What’s New? 12-26-23

We had supper at Becky’s tonight because Jenny and Ryan are home – Jenny always wants to come for Christmas to see snow. Haha! Snow? Not here! We had lots of rain yesterday and there were puddles everywhere. No snow for Christmas this year. BUT as we were leaving it began to snow! No kidding! Big flakes that drifted gently down – just for Jenny!

Ryan has a band who has released a new record which has received accolades from Rolling Stone Magazine! We are so proud of him! I don’t understand his industry any more than he understands mine but I can appreciate talent and effort in any field. Well done, Ryan!!

Reader photos

Camber, Rick’s granddaughter, and her gingerbread house

Does anyone know details about these toy sewing machines? Does anyone else own these? What other small machines do you own? I have several other toy sewing machines but these are the only Singers.

Please don’t send any more Christmas photos – we’re done with Christmas – on to another subject. Next Monday is New Years Day and I always start a new quilt on January 1. (It’s also Dirty Dozen Day.). Want to join me? Think on it and then tell me what new quilt you’re going to start. I always give myself permission to start something new on this first day of the new year. I don’t make any resolutions – I just start a new quilt.

What do you think? What will you start?

86 thoughts on “What’s New? 12-26-23

  1. Betty Klosterman

    I think something was happening on the internet during the storm as this message just came thru (Dec 28) and a cousin sent an email and it hasn’t come yet. Also commented on a message and now it has disappeared. It was about reunion pictures which I think she would be happy to have. I’ll have to make some inquiries.

    You sewing machine collectors just missed a big one. The lady who owned “Betty’s Quiltery” just died. She used to have an antique shop with many displayed in the quilt shop. I have no idea on how many machines she had. Personally, I don’t have a lot of room to keep collector stuff. Just have old machine because they wouldn’t give me anything for it when I got my Janome 3500 in 2006.

    A cure for the dark short days. Turn on all the lights and start sewing on the brightest, happiest fabrics and patterns you have. The days are getting longer now. Watch funny movies/programs and read good books. And if you can, go slide down the hills like the Amazon commercial!

    Take care, this will pass. Back on Daylight saving time in March…..
    Betty in Rapid City

  2. MJ

    I LOVE the four strip quilts with the monogram!!! They are so pretty and done and gifted!!! How fun is that? Way to go! I have been inspired.

  3. Debra L Reber

    I love the idea of starting a new quilt on New Year’s Day! I have lots of UFO’s that I should finish before starting a new one, but there’s something special about starting a new quilt! I need to start a baby quilt for a friend of my daughter’s, who is adopting a baby!

  4. Jeanie S, Central IL

    So sorry Jenny did not find snow in Iowa. We saw a few flakes this morning in Illinois and may see more tomorrow.
    The reader’s holiday pictures were lovely; I especially enjoyed the pets.
    I think starting a quilt on New Year’s Day is a great way to begin 2024. I’m in, Mary!

  5. Lorraine

    My grandma always said “whatever you do on the first day of the year then you get to do it all year long”. Guess I better start a new quilt!!! Actually, I have a lot of UFO’s I need to work on too.
    I have no toy sewing machines which I am sad about.

  6. Connie in NV

    I doubt that I will start a new quilt on January first, still finishing up a quilt so that it does not become a ufo. I plan to work on ufo’s in 2024 as well as a new one as a reward for finishing 3 ufo’s. My first new one will be Ruby from the County Seat quilt book. I loved the book so much I bought it twice!!!

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Shirley – the book is County Seat Quilts but I really need to follow up on this issue of why you couldn’t see it all. Can you explain it to me? I’m afraid there could be another tech issue and I want to catch it quick!

          2. Shirley Andersen Smith

            Hi Mary
            Maybe it is me, but when someone responds to anothers comment it doesn’t show all of the previous comment and I can’t get it to open and show me the whole thing.
            I hope that explains it.
            Maybe you can figure it out and tell me what I need to do.

          3. Mary Etherington Post author

            Shirley – thank you! I need to ask Richard to help me figure this out – I don’t want this happening.

          4. Mary Etherington Post author

            Shirley – it might just be a setting that needs to be adjusted. It probably isn’t just on your end.

