Happy 4th of July!


What a beautiful 4th we are having – 75 degrees and low humidity.  We all know what temps usually are on the 4th.  Since this day was so comfortable, Rick and I went to Clear Lake to the parade and had ice cream for lunch on the way home.


My 2 boarders are Jinx, the Great Dane and Norman, the French bulldog or is he a Boston terrier?  I can’t remember. 


This afternoon I’m working on Scrap Vortex – I am running out of steam on this project so I may put it aside for awhile until I have more scraps.

Regarding a subscription that isn’t delivering the blog posts — I have no idea.  You could try deleting the current subscription and re- subscribing but other than that, I don’t know.  It’s nothing on my end.

Here is my email address if you need a personal answer to a question or comment:  marye@ncn.net

Happy Fireworks tonight!

8 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July!

  1. Darla

    I am not a dog owner or even much of a dog owner but I really like seeing your dog posts! I like the way you refer to them by name.
    Maybe I am starting to become a dog person,lol!

    When you get time, I’d like to see how your Hops is looking. Are you getting any seed pods yet or will that come later?

  2. Jane dumler

    I love small town parades–here in the northern Colorado mountains, every fire truck (even the forest service ones) are at the end of the pRade shooting water from big water guns on the crowd and every float tosses candy. Kids love it. Lots of ranch horses dressed up,with streamers on their tails and dogs everywhere. The traffic on the highway is diverted for a good half day! Love your picture of the flags and quilt. Our flag flies over the old log house–thankful for our freedom, let’s hope it stays this way

  3. donna j

    Norman’s a Frenchie and a cute one at that!
    Yay for small towns! They rock!

  4. Ginny

    Norman looks like a French Bull Dog.
    Love small town parades and festivals. We watched fireworks from Gina’s patio no traffic.

  5. Carol

    Diane, I AM in a small town in Western New York and I remember the clothespins/playing cards trick…we thought we were as great as motorcycles with all the noise we made! And crepe paper streamers…you were nobody if you didn’t have those! And pinwheels on the handlebars. Twenty five cents and a five and dime store = Queen of Fourth of July parade! I’m in a Orchard Park NY and we actually have some “big time” fame…home of The Buffalo Bills (they play football in the NFL…sometimes very well but lately…oh, well).

  6. Diane

    Ahhh small town America:) I grew up in a small town in Western New York. Remember putting the cards on your bike spokes with clothespins? Fun. It’s good to eat ice cream for any meal:) Enjoy the 4th.

  7. Launa

    HAPPY 4TH to you Mary,
    Jinx looks a bit smaller than my oldest granddaughter’s adopted Great Dane..Gunner. Same coloring, great big paws. They are a playful breed. Norman looks like a sturdy guy.
    You are making good progress on your Scrap Vortex. I’m still sewing away on horizontal sashing in the A to Z quilt. Never saw a picture of Connie’s when she finished.
    Plan to enjoy some NASCAR today and the Capital 4th program later tonight. 99 degrees coming later, but there’s a stellar hot breeze swinging our flag.

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