Christmas Patterns, 11-26-23

Here are 8 Christmas patterns from the historian vault.

Each pattern requires a SASE (business size) and $5.00.

No credit cards – cash or check only.

Each pattern is $5.00 – call it a Christmas gift from me.

1. Out On A Limb. 18” x 26”

2. Christmas Morning Tablerunner 12” x 34”

3. Star Quilt 48” x 48”

4. Noel 14” x 22”

5. Uncle Santa 18” x 31”

Left 2001 Right 1991

7. O Holy Night 20” x 40”

8. Candy Cane 24” x 42”

Now – if there’s a chance you want all 8 patterns I will put them together in one big envelope but please add an extra $8.00 for postage. No SASE.

I’m trying to be as clear as I can but if you notice something I’ve missed let me know asap and I’ll get the word out in another post tonight.

Here’s a panel I quilted several years ago and there must be a new one every year or so because I have a different one waiting to be quilted.

As you can see the quilts are hung but that’s all – no tree, no decorations.

Please save this post or mark it in some way so you can refer to it when you want to place an order.

Send your order to


2345 Palm Ave

Garner, IA. 50438

23 thoughts on “Christmas Patterns, 11-26-23

  1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    How did Squeak get on that Star Quilt? Ha—must be that gorgeous Millie. I have an O Holy Night kit I think I bought in Columbus at the Country Living fair? I have to check which ones I have, but my order will be in the mail tomorrow😀 I am watching the Bills vs Eagles. Come on Bills. Get busy!
    I have so many Country Threads books and patterns. I have donated many books and patterns, but NOT Country Threads.😀
    Any more info on your chickens, Mary? Hope they stay all ok.🤞

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – believe it or not, that’s not Millie – that’s Lewis from many years ago. I truly have forgotten how all my cats have died – I think I prefer not to remember. Get that O Holy Night kit out – it won’t take you long if you do machine applique. The Eagles/Bills game was GOOD!!!!

      1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

        Yes, the game was good until the Bills lost. Sad for them. I wondered how OLD Millie would have to be if she actually had appeared on that pattern, but I had to ask–lol. Lewis was a handsome boy:)

  2. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    I really like your pattern Christmas morning and bought it a few years ago. I’ve made the wall hanging into a lap quilt and sent you the picture earlier this year. I also have made the table runner for my daughter in law. I am going to make my mom a pillow but it will have to be next for next year. I’m sewing the binding on two quilts, o have to refinish a crib for my granddaughter that is coming for a week at Christmas and I’m making pillow covers using chenille-it and pillow covers I bought at IKEA. I will send a picture when I’m done. Two down, six more to go. Thanks for offering all the patterns.

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    I don’t understand why someone would read your blog and not the comments! The comments are so fun and sometimes I wish we could all be at a round table visiting!
    The sun did come out here and it got to 30 degrees. Most of our snow is gone. You have to be careful on parking lots when walking tho. You don’t want to break a hip!
    I didn’t even notice the black and white cat in the star quilt until it was mentioned! That is so cute! I don’t dare order another pattern! My bookshelf is full of binders full of patterns. And my closet is full of projects, I need another long winter…..not! I don’t like cold!
    Love you Mary! I so enjoy all your blogs about nothing and the comments about nothing……haha

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I so agree! Why wouldn’t they read the comments? It’s conversation among friends – they’re missing the best part!

    2. Li

      Right. It is in the comments that you know to include a SASE when ordering a pattern for $5. Such a bargain.

  4. patti

    thanks for all the quilt pictures in this post and the prior one. i read them together. all the quilts are wonderful and show the great range of interests among your readers. i spent the last couple days making 20 string blocks with red centers. they will finish 9″. pieced them on deli paper. i was avoiding working on my challenge quilt due this coming friday. the box i drew was plaids which i love. i started out making jacob ladder blocks (9″ finished), then 9 patches, then flying gesse (only 4x 8), a bunch of bow tie blocks. now i need to cludge them together. just wasn’t in to it over the weekend. not feeling 100% – my eye is bothering me, running on its own. eye doc said i rubbed my eye too much and now it leaks and can only be fixed with surgery. i don’t think so. if i can’t have surgery to fix my hip, i can’t have it for my eye. anyway tomorrow i must work on my plaid challenge. i’m going to enjoy the decorations through you. i have my charlie brown tree for dh and i. hoping to get upstairs to pull out the christmas quilts. hugs to all, patti in FL

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I’m so sorry about your eye! I can’t believe your eye needs surgery – are you convinced your dr. doesn’t just want to do more surgery? Maybe an eye patch for awhile to rest your eye – drops to make it more comfortable? Please keep me posted. If you got all that sewed this weekend with a bad eye you did well!

  5. Linda from Georgia

    Thanks, Mary for offering the patterns. I know it’s lots of work for you and I really appreciate that you make them available to us. Iowa has a big game this coming Saturday! Those pesky Woverines beat my Buckeyes! I did at least get to see Miami pull out a win on Friday. Have a great day. Wish you could find out what happened to your chickens.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – we’re looking forward to that game – with trepidation and dread! Ha!

  6. Kathy in western NY

    I love how you decorate with your wall quilts. My couch is blah so by throwing a seasonal quilt on it that we sit on and the dogs and cat snuggle next to me on we get to see them too. I keep my good ones hung up inside safely though. I would remind readers again to save the email or picture to your photos album on your iPad or computer as there is no color photo included in the patterns. I still have Uncle Sam on my dirty dozen list and it’s all pretty much all made in plaids and homespun’s but I need to forge ahead and finish it.

  7. Launa Peters

    Mary, Long ago I quilted Uncle Santa! Was it an online sew in? Need to find places for favorites and know I gave some to family!

    My three youngest Great Grand’s n Parents are coming from CA next week and we have so little snow for them to play outside! None in the forecast. The baby just had her first birthday!

    Need to borrow a friend ‘s high chair.


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