First Snow, 11-26-23

The ground is now white so winter has arrived. Yesterday was beautiful however and my 8 remaining hens begged to go out. So here they are happily dusting!

Left to right- Punk, Sylvia, Dot, Spottie

When someone tells me they don’t have time to read the comments where I also comment and answer questions, I bristle. Then they leave a comment or a question that’s been asked, answered and commented on previously, I don’t have time to repeat everything – it’s up to the reader to go back and read. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry – this is the way it’s going to be.

I’ll be leaving for church shortly but this afternoon I will post available Christmas patterns. Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is coming. I started hanging Christmas quilts yesterday with the pattern in my hand so I know I can post it and make it available to you. This will make life easier for me than the challenge I had with the fall quilts – I learned from my mistake. I will honor orders for the fall quilts until December 1 postmark. Please allow mail time if you’re ordering.

Orphan quilt top – rescued
Thanksgiving dinner at church
A typical morning
She’s beautiful but a snot
Before the snow

Christmas is coming!

59 thoughts on “First Snow, 11-26-23

  1. Deb in Idaho

    Beautiful post, wonderful Sunday morning. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We stayed home, some internet shopping and lots of pie! Stay warm and safe everyone.

  2. Diana in Des Moines

    I always read the comments. A peek into others lives is all I need sometimes to remind me I am blessed beyond all measure.
    Is the top quilt yours or a readers? Love Hazel, the pie, the barn star and on and on.
    Thank you, Mary.

  3. Linda

    Hope you had time to watch that ball game last night. What an effort by both teams! It was almost an effort to watch if you’re an Iowa State fan…..their offense was barely on the field! Anyway the best team won! I finished the binding and sleeve on my Christmas quilt while watching! I just finished listening to When We Had Wings by Ariel Lawhon and two others. A novel about nurses in the Philippines during WWII based on true experiences. Long but so revealing of what they went through. I had no idea. Love the photo of Rick and the cat who looks just like mine!

  4. DebMac

    I was reading about your putting up Christmas quilts and scrolled thru the pictures and thought the first one was beautiful. Kept scrolling and thought the next few were “nontraditional” in color and the next few made me think, “my these are repetitive, how odd!” and then I realized I was looking at reader quilts. Silly me!!! My brain isn’t functioning quite yet. Nice collection of crocks in your kitchen area. I just love holding old crocks and thinking about the people that have used them. I have crocks from each of my grandmothers and it is like holding their hand again. We have about 3″ of snow and our 5 month old English Setter is just fascinated with it. Many, many trips out this morning. Sitting here drinking tea and looking at the snowfall. It seems we hardly ever get a good snowfall you can watch come down. Admittedly, I have stayed up watching it snow at night.

  5. Connie R. In Wis.

    Thanks for posting the quilt pictures. So much inspiration. Many times I look at the quilts and think, “I have that pattern. Why didn’t I make it”
    We are getting snow this morning too. Just a light snow that reminds me of Christmas. Better start getting some things done to prepare for the holidays.
    It looks like a big crowd was expected for the Thanksgiving dinner. Exactly what Thanksgiving is about.

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    HI Mary, It is great to see the chickens dusting. Our granddaughters’ Chinchillas dust, too. It is so much fun to watch:) Squeaky is a snot, too, but then can be sooo loving–after I’m bleeding! LOL. The quilts are wonderful again. I so love my very own “quilt show” where I can look again and again.
    Colder here this AM, but no snow. We won’t have any until possible late December or January.
    LIghts are up, decorating has started inside. Stay warm everyone.

  7. Sandy D'Angelo

    I love how the chickens seem to communicate with you. I have never lived where I could have chickens but always wanted some. I am almost finished putting out my Christmas decorations thanks to grand children who are way taller and stronger than I am. They are great.

  8. Brenda Ks.

    Mary love all the quilts this morning. I especially love the rescued orphan one saved. Someone would be so happy that someone loved it enough not to throw it away! How wonderful.
    Always love all your barn pictures This one is breathtaking!

  9. Margie in SOCAL

    dear Mary and ALL, oh how we love reading and seeing everything first thing in the morning !
    what a circle of friends, from everywhere ! thank you dear Mary for your endless PATIENCE
    with glitches etc etc, we love every bit !


