so I guess not. I understand YouTube, I think, but it’s the blog post where I can’t include a video and I’d like to.

  56. Judy in Oregon

    We spent the day at the chiefs game. Our son and dil wotk in the medical center at the stadium sometimes. Anyone who signed up to work Christmas day had their name put in to win tickets to the game. They each won two suite tickets so we along with her parents were able to attend. What a fun day although disappointing that the chiefs lost. We topped that off with dinner at a Japenese barbecue restaurant.

  57. Mareen

    Aaron, Monica and the kids come today it will be great to see them. They had to stay home for Christmas as Brynn had a piano solo in the church service and also a big speaking part in the kids program, Leo also did and Monica and Aaron do a lot for the church. The other kids all had stuff going on as well come me a

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – today is still Christmas in my world – we’re heading to Becky’s for supper. Jenny and Ryan are here from Louisville.

  58. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Another Christmas come and gone. “Down Day” here today too. The festivities of the weekend, and Christmas Day yesterday, with our children and grandchildren was wonderful and packed-full (so are we- with goodies!); I’m eager to get back to quiet times and normal eating. I plan to pull out a half-read book today or maybe my cross-stitch, it’s hard to choose. The potatoes look great, we served up baking dishes loaded with nothing but cholesterol for weeks now! Ha!! It’s pouring rain here in NC today too. If this were snow we’d have a foot and a half! Merry Christmas, Mary, to you and yours!

  59. Kris in WI

    Mary, I see no one answered your question about the Dobosh (Dobosch, Dobos) Torte. It is an Austrian/ European confection made of many thin layers of cake and butter creme frosting, enrobed in chocolate. Chocolate may be more traditional, but it can come in other flavors, too; strawberry-lemonade, mint, vanilla, tropical. Dobosh tortes are made by specialty bakeries like Swiss Colony. They can be ordered on-line from the Colony and from other outlets, I’m sure. There are recipes on-line to make your own, too. Hope that helps. Kris

    1. Diane in Maryland

      Thanks, Kris! I have been wondering too and was about to Google it when your email popped up. I still will to read the recipe. Sounds like something that is easier just to order. Haha. Thank you so much.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – wow, that sounds hard to make – way above my ability – but it sounds delicious! How thin are the layers of cake? I I’ll look it up.

  60. Kathy Hanson

    Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas – we did too. Had Sarah and Amy here for Christmas Eve and went to Jerry’s side of the family on Christmas Day – what a wonderful Christmas we had . I will send a picture of the gift I got from my Granddaughters , an amazing gift!!
    Wishing everyone a Wonderful New Year ahead!

  61. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful Christmas you look like you have had – so wonderful to have such sweet young people with you!!! I know, mine was wonderful too!!!

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