More Kid Pictures

Here’s Reed with a brown dappled baby.

And here is a black dappled baby – looks like polka dots!

It’s one of the prettiest little goats I’ve ever seen! More babies—–

And some outside pictures.

And look at this tiny baby.

And I had another busy day today meeting my friend Jode’s dog named Zippy, a 5 month old golden retriever puppy. Who wouldn’t love this puppy?

And her daughter’s dog, a 3 year old Wheaten Terrier named Finn. I wanted to bring this dog home with me!

Do you think Hazel would like him? Ha!

Enough already – such a busy week. Back to sewing – no more animal posts for a day or so. It’s time to finish the Christmas decorating!

27 thoughts on “More Kid Pictures

  1. Becky from IA

    Those baby goats are so cute!!! I had no idea that they came in such neat colorings. Love the dogs…..always love the dogs!!!! Hazel…..Ha right. Thanks for sharing.

  2. diane matthews

    Thanks for all the pictures of the kids with kids, When I was a kid, a gazillion years ago, I had a little Nubian goat that I raised on a bottle,.. I totally loved that little creature. It’s so much fun to see how kids and animals connect.

  3. Janet Rice

    My son has always wanted to hold/pet a baby goat. Even though he’s in his 40’s, it’s still something he wants to do. Your goats are adorable!!

  4. Sara Reynolds

    I love all the baby goat pictures. The babies are so cute. I love to see baby goats play and jump. Thanks for posting all the pictures.

  5. Cheryl

    Oh how I look forward to your posts & photos! I love the animals, plants & gardens &, of course the beautiful quilts!! You are an amazing woman with all you do & all you do for others! Even my husband enjoys your posts, especially those about gardening & plants. He often asks which nurseries you especially enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    1. Mary Etherington

      Cheryl – do you live in North Iowa? I could tell you what nurseries are my favorites.

  6. Janie

    Wow, polka dots are so adorable! So are the doggies. Thank you for cute pics. Happy Holidays!

  7. Paula

    These babies are precious. thanks so much for sharing. Didn’t know you could have polka dot ones.
    Paula in kY

  8. marion

    what darling goats–did not realize the could be so much variety in coloring–also Reed is quite the handsome boy–we have a 3-year old named Reed who spends quite a lot of time at grandmas–he would love the goats

  9. Maryjane in CA

    Such cute goats and doggies. I’m just curious why they are producing so many goats???

  10. Brenda archambault

    Finn looks like a keeper but I think you’ve learned to bring them into your heart and home one at a time. I’m sure Hazel would disapprove of another member of the family, and she has priority right now. Continue on with your quilting and decorating … I’m jealous. Don’t know where the days go but they sure do fly by. Have been working on a landscape challenge and hope to be hand quilting by Saturday. My hours fly by faster than yours!

    1. Mary Etherington

      I love Finn but know better than to bring another terrier into our home. Terriers are my favorites! All kinds of them.

  11. Sue

    Loving your goat photos and then the dog pictures. Both dogs are pretty….but Finn! Oh my gosh he is cute. Thanks for the fun.

  12. Jean Elliott

    Holy cow…that entire herd must have had babies! That dog, Finn, would make me want one! I can see why you’d want to take him home! So cute.

  13. Jan Knabel

    Just a note to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and pictures! I was an Iowa farm girl and it was a great life( still live in Iowa, in the country, but not on a farm!) Anyway, so refreshing to hear of your animal adventures and your quilts. I enjoy quilting also. Thanks for brightening my day! Jan

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeri – where do you live? I love Wheatens and Finn is at the top of my list.

  14. Diane

    Yes, please– decorations😃 Yours are always so pretty!! I love seeing those baby goats. They are tiny. About how much would one weigh? Squeak is 8 whole pounds. Are they about like her? They arre sooo cute.

    1. Mary Etherington

      Yes, Diane, about 4-8 lbs probably. Dwarf Nigerians weigh as little as a pound and a half which is what Susannah was.

  15. Martha Engstler

    So many babies all at the same time, wow!! Will the tiny kid Reed is holding live? It is so very little. sounds like you and Reed have really had a few very busy days. Thanks so much for sharing.

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