  7. Gloria in NC

    I have a collection of toy sewing machines. Unfortunately, they are still in boxes after this move! I will look for pictures and also the book about toy sewing machines. Haven’t purchased one in a number of years, much too expensive now.

  8. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    Love the gingerbread house. My mother always made a gingerbread house ever since our family lived in Germany in the early 50’s. I used to bake them with my children and my daughter continued the tradition with her children. The house is warmed up with the smell of gingerbread. I love to see children enjoying the tradition. My mother said you could buy them in the bakery in Germany.

  9. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Hi Mary, I collect toy sewing machines. Funny I didn’t get one when I was a child since I learned to sew before I started school. I actually learned on my mother’s full sized machine! I have several toys, and will send you pictures. My husband will sometimes buy me one for a birthday present, but they are getting too expensive now.

  10. Chris

    Starting a three-yard quilt today. I pressed my fabric and cut the strips the other day so I’m ready to make some progress. This is my first three-yard quilt but I bought extra fabric to make it a little wider–so I guess it’s not a three-yard quilt after all!! Happy New Year to all of you!

  11. Karen in Ohio

    I own a toy machine like both of these. There are several models in both colors and hence, I am always on the hunt. They are not actually toys as I have a friend who had one to sew on at college 40 years ago. If they are not broken, they are very functional. Treasure them.

    I so enjoy your blog. I have a son who lives in Iowa so it is fun to see your weather reports.

  12. Roemary W - Garner

    Great to see your photo from Becky’s and happy that Jenny got to see the big snow flakes. We were out last night, and it made me smile, too! Yes, please tell us about Ryan’s band…we’ll boost the ratings by listening!! Love your artistic/talented family!!
    I also love your toy sewing machines. I seen a few at a quilt shop as decor about a year ago and decided it would be fun to “hunt” for one for my own sewing room decor…..BUT, I haven’t seen one in my shopping excursions and when I ask about them at an antique shop, they rarely see them…My husband went on line, too, Marian, and said there were all kinds….so maybe that’s the way I’ll acquire one, although, sometimes the satisfaction of getting something like that is in the “hunt”..
    I think I’ll look for a new quilt to start in the New Year too. In my mind, I’m trying to make myself finish the unfinished…..but maybe a new start is just what I need to spend more time sewing!! Happy New Year!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosemary – I want Marian to show us her little machines, dont you? I’m going to post the name of the band but I’m afraid I won’t like the songs. It’s The Roadhouse Band – “Dancing on the Edge”. Jenny sings with him on half the songs. I haven’t listens yet either. I love looking for those little machines.

  13. Sharon Geiger

    I am going to start (and finish) a baby quilt for a great niece. She was born on December 13, 2023. I finally settled on the pattern. That was the hard part! I have the fabric which I bought extra because I hadn’t settled on the pattern. Makes sense, right?? Happy New Year, Mary (and fellow blog readers)!

  14. Diane in Colorado

    I own one of the tan Singer toy machines. I got it years ago in a shop in Walnut, IA. I’ve never tried to sew on it but love it as decor for my sewing room! I still look for others when I’m out “thrifting”. Prices have increased a lot since I got mine!

  15. Carla

    Not a single toy sewing machine in my flock of 13 machines. With 13 you’d think I’m a pro who always sews. Now. Average abilities only here! But I love the vintage machines and have challenged myself so much by learning to repair and maintain them. I did finish the quilt top in time to show the girl who gets the quilt! Last night I went to a fabric store with the money one son gifted me and bought backing. On sale, Hoorah! My goals now are to finish my second December son’s bday socks and to finish the quilt. Then in my down time (cue the hysterical laughter) I want to use some Christmas money on crosstitch supplies and sock yarn from ChickenLady fiber arts. She’s awesome!!!! First, I’m undecorating before my Littles get here. So fun to read all the comments today. Blessings everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carl – what’s down time????? Haha! I wish you were here to help me with one of my machines. I’m undecorating today, too.

      1. Marian Greiman

        Yes, I have a collection of toy sewing machines, packed away since our move. About a dozen or so, thanks to my husband who searched online for many years.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Marian – don’t you have any place to display them? I’d love to see them sometime.