  10. Barbara Moore

    Good Morning Mary! Greetings from Tucson where it’s going to be in the high 60’s today. Had a very quiet Thanksgiving with just two. We did have our daughter, husband and 15-mo granddaughter yesterday for our big meal. They live in the Phoenix area, about 100 miles away, so we don’t see them often. Baby Girl is on the move and is both a delight and perpetual motion machine! On a sad note, we recently lost one of our beloved dachshunds – Edith Ann – who was 12. Doxies are traditionally known for their spinal issues and our dear Edie suffered a spinal rupture, leaving her paralyzed. It was a heart-wrenching decision, but really nothing else we could do for her. We are definitely missing her, and our other two doxies, especially Hilda who came with Edie, spent their time grieving in their own way. So sad to have to say goodbye; we knew this when they came home with us, but still…. Have a great day filled with lots of blessings – Barb in Tucson

    1. Colleen in Central Oregon

      Oh Barbara! My childhood doggie was a Doxie. What loves they are. So sorry for your loss.
      Mary, once again, thank you for a wonderful post. Love your animals, I want to cuddle them all, well maybe not Fluffysnot. I’ll just look and admire her beauty. Love the quilts, especially the rescued blocks. Love the barn star too!!

    2. Martha W in WY

      Barbara, our daughter loves doxies. Her first one was from a local puppy mill. Paula, as a teenager, saved her money. Long story short, I caused the dog’s death by giving it a ham bone. The dog died of a perforated intestine. Later, Paula purchased a rescue doxie. Lots of teeth issues but she lived a long time. After a long hiatus from having doxies she now has Waddles. Again, teeth issues but a sweetie.

    3. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – you did the most loving thing you could do for Edie! It shows how much you loved her – not letting her suffer a less than perfect life.

  11. Moe in NE IL

    Hi Mary, Love all your posts. It’s part of my day to read the blog, and comments. Thanks for posting my quilts. The chickens look happy. That looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving event, glad you were part of it. We got a couple inches of snow, it’s still snowing heavily this morning, so I went out to shovel in the places where I will walk, then I fed the birds for the first time this season, they will be happy. We put up our live tree yesterday, today I will put lights on it and my ornaments. Then like you, I’ll put out my Christmas quilts, mostly wall hangings, I need to make a couple of larger Christmas quilts! Enjoy the snow! I love it!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Moe – they love your dog quilt – maybe you could leave a comment about PD – a bit of history?

  12. Marie C

    Beautiful pictures today. We got about three inches of snow north of Cedar Rapids Iowa. I’m going to start decorating tomorrow.

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Marie I live about 15 miles east of Cedar Rapids. We too had 3+ inches of snow. Had a delivery truck get stuck in the drive. No shovel or tread on the tires, go figure, this is Iowa.

  13. Beth T.

    Thank you for sharing so much beauty! I am always amazed at the talent in this community, and the breadth of styles and vision. Today, it is Moe’s yellow dogs who claimed my heart. Wishing everyone a lovely day and something to warm their own hearts, whether it is a memory, a spark of inspiration, or the happiness that comes from being part of an online community that values each voice and contribution.

  14. Beverly

    I agree with you—Let’s be reasonable, right? No sense answering the same question over and over!
    I enjoy your newsletter, the good, the sad and the beautiful—the pie with a quilt block is wonderful…and the crocks make me miss my Gramma’s kitchen.
    Thank you for these glimpses into your day..

  15. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    I am so so sorry you have lost some of your chickens due to an attack 😢

    My condolences to you both
    I love chickens so much!
    Thankyou for posting so many beautiful quilt pictures and all your animals, I am so so grateful for your blog.

    Unless it’s sad news it always makes my day!

    God bless you
    Bea knight boca raton fl

  16. Bernadette D

    All the quilt are beautiful but I especially like the the dog appliqued quilt and the star quit. The Star on the barn for Christmas reminds me of the star we used to have on our 80 foot tower each year until I wouldn’t let my husband climb it to replace the bulbs anymore after he had foot surgery.

    1. Martha W in WY

      Bernadette, this reminds me that back in the 60s and 70s we had a star on top of one of the silos. I would watch as one of my brothers would get it set up. I still shutter thinking about that. I was afraid he’d fall. I hate heights also.

  17. Cheryl from Niagara Falls

    Beautiful but a snot! That made me laugh! She is a beauty! Love the pie. What a cute idea. Cold here but my neighbor is out cutting the grass. Ha! That’s something for the end of November. It’s a coming!!

  18. Sheryl K Harrison

    I love Moe’s dog quilt! It inspires me to do something with my husband’s shirts that have been in a tote in my garage since 2019. He was an animal rescuer. I should send Mary one of my favorite pictures of him and 3 of our dogs and our cat.

