Church Music


Becky and I handled all the music in church this morning, her on guitar and me on piano.  We did the old favorite “It Is No Secret” for the offertory and asked everyone to sing along.  It’s always a popular song to perform because most everyone knows it.

We always mention weather, don’t we?  I feel sorry for all of you who are suffering in the heat.  First it was floods in the south and east and now it’s heat in the Northwest and in Europe.  Hang in there, friends!

Jinx and Norman get acquainted through the fence.


6 thoughts on “Church Music

  1. Launa

    Nice picture of you and Becky Rose. Jinx and Norman seem to be in “deep thought” at the fence.
    Glad to see the USA women won the 1st place in today’s soccer game.
    The two granddogs have been staying with us a few days and sure didn’t appreciate any of the noisy fireworks last night. Safe, sane and some I call insane….well, those had to be the illegal fireworks.

  2. Rose Mikulski

    Dave Crowder Band played at our church this weekend. I would have love to have heard you two. Now looking at this photo of you and Becky Rose brings to mind my pitch for you to do a reality TV show. You have a stunt double in Becky. Think about it.

  3. Becky Rose

    OMGolly, Mary! I didn’t know this is why you had someone take our picture this morning!
    Sister Act!

  4. Dorothy Sheldrake

    You are so talented, thank you for blessing me and all the others out there. I enjoy your sharing everything from animal care to music with the many things in between. Thank you so much.
    As for the heat in the Northwest, we are from Southern California but traveled up to Oregon for the huge outdoor quilt show in Sisters Oregon. Have been here for a week now just enjoying the beautiful area, but the temperatures have been over 100 every day. The nighttime cools off though. Now they are predicting thunderstorms and in the 70s for the day of the outdoor show. Last year it started to rain at 3 o’clock when the show endsed so with many hands they got all the quilts down before any that wet.

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