Kids Visit Kids

Reed, Myra and I went to Betsy’s yesterday to visit the baby goats. When we arrived we had just missed the birth of twins which once again made me thankful that we just happened to be in the nursery last Sunday afternoon. When we were there yesterday there were 20 babies in the nursery. Here is Myra holding Myra and Reed holding Reed. Can this be any cuter?

Here’s a new set of twins – look at that cute spotted baby.

And here’s me with the kids and I’m holding Nolan.

More pictures tomorrow!

29 thoughts on “Kids Visit Kids

  1. Janice

    These are such cute pictures! Love baby goats. But aren’t they usually born in the spring? I’m confused!


  2. Sara Reynolds

    I love the pictures! I would love to see all of them in person. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kay Schleusner

    So cute. I can only imagine how excited the kids are at seeing those baby goats. My grandkids love animals.

  4. Susie Q

    The kids hold kids is really cute. And in this season of what to get the kids a baby goat named after them that lives elsewhere sure seems like the perfect gift. I realize it just “happened” this way but still super cool.

  5. Donna C

    I could look at these cute pictures all day long. Something Reed and Myra will remember always!

  6. Dianne

    Nothing sweeter than baby goats. The photo of the kids with the kids would be a great insert for their Christmas cards. You are creating great memories for Reed and Myra.

  7. Kay Crandall

    Such sweet pictures! Those kids (human) are so fortunate to have you, Mary! What memories you are making for (and with) them.

  8. Sue

    What fun, Mary. Everyone looks so happy. You, kids and other kids. What a fun day! Betsy sure has lots of goats. Are they all Boar goats?

  9. Launa

    The twins holding their namesake babies would be an ideal holiday card. Such beautiful ” kids”!!!
    Such a wonderful outing, Mary!!!

  10. Kathy

    Babies, human and animal, are so special and deserve to be given TLC! These photos are precious and show the love and care that Reed and Myra have for the baby kids. You are fortunate to witness the births of the twins last Sunday and glad all babies are thriving. Lovely story to make me want to snuggle with my kitties and enjoy their purrs !

  11. Ann Barlament

    Wow, 20 baby kids! What does one do with than many goats? Raise them for goat milk? Lawn maintenance? To sell? Whatever the reason, those baby kids are adorable!!!

    Even the kids holding kids are pretty darn cute too!!

  12. Diane Cannon

    Be careful–or you just might be a new goat owner to 3 lovely baby goats!!! Bet Reed would help you raise them!! Beautiful photos–
    enjoy the moments, di

  13. Sherrill

    How wonderful for those kids that you take them (esp. Reed) so many fun places. And I know you enjoy it as well. My niece is fostering a mama with 8 puppies. They’re so darn cute but I don’t need a dog. The mama’s so sweet I’d take her if I took any. But my 16 yo cat would NOT like that!

  14. Anna M

    I love baby goats! Isn’t it kinda late in the season for that many, though? I thought they were usually born in the spring.

  15. Betty Klosterman

    Baby goats are just so cute, but they grow up….. Several years ago we were at Grant’s Farm in St. Louis at the petting zoo. A bottle with 1/4 cup of milk was 25 cents. It was hilarious. The kids were all over the baby goats and the little goats were all over the kids trying to get the milk. The gate was left open and the goats got out. There was some crying, falling down and all sorts of fun. General confusion. I asked the lady selling the milk if they ever got full. She said they would go lay down for awhile and then they were up and at it again. She also they had a difficult time getting the young goats as they grew too fast.

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