          1. Marian Greiman

            I could make a place to display them in my sewing room, but I haven’t. I see many of the same ones in the pictures you posted. I’d be happy to show them to you!

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Marian – they’d be so cute in your sewing room! I would love to see them sometime

  16. Shirley Andersen Smith

    I have those exact sewing machines Mary. I am travwling now so cannot send you photos. The black is like yours and the other is in its original suitcase. I have several. Love them and yes they sit out so I have something to do…..dust!!! Lol!
    I hope to start a new quilt when I get home, Cake Stand with civil war fabrics.
    Happy New Year, New Beginnings and be sure to toast to Good Health with your ice tea.
    Shirley from central Oregon

  17. Linda Susan Blewett

    I have a Singer Tiny Tailor mending machine I have had for years. My granddaughters learned to sew with this machine as it is a very slow speed. I have seen the machine on the right in your picture at a friends home but have never saw it work.

  18. Marsha from Kansas

    December was an up and down month. My machine had to go to the shop for two weeks so I used that time to cut out projects and BOM. Then Christmas Eve I was trying to get in the vehicle to go to our Christmas dinner at my sister’s home and my legs buckled and down I went. Took two strong Fire Rescue men to help me back into the house. I was lucky the pavement was dry, I ended up against the back door so I didn’t hit my head, and no real injuries. Just stiff and sore and wobbly walking. I haven’t made it out to my sewing room yet. But I plan to soon. I started watching Pat Sloan You Tube this year and she chooses a word for the year. I chose “focus” and started making a list each month of projects to focus on. I think it really helped and just will continue with that. My next new project, actually blue dirty dozen for this month, was going to be Fig Tree Blueberry quilt. It was one I got cut out. If I make it to the sewing room on Saturday or Sunday, that will be my New Year’s quilt, Dirty Dozen and UFO. Happy New Year everybody!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – oh my dear! I’m so happy to hear you didn’t break a hip, arm, wrist but I’ll bet you’re very sore today. Take it easy for a couple days.

  19. Dena Silberman

    Would you share the name of Ryan’s new album? I love all kinds of music and would be interested. Maybe your followers could give it a boost by listening.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dena – yes, of course! Thank you for asking – I’ve already forgotten so I’ll post it later.

  20. Sally J. Mi.

    I like the idea of starting the New Year with making a quilt! I have nothing in mind right now so better head to my sewing room and look things over!!
    Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!!
    Sally J. in Michigan

  21. Kim

    Hi Mary
    I love your toy sewing machines and have a couple myself. I only buy them if I think they are reasonably priced. They can be pretty pricey! Love reading your blog about nothing, you always have something to write about! I’m recently retired and hope to get motivated to get some sewing done now that the holidays are over. Whatever weather you’re having arrives here in the next day or so. I don’t need to watch tv to know what’s coming our way!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – funny thing about the “weather report” because I do the same thing from Jo in Wy!

  22. Kathy in western NY

    Camber is growing up to be a very pretty young lady. Her picture is so cute with the gingerbread house. And it’s a lovely family picture of you with Becky and Jenny and the men. It’s all about sharing time together during the holidays and so thankful we can.
    I should be making something with all my homespuns soon. I look at a 3 ring binder notebook I keep with projects recorded I have made this year and either kept or given to charity places. Burp cloths using flannel and scrap bits of batting , is what I made the most of this year for our refugees settling here as many had young babies. I’d like to keep sewing that tote of flannel down more as our thrift store has a lot of it now for sale but might donate it instead. Many of the projects I keep in the notebook to make I will attempt again to sew like Jen Dalys wall hanging as another reader mentioned as it’s so cute.

    Happy 54th anniversary Diane in Ohio. That’s us next Aug with the same number of years. Today we woke to 49 degrees and a drizzly rain. Ski resorts in the finger lakes are having to man make snow with machines for those who wanted to ski while home. Enjoy your anniversary and many of us sound like we are spending the time cleaning up our sewing rooms too.

