Christmas Greenery

Reed’s grandma Cheryl called and asked if I wanted my goats to have the branches that they were trimming from their evergreens. If you are past reader you might remember that I collect Christmas trees for my goats to chew on and play with so of course I said “yes”! Here’s the loaded trailer coming to my house.

Oh, this was going to be just too much fun! After unloading the rack, I shut the goats out of the pasture until Connie and I could cut some of the beautiful evergreen sprays. Then the goats were allowed in and they went to work eating and butting and scratching on the branches.

I couldn’t wait to take my evergreen sprays to the house and decorate. Here’s what I did with them outside.

I’d like to decorate indoors with fresh evergreens but will wait till closer to Christmas so they don’t get so dried out and brittle.

The triplet goats named Reed, Myra and Nolan are doing well. Betsy says they’re a lively group but one of the triplets across the aisle that we saw first died today. I could not raise goats for a living. Tomorrow Reed and I are going back to Betsy’s to see everybody and we invited Myra to go along. There will probably be more new babies by the time we get there and Betsy said maybe Nolan is going to get a bottle tomorrow. I’ll be right there with my camera.

I went to see my friend Gayle at the care center today. MS is a terrible condition! She is paralyzed but still in pain – poor thing! I told her I was going to bring her to my house because I have a wheelchair ramp so she could get inside. Maybe I’ll finish my Christmas decorating first so she can see it.

Connie and I are both sewing every day. Wish I could show it to you! Look for a goat update after we visit tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Christmas Greenery

  1. Ann Barlament

    WOW, You really got a nice load of evergreen branches. I’m envisioning strings of cranberry and popcorn decorating the sprigs close to the house. Seems like they need something red on them and it would also feed the birds.

    How exciting to go back to visit all the baby kids!! What a wonderful experience for Reed and Myra!!

  2. Colleen

    I do enjoy reading your blog. Reed is such a lucky young man to be able to see those goats being born and to possibly feed a baby goat. I do wish more people could see a working farm/ranch to get a better idea of the amount of work it takes and to see where their food comes from.
    Now we have year round fruit in the markets and so many people have no idea what fruits and vegetables are “in season” in our area so they buy imported and due to shipping etc it does not have the fresh bright full flavor of local fresh in season food. I know Reed will know what is in season in his area of the country.
    I can hardly wait for more animal pictures the growing cats, goats, dogs chickens you picture it I love it

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Colleen- thanks so much for your comments – I know Reed loved our day with the baby goats.

  3. Angie Rowland

    I have a friend with MS and it is slow and agonizing she rarely gets out so we see her in her place but the losses she has had are so sad to see but she tries to keep her spirits up and in doing so us as well.
    I have just moved from a house too an apartment and the local funeral director is going to be my next mover. Eve though I have a company packing and moving me… 42 years of accumulation is too much stuff///
    For anyone considering moving start downsizing NOW/ You and your family won”t be upset.
    Mary, the time you share with Reed will only foster goodness in him.

  4. Diane

    I can’t wait to see all of your decorations again his year. You absolutely have such a knack for beautiful decorations. I also can’t wait to see the pictures of the baby goats and the three kids with them. What fun!! It was 62 here yesterday in Central Ohio; all of our outside decorating is finished with that kind of weather:) Enjoy your quilting, “kidding”–goats and children, and decorating, Mary:)

  5. Cindie - WI

    You and Reed are blessed to have each other. The memories you are giving him are priceless.
    Nothing cutier than baby animals.
    God Bless

  6. Launa

    A light dusting of snow way up here in Idaho last night. The Stellar Crested Jays are still here so I put out apple pieces and peels for them yesterday. Always fun to watch them.
    You and the goats were fortunate to receive such a huge load of assorted evergreen tree branch trimmings. Know Reed is looking forward to returning to see the baby goats. Such a wonderful experience for him. Looking forward to your next post, Mary; a great way to start my day!!!
    Another light snow has just started…enjoy your outing tomorrow!

  7. Martha Engstler

    Such beautiful greens. I’m glad I was able to visit your farm when you had the shop so I can vision all the beautiful greens you decorate with and where they might be located. Hope you will send pictures of the baby goats. I know they must by so cute.

  8. Marian

    Thank you, Mary, for your updates! It is so fun to hear what you are doing on your little farmette! We are blessed with this mild weather to bring in the Christmas season. Reed and Myra are so sweet and I know you enjoy being with them. I am so glad that you are going to have your friend with MS out to your place. I wish her not to have pain–prayers to her.

  9. Anita fetzer

    Love those goats. Greenery. Is gorgeous, I can almost smell thru my reader. Mmmm… just have too much fun!!!!😂

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