  19. Roxanne

    Sheryl, I’d love to see your picture of DH and pets—very special. I’m just finishing a wall hanging with the one shirt of my Dad’s that I could use in quilts. Finished it many years ago, but now the binding is finally almost done. Sometimes it takes time.
    I like to do a little something special on my pies. Never thought of an HST star! Love it! Your star on the barn is beautiful, Mary!

  20. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Fluffybun is such a snot because you forget she is really a princess, she needs a royal title!More wonderful quilts today,the dog one is priceless,Hazel superb and nice to see the chickens enjoying themselves. Your pie was great, what flavour Mary? Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – not my pie – a friend sent the pic from internet – I loved it!

  21. Sandi

    I love the quilt pictures today. The first one is beautiful! Joe has been a busy lady. I love the one with the dog appliqué. The star on your barn is amazing. I love it. Hugs,

  22. Pam D

    Karla T, Do you have a pattern for your “log” hexagon quilt or is this an antique? Love it! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Karla T

      Oh, sorry Pam. I don’t have the pattern for it. It is an antique top. I bet there’s a pattern for it somehere out there.

  23. Jean Kennedy

    Absolutely love Moe’s dog quilt and also the quilts by Karl T and Sandy in New Zealand!

  24. Dianna in Wisconsin

    A fine snow is falling, getting Christmas linens, towels,etc out today. Put all the fall decorations away yesterday,
    We didn’t want to travel on slippery roads so will attend church on Wednesday this week. Forcast is for warmer and dry roads by Wednesday.
    My quilting guild has our Christmas party tomorrow night and I received a Christmas card from a cousin in England this past week!
    Christmas will be here so quickly. I give mostly gift cards or money for gifts. Grandchildren are into so much that they can always use cash. Easy for me too!
    Hope everyone has a pieceful week………..sewing fit in between decorating and cooking.

  25. Sharon G.

    Mary – You aren’t required to repeat every pattern, idea, recipe, photo, or written word you share on the blog! People need to keep up and if that means going through their emails from you, that’s not on you!
    I’m looking forward to Christmas quilts and patterns that you’ll be sharing. Even doing that is a lot of work for you when you already have a lot on your plate.

    Love the quilt show and animals today. I can see mischief in Hazel’s eyes. The dog quilt by Moe is fun and absolutely paw-dorable!

    Today I’m working on quilt blocks for a while.
    I’ve been under the weather for almost 3 weeks. Yesterday was the first day I felt good enough to go in my sewing room for some much needed therapy. 😂

    Have a good week, Mary.

    Take care everyone!

  26. Martha W in WY

    I’m glad your chickens got a little free time today. I am looking forward to the post with your Christmas quilts in it. I hope you have a snuggly winter afternoon. We got about 7″ of snow. Hubby blew us out Friday and then again Saturday after the wind blew it back in. Haha! One of the joys of rural living!

  27. Kathy in western NY

    I agree Mary, that people need to read to get their answers and you shouldn’t have to take time to repeat yourself. I understand that’s the frustration in Facebook as someone could mention the title of the pattern in the heading and people will still comment and ask what’s the pattern. I would get frustrated so make this blog what most of us are accountable to do and show us all these gorgeous photos and inspiration. Thank you again Mary as you keep us all connected and together in spirit. I look forward to seeing how everyone is doing in the comments so friendship is carried on with your efforts on this blog.

  28. Ginger S

    Read you post to my husband and he said to tell you “Bravo”. It’s your blog and you can run it the way you want to. Some people may be new to the blog and were not aware that their question is a repeat and/or been answered previously. Not so with everyone. Your blog is appreciated by all of us. I look forward to reading it and the comments everyday. I loved all of the phots today. Your Christmas quilt is beautiful. I especially loved the picture of Tim’s field. It looks like it is on fire. Mother Nature putting on a show. Thank you for everything Mary!!!

  29. Kris in WI

    The church basementideas to ponder picture struck a note with me, of my mother and her church circle decked in their organdy aprons, serving meals for so many occasions. The cooks in the kitchen wore cover-up aprons, Chicken Scratch gingham, or cotton aprons with a towel sewn into the waistband. Whoa! There’s a way-back picture for you! Does anyone wear fancy aprons anymore?

    Thanks for the quilt show today! A little of everything, including charity quilts, a rescue, an Amythyst gem. and even a pie! So many to enjoy. Her Royal Highness, Princess Fluffybun, would indeed look marvelous in a tiara. Hazel seems to be saying, “Come on, Mom. Let’s hit the trail!” Nice picture of Rick and JB (JB2?).