    1. Diane and gang

      Hi Kathy, it has been a whirlwind here, but we did go
      Out to dinner😀. 54 for you in Aug—a smarter time to marry than snow time in NY😹😀. It will be a fun day.
      Cleaning—yes. Lots and organizing for a spring yard sale. It is time!
      The DJ on our local radio went to Ellicottvilke to ski. Hope he had snow! He said it was some little town in western NY. Funny—that’s mostly what are there😂

  23. Erin

    Thank you for all the great photos!
    I plan to start a year of “sewing slowly,” using only vintage or antique sewing machines and finishing up at least one of many hand quilting projects. I’m old, so the pressure of getting many projects done is great, but I want to enjoy sewing more by slowing down and enjoying the process more. I can’t count how many vintage and antique machines I have, but I want to use each of them at least a little this year, instead of just admiring their beauty. Yes, some of the vintage machines are electric, so it won’t always be fairly slow. But even the hand crank machines can go at a pretty good clip!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Erin – I love that you use your vintage machines! I’ve never even tried using the toy machines – what? Why haven’t I?

      1. Erin

        I am so fond of the toy or miniature machines. I have a beautifully restored Willcox and Gibbs chain stitch that sews well and can make some of the tiniest stitches you’ve ever seen!
        I do hope folks will share some pictures of their machines here.

  24. Fran

    Time to move on. Camber is a cute thing with a pretty smile that reaches her eyes.

    We have aa little snow here. We got over 2″ of rain over Christmas here in SW Iowa. We needed it. Rds are clear so a grocery run is in order after I get the oil changed on my car.

    I am in full mode of retreat prep which happens Sat. through Wed. at Wise Monkey in Denison, IA I beat the deadline of starting a new quilt Jan. 1 by a few days. I have cut out a baby quilt because I have another great grand on the way. And I got my bargello to a point I know what I am doing so it goes in the mix of things to retreat too as it is due Jan. 24 as part of my UFO club. I have one more quilt I hope to cut out and take too. I never work on one thing at any given time.

    I am back in full swing. Hope the same for all. Motivation!

  25. Diana in Des Moines

    I love abyssians! I think they are so beautiful. I am a Siamese lover myself, but could see this breed in my life, also!
    Yes, Christmas is over, and I’m glad. Commercialism has taken over the Lord’s birthday. Now on to New Years and the Hawkeye game.
    I plan on keeping track of everything I sew this year. I have a designated notebook ready in a tray with some patterns and quilt books that I “plan” on making. We all know how THAT goes!!
    First up is a scrap 1/2 log cabin. I discovered a whole box of scraps, and the written directions from a pattern I liked.
    Heading into my dark, depressing days. Trying to not go there by spending time with the grandkids and sewing.
    Happt sewing all!

    1. Connie

      Diana- Sewing can be so therapeutic so, jump in with both feet with your UFO and fend off feeling low. Just getting a quilt finished can sometimes help. Looking forward to seeing your finished log cabin – one of my favorite patterns.

    2. Carolyn Rector in Ohio

      I just ordered a lamp from Amazon that is supposed to help with seasonal depression. It mimics the sun rays. We usually have dark cloudy days in Jan and Feb here in Ohio. We’ll see if it helps. I
      Sun is shining today so I take walks.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carolyn – I want to know if it works – I’ve seen them advertised

        1. Rosie Westerhold

          Mary, I got one of the many lamps for SAD on Amazon. It’s much brighter than the floor Ott Lite that I have! And it has several options for brightness and color of light. Even a “nighttime” feature. I have suffered from the “winter blues” for YEARS. Last year was particularly bad for me for a number of reasons. I have had this light going almost non-stop when I’m in the house during the day and in the evening. Not sure if it’s my attitude or the light, but I feel so much better this year than last year. There a number of other factors as well, but I feel like the light has really helped me!! I got a floor model which you can also convert to a table lamp. It’s bright enough for me to use for my EPP projects, and DEFINITELY helped me be able to thread those tiny needles I use. I’m not getting paid for this by anyone, either, but I feel like it is helping me. Also, each day is now getting longer by a minute or so. WooHoo!!!

