Didn’t mean to get you confused – I just threw those blocks up on the design wall.  Here is the correct alignment.  However — all my triangle blocks will be different lights and darks because I have short pieces of yardage to use up.  I’m hoping I’ll still get the same effect.  I don’t have any more yardage of the two fabrics shown here in the triangle blocks and I want to use up short pieces so maybe mine won’t work.  I will see when I get more finished.

16 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Carol

    Oh my gosh, I bet if you did sets of four hourglasses and arranged them the same as what you’re showing, your stars will look beautiful, every set of four makes its own stars and then there’d be a subset of scrappier stars? Is that right?

  2. Patty McDonald

    It is hard for me to think ‘outside the box’ once I see a quilt I want to copy. You are very good at inspiring me with your different interpretation and I think, if you continue with blue and yellow, your quilt will have the same effect. That being said….I want to make the quilt just like the original! I have scraps from my feed sacks and will make it using Kona cotton for the solid. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Rita S

    I think it might work if you are able to keep it as a nine square unit and the colors of the hourglass stay the same for each nine square unit. Hope it works out. Will be so 😎

  4. Rebecca

    Oh i think thats on my list to try. Would love to get rid of more little pieces with the squares. I think their taking over the stash!

  5. LMK

    think this will look real nice, most of what you do seems to turn out okay. we are going to red wing, mn. sat. (feb. 4th & sun 2/5) to a quilt show, it is every year, it is a nice show, in a nursery, it’s nice & warm inside, lots of vendors too. a nice drive up & back we will stop in rochester on the way. nice to see the sun out, 6 more weeks of winter??? we usually have that anyway that will make it the middle of march which is pretty much on time (i’m not really thinking about that just yet, it’s too early) but i am thinking about what to get done when it does get nice out.

  6. Doris M. Mitchell

    Love this picture/pattern to use up my bags of Jelly Roll leftovers, but I think I will do ‘square-in-a-square’ on my 16 pc. scrap rather than mess with quarter square hour glass blocks. Like you, I will see how it works out.

  7. Mozzie's Grandma

    Could you post your email address for me. My son would like to get in touch with you as he is moving and would have a chair and loveseat for your goats, if you would like them.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mozzie’s Grandma – please tell your son thank you very much but I’m going to pass on the chair and loveseat. Give him my best wishes!

      1. Mozzie's Grandma

        Thanks for responding and I will tell my son that you will pass. I am sure he will be putting them on the curb for someone to pick up for free. He is enjoying Wisconsin so far.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Mozzie’s Grandma – what is your son doing in Wisconsin for work?

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