    Thanks again, Mary, for the blog and to the readers who bring new ideas with their comments. Kris

    1. Kris in WI

      Sorry for the messed up first sentence. Please disregard “ideas to ponder.” That’s what happens when you drag your wrist over the laptop touchpad while trying to delete a line. Not a spellcheck error this time! Kris

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – yes, you’re right!!! JB2 – how did you remember? He’s not doing too well really – throws up about once a day and can’t hear much, eyes clouded over. When is the right time to let him go? Sending you a picture – these are laying on a shelf right here in the shop.

  30. Jean

    Great blog today Mary! Fluffybun is GORGEOUS! She’s a Princess I expect and knows it. I have one of those….
    The pic of the barn is just the best! Thank you for sharing.

  31. Jan Hebert

    Lots of beautiful quilts. Moe, you’ve been busy! Sandy too! I love the purple quilt, not sure who made it. It’s a great pattern and the colors are so bright. I usually lean towards darker colors like Moe’s but enjoy seeing the bright ones. I’d love to hear about Karla’s rescued quilt. Was it just blocks or a quilt top when found? Such a great combination of fabrics! Mary, I didn’t get to comment on the post about your loss of chickens. I’m so sorry that happened. I really liked the suggestion of getting a guardian dog – a big beautiful Great Pyrenees would be a great addition to your homestead. I’d love one myself. Just this afternoon we were raking the last of the leaves from the lawn and I said I think I’m going to let the girls out as the words came out of my mouth I looked up and there was a hawk zooming right over the coop and run! I was thankful that I hadn’t let them out a few minutes earlier – with fourteen chickens it’s hard to keep them nearby. The brave (stupid?) ones go off roaming the edge of the field where they love to dig for worms and bugs. We had our family over yesterday for a brunch and it was so fun seeing our grandchildren. Our grandson has been in Florida at University of Tampa and he loves it! We won’t see much of him at Christmas so it was great getting together while we could. Reading all of the comments, I guess I’d better get decorating for Christmas! God bless all of you, stay safe! Jan in MA

    1. Karla T

      Hello Jan~ I hope you see this ~ here goes the story of the rescued quilt. It was a finished top on a hayrack at my dear sweet neighbor Ruth’s estate sale. I bought it for $12 I think. I thought Ruth had made it, but I found out it was a sister or aunt that made it. It has sat in a tote for the last 15+yrs and I finally Quilted it. It was so very wavy and puckery, I’m afraid I didn’t do it justice, but done is better than perfect. It is cute from 50 yds on a galloping horse,tho. I like Mary’s idea of displaying it outside on a fence. I might try that. 😉

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – if I were closer I’d be delivering her to your door. 🫤

  32. Fran

    Love all the photos! I live for them! Ha

    Especially like the one of “the snot”!

    We got winter here too in Carson. I leave in the morning for a bus trip to Branson, MO. I will miss your posts until I return. Stay safe and warm everyone!


  33. Bobbie

    I love your pie decoration! I will have to do this next year.

    So sorry for the loss of so many of your hens. It is sad

  34. Connie Martin

    Hi Mary. Are any of your listed patterns from your books? I have most of your books and would save me some time. If not, I will order from your listing. I love the “baby in the manger”. We don’t have snow here in Columbus yet, thank goodness! I still miss seeing you and Connie here at the Country Living show. It is not here anymore. One more thing, do you or Connie sell the Quilt Blocks that you hang outside on buildings? Thanks again Mary. My Grandmother always wore a cover up apron and I think I need one! Your posts remind me of those wonderful church basement events!

    Connie in Columbus

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Connie – we tried to get our supplier to continue making our barn quilts from Dibond but it got just too expensive to afford. I actually miss the fair, too, even though it was such an enormous amount of work. None of these Christmas patterns are in any book – I don’t think we ever threw in a Christmas quilt.

  35. Charlotte Shira in No. California

    Beautiful quilt show ladies! I always look forward to the quilt shows. I love your comment on “snot”. She’s a beautiful cat. I love reading all the comments. Feels like hearing from friends and I have learned so much from everyone.
    Thank you for the blog, Mary.

  36. Gloria from CC

    The picture of Hazel made me smile and Fluffybun has on her “regal” look. Beautiful quilt show – such a variety. We got a little snow here in CC too. Beautiful!
    I have my Christmas decorating finished in both the house and the lodge. Love this time of year!

  37. Dorothy in Chicago

    Love the barn lit up by the beautiful star. Definitely the season of light. Also love all the beautiful quilts and especially Moe’s square in a square quilt with her lovely dogs. Very sweet.

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