      2. Diane and the gang

        I just heard about that on NPR. The guy said to put it a little above you so it shines down like the sun and do it fir 30 minutes a day. He said it works and he was not a salesman, but a person interviewed on NPR. Good luck😀

  26. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Sooo happy Jenny got snow. It is beautiful. Love the whole family with quilts.
    I cleaned up yesterday so I can try to “ find” my sewing room. It is a major disaster. The neighbors will get an OSU quilt today—their Christmas present which I will take back to bind!🙀😹.
    Today is our 54th anniversary! We had 36” of snow in 24 hours and the groom lived 150 miles away! He arrived at 2 AM on 12/27 and we were married at 2PM on 12/27! Lots of snow in Western NY that weekend😀. Made it 54 years, so far❤️

  27. Barbara Aker

    Spent the holiday at my daughter’s home in Hendersonville North Carolina which is the hometown of Georgia Bonesteel. In other words, Quilting Country. It has the best thrift, resale and charity shops. I always manage visits to them when I’m there and scored big time this time around. Bought a bundle of quilt scrap fabric pieces packed solid in one of those plastic, zippered comforter units. Could hardly carry it because it was so heavy! At least 25 lbs. It cost $7 minus 40% because there was a sale for Christmas!. Going to start a block of the month project with it starting January 1st. I have to admit that I needed more fabric like I needed a hole in my head, but a fabric sale like that was impossible to pass up !!!!! I’m sure you all understand. Hehe.

  28. Katie in Gilbert,Az.

    Nice family pic, 🙏🏼snow flakes for your niece..I like idea of starting new quilt on New Year’s Day,..I happen to have the fabric picked for a new quilt ..
    I continue to sew on a quilt that I will gift on New Yeats 👵🏼

  29. Susan in VA

    I agree with Sue in Oregon that I need to tidy up my sewing room and get my UFOs done. But a new quilt for the New Year sounds so nice ………. We’ll see! LOL!!

  30. Cecilia Mire

    I would like to start in on the Dirty Dozen. How do I do that and waht pattern will you be using?

    1. RuthW in MD

      You choose 12 UFOs and assign each one a number. Mary chooses a different number on day one of each month – she started this Dirty Dozen last July, I think, and often she also chooses a color as well. So you take out that numbered UFO of your own and work on it, and maybe use the color she has chosen also, perhaps on a separate project. Mary is not running a quilt along project.

      1. Cecilia Mire

        Thanks so much. I am in the middle of moving but as soon as my crafts are unpacked, I will start numbering them and get going.

      2. Mary Etherington Post author

        RuthW – I want to thank you, Ruth, for answering this gal’s question!

  31. Connie R. In Wis.

    I’m planning on doing the Bundle Up Quilt from the Jen Daly quilt a long. I printed out the free patterns when she offered them during December so, now I just need to start. It’s only 27 x 53 banner type so, should be a quick sew that I can quilt myself.
    And then, down to some serious decluttering.
    Such a nice picture of you and Rick with Becky’s family. I’m glad the weather cooperated and made it snow.

  32. Barbara Yarnell

    I got myself an Accuquilt cutter for Christmas so I will start a new quilt on New Year’s Day and cut it out with the Accuquilt! Maybe a sampler, or I could try a complex pattern that I wouldn’t normally do. Now I have something new to think about, thanks Mary!

  33. Alice

    My plan is to start Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt, but will only do half size. I don’t need anymore large quilts, but I do hang them over the back of my couch & the half wall dividing the living room & kitchen. I have several quilt tops that need to be quilted. One is a snowman panel that didn’t get finished in time for Christmas decorating! Love the picture of the 3 dogs, a perfect picture! How nice you were able to have supper at Becky’s! I’m sure Jenny loved seeing the snow, just perfect! It’s been rainy here in SW Ohio & 58*, but it’s supposed to turn colder & we may get a bit of snow! Best wishes for the New Year everyone & happy quilting!
    Alice in SW Ohio

  34. Sue in Oregon

    I’m going to clean and organize my sewing room on Jan 1st (she said). Actually, its way too messy to finish in one day, so, it will happen in the first week. (she said) Then, on to quilting some UFO’s. No new quilt until these things are done!! (she said)
    Our day today was dreary, wet, and dark. Not all that cold though. I made a potholder in the shape of Mickey Mouses’s head. It is perfect for grabbing things out of the microwave.

  35. DebMac

    I don’t know if I will actually get it started on 01/01 but the next quilt is a QOV for our son using fabric from some of his Marine camouflage uniforms. I’m not looking forward to sewing with the heavy fabric but it will be confined to the center of start so I am hoping it won’t be a disaster. But it is what he wants. He had waited for more years than he should have for me to get it done. I do plan on starting a new cross stitch project New Year’s Day so will see if I get both started.

  36. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l started a new quilt on Christmas day, have started tidying up shelv3s trying to organize haberdashery stuff, haha! So l found a bag of liberty cottons and a hexagon template, so it’s another slow stitching project, but it won’t be big. Love the 3 little doggies! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  37. Deb E

    I will start a new quilt on New Years Day – for my eldest niece (62). As I haven’t heard from her re: colors, etc., I will make something that makes me happy and hopefully she likes it when I give it to her. She is only 5 years younger than I am (hubby was the baby in the family, born 11 years after his last sister and I was the eldest in my family). We saw a terrific movie tonight on Hulu – “The Upside” – with Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman and Kevin Hart. Stayed up late to watch the end of it we enjoyed it so much. Love the idea of making no resolutions but always starting a new quilt on New Years….I think I’ll continue that! Best wishes to you!

  38. Jo in Wyoming

    We’re having a blizzard! Not a lot of snow, but crazy winds.
    I do have a New Year’s resolution…because I’m so tired of picking washed Kleenex off the laundry, my resolution is to check every pocket twice!!!
    I even have sticky notes hanging in the laundry room to check pockets.
    I’m glad you spent time with Becky and family. Makes me smile.
    I’ll try to start something new. My heart is happy when I’m in my sewing room.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I thought I was the only one who did that! I swear I check the pockets and then there’s that Kleenex plastered all over my black pants. Ugh. Sounds like Nebraska got buried and I-80 is blocked with crashes in many locations. So glad that’s not us.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Oh Jo and Mary, I am laughing my head off this morning cause I am so tired of vaccuming pieces of kleenix in my laundry room from shaking my clothes when I realizes this happens! And then to find a wad of it stuck on the wall of the washing machine. My husband uses paper towel and he’s the worst culprit. He hears me growl and knows exactly what’s he done before he’s put his jeans in the hamper.

    2. Beamer's Mom

      I have allergies so ALWAYS have a Kleenex (or 2) in my pocket. But here’s my trick. I only keep the Kleenex in the right pocket since I’m right-handed thus I only have to check my right pockets. I keep a wastebasket in our walk-in closet, so it makes it easier to check, throw away the Kleenex and toss the item into the dirty clothes basket. Having a waste basket in the closet was a game changer. Now, with that said, I do have an occasional shredded Kleenex in the laundry but not nearly as often as I used to. Hope this helps.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Beamer’s Mom – well, leave it to you to figure out a routine for Kleenex in your pocket. Hahaha! Talk about organized – it would never have occurred to me. I can’t wait to post this on the blog – or would you rather I didn’t?

        1. Beamer's Mom

          No worries here. I’m not running for any political office so I’m an open book! A boring book, but open 🙂

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Beamer’s Mom – haha! Do you follow politics at all? I do not but I know many people who hang on every word.

  39. Amy F

    No snow here in NW Ohio either Mary. It was 60 degrees and rainy today on Dec. 26th. if you can believe it.
    I am starting a new quilt Jan. 1st too. It’s going to be a temperature quilt, but not for 2024. After doing some research and tracking down the weather data, I’m going to start a temperature quilt for the year I was born, 1969. In fact, I was born the day before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, so it’s going to be moon-related! I have all the temperatures recorded in my journal so I can work on it when I feel like it.

    I just started a Halloween quilt this week. I know it’s not timely but I have had the pattern for over a year and just now found the PERFECT background fabric, so there’s no time like the present as they say. I am looking forward to seeing what you are starting!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy F- oh, how fun! You’ve really thought about this, haven’t you? I can’t wait to see your “birthday” quilt – it will be quite special!

  40. Mary Johnston

    Do I “spy” two Abyssinians?????
    I had a red Ferris….1988-2004. Loved that smart boy!

  41. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    I want to start Jo’s Piccadilly Circus quilt on Jo’s country junction blog and YouTube videos. Pretty scrappy stars! Glad you got a little snow ❄️, good pictures!

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